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Dodge Sprinter



  • sonnywood2sonnywood2 Posts: 38
    why is there so much confusion on the type of oil to use. my book on the 2006 says to use mobil 1 0w-40 change at 10,000 unless you have the asst. why are some you saying don't use mobil #1 that it is not a diesel oil. it is installed by the factory that builds it. they surely would not tell you to use something that is going to do it any harm. did the freight liner call for something other than mobil 1?
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Sonnywood2.....My 2005 book have 3 pages of different oil that you can use on the Sprinter, yes the 0-40 in one of them but not the only one. I have a Jeep CRD that DCX said to use the 0w-40 but the problem is that the CCV get the turbo cooler and the EGR valve clogged of dirty oil.
    The 0w-40 do more harm to your engine than good, that is why you should use 15w-40 or 5w-40 to reduce future problem with your inter cool and EGR valve. VW diesel run with the same problem with the oil they use. On my Jeep CRD I use a Proven 200 to avoid the problem.
  • sonnywood2sonnywood2 Posts: 38
    is what you are saying the mobil 1 is ok but i should use the different grade like 15w-40 not the 0w-40. i live in florida that is mostly hot. maybe a few days a year we go below 40 degrees.

    the book only says you should only use oil meeting api and/or daimler chrysler spec mb 228.3, 228.5, 229.3 and 229.5 such as mopar sae 15w-40 hd diesel engine oil (eg mopar part number 04798231ad or equivalent.
    thats all it has in my book on oil
    i got over 10,000 on it and it is quiet and has not used any oil.
  • alfaunoalfauno Posts: 13
    I have about 22k on my '05 2500 118". With the assyst program, I went 15k before the first oil change. My dealer charged $116 for 10 qts synthetic oil, filter and labor. i think that's fair - they check over all systems while it's in. A rear leaf spring cushion fell off, and they replaced it under warranty.
    I think the assyst program will assume you are using the recommended oil-which is synthetic. You could go well past the useful life of non-synthetic oil if you switch but still utilize the assyst recommendations.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Sonny...I will get my book and write the oils that MB suggest to use; If you use 0w-40 all I can said is that at about 70 to 90k you will have to flush the intake ventilation system and more.
  • I have a 2002 Sprinter, and need to put in a new fuel pump, part # A 611 090 03 50, I talked to a parts company that said a chrysler part would be exactly the same, and over $700 cheaper ($979 vs $224). Does anyone know if this is true, and will part # 508-02255 AA fit into the 2002 freightliner sprinter 2500?
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Duffaholic.... Nest time do not foget to use lubricating additive in the fuel. which fuel pump?, the low pressure or the high pressure. I look at the dvd manual and I could not find any part numbers. maybe they are different one low and the other high, that is why the price difference.
