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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • saokesaoke Posts: 2
    95 Altima GXE
    90k mile
    Check engine light (emission) is on.
    mpg value decreasing... 10 now :(
    engine/emission generating louder noise

    Pep boye diagnosed for free and checked the code:
    EGR control solenoid
    and told me this can only be managed by dealer.

    Anybody here experienced this problem?
    Do I have to go to the nissan dealer, or other service shop to check it again?

    Computer diagnosis: nissan dealer charges $86; Honda dealer charges $48 ... any difference for the EGR modules between different makes?

    EGR control solenoid: $150 (LOCAL NISSAN DEALER)
    Is 'EGR control solenoid' same as 'EGR valve solenoid'?

  • flea4flea4 Posts: 6
    Thanks to all who have replied to my tire problem.I put 2 new Turanzas on last week.Nissan dealer paid for 1 of them,I paid for the other.That's the best I could do.I'm going to try to rotate,balance and have the alignment checked every 3,000 miles on these new tires and see what happens.As an answer to some of your questions,my kid doesn't drive the car at all,the car isn't driven at any high rates of speed and the gas pedal isn't up into the firewall as I believe somebody had suggested.It is driven like any normal car,to and from work,grocery store,around town,to ballgames,etc.I'll keep you guys posted.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    bring it back to them if there's a problem, since that's a lignment issue, not a wear problem related to anything else. (Unless you're doing 90 mph corners!)
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    but I see lemon law cases on every manufacturer in the US as a course of my job.

    What you have is a used car that was BEAT TO DEATH as a rental (Pull a CARFAX - I'll bet a week's wages). I see very, very few Nissan products - in fact, I see fewer Missans than Toyotas and Hondas (separately, not combined) and only 3-4 Altimas in a year and a half of doing this automotuve expert court thing.

    I'm glad you were able to vent, but that is not what Edmund's is for - I'm sorry you got a bum used car, but that's all that's wrong with your situation.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    My Mom & Stepdad are 2-for-2 with Nissan tranny failures. First was a '91 Stanza that started having problems around the 90,000 mile mark. It was threatening to go at any time (according to the dealership, at least) although they did nurse another 20K or so miles out of it before they sold it.

    The second was a '99 Altima. Tranny up and quit at 35K miles. It was replaced under warranty. That car's mileage is now somewhere in the lower 90's. About a month ago, it did have a distributor failure that left them stranded. I was actually surprised to hear this...I thought distributors went the way of the carburetor!

    Neither car has been really bad, although I'm surprised at the tranny failures. My Mom & stepdad commute into work together, and most of their driving is highway mileage, so it's not like they're thrashing the car or anything!
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    and lemon law cases and breaches of warranty are my business.

    Never seen you here before - many people ask for my help with their cases and I give it freely.

    I've run over 3,000 CARFAX reports - I know they don't list a previous owner's name, and many rentals aren't listed as "rentals".

    You defintely got the exception to the rule when it comes to Altimas. Good luck with it.

    I was also trying to curtail your post because people have been sued for slamming a car dealership in a public forum. I'm sorry your reaction was so hostile - I'm glad I'm not your service advisor.
  • I'm sorry about your car. I got rid of my Alero before it got that bad and now own an Altima 2.5S. The only problem I have had is the headlight blew a month after I bought it (brand new car). It is extremely frustrating to buy a car and have all these things happen so quickly (as with my old Alero). Being that this forum is for "problems" I don't see why zueslewis has an issue with your post. Before I buy a car I check these posts on Edmunds and I'm glad that you are honest enough to help the rest of us out there so we can make informed decisions on our next car purchase.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    I apologize if I came off wrong, but after seeing people get sued for slamming dealers, I fear for teh consumer who does this and advocating the consumer is what I do for a living.

    I'm not any more important than anyone here, but along with the other car business guys (and ex-car business guys like me), we try to help folks out of problems when dealing with a problematic dealership or vehicle.

    I know you bought the car used - did you have someone check it out for you (other than the dealer)? It's unfortunate that some unscrupulous dealer's idea of a vehicle certification is just filling out a form and giving it an oil change.
  • Thanks for your inputs! My car has had 2 alignment checks. Now, what does that mean? I look at the front end and the driver wheel likes like it is toe-in and the passenger wheel looks like toe-out. I was told it is an "illusion". Yet it drives straight as an arrow, even on crowned roads. I do not know if the Tauranzas are new, but the rubber "feelies" are still on the tires so I guess they are. The Continentals definitly were new. I have 6 work tickets for tire balances and 2 additional service tickets that are not in my possession (yet) for 8 total times I have had the tires balanced. And they have needed it too! Even after being balanced before. The last time I had a balance check, the service mgr. said he had no time to check the car. If he did, he would have heard the washing machine, but he still would have let it go anyway, hoping I would not notice I guess. I went to a couple resources with my VIN. The car has not been in an accident. I tried to work with Nissan and have an incident number with this car. They know I have been to 2 dealers already and want me to go to a 3rd, that is over 30 miles away from me. I told them not unless a factory rep is there, too. They would not gaurantee a rep. I sent my lemon law form yesterday. Now they will have to address it.
    In the mean time, I am in the spin cycle. Literally. The wierd thing is, there is no noticeable steering wheel vibration at all. Yet, if I drive it at 10 or less mph (foot off the gas) I can feel the tires thump-thump, thump-thumping on the pavement. Sound like high points, but so did the other tire sets, too. That is why I am pointing at the rims. Nissan doesn't see it that way.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    this is slander:


    You do as you wish. Have a nice day.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    3 cases of slander for you - keep posting it and you'll get the dealer's attention.

    Why you are doing this is a complete mystery.

    Again, have a nice day.
  • I did something really stupid!! I drove with the e-brake on in the snow. I forgot 2 put down the E-brake. I drive a altima 3.5se V6 auto. Can you please tell me what can happen to my car because of that.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Why is it slander if this person is telling us about her "personal" experience with her "personal" car which she bought at this particular dealership. It's her opinion, pure and simple. What am I missing here?
    We also own a '01 Altima GXE, but a Limited Edition model, and we had to have the idler pulley replaced under warranty at about 28k miles. Also, the brakes wore out at 16k miles and "we" had to pay to replace them. Thus far the only problems with the car.
    We were lucky enough to buy the car new with only 24 miles on the odometer after it was driven up to Ft. Lauderdale from Miami. The wife still loves her car after 2 years and 36k miles!

    The Sandman :-)
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040 chatrooms and on internet bulletin boards, but I think it has to be a bit more extreme than just posting a bad experience with buying a used car and mentioning the dealership. Some of the gripes are just traits of the car though. For instance, I've also noticed that Altima engines tend to be noisy. My Mom & Stepdad's is kinda loud, and so was the '02 I test drove back in February. They actually seem pretty quiet at high speeds, and the '02 was so quiet it was creepy, but in around-town type of driving, they get pretty loud. Maybe because they use a timing chain instead of a belt?

    If the car's vibrating, and it's showing up in the steering, that's most likely a problem with tire balance.

    As for whining from the steering wheel belt, I can't these cars use a single serpentine belt for everything? Only time I've had belts squeak was in cold weather, before the car had warmed up. Maybe you've got a mis-aligned or warped pulley somewhere?

    Dunno about the grinding noise in the heater, either. In some cars, I can hear the flaps in the ducts as they open and close to direct the air, and some fans are louder than others. If the sound just went away on it's own though, in all fairness, it's hard for a mechanic to diagnose a problem that isn't there!

    What kind of car did you have before you got the Altima, Mrsvalentine? Some of your concerns, like the "gliding" (not sure what you mean by that) and shocks (rough ride?) make me think of someone who just got really used to the way their old car handled and acted, and now just have to re-adjust to a different driving experience.

    Also, one thing I would DEFINITELY do is have the tranny serviced. I don't care what the manuals say nowadays, every 30,000 miles is good preventive maintenance. You're right at that mark now, and you really don't know how that car was treated by the previous driver(s).

    Good luck with it!
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    just check out your rear brake pads and rotors, plus check your rear tires for flat spots. Since it was in the snow, you may not have done any damage at all.
  • I would think instead of posting in a forum of your experiences, I would be relating these experiences to an attorney. He would provide more help with your problems than this forum.

    As far as slander, your remarks labeling a particular dealership are dangerous. I have heard also where people that posted their experiences were brought to court by the slandered dealership.
  • flea, there is no way the tires should be wearing out at 3k miles on your 3.5 SE, it seems obvious that something is seriously wrong with the front end in your car. Do yourself a favor and bring it to another dealer for a second opinion before it is too late. i.e. possible lemon
  • I'm buying my first car in January and would like some "real people" opinions besides professional ones. The Altima is my top choice. I'd like to know what all of you like and don't like about it and any problems that you've had with the '03.

  • I have had my '02 SE for 6 mos now and following are my observations that in my IMHO you will not find with the competition;
    -unique styling (camry and accord look close to the same style)
    -great looking
    -handling comparable to sports car
    -fantastic power
    -great stereo BOSE
    -great standard warranty
    -heated mirrors
    -8-way power drivers seat
    -17 inch wheels
    -quality finished allow rims
    -fog lights (standard)
    -auto transmission very smooth
    -seperate defrost controls
    -lots of cargo area
    -cargo nets
    -more front legroom
    -more headroom

