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Dodge Sprinter



  • What type of fuses are on that battery block?

    Where do I get some? Other than the dealer.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Dearwatson..... I do not know were you buy your oil and filter for the sprinter but: At Autozone I buy the STP filter #S8481 for about 7.00 (I bought 6 for 5.00 on special the other day) and at wally world they sell Delo 400 15w-40 for 8.00 ( I bought while back 7- 4 gallon jug for 6.00 each). that is not 86.00 dollars.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    2004 2500 MWB HC Wagon, 10 seats, factory air Frt/Rear, tinted glass, Arctic White, converted to MB with parts from CMUGGLER on e-bay (recommended, it went well).

    All regular spaces in floor filled by factory. The one additional floor bracket added by the dealer so we could move the wide 3 seater forward one row and have 8 seats and LOTs of cargo area in the rear (or throw the 2-seater back into the back and get 10 people in for shorter trips.

    It was part of the deal of buying the 2004 (new) in Sept. 2005. Don't know cost... was just one bracket and the bolts to put it in. The dealer did not use the fancy - smancy torx-headed bolts, but they appear to be good quality. They used the new bracket/bolts in the end of the last row that will not usually be used anymore (this moved the torx bolts up to the newly (uncovered and) used slot in the floor.

    So... remove wide 3-seat row (4th row from front), 2 seat row (third row).
    1) cut out rubber mat in dotted lines
    2) remove plastic block from slot.
    3) moved old bracket forward, put 3 seater in 3rd row, 2 seater in 4th row.
    4) waited for new bracket to come in...
    5) install new bracket in old slot in last row.

    All of the body-nuts are already there (on passenger van), not sure about cargo.

    Will write on email.

    KenB :shades:
  • Hey Ken--
    could I get a little more info on the ebay seller you used for the rebadging of the sprinter to mercedes? thanks

  • Hello Everyone, :shades:

    I'm Steve in Ohio and am planning to order a 2007 passenger 140 wheelbase, with most of the options, in September for (hopefully) a March delivery. I have a couple of odd concerns. We want to fit the Sprinter in our oversized garage. Length & width are no problem. Height might be. Our garage door opening height is a clear and free 96 inches (one foot higher than the US residential garage standard 7 feet). The published height of the 2006 140 wheelbase passenger model is 94 1/2, not counting the antenna. I'd like to remove the stock antenna (at least the thin part, potentially leaving the base portion attached), and buying some sort of aftermarket antenna, maybe the kind that mounts on the inside of the windshield near the headliner.

    Is it feasible to remove the stock antenna? Does anyone know if the height of the 2007 140 wheelbase passenger model will be different than 2006 height?

    No, we do not plan to order the rear AC.

    Finally, can anyone tell me why you can't get the Parksense option with the towing option? Is it because every time you backed up with a trailer, the sensor would beep because of the trailer right behind you? We want a hitch for a bike rack and very occasional light trailering, but also want the Parksense. Our (hated) Chevy Venture has both, but you can disable the parking aid when necessary.

    This forum rocks - I've been reading it for months while planning the Sprinter purchase.

    Thanks, Steve in Ohio with wife, four kids, many bicycles (including a tandem & triplet), a love for car camping, and two minivans that are becoming too small for our adventures.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Tandembiker.... Have you consider the 3500 Sprinter they have dual wheels, heavy duty back springs and it have 15" wheels. They rock.
  • jlr1jlr1 Posts: 4
    I have read the post about the rumble noise a low RPM.I took mine in to get fixed and it turns out it was 2 u-joints.Beware you can't change u-joints but have to buy a new drive shaft.Any one else have to do this?This is a real let down for the sprinter.
  • nescosmo - We need a passenger model, so it looks like the 3500 is out of consideration. The height issue is a showstopper for us. The lease (from heck) on our Venture is up in March next year, and we need a larger replacement. Our nearest Sprinter dealer tells us we'll have to order a 2007 Sprinter sight unseen in September for March delivery. Unless we can be assured that the 2007 std height 140 inch passenger model will fit underneath our 8 foot garage opening, we'll have to look at the full size alternatives from other automakers. :(
  • Thanks - I couldn't find a PDF, just several Flash files. I did find a stated range of heights for the Traveliner, from 2435mm-2715mm. If these numbers will be accurate for the 2007 Sprinter in North American market trim, then we're out of luck, because 2435mm translates to 95.9 inches. That's an inch-and-a half taller than the published height for the 2006 140inch std height North American pasenger model, and leaves but .1 inch clearance into our garage. If those numbers include the antenna height, then we're probably OK if we can remove the antenna.
  • engenlowengenlow Posts: 10
    ok, we could not wait for the conversion camper vans. After owning a VW bus pop top for 17 years, we bought a "Dodge" Sprinter with a body by Winnebago. I see a lot of aftermarket kits to "rebadge" the Dodge into a Mercedes.
    They include the grill of course. Great floor plan.

