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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • beaghibeaghi Posts: 34
    I have a 1994 Nissan Altima (110K miles) with a problem similar to yours. The engine stalls occasionally after deceleration at the moment it should stabilizes at the idle speed. Some time it does not stall but goes in the sub 500 rpm and get back to its normal idle speed. Once the idle speed is reached, it remains stable. I already checked the On-Board-Self-Diagnostic codes but there is nothing there. I called the dealer and he does not know anything about this problem and does not have any idea where to start seaching... I check in the Altima Servile Manual and I found a diagnostic procedure that seams to be related to my problem. This is the "procedure 14 - Engine stalls after decelerating" on page EF&EC79. I have not had the chance to give it a try but according to this procedure the IAC valve-ACC Valve could be the cause. Does anybody have a better idea?
  • My Altima did the same thing a month ago immediately after a major tune up. I figure it was a fuel injection problem so I bought some octane booster (same as fuel injection cleaner except its a "finer" grade) at a local gas station before filling up with some premium. Worked fine, no stalls at traffic lights or when decelerating. But to be safe, I followed up with a couple more fillups with octane booster and everything seems fine now. Wouldn't hurt to try it, octane booster costs less than a couple dollars.
  • beaghibeaghi Posts: 34
    I tried the octane booster today, just in case, before driving a couple hundred miles. It is much easier to do then starting to check the AAC valve located under the intake. But this problem is not frequent and it might take a long time before I can really validate a fix. It could do it on 10 traffic lights in a row and not do it for 6 months. But this problem is slowly getting worst and I now see it about once per month.
  • mungar60mungar60 Posts: 1
    I have a four month old 2002 2.5S 5-Speed with a little over 5000 miles ( mainly highway). Just before the first oil change ( around 1500 miles), I thought the oil level on the dip stick was looking slightly low. Now 3500 miles into this oil change, it looks like I'm nearly a quart low. I haven't seen any leakage at all, no oil smells and nothing noticeable coming out of the tail pipe. When I was at the dealer, I overheard someone complaining to the service dept about this same subject and was told that 'some cars just use more oil than others'. Has anyone else run into this type of problem? I'd like to know if this is common to 2002 Alty's before I raise hell with the service dept. Thanks.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    I have heard other Altima 2.5 owners complain about excessive oil usage. Good luck getting help from your service department.
  • abhijatabhijat Posts: 5
    I am planning to buy a 94 altima with 127 k miles on it. It is a fully loaded machine with all the features and also it is cheap. But my only concern is that it is slightly high on mileage. What should I do?????
  • beaghibeaghi Posts: 34
    What should I do??? You should buy...unless the price is too high. I bought my Altima 94 when it was new and I now have 110K miles on it. This is a very good car and I believe that 110K miles is about half of its active live. After 110K miles the engine still behave like a new one. It does not burn of leak oil. When I change the oil I get back more than 3 liter and a half of old oil from the 4 liters that I put 7500 miles before. Beside oil, prestone, tires, spark plugs and air filter the only things that I changed on it are: the gas filter, the battrie (last month only), the link kits (4X $20us) and the front brake pads twice (not even the disks yet). Things that I have replaced are: the rear brakes, the pipes and muffler (one pipe was replaced after 2 years under warranty), clutch, chucks, distributor cap and wires, booth on driving shafts... and many other things. I am starting to see small spots of rust on the left side near the rear wheel. But I live in Quebec and we have a lot of salt on the road and I always park my car in the warm garage so it is not a surprise. So I hope that it helps you.
  • meegs24meegs24 Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 2.5S 4-cyl. The car has been great so far other than the air conditioning. It doesn't seem to be very effective. On a hot day I have to put the air on max and I'm still sweating sitting in the car. I thought that maybe with today's regulations that the air conditioning might not be as effective as the old days but my wife has a new Honda and her air works great. Has anyone noticed this to be a problem?
  • abhijatabhijat Posts: 5
    I am being asked for a price of 3600 for it. Is it too high????
  • beaghibeaghi Posts: 34
    In my previous text it should have been written "Things that I have NOT replaced..." instead of "Things that I have replaced...". BTW there is no timing belt, there is a timing chain instead that should last more than 200K miles. For the price it is hard to say because it depends on the area. Here in Montréal, it would sell in a range of 3000$ to 5000$ us dollars.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Find out what people are asking for them at:

    Should give you a ballpark price range based on mileage.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    Go to post 20 there is a procedure to stop the flashing. I don't know why it does it or if there is a safety issue involved, but this has happened on other altimas. I did the procedure and it worked.
  • bsappbsapp Posts: 21
    While beautiful to look at, these cars are overrated. I took delivery of my 2002 2.5 S automatic the first week of December and tried my best to like it, but couldn't. I kept it until March and traded it. My biggest complaint wasn't the cheap interior components but the vibration that settled in whenever the car was stopped in gear. I could feel the vibration through the steering column and brake pedal, it even made the dashboard vibrate and rattle. Two different dealers checked it and informed it was performing to spec and to expect some vibration due to the characteristics of a 4 cylinder engine. The Camry 4 is much smoother and quieter than the Nissan. My car also had the tapping noise mentioned and upon start up in the morning or after sitting several hours, it knocked for a second or two. My car was delivered a quart low on oil, I had it almost 3 weeks and 800 miles before I checked and discovered it was low. I never thought about a new car being low on oil, surely it was prepped and checked by the dealer before delivery, so the first thing I did when I picked up the car I traded this Nissan in for was to check the oil. Other areas that need addressing are better insulation in the floor under the carpeting and also in the sunroof. I found mine especially noisy with the shade open. Also, it wouldn't cost much to finish the area they cut in the carpet to poke the fuel release handle through and to have nicer looking control levers for the tilt/telescope steering wheel features. For a car that Nissan has bragged so much about, it seems rough around the edges to me. I advise people when they ask my opinion to carefully check the areas I mentioned and be sure they won't be bothered by these issues, especially the four cylinder versions. The 6 cylinder on the other hand, was smooth and had acceleration like a little Lear jet, however the extra firm ride made my back hurt. I understand Nissan is going to upgrade the interiors in the 2003 models, I hope they pay attention to the negative comments they have been getting about this car. Again, beautiful car to look at, just needs some refinement..
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    Regarding the low oil level in your Altima: the 2.5L engine has a propensity to burn oil during the break-in period. It is very likely that your car was delivered with the correct amount of oil but burned some in the first 800 miles. People are having the same problem with the new SE-R (which uses the same engine).

    There are no oil consumption problems with the 3.5L V6, however.
  • jcb18jcb18 Posts: 1
    There seems to be about 5 similar concerns related to mine in this forum and none have responded with a solution to it. My problem is the car stumbles and dies out at idle and upon acceleration stumbles and dies out as well. Have performed diagnostics on it, but have not been able to pinpoint the faulty componenets. If anyone has come across this problem before and have been able to find a solution to it I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
  • bsappbsapp Posts: 21
    I still think my car was delivered low on oil. I took it by the Nissan dealer after checking it that morning and finding it low, the mechanic added the oil and I asked how much oil would it burn during break in and he replied "ain't sposed to burn any" After it was filled, I kept a check on it several times each week and it hardly used anymore until the first oil change which was done right at 3,000 miles. I had them check underneath and no leaks could be found so it must have been underfilled. Same thing from around 3,000 miles to the 5,400 it had when traded, hardly used any oil at all. I hope any new car wouldn't burn that much oil in only 800 miles, break in period or not.

    Due to having an overall dislike for this car, it was back to good ole GM products for me.......
  • kbell80kbell80 Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Nissan Altima that I'm having serious problems with. If I start the car in park, I can't press the button down to shift out of park. The car will go into drive if I start it in neutral (yes I can move the shifter around with the car off). Or if I start the car with the button pressed down on the shifter. If the car goes back into park while it's on, I have to restart it one of the above ways.

