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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • karmomkarmom Posts: 10
    Should I start the emails off with a price point, or stick to letting them know the options I want i.e. interior/exterior colors, style and options and let them start the ball rolling with the dollar amount? Should I mention anything in the email about rebates or cash back amounts? I just want me emails to be professional and to the point.
  • adcz94adcz94 Posts: 11
    1st rule of bargaining - Always let the other party quote a price first. They may quote too high but also there is a chance that they may quote below what you were expecting.
    In my case i just asked them for internet price quote for a car with the optional packages i wanted (without mentioning any price at all). Just let them know the rebates you are eligible for.
    When i got quotes from all dealers i contacted the one with highest price and made him beat the lowest price and so on and so forth. Did most of my stuff via email. But almost all dealers will ask you to bring along a hard copy of the quote you are asking them to beat. Just tell them that you will show them the copy if they tell you how much lower than that quote will thr dealership go. Basically tell them you wont waste your time and money by coming to thr dealership without knowing that they offer the best deal in town.
  • I just picked up my silver Altima S with just floormats and splash guards for invoice - $20600 (this is before rebate, TTL, etc.). In my area I got pretty lucky because of demand for the regular S models with CVT. Of course, it helps to walk in 1/2 hour before closing on a Saturday at the end of the month.

    Considering I also had a trade involved (which I didn't get fleeced on......thanks Edmunds), this deal worked out very well. The only pain was the hour or so it took to arrive at that price plus get my trade. It came down to the manager and me sitting at a table where I wrote down the car price and my trade-in value. If he didn't agree, I was leaving. I don't think this would have happened at the beginning of the month.
  • karmomkarmom Posts: 10
    Orginally wanted a 2.5S with Conv Plus Pkg, but may consider the SL package, if the price is right. What is everyone averaging in monthly payments for option? My credit score is around 760-775. I know the state tax rate plays a part and i'm in the state of texas and will probably only put down $1k-$2k, will hold on to my current car and sell it later myself.
  • Comes with the Bose stereo. How is the quality of the stereo? Never hear anyone talking about the connection package. Im in limbo about whether to get a New accord or a SL 2.5 Altima. Nicer interior in Accord but Altima is lil more sporter and faster.
  • hell606hell606 Posts: 7
    I think so I love my 2.5SL. I went from a Accord V6 and feel I didn't lose that much horsepower. I enjoy dirving the Altima much more than I did the Accord and it was a Coupe.
  • adcz94adcz94 Posts: 11
    from what i have heard Bose stereo is really really good...... having said that the normal 6 speaker music system ain't that bad either. I generally use my ipod with the aux cable and am completely satisfied with it. If you are an audiophile and want the best sound system then go for Bose but i guess most of the people can live with the standard 6 speaker music system.
    About accord and altima comparison accord is a bit bigger with better interior and has more residual value after 5-6 years. On the other hand the center console of accord is really crowded with too many button. Altima is better looking and more fun to drive. General opinion is that Altima has less maintenance in longer run. Also you wont get good deals on accord (cash back, low apr and all that stuff) at this point of time. So for me altima was a better choice. You might like the feel of accord more and really the price diff ain't that much so it basically boils down to which car you like most. Take a test drive of both and then you can make your decision.
  • yes you guys are so rite boath honda acord and nissan altima are good cars. also just sat in the 2009 hundai sonata grate seets to nice car not the best looking but roomy. also might want to try out the toyota camory. the new stuff from gm is ok maby not as good as those others but alot nicer then it has bin in the past worth a look might get real grate price on gm stuff or ford stuff thanks for reading.
  • I had been in contact via internet quote request and received mostly auto-responder replies, when I decided to drive by the dealership in West Islip, LI yesterday, and get a price on purchase or lease of an '08 Altima Coupe 3.5SE w/Premium/Technology packages and VDC. They happened to have the exact car I wanted, so I fully expected to be able to make a deal with these guys on a lease or purchase. That's when the Stupid Dealer Tricks kicked in.

    Their initial offer was a few hundred dollars under MSRP. What the sales guy does is take down your info, then go over to a "manager" seated behind a podium at the front of the showroom. After about 5 minutes, the sales rep returns with a hand-written quote from the so-called manager, showing the MSRP, their pathetic discount and the words "HOT CAR!" written on the bottom.

    I don't know what playbook the sales rep/manager tag team pulled that tactic out of - I really haven't seen that sort of thing in years.

    My response was something like, "Hot car, MAYBE, hot price, NOT!" The sales rep stumbled through an awkward explanation about the coupes not being heavily discounted since they sold so quickly, etc. Very plausible, considering he had 10 identically equipped models on his lot. Having that many models readily available on his lot this late in the model year suggests that they don't sell all that fast.

    Once I made the sales rep understand that the price was unacceptable, he asked me what price I had in mind. I offered just below invoice. Up to this point, we had not even reached the stage of discussing lease options.

