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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • Hello everyone as you can tell by my user name i am controlled by my wife. In July we purchased a 1999 ED Expedition 4WD. Her grand am blew up well it was great to own an SUV until the problems started. First the vibration in the front end. After reading some messages i dont have a clue how to fix it. it could just about be anything. second i saw something about a recall. we bought it used and I'm not sure if they apply to me but there was something about a fire and i want to make sure it wont happen to my wife. is there anywhere i can get a list of the recalls made on my expedition? if anyone has any ideas how to fix the vibration i have at 60-65 mph let me know. thanks alot.
  • don14don14 Posts: 1
    helloguys..wife just called to say our 03 XLT suddenly shifted to low gear and won't go back to all wheel drive..she's on the nj turnpike, in a snowstorm w/ teh kids in the car..this has happened to me twice in the last year..i let it sit for awhile then it was fine..(ford tough my a--!)
  • orionbbsorionbbs Posts: 1
    We just purchased a 2004 expedition.
    When I applied my brake the car started to accelerate I looked down to make sure I didn’t have my foot on the gas peddle. I had to press several time before it stopped. (very scary) I had it towed and took it to the dealer and they said they could not find anything wrong with brakes for accelerator.
    I know there was a case were this same experience happened with a BMW they apply the brakes and the car just accelerated a young person was killed. When the investigators check the car they said there wasn’t any problems with the brakes or accelerator. The lady was sentence to 2 years in jail she had a retrial and they had found other cases were the same thing happed to other drivers.
    Some time when I first start up my car there is a loud noise. It doesn’t always happen only some times.
    If anyone has heard or experience this problem please let me know .I afraid to drive the car.
  • ford13ford13 Posts: 1
    Hi i understand some of your problem try having some one check your throttle positioning switch when you put your truck in gear two things should happen the engine system will sense the load and advance the timing and adjust the throttle (its like the old trucks vacuum advance system ) or you have an intake vacuum leaks. this will not turn on your check engine light.
  • teldocteldoc Posts: 49
    Anyone have a website for good deals on an extended warranty for their EXPY???
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    I have a couple of links at home but the place I bought mine from was fordwarrantycentral. It is a dealership in Iowa that sells warranties over the internet. There are a couple of other options that I can dig up when I get home but these guys were the cheapest for my 03 warranty that I bought in December.
  • clutch2clutch2 Posts: 1
    I've owned many Fords but this 2003 Expedition has had many problems...We now live at the dealer. Our biggest problem is the clutch pack/rear end. Every time we back out of the driveway there is a grinding/restricted feeling and while the vehicle is turning. The dealer has fixed it twice, but we just dropped it off for a third time, now you can feel the resriction all the time and the vehicle is getting 5-8miles to the gallon. I'm beginning to believe it can't be fixed. Any comments, the vehicle now has 30,000mi.Here is a list of the other problems that had to be fixed: The grey side plastic paneling faded after 10,000mi,Drivers side power window quit working 15,000mi, Front windshield weather stripping flew off three times,Back seat latch broke off, front end has been alined twice due to excessive tire wear,and a lovely humming noise when you play the radio.
  • davidc2davidc2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Expedition, AWD, and there is a shudder/vibration anytime I am accelerating from a stop and turn at the same time. I can feel it through the steering wheel but the passenger can feel it too. I just had the fluid changed in the differential and had the recommended anti-slip additive help. The dealer wants to put in a new differential clutch-pack but isn't confident that will solve it. Feels like it's in the front end to me. Sound familiar to anyone?
  • I have an 03 Expedition XLT with 31K miles that has the brake dust problem that everyone else seems to have. I have noticed that the rotors get very hot after normal driving with very little brake use and they are badly worn. Have others noticed this? It seems as though much of the dust problem (at least on my vehicle) is likely due to the pressure not being released from the pads (master cylinder problem??) I took it in to a dealer this morning so will see if they will do anything. While at the dealer I noticed on my paperwork that Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (1125) that should be consulted before turning rotors. Does anyone know what this bulletin says or where I can locate it? Thanks.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Ford has a new kit. It includes at least new pads, and I believe some other hardware that may also include calipers? At some dealers they will do the fronts at others they will only install the "kit" for all four brakes. Bad news is it ain't cheap, and if you're out of warranty you'll have to pay. I've heard as much as $800 parts and labor. Good news is it's a permanent fix.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Is there an option to disable the AWD? Sorry, I'm not familiar with that system but if you can isolate it to the rear, then you've at least found the bad end of the truck.
  • tegatega Posts: 3
    Your tire had a steel belt blow out in it. That's what causes the vibration. I had the same issue on 2 of my Continental's on my 03 Expedition. The tires are under warranty. Make them replace it!
  • tegatega Posts: 3
    I have the exact same problem. I'm currently fighting with them right now to replace. I have a friend with an 03 Lincoln Navigator and they replaced hers for free but refuse to replace my rotors???
  • dvorakdvorak Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem with my 1999 Expedition we purchased last year(3/04). It had 73,000 miles when we purchased it and noticed shortly after a rumble in the rear end.....thought it was a bad U joint. Took it to a local mechanic I could trust & he said that the Expeditions & F150's have a problem with their rear differentials..."the clutch will grip & not slip as it should" is what he said....we tried the additive; but the rumbling around corners has gotten worse......Ford Dealer...$690 to replace the rear clutch packs?????
  • ron43ron43 Posts: 1
    We had the exact same problem. First we had driveshaft balanced, and while they were at it they replaced all the non-lubricating U-joint with lubricating ones. But that still didn't stop it. Next we had the transmission flushed and they added a fluid that would quite the problem. That solved the vibration problem at 45-60mph, but now I seem to have a rear end clutch pack problem. When I start from a stop to turn a corner I get a grinding sound.

