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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • cnackcnack Posts: 7
    My 95 Altima has 88000 miles on it and the check engine light just came on last week. The car is running fine but after reading all the posts about check engine lights, I can see that this is a common problem with the Altimas. I will check the gas cap as suggested. My question: Is there anyway for me to check the computer problem code myself at home without paying a dealer $70 to hook it up to their diagnostic machine? I am on a tight budget so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • cnackcnack Posts: 7
    Thanks alcan for the link to Nissan trouble codes. Can anyone tell me where to find the ECM on my Altima so I can see which code is being triggered?
  • rzzzrzzz Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Altima ( automatic ) that died this morning. It idles ok and the engine revs fine in neutral or park. As soon as I shift into reverse or drive it dies. After many attempts, I was able to just get it home by "tap dancing" on the gas.
    Has anyone seen this before? Thanks Rob Z
  • natas179natas179 Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Nissan Altima that just crapped out. When I turn the key to the "on" position, none of the sensor lights in the dash light up. The engine will turn over but will not run unless I douse the air intake with starting fluid. But as soon as it uses up the fluid it shuts off. I checked the fuel relay, fuel pump, fuel level relay and injectors. All work fine. I don't know what else to check because the on board diagnostic system doesn't go on either. Any suggestions would definitely help and be greatly appreciated.
  • shemzshemz Posts: 34
    My Check engine light turned back on, and i took it to 3 diffrent place told me it was the knock sensor or the O2 sensore. Is there anyway to check this myself??? can I buy the nissan guide book from autozone or somewhere and check the code??? Please, any advise would help tahnk you.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
  • shemzshemz Posts: 34
    A 1995 Nissan Altima GXE
    I have changed an O2 sensor not too long ago (7-8 Mo) at nissan the way they suck!
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Follow the instructions here. Scroll to the very bottom for DTC descriptions:
  • pda97pda97 Posts: 91
    Does anyone use this on his/her Altima ? I know Nissan does not recommend buying "off the shelf" fuel injector cleaners, claiming they usually have some sort of chemical that can harm the engine. My 97 Altima stutters a little bit, which could mean dirty injectors. I'd like to try some of the products found at Pep Boys, etc. Any harm ? Thanx for the replies.
  • will88will88 Posts: 1
    Hi All, I have a 94 Altima GXE with 110K. Everything runs great except that I'm hearing this slight clunking/thunking noise when I begin to accelerate on a turn (going from, say, 0 to 5 mph). The CV boots were done in the last 2 years. What do you think this sound could be? Is it something that needs urgent attention?

    The sound is not that loud and does not happen every single time. But I do notice it. Please advise if you can. Thanks!!

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    from our '01 GXE. Sounds like a sewing machine but only with acceleration. Can turn the wheel from side to side at idle and no noiuse, so don't think it's the power steering. Only with acceleration. Any help would be appreciated as we've only got 8.5k left on our 3 year/36k warranty. Scheduled an appointment online last night for next week so we'll so but any help would be great.

    The Sandman
  • leb3leb3 Posts: 1
    I bought a brand new V6 fully loaded with every option Altima. Although I absolutely love the car, it's only 5 months old, and I discovered 2 small 2 tiny rust spots on it. This car lists for 29.9k. Quite a chunk of change !! These are not minor scratches or dings, they are right down to the rust. The dealer told me a "rock must have hit it", however, there is no dent, just rust, one on the left side door and one on the left side trunk. I am not a trained autobody person, but everyone I've shown this to agrees, this is a defect, not a "ding" or "rock hitting it" issue. I called and reported it to Nissan, and they basically blew me off with "your rust warranty only covers if it's rusting from the inside out". They won't even send anyone out to look at it. They gave me a case number and said, "read your warranty". I am not happy that a 5 month old car
    at that price, (or any price for that matter) would be rusting. The dealer I bought it from touched it up at no cost to me, which they did not have to do, but it's basically going to only get worse, it's pretty obvious. This is my first and last Nissan, I am sorry to say, because basically mechanically, I love the car and all of it's options. Has anyone seen/heard of rust problems on these cars?
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    Yes, this is a very common problem for the new Altima, no matter what engine (2.4 or 3.5). There are also some articles mentioned this before.