    The sales rep makes a show of going back to his "manager" and returns after about 5 minutes indicating they would do the deal at that price , but I had to take the car that night if they were going to go THAT DEEP with their discount.- this is about 7PM, and they closed at 9PM!! I pointed out the logistical problems behind that and said I needed 2-3 days to make arrangements, but they were not budging.

    I let the sales rep know that I wasn't going to be pressured into driving a car off the lot that night, and they just lost whatever chance they had of doing business, then walked out.

    I've heard that Atlantic Auto Group had a reputation for this style of selling across most of their dealerships, and now have seen it firsthand.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of other Nissan dealers that are within easy driving distance. The search goes on...

    Atlantic Nissan is DEFINITELY not on the recommended list!
  • wondering if it was worth it to purchase the Nav System? Heard that the car needs to be stopped to enter locations. This might be a stupid question but is the nav system also a DVD player?
  • hell606hell606 Posts: 7
    I love my Nav system and I use it a lot. Yes for safety you have to be stopped to enter a new address but if you have stored ones you can access them while driving. I have a 2007 and no it is not a DVD player
  • Can you talk to your Navigation System and verbally add the address?
  • karmomkarmom Posts: 10
    When is the best time to start negioations for a month end type sell via emails?
  • nyceltanycelta Posts: 5
    Thanks to everyone on this board I have learned quite a bit already.

    Through my company I qualify for the VPP program, I got my claim number and brought it to a dealer that I have been working with. I am looking at the 2.5S.

    With Convenience and Moonroof packages, the VPP price is $22,708 (essentially invoice) and with a Premium Package the VPP price is $25,121 (again essentially invoice -- maybe $50 less). This price doesn't include the $500 rebate (so that would also be deducted if I don't use the NMAC promo APR financing).

    I live in Westchester County, NY and I know that from calling a number of dealers supplies of the coupes are pretty limited (while they seem to have an overload of sedans).

    Is the above pricing good given that I can get the color that I want (not required to take stock), or can I do better?

    I really appreciate the help with this.
  • Time has passed since I bought my 2003 Altima with full sports package. At that time the MSRP was over $26k and I bough for $20K using Costco I had a good credit rating, so I got about 1% financing through Nissan. I figure that, on 5 years, knocked about $5k off of my purchase price. I now have 60k miles on the car and it looks the same as the day I picked it up. I have friends who paid more. When you buy, always ask for the "Out the door" price. That should stop those last minute extras. Also, watch out for bait and switch.' There is a reason why buying a car is an aggravating experience. Times are tough out there now, so you are well positioned to get a great deal. Did you know that Nissan sells a hybrid Altima? But only on the west coast. Maybe if you push, you can get a dealer to move one over.Oh, wihin the first 11k miles of 12 months I was able to buy bumper to bumper insurance ($250 deductible) from my insurance company, GEICO, for well under $100. That had paid for itself by now.
  • I have now received numerous phone calls and postcards saying "Your warranty is about to expire." Somehow, they have my correct VIN number and name. I suspect that they get this from Nissan dealers.When asked, they say they are from Nissan. I wrote to Nissan and told them about it. These guys push very hard for extended warranty coverage. I tell them I have mine from my insurance company for the next 100,000 miles. If you search the internet, many complaints about these outfits not paying, etc. I think that Nissan is hurting themselves by not stopping these guys. All they could end up with is some potential customers who will look elsewhere before their next purchase.

    Any ideas out there?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    Those post cards come from third-party warranty companies... They don't have anything to do with Nissan.. All make/model owners get them.

    They get the info from car registrations, which are public information.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • nyceltanycelta Posts: 5
    Thanks to everyone on this board I have learned quite a bit already.

    Through my company I qualify for the VPP program, I got my claim number and brought it to a dealer that I have been working with. I am looking at the 2.5S.

    With Convenience and Moonroof packages, the VPP price is $22,708 (essentially invoice) and with a Premium Package the VPP price is $25,121 (again essentially invoice -- maybe $50 less). This price doesn't include the $500 rebate (so that would also be deducted if I don't use the NMAC promo APR financing).

    I live in Westchester County, NY and I know that from calling a number of dealers supplies of the coupes are pretty limited (while they seem to have an overload of sedans).

    Is the above pricing good given that I can get the color that I want (not required to take stock), or can I do better?

    I really appreciate the help with this.
  • Finally took the plunge last night at 8PM! Bought a 2009 Altima 2.5S auto with Convenience Plus Package (moonroof & 16” Alloy rims) Dark Slate/Frost plus splash guards & mats in Suffolk County, NY. (sales tax = 8.625%) MSRP = $ 24,520 Paid $ 22,398.55 39/mo lease with 15K miles, Zero Cap reductions, Residual value = $ 14,712, Payment total = $ 13,053.80, Depreciation = $ 7,686.55 Paid $ 2,038.74 at signing (1st month payment $289.87 + $60/registration fee + $595/acquisition fee + $51.32 tax on acquisition fee+ $12.50 NY tire fee+ $55/document & inspection fees)
    We were upset that the $ 595 + $51.32 acq fees were not told up front until after we finalized the deal & were hit with this in the Finance Managers office. Sales person gave us no charge oil changes and maintenance fees up to 30K miles as my wife was real upset. We turned in our 04 leased GMC Envoy last week. Super sharp car! Handles great. Will answer any questions if anyone has any.
    Carman: What is the NMAC residual value and lease factor for above?
  • limingliming Posts: 22
    I bought a white/tan 2008 3.5SE sedan automatic without any options for $20758 plus tax after 3K rebate at Stadium Nissan, Orange, CA.