    I don't know it they are related, but I think Ford should answer up for their messed up drive lines.
    Does anyone else know if these things are related?
  • Seriously. When it rains, my fan turns itself on and runs until the battery runs down. No key, nothing. I have tried unplugging fuses but honestly, I can't say that works. It only seems to happen when it's REALLY wet out and the car is driven a short distance. Oh, 99 Eddie Bauer. I have had it in to the Ford shop twice, but they say they need to "see it happen" (e.g. they don't believe me!). Anybody have advice?
  • robotguyrobotguy Posts: 1
    I can't give you a remedy, but I can offer my sympathy. I have a 97 F-150 with the same wiring. On rainy or even humid days the dome light and bed light relay just kicks on for no reason. Luckily, after about an hour it turns off. We have several late 90's fords in the family, and they are all plagued with electrical problems. My truck will sit parked and just periodically blink its parking lights. My dealer says they need to "see it happen" as well. Unfortunately, my truck can play that game too. It never happens when I'm close to a dealer.
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    I have a 1999 Ford Expedition - I bought it in a privtae sale. My biggest mistake! I bought it for $13,800.00 CDN > but I had to put another $6000.00 into it!(rotten deal that was!) - OK, I'm an easy target for con-artists.

    It has a vibration. I feel the vibration in the steering wheel, and it's fairly contant. It was only 2 months ago that I bought it! And I didn't recognize the vibration at that time. Dunno why - I always wanted to try out an Expedition - but not at this price!

    Now, I have the vehicle almost in good order - still another $1400.00 for a new heater box ( it's no good as well) They have to take apart the dash to get a new unit in. However, I don't have a clue on the vibration! It has no more hard or soft codes in the onboard computer.

    I did replace (2) coils in the engine (part of repairs) but that didn't stop the vibration either. I also hear ping sounds from the vehicle after I stop on a long trip (metal fatigue?). Dunno. I'm looking for the same issue to solve - dam!
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    Hate to say it - but this sounds like the rear clutch pack (rear differential). I had the same type of problem in my 1999 expedition - I got ripped off on the price I paid as well.