  • I need to add ventilation on my 140shc. It would be nice if the rear door windows rolled down a few inches to allow the air to pass through. Because I have the passenger version with the thick, fancy headliner, and the ceiling mount A/C, I would prefer to not add a roof vent. I'm thinking of putting a vent in the top of each rear door above the windows; I think there's a 9"x25" space there. My question is: would a vent on the rear of the van, even at the top, suck in exhaust if the vehicle was moving? I'm not educated on the air-flow patterns on these vans. Also, if anyone wants to BUY my ceiling mount A/C, that would be great, because I don't need it. It's the one that does not have the external roof intake, it is all self contained with a two speed fan, and two cab lights mounted in it. Pic available.
  • I have torn down many engines after tracking their maint and use as a Mechanic/Shop Owner. The gas engines maintained their combustion efficiency and ideal mechanical tolerances up to 250,000 miles or more when the oil was changed at the time it became too dark to read Add/Full or Min/Max thru the oil on the dipstick. The Diesel engines did best when the oil was changed when it could not be easily wiped off your hands. In ALL instances the use of Marval Mystrey oil caused the internal parts having friction to polish their contact surfaces and greatly reduce drag and wear. The breakin of the engine MUST be allowed to occur before adding any friction modifiers like Marval. This is generally 12,000 mi for gas and 24,000 mi for diesel engines. Marval Mystery Oil has a molecular structure that lets it fit into or be absorbed into the engine's lubricating oil. Add a qt of Marval to the crankcase of an engine already filled to the min mark. The oil leval will of course now be at the Max mark but will return to the startng level after a few hundred miles. Then top the crankcase up with your engine oil. The best suited oil for sustained highway and severe duty (Short trips & stop/go) is either the Shell Rotella-T 15W-40 or the Texaco URSA (LA3) 15W-40. Both oils hold combustion soot in suspension rather than allowing it to bake onto and build up on the oil coated surfaces of the engine.
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    Although this does not help you, the 2007 is supposed to have electrically operated rear windows and a sunroof.
  • Synthetic oils are too thin to afford the hygroscopic properties required to provide good dry startup protection. Multiweight oils such as 15w-40 are a 15 weight oil with additives that increase the oil to 40 weight at the extreme top of their operating range. The normal operating temperature of a fully warmed up engine makes the oil perform as 30w. 15w oil flows easily/fast upon startup giving good lubrication sooner than heavier single weight oils to parts at the extreme end of the oil "route". Also I find when there is a oil leak, the synthetic oils leak more and faster.
    I broke my sprinter engine in on Shell Rotella-T 15w-40(24,000 miles,2 changes) then added Marval Oil the third change. When I changed @34k mi I switched to synthitic (w/o Marval)and my milage went down by 2.5 mpg. I am due now again and am going back to Rotella-T 15w-40 and Marval. I will post again after 1 or 2 thousand miles. (About a week for me).
  • Very important site for Service Informatiom and diagnostics.
    Remember: Techauthority gId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10051
  • bspertybsperty Posts: 20
    I thought the lower range on the synthetic viscosity was 0.
    I will check out techauthority.
  • bspertybsperty Posts: 20
    My sprinter did not come with the oil monitoring system.
    Do you know if it is possible to hook it up aftermatket?