    My question to the group are engine problems. 2 warning lights in less than 200 miles. The first was the oil warning it was too full. Drained some oil off. Now the "engine" light has come on. Isn't this a tried and true engine? Are these flukes or does Mercedes have a problematic engine?
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Engenlow.... The engine is very sound and you have to go slow and easy until 15 to 20000 miles that is not the law but that is what I do; I have change the oil 3 times in the last 8000 miles, is not that I need it but is because I want to make sure that my engine get clean. I only use dino oil not syn. I will use maybe syn. after 30000 miles to make sure that my engine get the proper brake in. I know some guys said that it does not need to brake in but that is me. I use delo 400 15w-40 and it run like a silk oil never get dirty and light never come on If you need service be carefully with the dealers, tried to stay away from them.
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    You are welcome....

    The PDF is the brochure that is under downloads that you will see after you start the webspecial and click on the van you want.

    Note that the super high roof is made of plastic. The High roof and regular roof are metal.
  • Found the PDF. The numbers for height on the PDF seem to differ from the numbers on the UK Sprinter (Traveliner) site. Guess I'll just have to wait for the official U.S. 2007 publicity release. I really don't like the style of the new Sprinter at all. Style is rather low on the list of priorities, but why did they have to take a step backwards?
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Tandembiker... I think that the sprinter will come 6 cylinder diesel and also 6 cylinder gas. I think the 6 cylinder diesel will be blue teck, correct me if I am wrong.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    I think that is exactly right. I wonder if it will be as economical as the 5 cylinder currently used. I really like that engine transmission combo.
  • astatileastatile Posts: 1

    Since your post was over six months old, and I didn't locate a response, I thought I'd copy your message here to see if anyone now has any ideas.

    "2500,2003 sprinter has no power, hard to start,black smoke. Intermittently my van will lose power. When this happens it smokes quite badly which I assume means the fuel is not properly ignited. If I keep it in first gear while accelerating until rpm's are about 3,000 it will sometimes kick into turbo regain power and I am good for a while. The area around the rubber turbo hose entrance into an intake device of some kind is black with oily sooty [non-permissible content removed]. Today in michigan it is about 8degrees and my van wont start. I am wondering if this intake device has a sensor problem or maybe my injectors are getting clogged up. Is it possible that water is in my diesel even though the indicator is not indicating this. Any comments are surely appreciated."

