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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,328
    airbag repair really isn't a DIY operation. Maybe the sensor that measures deceleration is bad. You don't want to be messing with air bag circuitry unless you really know what you're doing.

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  • I have a 00altima with 130K. In the past 2 months because of SES warnings, I've replaced the water pump, knock sensor, and most recently a O2 sensor. The light came back on the same day after the O2 sensor was changed. Went back, autoplace checked, they said there's nothing wrong, turned off light, light came back on 1 day later. They said that the other sensors were working fine. Of course I failed the inspection last week and it showed the code P0420 TWC function. What does that mean and do you have any ideas what could be truly wrong with my car?
  • kmasonkmason Posts: 3
    re: water sound, there is air in a vacuum line----your dealer should be able to correct easily- i had the same problem
  • kmasonkmason Posts: 3
    periodically , i will put my 2004 altima in drive nad hit the gas, but nothing happens for about 5 seconds, then it will engage and start moving forward, or in reverse. could this be a transmission issue? my dealer cany find anything
  • jbrazjbraz Posts: 7
    I recently purchased a used '02 3.5 SE with the Bose stereo. It also had a buzz, only when the stereo was turned on. The dealer I bought the car from replaced the stereo. This fixed the problem.
  • I recently bought a 1997 Nissan Altima and every time i stop for too at a red light or in line at a drive through, idling, my car goes dead, and it smells like its flooding,and takes forever to start back up,but, of course it doesn't do it for my mechanic,so if anyone has any suggestions i would be very happy to hear some.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    I recently bought a 97 Altima with manual tranny. The shifter is a bit balky especially when the engine is cold. It is very difficult at times to shift into first gear.
    I am planning on doing a full tune up and fluid change this spring, so I was wondering if anyone has changed their manual tranny fluid to synthetic, and if that helped with the balky shifter problem, which I gather is pretty common.
    Thanks, Catam.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    there's a post on the fix to stop the flashing, done mine a couple of times. it is a ways back, you may be able to do a search for it.

