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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • I recently purchased a 3.5SE. Like the car very much but have a question. The original tires are Bridgestone Turanza EL42 - P215/55R17 93H. (Max psi = 44).

    What is the RECOMMENDED tire pressure for this tire on this car? Same front and back? Who is responsible for putting this info on the car - dealer or manuf.?

    This info is NOT in my manual, stuck on my door, or in my glove compartment. Service station and dealership can't find it. Bridgestone website says "recommended pressure" is set by the maunuf. Nissan's website says nothing.

    BTY - Soon after I took delivery, I had my service station check the tire pressure. One tire was down to 15psi. Ten days later it was down that much again, refilled, and continued to lose pressure. Dealership initially tried to tell me it was a faulty tire, and that I should go to a Bridgestone store to replace (not happy). But after further discussion they determined it was a faulty rim and replaced it. Seems OK now, but I still don't know recommeded tire pressure front & back.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Yes, the noise went away. Quiet now.
    Am thinking of switching 2 195/65/15 tires or 205/65/15's. Will buy next monday.

    The Sandman :-)
  • The service engine soon light on my 98 altima went on a few weeks ago. I checked the gas tank cap and it was properly tightened.

    The car also developed a very strange problem lately. Last time at the gas station, the gas pump stoped while the gas tank was still empty. It turned out that the gas spilled back after 15 to 20 seconds refueling and I had to wait about 30 seconds for the gas to go down before tried refueling it again. The whole process of refueling takes about 5 minutes. Has anyone experienced the same porblem before? And what could be the possible cause? BTW, I live in New Jersey and it's pretty cold here lately. Thanks a lot.
  • my friend has a 99 maxima and his tire pressure label is located on the underneath side of the armrest lid. Try that if you haven't already.
  • Would anyone know what this Nissan repair operation is: 16NIZ - PDI?
    It was done with 6 miles on the odometer, but when I took delivery, the odometer read 27 miles.

    By the way, Nissan put on a 4th set of tires - Bridgestone Tauranzas EL42s again - and my washing machine is still in the spin cycle. The factory rep suggested no other remedy. Now I have to contend with BBB Autoline. Anyone ever mediated with BBB to replace their Nissan?
  • lsclsc Posts: 210
    I believe this is from the armrest (under the top armrest).
  • Sorry to hear about your vibration problems, I
    had suspension noises when i first bought mine-seems suspension fittings were not fully tightened at the factory-might be worth a look.

    By the way - how did you get the 'before purchase' repair info on your car ?? I'd like to get that on mine.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    saoke: I realize it has been almost a month but on a '95 Altima the codes are readable by the owner. The computer is next to the drivers foot behind a small plastic door. Just turn it on and record the LED light. (red & green flashes) Checks almost everything electric on the car.
  • I have had this car for 115K miles, and the "Check Engine" light is on for the 3rd time. Every time it is for the rear O2 sensor. Does the sensor need to be replaced, or does the computer just need to be reset? Are the higher quality O2 sensors that won't break every 40k miles or so? Any and all input is appreciated.
  • I am in the market for a pre-owned 94-99 Altima and came across information on Consumer Reports that servicing the timing chain/belt is a whopping $ 750 which seems to be significantly more than other cars. Does anyone know how often such service is scheduled ? Has the Altima a timing belt or chain ?
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I have a '95 Altima with 82k and the rear O2 sensor was changed at 25k and haven't had any trouble with either sensors sence. (both were changed) The rear does little to monitor the O2. The Pathfinder rear O2 sensors don't do anything until the engine rpm is over 3400. You could try Bosch or some other brand If you change them yourself use very little anti seize and don't put any on the first two treads.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    The 2.4 liter engine has a timing chain and don't let any dealer tell you otherwise. I have a co-worker that was told by a salesman to bring his Altima for a belt change a 60k. The chains are good for the life of the engine. Steve
  • appletapplet Posts: 4
    Thanks. I found it! I've been away over the holidays or would have responded sooner. If you open the lower of the two compartments in the armrest/console to the driver's right , the label is affixed to the underside of the upper compartment. Who would guess - dealer didn't.

    33 front, 30 rear - and other useful info.

    Thanks again
  • barisbaris Posts: 6
    Hi there,

    I just bought a 99 Altima with 40K miles on it! However, the tires need to be replaced.

    Could you give me some recommendations for a good quality tire? All weather average(not performance) driving with decent thread life.

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I did purchase new tires for our '01 GXE Ltd. Ed. last monday but went up to a 205/65/15 size from the standard 205/60/15's that came on the car. The sidewall is about an inch higher but nothing hits, even with 5 people on board. I think the ride is better and I feel less intrusion in the steering wheel. So far I am quite happy with the change and finally enjoy driving this puppy. Hope all will be good.
    Again Bret, thanks!

