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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • well im having a lot of problems with my exp. too and im planning to suit them too.. so any one who is on my side come along lets do something big .. since they are a big company we have to come together... and make our point..that ford really suck and they know that.. but we are ignorant in some cases.. like spending our $$$$ in a big JUNK LIKE FORD...!
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Were the wires replaced? How many coils does that engine have?
  • My brother had the same problem they told him to get his winsheild re sealed. I have a 99 eddie Bauer for some reason its starting to sit low on the rear left side until I crank up this cant be good and advice?
  • jameslgjameslg Posts: 5
    I have a 2003 Expedition that I bought new have the same problem. The Dealer has rebuilt the rearend twice and problem came back both times. They have now put 2 new rear ends in and still have the problem. The last rearend was installed in December and prior to the install Ford Zone manager told me if that did not fix the problem he would do the paper work to have Ford buy the car back. I am now told that the noise is normal for this rearend and they will do nothing else to resolve the problem. Ford has now issued a service bulletin regarding the problem. I think Ford is real making a mistake in the way they are handling this. My car has been in the shop 10% of the time I 22 months I have owned it. If Ford does not change their stance on mine it will be the last Ford I will own and I have owned 6 in the last 14 years and never have I had a problem like this.
  • necsonenecsone Posts: 1
    If you are looking for the code, look under the dash on the drivers side, there will be a silver box with a number on it, that is your code.
  • tonya1tonya1 Posts: 1
    The windshield is leaking. It is definitely the GEM module getting wet. Do you notice that it is only doing this when it rains/snows? Mine does the same thing when it rains. I am going to try to put some silicone around the windshield to see if that stops the leak. If not, I will have to replace the windshield. The good thing is that it acts normally after it dries out.
  • Hello All,
    I just bought a 2000 ford expedition eddie bauer. So far, so good, and I love it. However, I'm in need of :) a parts or parts. I'm sure you expedition owners will know what I'm talking about when I say the interior ceiling handles that you grab to get into the back seat when entering through the back doors. They have two bolts through them. Theses bolts are covered with little, oblong, plastic covers that snap into place. I need two of them! If I knew exactally what they were called, I would know what to ask for!! I'm going crazy here! Let me know, and thanks!
  • tootzebtootzeb Posts: 1
    I also have a 2003 Expedition with the same problems and others. I am on my second rearend and i am experiencing the same problem. I have started the lemon process. How many miles do you have on your vehicle? Have you had problem with your brakes? I have not seen the service bulletin have you?
  • maddmaxxmaddmaxx Posts: 81
    Has anyone had their oil light and Gauge intermittently quit and then begin working again a little later? All other gauges work normally. This is on a 2001 model. Thanks for the help.
  • geno001geno001 Posts: 6
    I have a 2004 Eddie Bauer premium edition. Bought it brand new 2/14/04. Currently 21,500 miles on it. Change oil and filters regularly, only times it has ever been to the dealership, they even wash it. No problems whatsoever. From April to November it is driven 3 hours each way every weekend to our beach house. I am an avid surf fisherman, It drives on the beach every weekend, sand, salt no problems. Live in Northeast Pa, cold winters, snow, no problems. It has almost every bell and whistle Ford offered. Never had a problem. I purposely bought it with the limited slip differential for the beach. It makes a slight whining sound, just like every other limited slip diff vehicle I have ever owned. I've owned em all Ford, Dodge, Chev. They all make the same whining sound. Even the 69 Camaro I had back in the day made the same sound. We absolutely love the truck, best vehicle we ever owned.
  • deanctdeanct Posts: 10
    I have to agree with you on your post. I have a 2004 Eddie Bauer, I was skeptical about buying one after reading all of these messages. But, I liked it so much when I test drove it, I said the hell with it. So far no problems at all. I bought the vehicle last August and have 9300 miles on it. Maybe the car is still to new, but so far so good. Love the ride and love the room inside, so far it's been my favorite car. No brake dust problem with the 04, but I've seen plenty of 03's that have black rims. I'll just keep crossing my fingers. :)
  • nomore1nomore1 Posts: 4
    This is our third expedition. We've had a 98XLT, a 01Eddie Bauer, and now an 03Eddie Bauer. This is the worst vehicle I've ever owned. I too am on a second rebuilt rearend. That problem didn't start until about 15K miles. We've had a busted Ujoint, leaking sunroof, loud noise from the front transmission (which there is a service bulletin for but ford won't fix mine), loud CLUNK when shifting between 2H and AFWD (which ford claims is normal), excessive wind noise compared to the older ones, etc. etc. etc. Oh yeah, did I mention that the frame under the back seats will rust. I read that ford saved a couple of bucks per vehicle by not painting it.
    I'm done with Fords, especially expeditions. Problem is I can't get out of mine. My first two did not depreciate nearly as fast as these. After 1.5 years it's worth 50% of what I originally paid. And I paid "A plan" price.