    -interior door panels have no style
    -simulated wood grain could look more realistic (I hear that this
    has been upgraded for '03)
    -absence of plush plastic ;-)
  • Like "acmeroadrunnr" I have an 02 3.5SE and agree with all the Positives in his comments. I do love to drive this car because of the handling and performance. It is so much fun. Makes me feel like a kid again.
    On the down side, the 3.5 SE unlike the 2.5 does have a very stiff ride. It also uses a lot of fuel(I'm getting 15mpg in the city).
    I would recommend you actually drive both models if you are thinking of buying the Altima.
  • I declared lemon law on my 02 Altima and now the Nissan dealer where I bought my car has had it for 4 days so far. A factory rep showed up and I was told then by the service rep (not the factory rep) that the car needed to be looked at to verify specs, whatever that is supposed to mean. I have also been told that a 4th(!) set of tires and a 3rd(!) alignment will be performed before I get my car back and then only after everyone has test driven it. Sounds like an inadvertant admission that something on my car caused the 3rd set of tires to go buggy, else they wouldn't be replacing the tires, eh. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should ask the service rep when I go to pick up my car? Other than my repair order, should I ask for a copy of the mechanics hard copy? If what I am told by the service rep is not on the repair order, should I add it and have them validate what I write? Comments please!
  • I have been provided a rental car at no cost to me. It is an 02 Camry LE. If it wasn't for the mom-mom and pop-pop appeal of this car, I would definetely recommend it two thumbs up. The interior ergos leave much to be desired, but it has the smoothest transmission and next to no road noise or feel. But hey, that is why I bought the 02 Altima: the anti-Camry!
  • Got about 5,000 km on this baby with no complaints other than one, tires/rims. Rolling at 30 - 50 kmh speeds (20 - 30 mph), the car has a slight hop to it. Like a tire is out of round or bad rim. Been to the dealer 3 times, 3 balances and 1 tire replaced and no better. Took the car to my own tire shop, they re-balanced again, no change. Back to them again and 2 more tires replaced (Conti approved the tire change no charge). Still no fix. The Conti guy mentioned to my tire guy that there is a problem with the Altimas, as Conti has seen alot of uneven tire wear. They suggest I go back to Nissan, who are supposed to be aware of this problem, and demand a fix. Does anyone else know of the specifics of this problem. Alignment?, Rims? I'm nashing my teeth over this.
  • Review item #72,#90,#91,#94,#97-#99 above. The difference between you and me is you are not on steel rims as I am with my 2.5S. It seems now that it is a blame game between Nissan and Continental. But, as I stated previously, it has also happened to me with Bridgestones. So it looks like a Nissan problem. I am still waiting for my Altima - day 5 now in the repair shop. As soon as I find out any info, I will add it here.
  • If you have a 2002 Altima and have experienced a Sloshing Noise when you have filled your GAs Tank there is a Nissan Bulletin that has been created to fix the problem. It is NTB02-103. A copy can be found on the following web address. Once you get there click on "owner jvitale" and he has the bulletin for you to view. I read it over and it sounds like a lot of dismantling and replacing of parts. Based on my confidance in the dealer's abilty to do it all correctly I have decided to live with the occasional Slosh, but you may want to do otherwise....
  • I have the same problem with tires thumping. I noticed as I pull up to my mailbox, come to slow stop and can hear when I have my windows down. The same guy does my tires (bought car new) for all 4 cars and said all 4 of my wheels needed aligning.ok for a couple weeks, and is thumping again. Of course I keep rotating them as recommended, and yes bought new tires,too. The front tires were really eaten up despite low miles. Plus tires appear low on air, but when I check them they are up to a couple of pounds overinflated! The problem is worse on front tires, and this is my squeaky car with windows whistling no matter what. Our old Altima was a tight shifting 5 speed. Boy, I miss it.
  • cfocfocfocfo Posts: 147
    Any body else having trouble keeping their Altima aligned ?

    I keep seeing references to this issue and was wondering how big of a problem it is.
  • The only problem I had was a check engine light after driving about 50 miles.The dealer reset it,and no problem since.
    The more I drive this car,the more I like it.It tops out at 115MPH,but gets there quickly.I guess I'm blessed,because I haven't noticed any noise,vibrations,or tire problems,and I really punish this car.
    Of course,it's primarily the wife's car,and the two kids ride occasionally,so a sports car wasn't an option.This is the next best thing imo....
  • 2002 Altima S, 21k miles.
    2 episodes where it would not start, dealer could not find problem. It eventually started and seemed to run normally.
    2 separate airbag sensor faults, repaired under warranty.
    Complete instrument panel failure, repaired under warranty.

    I love the car, but have had enough. Has anyone had similar problems?
  • sandman46,
    i also have a '01 limited edition nissan altima and had the power steering idler pulley replaced at 24k miles. it was unusually noisy/vibrating when in gear and with foot on brake. the local nissan service technician replaced the idler pulley, but the noise is still there. he said he could find nothing else wrong with the car, has not seen this with other altimas, and will report it to nissan.
    please let me know if you had similar noise issue and whether it was resolved due to the pulley being replaced. thanks!
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