    Just found this site today and your message. One of our company Sprinters is doing the same thing....exactly! The dealer claims we have a cracked intake manifold. But it doesn't make sense since the problem appears to be intermittent. Did you ever get an answer?
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    allegedly v6 has the same economy but more power than the 2.7
  • pjp1pjp1 Posts: 2
    I have 4 Sprinter Vans, 3 Dodge & 1 Freightliner, I have had transmission vibration problems in 2 of them, an 03' and an 04'. The 03' they replaced the torque converter on the second visit. The 04's problems started at 52K, the dealer fixed it under warrenty (leaks). It was good to 80K when it when back for the same problem---the dealer performed a transmission 'tuneup'. It is now at 102K, back in the shop, Dodge wants $2,100 to repair or $3,500 for a remanufactured unit. Daimler-Chysler sees no obligation on their part to pay for this work. Now, bear in mind, the transmission on these vehicles is sealed to 60K---you can't even look at a dipstick. My vehicles are lightly loaded and 95% highway miles. NO, I don't have a warm fuzzy feeling right now. Van was bought in northwestern PA -- I am in western NY. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, PJ :mad:
  • If the Dodge dealer wants to soak you for $3500.00 to install
    a rebuilt tranny,there is a chap on Ebay that remanufactures these transmissions for $ 1,995.00.
    These transmissions should not go that quickly.
    As far as the vibration goes,I believe that it might not be
    the transmissions but a driveshaft problem.Just my guess as
    I have heard of this before on the Sprinters.Especially the 158 " wheelbase models.
  • alfaunoalfauno Posts: 13
    On a recent trip to downstate Illinois, I saw a sticker on the diesel pumps at stations that said "Warning - low sulphur fuel. Illegal for use in model year 2007 vehicles"
    Anyone know what gives? I'd read that low sulphur diesel was coming, I thought in Fall 2006, but I thought that it was a good thing, and would enable more European diesels to be able to enter the US market. I thought that the current fuels were of lower quality than what was required by current Euro diesel systems, and that the low sulphur fuel was the answer. I filled up with no problems in my 2005 Sprinter, 118 passenger van. BTW- 25.1 mpg at one point in the trip, a bit better than the 23-24 I usually average.
  • altered3altered3 Posts: 59
    alfauno I The reason you are seeing low sulphur warnings
    not to be used on 2007 models is part fact, part myth,
    If per say you puchased a new European Mercedes Sprinter, then this unit will run on low sulphur fuel as Mercedes is the only manufacture to meet the Euro 4 and Euro 5 specifications for emission standards.
    However US Manufactured models do not as per say the VW Jetta (Discontinued for 2008 as it can not meet the (emission standards)
    2007 is using a 2003 engine, these engines will most likely have failure problems depending on use and where the units are being driven such as LA where you have for example high density trafffic flow at low RPM or in a cold climate neither of the low sulphur fuels work that well at either end of the spectrum unless the new catalytic convertors are used and then the next problem occurs at your end! No manufacturing capability to produce or distribute Adblue for at least 12 to 24 months, which is why over 36 states are delaying untill 2013 to comply to Euro 5 specs especially with Diesel
    It's based on supply and demand, politics, and collusion to collude between manufactures and the Govenment. :mad:
  • I bet you wish you could make that decision over! In 2002 I bought a 2500 series Sprinter and an E-350 Diesel Ford van for our expediting business. I have had almost every problem mentioned in this forum with that vehicle. To make my point, the Ford has 670,000 on it and the Sprinter only 320,000. The reason is because the Sprinter likes to ride on Roll-backs soo much. The lack of power and excessive smoke is an easy diagnosis. EGR valve ($580.00 and about 20 minutes)We've done 3 of those. The vibration?? Could be a driveshaft ($1,000.00 in Salem NJ non-serviceable U-Joints) Torque converter ($850.00 at Freightliner of Little Rock). Rebuilt transmission $2600.00 Piqua,OH). We have had lots of other little problems. Example, the fan cut the transmission lines on it's first trip out, dissapointed a valuable customer. I am now experiencing a new vibration and I'm told it is a Pinion bearing. They won't give me a price. The good stuff. can you believe the fuel economy and power? It will climb the Wheeling by-pass with 3,000 lbs on it, cruise locked at 70 and still get 23 mpg!! It does have some good points. It has just caused me to get a lot of calls in the middle of the night. It has been a Sprinter under my skin. Want to buy it? it only vibrates if you get over 30. It is in my driveway now. It has had 5-30 synthetic every 6000-9000 miles since new. The engine runs perfectly.
    Good luck.... why can't Toyota market something like this?
  • alfauno - Be advised that Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD) has been the standard in the United States for road transportation fuel for years. The new standard, introduced beginning June 1 of this year, is referred to as ULTRA Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). Low sulfur diesel has a sulfur content not to exceed 500 parts per million sulfur content. ULSD is not to exceed 15 parts per million. The implementation of ULSD in the U.S. was NOT driven by a want or need among U.S. car manufacturers or U.S. petroleum companies to meet any Euro standards. It was completely a U.S-based initiative designed to reduce harmful emissions in the U.S. If ULSD allows certain Euro engines to operate on U.S diesel, then that is merely a happy, though unintended, consequence of ULSD implementation. The use of ULSD without any engine modification will reduce emissions. Additionally, the extremely low sulfur content of ULSD allows the use of catalytic-based emission reduction systems on diesels that are similar to (NOT the same as, I say to avoid any flame wars) the systems that have been used for years on cars. Sulfur content in the range of 500 ppm would foul the new catalytic systems. These systems (or other emission reduction systems) are required on 2007 and beyond diesel engines sold in the U.S. to meet stricter emission regulations. These systems have nothing to do with urea-based systems that use AdBlue. To my knowledge, there are no plans to introduce urea-based emission reduction systems in the U.S. Yes, there is discussion by lobbyists, large environmental organizations, politicians, petroleum companies, auto & truck manufacturers, etc, all with differing points of view for and against the use of urea-based systems in the U.S. But there are no approved plans.