    Also, the brake lights aren't working on the car. Any idea as to what's going on? I need something "smart-sounding" to talk to the mechanic about. Thanks!
  • jh1842jh1842 Posts: 2
    I had the same problem on my 95 altima. If you can squirm you way under the dash (difficult if you are my size) you can follow the break pedal up to two switches (buttons). I don't remember which is which but they release the shifter and activate you break lights. If you can get under there it won't be difficult to change. Just make sure you have enough daylight left before you start.
  • jh1842jh1842 Posts: 2
    I've been extremely pleased with our altima until I found out that its common for them to kill distributors.

    I'm on my third one. . . does any one have any idea why this happens?

  • dfsotodfsoto Posts: 4
    Hi all,
    I have a feeling that these problems are just design problems and that is the way the car will behave until they improve the design. I use to worry about these problems but I gave up...

    1) Center console doesn't close too good. To close it, instead of slamming it just push firmly on the back of it, it will close good every time.

    2) The trunk has to be slammed to close. I hate this on a brand new car but seems like thats they way it is.

    3) Humming noise from the Left front side. I usually getting at 90+ MPH so I dont worry anymore.

    4) Reflection of the dashboard on the windshield. Annoying, specially if you Armor-All it.

    5) Makes a weird noise for 2s when you start it up cold.

    6) Static radio noise. The dealershep fixed this, there is a service bulletin.

    as I find more stuff like this, i'll post it...
  • beaghibeaghi Posts: 34
    Yes, your are not alone with this problem. I wrote the #154 and #156. I have tried the basic things (spark plugs, gaz filter, PCV valve) and the stalling kept occuring (about once per month). I have recently tried the fuel-intake cleaner and the throttle body cleaner but I still see the RPM under 500 some time after deceleration. It has not stalled since but I think that it will. So I still do not have a solution. If someone has the solution please write it for us.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    I am no mechanic or even a handyman, but I have heard of oxygen sensors or similar items causing this type of problem. I don't use the dealers, instead I found a top notch local mechanic. He builds race cars and races, but has his own shop. I am sure there are several mechanics like this in any town. I would do some research and find one to help solve the problem. Radio stations sometimes have local mechanics on talk shows and they are usually your better mechanics. I also have a 94 Altima, but to date it has been almost flawless in 115k miles. No fluid losses at all and never a starting or running problem.

    Good Luck!
  • gmn22gmn22 Posts: 2
    did any one see the report on tv about air bags on altimas and maximas that were severely hurting people?i am close to buying an altima (3.5) or a maxima. just can't decide! can any body help? gmn22
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    That report about the airbags was on Dateline (not exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity) and referred only to the airbags in '94-'95 Altimas. Other Nissans are not affected by the issue.
  • pda97pda97 Posts: 91
    Where does one go to order (online) original Nissan parts ? My Altima needs some TLC right now to keep her running smooth. Thanx for your help.
  • Brought car into dealer to figure why car would not start.. previous message #39... and they say there is a safety switch tied into the shift lever.They made an adjustment to switch or whatever and that was end of the problem...We will now see if it happens again in not wanting to start... So as of now,problem solved...We hope.
  • ryan226 and/or nickm2 - are you still out here on the boards? I read posts of yours about your Altimas where you talked about a noise first thing in the morning that sounds like a chain dragging across concrete. Did you ever find out what that was or get it stopped? Mine does make a new noise first thing, but it really doesn't sound like a chain - more like part of the exhaust system rattling. The shop keeps messing with the heat shields and the noise gets worse, so I think they have the right area, just can't get it fixed. After the car is warm, the noise goes away, but it is very irritating to start each day this way. I would appreciate hearing from anyone else who make have experienced this or has any other ideas on what it could be. It is a 1997 Altima GLE with 44,000 miles. Thanks!
  • beaghibeaghi Posts: 34
    If you have the problem described in the post #154, #156 and #164 here is your solution. The problem is related to the idle which was not properly adjusted on all 93 and 94 Altimas. The only thing that needs to be done is to follow the idle adjustment procedure: I did it and it solved my problem right away. Good luck!
  • jft26jft26 Posts: 35
    Does the '98 Altima have adjustments for Camber and Caster?
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