    Thanks, Brian
  • I just did my first oil change on my recently-purchased 2002 Freightliner Sprinter. I got a Mopar remanufactured engine installed and changed the oil after only a 1500-mile break-in. When I replaced the filter, I didn't notice the 3 gaskets in the bottom of the filter box until AFTER I finished the oil change. I can see where the largest (approx. 3") one should have gone- the old one should be fine since it is almost new. However, I never even saw any other smaller gaskets when I removed the old filter. Where are they and is it possible I dropped and lost them when I removed the old filter? Do I need to re-open the filter case to install them? If so, how much oil will I lose in the process? Thanks for your advice. Doug
  • All the O-ring gaskets are located on the center post that goes down inside the oil filter cartridge. The Hasting's filter that I bought had a slightly different size O-ring for the middle sized one, so I just reused the old one.
  • what can i do to lower my 140 high top? the city i live in has a height limit of 96" to keep it at my house overnite. i have had someone complain on it and they gave me 10 days to remove it or pay up to $250.00 a day fine.
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    The owner of called me in response to an email I sent him about how he got pictures of the 2007 Dodge. Assuming its not photoshop it shows the Dodge front end. Also, October is when we should see the new one. Link below:

  • hawk8hawk8 Posts: 31
    You are not the only one having a problem, someone-else posted that he was having a problem with his town's parking code because of the dual axles.
    we just came back from Mexico and were charged tolls (bridges & roads) as if it was a semi.
    we had an oil leak(700 miles) the Dodge dealer said it was the oil sensor by the oil pan and he needs to order one, in Mexico we went to a Mercedes Dealer and it was but the O ring. the warranty was honored without any questions. also in Mexico they only use 0w-40 oil.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Sonnywood2....Now is when you are finding out how free is the US and how backward we all are. The only thing that I can suggest in to park it on the side of the house or the back yard or in to a friend house or family and if worst con to worst you will have to rent a parking space in one of those warehouses like Uncle bob's. Make sure that you live that van all day long in your house and take it and store it at night. and hope that the sucker died of cancer.
  • hawk8hawk8 Posts: 31
    I meant Dual Wheels.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    MY friends.. Some times as much as I love my Sprinter I wish that I never bought one. the county is doing their best to put me underground with the strike of a pen. I build the must beautiful fence that you can think, with a footer and it was 8'8" high. To park my van in the back yard that they said it was ok.(away from the eyes of peaple)well now the inspector told me that the fence have to come down or I have to cut 8" off because is not according to county code. I said to him you do it. well I am with a lawyer now to see what happen; so far this is costing me with fence and lawyer $7000.00. Thanks Dodge with you European van.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Well I don't think you can blame Dodge. You bought it and although unexpected, it's not their fault that it's too tall to satisfy your local codes.
  • hawk8hawk8 Posts: 31
    This might be crazy, but how about digging out 8" to 12" where the Sprinter is going to be parked and shorting your fence by 8". if that pass then you can have a sign made saying what you think of your County Inspector and his Sister.
  • hawk8hawk8 Posts: 31
    Hi Ken,
    Sorry it took so long, the Hoppy # is 46255, the SKU is 7997646255. i haven't installed it yet.
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    or build a garage
    or move someplace where the laws are not so dumb
    you might be happier with more space farther out from the city too
    but blaming Dodge or wishing evil upon the inspector is
    wrong and satan's puppet wrong, respectively.

  • earlwearlw Posts: 8
    Reading this forum I get some questions answered and I see some that need answered. So here I go. First my owners manual for 2004 model Sprinter DOES NOT any where in it tell me what type of engine oil to use. This is true also for a friends Van. It also doesn't show the location of the oil filter. When I call the 1-800 customer help number I am told to go to the dealer. We have since got this figured out after much research. It is no longer a problem. Second my local authorized Sprinter dealer is a hour away. But I no longer want to use them after being charged 4 hours labor for the first 10,000 mile service. Which was oil change, filter, tire rotation and toping of any fluids that were needed. Now I have a problem that requires warranty repair. The rack and pinion is leaking oil. The local Dodge and or Mercedes dealers 5 minutes from me but not a Sprinter dealer is not authorized to do the work. The next closet dealer is 3 hours away. They have a back log of 3 to 4 days. Also this Sprinter is a Class B motor home. And when traveling and I have a problem I have been told I HAVE to go go a authorized Sprinter dealer for service. Even though I am in a town that has a Dodge dealer. They are not concerned about how far away I am or how inconvenienced I am. Because of this I am becoming unhappy with my Sprinter Van. And when asked how I like my Sprinter I TELL THEM.
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    In Europe where the Sprinter is huge they have thousands of service centers and you can get service 24 hours a day. Here only a small percentage of Dodge dealers have them ( I think they have to be considered "5 star" or "businesslink" dealers to sell the Sprinter). They could only import 20000 a year at their old factory but now for 2007 they can import 30000 a year at the new one and they have expansion space if needed. Hopefully with the greater quantity there will be better service. Also, the mercedes techs could probably work on the engine since it is the same one that goes in the mercedes cars but they probably would not want to work on a lowly Dodge even though it is really a Mercedes. Strange situation.......
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Steve in Ohio...
    It occured to me that you might want to look into a "squatting system". At rest, or maybe in parking lot/smooth pavement situations (like driving into your garage you could have the squatting system lower the van to enter and park.

    Squatting systems are used on limos, handicap vans/buses, and such in order to reduce the step-in height.

    I think I still owe you or another user an opinion on options we recommend... If so, sorry I have been slow... vacation in Alaska and tons of work have made me too distracted to complete the task.

    KenB :shades:
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