    How can Nissan make such a 'huge' car with so many features that cheap? If the paint and other parts are top notch quality (at least match the quality of the engine), That would be in the level of a BMW 528 (around $36-38K).

    I don't know what to tell you other than Sorry at this moment. It is just the new policy of Nissan to drive the cost down. Actually, this scares me away from the 350Z that I was very interested in.
  • 5speed25speed2 Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Altima 2.5S. On both rear doors, near the bottom, the paint is chipping off the doors. It looks as though the doors are not properly lined up between the front and back. Anybody else have this problem? If so, what did you do to have it fixed?
  • 5speed25speed2 Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Altima 2.5S. I can hear a whistling noise coming from my vents. Originally, the dealership thought it was a bad blower motor and so they replaced it. That didn't do the trick. The noise is still there. Anybody else have this irritating noise?
  • schweikbschweikb Posts: 111
    I tried removing the glove box door (following directions on page 8-22 of owners manual) to access the filter that I want to take out. The manual shows two clips that you pull down (there's a diagram on page 8-21). I can't find the clips, but I do see two tabs that can be swung forward or backward. They were forward, so I assume this is loced postion and backward would be unlocked. However after doing that nothing happens with the door coming of. Any ideas? I've only had the car a couple of weeks and unfortunately a skunk crawled under the engine bay and died. Now there is constant skunk and urine smell. I think the filter has the disadvantage of trapping smells and then each time you start the car and put the blower on the smell ttrapped in the filter get blown aroound the interior. I have lived without this kind of filter for 60 years, I don't really need one now. Help!
  • shemzshemz Posts: 34
    My Airbag lights turnes on and off (blink) while iam driveing???!! what does that mean? i have a 95 Altima with 115K..
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    It means there's a fault in the airbag system. Time to take it to a qualified repair facility or body shop.
  • shemzshemz Posts: 34
    would the airbags come out all of a sudden either while driving or braking (hard or soft)!!!?? I have been in an accident b4, but that was about 3 mo. ago and it was a side impact on the passenger side. Could it be from that... 3 mo ago the light didnt come on after the accident?
    could it hurt maybe to take the airbag fuse out? or to disable it and have no airbags? (hey, older model cars dont have airbags...)
    1 more question...
    What could be a possible problem, just tell me anything (give me a list of possible causes) from your past experience or some problem with the altimas airbags that you or anyone might know of.
  • sauron666sauron666 Posts: 12
    I recently took delivery of this model. No sooner did I really start driving it, I noticed steering pull to the left and tire bounce (felt in the seat). Took it back to the dealer. After a re-balance, rotations and alignment (<200miles driven), the problem did not go away. I was told to drive it 3000 miles to let the flat spots wear out. A week later, back to the dealer. Got different tires, numerous rotations, re-balancing and test drives enabled my car to drive okay for about 3 weeks. The tire bounce is back. The steering pull/drift to the left never went away. Nissan will not honor tire replacement. Have to go to Continental dealer. If I do that, these tires are history. But, is it really the tires? I have standard steel rims w/caps. Nissan has a service bulletin that states to inflate the tires to 40+ lbs and drive for 1000 miles. I live in very hot Florida. This would surely risk explosion. Does anyone experience the same problem? It is most evident a speeds lower than 70mph.
  • phillyguy3phillyguy3 Posts: 88
    Sorry to hear about your tire problem. This does not seem like just a tire problem, but I'm not an expert. Did you notice anything as soon as you took delivery? Did the dealer check the rims? How about the frame? There doesn't seem to be any other posts about this issue on theAltimas.I'm going to take mine for a test drive on Saturday B4 I sign the papers. Won't your dealer take any responsibility? I would push hard until you get satisfaction.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    I'm sorry, but I won't post info re SRS systems. I feel that to do so would be irresponsible. They're dangerous. You might not try to act on the info but the next guy could end up hurting himself. A few of points to consider: removing the airbag fuse and/or disconnecting the battery might not disarm the system. They're equipped with a reserve power supply to ensure deployment in the event of a frontal collision which damages the battery; a deployment might cause enough damage to write the car off, depending on it's age and value; an accidental deployment while someone's fiddling around near the steering wheel will definitely put a damper on his afternoon; when we light drivers' side bags off at the facility where I work, we use a looooong firing harness in the parking lot with tha airbag facing down. It usually blows the steering wheel higher than the parking lot light standards (our apprentices love that). and last, but maybe most important, wouldn't you like to know it's probably going to work if needed? I'd strongly recommend you do yourself a favour and have a body shop or other qualified repair shop check it out.
  • darwin7darwin7 Posts: 1
    Love the car, think its amazing!
    I have the v6 with leather and sunroof.