  • wd74wd74 Posts: 1
    I own an 05' 2.5s and after while it started to make a chirping sound from the rear window when driving above 60mph. It sounds like a cricket lives inside. Has anyone had similar problems? If so, please advise.
  • winsanwinsan Posts: 36
    I have similar problem whenever the engine is cold. It seems that it started when I changed the original trans oil at 60K (as scheduled). The original oil weight is 75W90, but no one sells that kind of oil, and the dealer recommended 80W90.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Thanks for the info. I will definitely look around for 75W-90. I guess I will probably use a synthetic as well as they are supposed to be a little slicker at low temps.
  • shekharshekhar Posts: 23
    I cannot open the front passenger door, the key does not work either. It turns fine but the door remains locked. Power door lock buttons (both on driver side and passenger side) operate the the other three doors but not the front passenger side. What could have gone wrong? Any suggestions would be welcome.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    My guess would be that the linkage that connects the lock to the operating mechanicals is broken. I have not been inside the door of my altima yet, so I don't know any specifics to this vehicle. But most cars have a mechanical linkage system that connects the key lock and the power locks to the actual door lock.
    You will have to pull off the interior door panel and look at the linkage. Hope this helps, good luck.
  • rayk872rayk872 Posts: 2
    I have a 97 Nissan Altima that stalled intermitently while driving. The cause was the Fuel Pump.
  • my 04 altima has a loud tapping noise while accelerating to 55 when the engine is cold, dealers say it is normal, started at 15000 miles, now at 24000, it seems to be getting louder and lasting longer,but both dealers no problem, one said they all do it and one said it was just injector noise, souns like a rocker or wrist pin to me, also i only get 140 degrees from the heater and takes over 10 mile to get warm enough to turn blower down, dealers have adjusted the cold air door 4 times and bleed the system twice with no differance, has anyone had any of these troubles and what shoud i do when nissin said no problem1
  • annie11annie11 Posts: 5
    My daughter went to start her altima today and the steering column would not unlock. Hence the car would not start. I drove her car yesterday and nothing out of the ordinary and she drove it today with no problems until this afternoon. We have tried to rock the car but nothing moves. It seems like the car does not recognize the key. Any idea's on how to unlock the system so we can get the car started so we can get it into the nissan dealer for repair. Thanks in advance for any and all information or ideas Annie
  • edwinhiledwinhil Posts: 2
    Has anyone given you any good advice yet? I have a 2001 Altima that we bought new. It started doing exactly the same thing as yours at about 6 months. It has been to the dealerships (5 to be exact) repeatedly, they have kept it for up to two months at a time. Nissan USA even got involved, but the thing never acted up when they took it on their short drives. We never got a code from the computer that anything was wrong. Gauges would go wacky, drop to zero, sometimes the engine would run really slow, sometimes not. I only have two months left on the warranty, as if it mattered anyway. If they wanted to take care of the problem they would swap me cars and crush this one before someone gets seriously hurt.
  • shade3shade3 Posts: 3
    Ihave the same problem with my 96 altima. I am pretty sure it is a bad timing chain guide(s). I will fix it myself , but i must determine if the repair can be easiy done with the engine in the car. The fact that there is not a lot of room between the fron of the engine and the body and the possibility that the lower part of the crankcase(or is it the upper part of the oil pan?) may have to be removed, complicates the repair.
  • shade3shade3 Posts: 3
    I have a 96 altima that has a clicking noise at low rpms that I am sure is coming from the timing chain. I think it is due to worn chain guides. Does the engine have to be removed to install new timing chain guides? If not how difficult is it to get at the guides? There is very little room between the front of the engine and the body and it appears that the oil pan and the lower part of the crankcase would have to be removed
  • edwinhiledwinhil Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Altima that has a dieing instrument panel. Lights on the dash go out, temp gage goes to zero, speedometer and tach go to zero, gas gage goes over full. Lately the engine is really sluggish, sometimes just stops. We've had this problem since we bought the car, new. Numerous trips to the dealerships, they've had the car a total of about 6 months over the last 5 years. Noone can find the problem. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, was it fixed?
  • rayk872rayk872 Posts: 2
    The thought my 97 altima had a bad distributor as well. It turned out to be the fuel pump
  • my 93 altima worked fine, then when i went to start it after it being off for 5 minutes it would not turn over. it has power gas,etc. i can i tried to have it jumped did not do naything. i can not get the clicking noise when i turn the key. i tried staring it in nuetral alos.
  • I also have a 95 Nissan Altima. I had a check engine light come on; the code was P1400 (EGR problem). I was able to clean the EGR valve and after erasing the code I have had no problems; car even runs better.
    The EGR valve is on top of the engine near the back. It is a round pear shaped can sitting on top of the intake manifold. It is held on by two 12mm nuts. After removing it, clean it with carb. cleaner to remove carbon deposists. The diaphram should move freely up and down.
  • have u tried turning the wheel with the key in ignition & stepping on the brake. it happens to my car sometimes when i turned the wheel hard b4 parking.
  • annie11annie11 Posts: 5
    Just to let you know we finally got the steering wheel unlocked and started the Altima. We really had to work at moving the steering wheel and turn the key without breaking it. One would think that Nissan could make a car that would not lock up like this. When my husband went to the Nissan dealership repair shop no one knew what to do he finally found a salesperson who had been a mechanic and said this happened all the time and told him how to unlock the car. Thanks for your help. Annie
  • grumpfishgrumpfish Posts: 19
    Ive had my new Altima a few months now, after trading in my '02 Alty. So far the only downside to the car is their insistance to use Continental tires, they're horrible. The car is somewhat lighter and I think they raised the car off the ground a bit too, which allows more air to get under the suspension, this combination pushes the car around a bit. Don't expect power when you need it, the few times that I've floored it, I only to got a slight hesitation before any form of power kicks in. The inside is roomier but somewhat stiff and very ordinary. I wouldve held on to the '02 but it was a lease :(
  • shekharshekhar Posts: 23
    Thanks catam
    To make the matters worse, the windshield was cracked due to gravel flying out of the dump truck on I-77 :( Got pulled over for driving with cracked windshield :( :( :(
    The wind shield cannot be replaced unless the passenger door can be opened, so I had to pay $40 for the mechanic to get the Door dismantled. Now I know what the problem is, I will need an actuator ($101+) and the door locking pin ($81+) from the dealer and an extra $80 to have it installed. It will take 3+ days for it to arive, I will not be able to lock my car, so it is practically inoperable. What a week, and it is only Tuesday. Atleaset it does not snow in Columbia, otherwise I would be shoveling some more of the stuff. sorryt for the rant.
  • chaimchaim Posts: 2
    I purchased my altima 2006 in Sept.05 the first week the problem started. The car doesn't always start, we have to keep trying until it starts, other times it starts right up. The dealer had the car in service 4 times and couldn't figure it out. So I invoked the lemon law and last month they gave me another 2.5 altima 2006 loaded with navigation and all the extras just like the first one. Well the second altima has the same problem and the dealer doesn't know what to do. Please if anyone else is having this problem let me know. Nissan will not tell me if this is a wide spread probem. Thank you
  • grumpfishgrumpfish Posts: 19
    I too got my 06 in Sept. I experienced this problem this weekend where it wouldnt start. I had already driven around town earlier in the morning so it wasn't like the engine was cold.

    It sounded and felt as if the engine were flooded and wouldnt turn over even after I kept the peddle on the floor. Finally, after 6 or so tries it turned over and *so far* it hasn't happened again. :confuse:
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