    I got it repaired for $1200.00 area Canadian. Dam - I will never buy a Ford Expedition as long as I live!
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    I have a vibration that's contant - whether I'm driving or standing still. It's about the same in any position. My Exped is 1999. It sucks! I really don't know where it's coming from, nor are there any computer codes showing up - soft or hard. Unbelieveable! I will be very happy when my bank loan is paid off on it - I'm going to get rid of it as fast as I can - I'm not even going to wait for the loan to expire - I'm selling it as soon as I can get the price low enough for a buyer to pay the loan off! GOD! What a lemon! Well, if you can find out what the issues are - it would be appreciated by all I'm sure!
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    My Exped 1999 has a vibration even when standing still. I cant' locate the issue. It has no soft or hard codes coming up. Just vibrates. It seems to be the same vibration whether driving or standing still. Really weird - I fully regret buying this vehicle now. Unfortuantely it was a private sale (I should have known better!). Probably the guy laughed his head off after I drove away!

    Can't wait to pay off the bank now & get rid of this vibrator - sadly, it's not powerful enough to help anyone's sex life! But does drive me nuts!
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    I bought a ford Expedition 1999 privately - I sincerely regret buy it big tine! It has a constant vibration which I feel thru the steering column and through out the vehicle. It vibrates while standing still or driving. The vibration is exactly the same in any condition. My hands are vibrating after doing a long trip! If this had a small connector - it could be a sex toy! It's that bad! It has no codes on the computer soft or hard. No - get your mind out of the gutter now!

    It's a bloody vibrator - yes! And I will never buy another Ford vehicle again! And I can't wait to pass this piece of S_it back to a dealer, or another person to spend their millions in repair bills.
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    I just bought a used Ford expeditionm - 1999. I replaced the transmission, the rear differential, and 2 engine coils. It still has a vibration in the steering wheel, and the whole vehicle. It is a constant vibration at a specific level.

    I believe it may be the engine mounts. I will try to get them replaced/padded. It's killing me! I can see why there aren't anymore ford expeditions on sale anywhere - it's a "BAD" vehicle period! Vibration appears to be a typical issue. I can't wait to pay off the bank - in fact I'm going to try & sell it off at my loan cost as soon as I can.

    I will never buy a ford vehicle again!. Good luck!
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    I have a 1999 Expedition and it has a "VIBRATION" that's present when idling or driving. It's about the same level of vibration when traveling or at a stand still. It's definitely not the wheels and the computer has no codes - soft or hard.

    It's aggravating! The vibration is through-out the vehicle, and especially felt on the steering wheel. Maybe it's really bad engine mounts. Dunno. But as soon as I can "Dump" this Expedition - I'm going too.

    The is truly a ("Fix-Or-Repair-Daily vehicle")

    I will never buy a Ford vehicle again!
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    Go to a dealer. They get the code from Ford. Costs about $30.00 or so. Takes about 15 minutes.
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    The cost should be $30 - $50.00 max. $85.00 means he's profiting beyond reason! He's just using his computer to ask Ford what the code is. Go to another dealer - they should charge less.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Are you sure there's not a nut loose behind the wheel?:)
  • Had the same problem with my '03 Expy. Ford replaced the rear clutch pack for free. It's a known issue and they were very good about it. they even gave me a loaner for the week it took them to fix it.
  • wrly_brdwrly_brd Posts: 1
    Hi all, have a 98 exp xlt, it has almost 200k on it, been a reasonable buy, but some issues popping be expected with the mileage. The most annoying is an intermittent short hesitation at about 13-1500 rpm. Noticeable when the truck is working harder to accelerate or start climbing a hill. Thinking fuel pump but not sure. Plugs and coil been replaced,o2 sensor, no check engine light, no codes....ideas? Thanks.
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