    Having one problem though with the bose system.
    The amp seems to over heat if played loudly (and i dont mean ear drum bleeding loud either....just regular loud). Happens fast if the music has a lot of bass and the day is hot. When it over heats the sound breaks up...bass begins to fuzz out...sounds aweful.

    Haven't brought it in yet to have them look at it yet...I'll keep you advised as to if Nissan takes care of this problem

    Love the car beyond this issue though
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    Check out the Edmunds Long-Term test of the Altima. Seems their Altima has the same problem.
  • conruaconrua Posts: 2
    My 1994 Altima break lights are staying on. I am guessing that the realy must be bad. Any one know where the relay would be located???

  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Check for misadjustment or damage to the brake light switch, under the dash near the top of the brake pedal arm.
  • imm21imm21 Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 Altima with 95K miles on it. No problems so far except for the last few months it has started to stall sometimes at a traffic light. There is no regularity. If I start it up, it gets going again. It has stalled after a few minutes and also after it has been on the interstate--so no pattern there.

    It has had all the major service. The dealer says they would have to guess but a fuel filter tune-up and tune-up are first things to be done.

    Any ideas?

  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Inspect the ducting between the mass air flow sensor and the throttle body carefully for any cracks, splits, or other damage that would allow unmetered air to enter the engine.
  • ibe98765ibe98765 Posts: 1
    I've been following Edmunds test of the Altima 3.5. I think they may be a little charitable in some instances (or perhaps just easily impressed).

    Re: mpg - Over the last 2 months Edmunds has been averaging about 21.4 mpg. There doesn't seem to be any way to converse with the editor here, so am wondering if they are getting this figure from the computer or from a spreadsheet?

    I have 5300 miles on mine (automatic trans) and track gas use via a spreadsheet. My driving is 80% highway and most of the time average between 70-85 mph since I have a reverse commute of 50 miles in the San Francisco Bay Area. My computer readout for the last 2100 miles is 21.1 mpg. BUT, the actual number is 19.28 mpg. On the last fillup, I got 18.41 mpg - a 12.77% error from the computer number of 21.1. I wonder if Nissan purposely designed the computer to read higher mpg figuring that most people will believe the computer and will therefore think they are getting higher gas mileage?

    At least with this car, the computer and speedo are highly inaccurate.

    Using a GPS device and also checking against one of those mobile road radar displays, the speedo is off anywhere between 4-11 mph at a variety of speeds. I'd like to see Edmunds do a check of their car with a GPS unit or on the dyno to see if they have the same problem.

    I tried to take this up with Nissan but despite the "customer excellence" pap they spew in their ads and warranty booklet, they basically told me to get lost and that I could file a complaint with the BBB if I wasn't happy.

    There doesn't seem to be any real standard of accuracy on instrumentation. Perhaps this is something else the government should look into.
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