    The June 1 date is the date by which highway ULSD must be produced by all refineries making highway diesel. There is a later date for the required availability of ULSD at terminals, and an even later date for the required availability at the retail pump. The dates are staggered because the sulfur in other fuels transported and stored in pipelines and tanks will contaminate ULSD and raise the sulfur content above 15ppm. Most refiners produce their ULSD at 7-10 PPM in order to stay below 15ppm at the pump after additional sulfur molecules are picked during transport and storage.

    Sorry if I've bored you with details. If you want more information, try, and use their search function for ULSD. Yes, I work in the petroleum industry. :blush:

    Rgds TandemBiker :)

    P.S. To the Forum - I've already heard every complaint and insult in the book regarding fuel prices. Neither I personally nor the company I work for control the price of crude oil, and I don't get a discount on my fuel. Save your keystrokes.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    tandembiker..... I think that Florida and Oregon are the last dumping place for the 500 ppm lsd, we will be happy if by October we have the Ulsd. Why do you think the new 500 ppm sticker are in place (they are there in case they run out of time)no to advice the public but to cover their [non-permissible content removed]........
  • Buy new model in Europe, ship home???We want to buy the new-design Sprinter to be converted into a wheelchair van for my son. We will be in Germany and Denmark on business during the next few weeks. Since the new design Sprinter is already available there (and not yet in the U.S.), we'd like to buy a Sprinter in Europe and have it shipped to the U.S. Has anyone done this? Can someone tell us what we would need to do to carry out this plan? Would we save money? (Our main motivation is to get the new model sooner than we can get it in the U.S.)
  • altered3altered3 Posts: 59
    Ph A German distributor for the Sprinter that deals with export! He can arrange all paper work in advance six to eight week delivery into the USA Warranty can also be included as to country of Orign As The new Sprinters are not in the USA DCX can not prevent you from importing as they have no licence for this model as of yet, so your not interfering with uS sales to Chrysler You have the legal right to import in to the USA under the Shermans act of free trade but you may have a fight on your hands, Politics and influance may come into play, if you were a Dr No problems its just who you are good luck I did the same down under and will have the latest Sprinter in Australia six months before they even get here Mercedes are not happy with me, but it was mt mony and I will not be dictated too from any car manufactureras to what I can or not have.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    You probably would not be able to import on your own as what you buy in Europe most likely does not meet US standards for safety, emissions, lighting, et al.
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    Not worth the trouble. New Sprinter needs Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel which will not be at the pumps until September 1 and you probably want to wait a bit after that.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    The Sprinter should be of high enough standards for almost everything to meet US standards except for... HEADLIGHTS!!!

    The US standards for headlights includes a requirement for much more side-lighting with the headlights because traffic and street signs in the US are not lighted as they are in most of Europe.

    Because of this difference, the HID (high intensity discharge) healights work great in Europe (narrow beam). They do not work out too well for on-coming traffic in the USA, where the increased (required) scatter is too bright when you are driving toward them.

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