    The Sandman :-)
  • I decided to lease a '99 Altima GXE. All my research indicated the car as best fit me. When all is well it has been. After a week I went back to dealer complaining about three things. Odd transmission noise, Click front end and pulling seriously to right. Was told to drive car until first service due and get used to it. Sounded fair so I complied.
    After much hassle the dealer changed my transmission and that problem was resolved. I still had the other two. Once out of warranty the dealer discovered the control arm was bent and had to be rerplaced at expense to me. This did resolve the pulling. However when shown the control arm I could not see even a chip on the black paint which seemed to not support the dealer telling me I had hit a big pothole. Next the dealer- again out of warranty told me I needed a new steering column. When I questioed this they decided that maybe I did not need one even although I could still feel the click. Next time in the shop I had to get a brake job and a (can't recall what it was called) replaced at again expense to me because it looked like it had been "sticking for a while". I asked if that could be the cause of my clicking and was told maybe. Guess what, it was. Again at my expense.
    These are only the highlights of my problems that include rust spot on bottom of back window stanchion. (drivers side) Door jamming open, Widow slipping, visor breaking, speedometer cable breaking etc. I have written Nissan and got a standard leter reply but no satisfaction and the dealer does not seem to care. At 139,000Km I am now having to put a third set of tyres on the car which is something I have never had to do on a car before. 90% of my driving is highway and I am well past my hotroding years.
    My wife and her uncle both drive the same model and vintage Altima as I do but do not have the same problems. I read the chat page and everyone seems to be having a great experience with their Altima except me. Anyone have any comment or suggestion?
  • Love the Bose Audio in my '03 3.5SE, but there's a buzz in the LF door speaker at certain frequencies -- even at relatively low volumes. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • meyer4meyer4 Posts: 2
    Have a 02 Altima 2.5SL and cannot get heat out of it until it has been driven a short distance. Will barely de-ice the windshield after running 15 mins. Do you think it might be thermostat?
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    If your '02 Altima has Auto heat the heater valve doesn't open until the engine warm to 140 deg or so. Keeps cold air off your feet?
  • meyer4meyer4 Posts: 2
    I don't have auto-heat. Service dept. said there was an air-lock in system. They worked on it, seemed to help for a little while but now back to same old thing. The heat output drops even while setting at a traffic light. I have tried everything, (re-circulate, etc.) Good thing I have bun warmers or would freeze to death.
  • Because I have had to gather all documentation for my lemon law arbitration hearing next week, I noticed in the repair history section of one of my work orders that some specific procedure was done 2 months before I took delivery. I called the service cashier to ask for a copy of the work ticket and they actually sent it to me! It shows only that PDIGAS was performed. Not important I guess.
  • Grok this! Have any of you other 02+ Altima owners ever visited I did and became enlightened to TSBs for Altimas as well as an Altima alignment spec. What is wierd about this spec is that it states that all fluids, including the gas tank must be full and the spare tires, tools and mats must also be installed during the alignment procedure. I know that for the 3 times my 02 Altima has been aligned, I have never had a full tank of gas.
  • I have an 02 Altima 2.5 S with what I consider many problems - check engine valve bad, air bag mounting bracket, rattling seat belts, headliner and glove box, defective rear shocks, etc.
    Out of service many times but not up to 45 day lemon law in my state so Nissan won't buy it back. Anyone having similar problems?
  • pda97pda97 Posts: 91
    I'm tempted to do this myself on my 97 Altima. Can anyone provide some how-to tips ? Is it difficult ? Thanx for your help.
  • mso1956, My `02 is doing the same thing as yours. Did you ever find the problem with it?
  • I have 03 Altima for couple of months and a little more than 3,000 miles on it.
    On Jan 17, my wife drove it out for the grocery shopping and when she came back she parked the car on the drive way with the engine running, but in 'P'. She got off the car and opened the trunk door and unloaded the shopping bags to the kitchen through the garage. She repeated it few times until all bags were removed from the car and taken to the kitchen.
    When she walked out to the garage the car was coming toward her. The car stopped when bumped into the water tank base damaging the base and the front of the car. And missed my wife by 1/16" or so...!!!
    We ran to the car to verify what happened.
    I thought she may have left it in 'Drive'... but it was verified that it was in 'P', but rolled forward. I took some pictures of the situation.
    And I took the car to the dealership and told them what happened. They checked the car up, but nothing wrong was found according to the service dept.
    I'd like to know if anyone had a simillar problem with Altima.
  • Does your driveway slope towards the garage?

    The gated shifter needs to be placed in P (all the way up and then moved to the left) before my key can be removed from the ignition. If the shifter isn't engaged in park, it might be in neutral mode.

    Just a theory - I haven't tried this, so I can't say for sure.
  • Nop! It actually is the other way... toward the street. The shifter was in 'P', locked up and the op panel with the 'P' light lit. I took some photos soon after the incident, but no one is willing to believe what happened to my car. Only if one was there like my family members who were there when it happened.
    And if that theory is valid the car should have rolled back to the street, but to garage.
    Also I tested it in 'D', but due to the slop toward the street the car didn't move at all even opening and closing the doors and trunk... getting into the car and getting off from it.. etc...
    I heard that something similar happened to Audi5000 in the past and recently to the Korean cars.
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