Where to buy AC/Delco Ultraguard Oil filter

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It used to be that Pepboys sold the Ultraguard oil filters, and they had an exclusive on them, but now all the pepboys in my area stopped selling them. I cannot order them from any other auto parts store, and the dealership wants me to order them in a case, or 6 to a box at 14.50 or so per filter.

I like these filters, and was paying 8 dollars or so at Pepboys.

Does anyone know of a place online to buy them?




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    I've been able to only find them at the local GM dealer, 11.25 each. I used the AcDelco web site to find the part # and then went to the dealer and ordered it.Tony
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    I found another dealer that will charge me about the same price as you are quoting (11.25 or so) and did not tell me that I needed a minimum order.

    They have not come in yet, so I won't know for sure umntil I have them in my hand!
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    check this page for some pics..


    good luck on the price/quantity, PepBoys quit carrying them around here, they were about $8 listed on the shelf, but the shelf was empty of course!

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    According to a very recent posting on the Corvette Forum, AC has dropped the Duraguard filter due to lack of demand.
    I guess the $8 each cost was too much for the average DIYer.
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    There has been an update on the above information. According to the same sources that I previously quoted, the Duraguard filter will remain available in the PF44 size to fit the Corvette, as there is considerable demand for that number only.
    According to some, the Mobil 1 filter is manufactured by the same people as the AC Duraguard, just not quite as high a quality level.
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    Champion Labs as I recall. Probably little difference since both have synthetic fibers and single pass efficiency of 98%.
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    Yes, that was the info that I read
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    The Duraguard filter is sold at Wal-mart, K-mart, dealers, and many other places. It is their base level filter. I would be surprised it they would stop making them. They cost less than $3 at Wal-mart. Do you mean the DURAGUARD SILVER or the ULTRAGUARD GOLD instead of the regular Duraguard?
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    I guess we got caught up in the "names" and meant the ultraguard gold, or ultraguard ,for short
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    instead if the Ultraguard is discontinued. Its cheaper as well.
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