    I am looking for 2008 3.5SE coupe automoatic around Chicago, IL. so far, the best price is 23.3K plus tax after 500 rebate.

    Any one got better price for a coupe around Chicago, IL? :blush:

    The car is for my nephew who graduated last year from a junior college. After I paid yesterd, I found he is qualified for new grad $500 rebate today. Can he get that $500 rebate still?
  • So I went to Browns Nissan today (Sterling, VA) and had a drive. Needless to say it was quite fun.

    Now, I told them up front that I'm looking for 2.5 S Altima Coupe with Premium and Technology Package and preferred color is Blue. So the guy said can we have a deal if I could find you the exact car and I said of course not, we can have a deal only when we sit down and get comfortable with the number that we come up with. Only then we can crack a deal. He did lose some of his interest right then and I was a lil pissed then so I said seems like you are not quite interested in figuring out the final number and if thats the case its better that I go to someone else only then he settled a bit.

    So we set down and as per my own research he could not find the exact car with the package(s) that I am looking for. However, he had the exact car with the packages in 3.5 SE model. So he goes how about I give you this one, I thought for a while and said what would be the final number. So he came up with $27,500 plus taxes OTD. (I know some of you must have raised the eye brow on this no. I sure did) but then he came up with his trick.

    I want to trade in my Nissan Altima Sedan 2.5 SL, which I got in February 08 and I still owe NWFDU about 14K on that one, so he offered me 9,000K on that car and said this is what I can do for you.

    Now, what do you guys think about this. I bought my current USED altime from a dealer and this is my first experience to get a new car. What are your inputs on this.
  • lovenavylovenavy Posts: 15
    I found a used 07 2.5 SL Altima with 26,471 mile for $23,893, OTD for $26,745. Salesman told me, He can get more for it in auction. Having read all the posts on this forum, isn't it costs more than a brand new one. What should be the real price? Any inputs would be apprecaited. Thanks.
  • pmlboypmlboy Posts: 8
    I think the price looks way wrong! I can give an estimate on the price I paid, $22500 (excluding $1500 rebate + 3.9% Nissan Financing) + TTL for a new 2008 Altima 2.5SL (April 2008). Are you sure it is the 2.5SL, or 3.5SL?
  • lovenavylovenavy Posts: 15
    It's a 2007 2.5 SL
  • dennis45dennis45 Posts: 10
    08 Altima 3.5s fully loaded, msrp 27,040, 7,000 miles best price advice?
  • hey so glad to hear you got one of theese grate altimas so you got a 2009 altima what color is the car and the interior. what options did you get and from what dealer I am in nassaw let me no thanks so mutch Marco.
  • First off, this thread has helped us alot in figuring out how to look for and get prices down on the Altima we want.

    We are looking at 09 Altima SL In Los Angeles.

    Via internet price quote, they are stating MSRP at $27,495 but they can offer it to us for $25,800 + tax and Fees after $500 rebate.

    Based on what I've seen in this thread that sounds really high.

    We are talking to another dealership and he says he can beat that price if we come in.. which it sounds like we shouldn't go in, we should ask for a quote and use it to get better prices then come back to him and see if he can match/beat?

    Does that sound right?

    Anyone have an idea on invoice price for this package set?
  • limingliming Posts: 22
    check for rebate information
  • I have been back and forth with this dealer in NY and the deal is done, so it doesn't really make a difference, but I'd like to know for my own sanity if I got a fair deal.
    Here are the numbers as it shows exactly on my invoice.
    2008 Black 4 cly. Altima no extra packages
    New Retail 21110
    Fees 60
    Service Contract 1557
    Tire Fee 12.50
    Reg. Fee 65
    Tax (NY 8.625) 1954.60
    Total Cash Price 24759.10
    Financing 2278.10
    Total Time Price 27037.20
    Deposit 2000
    60 months x 400.62 = 24037.20
    APR 3.99
    Rebate 1000
    Amount Financed 21,759.10

    That is every number on the invoice in that order. Some if it I am still confused with, but that is what I have. The dealer also is paying 190 toward excess wear on a lease turn in and 2 years or (30,000 miles) of oil changes and tire rotations. The service contract is 6 years/75000 miles and covers just about everything and etch protection for theft purposes. DID I GET A FAIR DEAL OR DID I GET HAMMERED.
  • Im a bit confused by all the numbers too. But I was able to get 2 dealerships under 18,000 + tax, title, license and interest for the 2008 Altima 2.5 S.
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