    Yes, due to gas prices larger SUVs are losing a lot of value because poeple aren't buying them. But I also think it's because this model has soooo many problems and a bad rap.
  • snowmannsnowmann Posts: 3
    my rear sub-woofer has quit working. there's not much bass, if any, in the other four speakers. the radio does not get as loud as when first bought. this is a 2002 eddie addition. i have juice coming into the amp located next to the rear sub-woofer but the speaker is not working. has the amp gone out. and does it affect the other speakers as well? i'd like to know for certain because a new one is $187.00.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    I feel bad that so many of the '03 owners are getting stuck with problem vehicles (I almost bought one, bought a used '00 instead). My 2000 XLT has been extremely reliable so far at 41K. It just goes to show, Ford can't get a new design right in the first year of production. And I should know- I bought one of the very early '95 Windstar vans, a real POJ! I think Ford has become very indifferent to the idea of buyer loyalty; maybe in part due to the hyper-success of the F150-250 trucks (and the huge profits)- they figure the buyers will always come back. I don't think Ford will see a lot of the '03 Expy buyers faces again.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    There is a service bulltein for a spring clip install on the outside of each front axle. this may take care of the clunk noise you hear. If you're within warranty your dealer may take care of it, if you're out and have a good relationship they might split the cost.
  • I have a 97 Ford Expedition with the Four Way Load Leveling System. I experienced something
    similar with my air compressor except the valve popped very loudly and Ford wanted almost
    $1000 to replace the compressor. I got a hold of customer service as my warranty had just
    ended a few months earlier although I had not hit the mileage yet. They got the price lowered
    considerably. Unfortunately the compressor lasted three weeks and the same loud pop again.
    Ford replaced that one and it's been good for one year now. You got out much cheaper then
    I did but I still think any car/truck should go 100,000 miles before any repairs should be
    expected except for normal wear like brakes and batteries.
  • I have a 97 Exp. XLT FWD with the Four Way Load Leveling System. See the above post about
    compressor problems. I have 93,700 miles on the vehicle and developed a noise just after
    start up before the air compressor had a chance to fill the system that I determined was the front passenger side air shock. Since I could not find any after market shocks I purchased two from Ford and had an front end specialist who has experience with Cadillac and Lincoln load leveling systems install the shock for me. Three trips to the mechanic and my Expedition still has the same problem. I seem to have a leak coming from the connection on the driver side from the air hose to the shock. Consequently my compressor continues to run trying to fill the shock. Oddly enough, the "check suspension" light never comes on but the compressor will burn itself out if left on during anything more then a short trip. Any suggestions on sealing the leak? Is it recommended to change the hoses as well as the shocks? Could one of the new shocks be bad? Do you have to evacuate all the air from the system before installing the hoses so it gets an even fill? any suggestions would be most helpful
  • trevorbtrevorb Posts: 4
    Just bought a 2001 Expy Eddie Bauer. Love it. the bass ws out when I bought it. Dealer has promised to fix it. they Checked it out. Said the amp next to the Sub was gone. sounds dead, I have heard XLT's that sound better, and they only have Premium sound, they sound good none the less. So U may want check that out . And yes it affects the other thats what I was told, they all feed off of that amp.
  • trevorbtrevorb Posts: 4
    I recently bought my 2001 Expy E.B. I have no Bass. dealer checked it out, it is the amp next to the sub woofer. they will replace minem still waiting tho. By the way, all the other speakers get their bass from this same amp. Read in a forum somewhere that the amp costs $187. also I saw some on ebay was not expensive . good luck
  • trevorbtrevorb Posts: 4
    Hey I don't know if this will work, but I believe if U put ur parking break on, put ur car in reverse and back-up it self adjusts not sure about trucks used to do that with my car. good-luck
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    I think that only works with rear drum brakes.
  • edysartedysart Posts: 1
    did you ever find a solution for this? Mine has done the same thing for the 3 years that I have owned it. it is a 98 as well. I keep the windows down and the radio up and it doesn't bother me. When I am driving in quiet with the window down i hear what I call jingle bells pretty good. It's annoying, but unless it were unsafe and my H said it was not, I have not been willing to gove someone permission to screw around with my car. If you found out what it was, please advise. THANKS!
  • tmoraltmoral Posts: 2
    Im new to this site. Today my radio didnt work it looks like it had no power. I checked all fuses and I didnt see anything out of the ordinary, any advice?
  • tmoraltmoral Posts: 2
    It seems like my radio and CD changer in my 02 Expy EB. doesnt get any power. Has anyone experience the same thing?
  • I am very happy with our 2001 EB Expedition. The front passenger window started making a Bzmmm noise a couple of months ago now the driver side front window has started to make the same noise. Is the only recourse a motor replacement?? Thank you for your responses in advance.
  • I had a similar experience involving the emergency brake. When parked on a light incline, I engaged the emergency brake and put the idling car into park, When I returned to the car, I placed my foot on the brake pedal, release the emergency brake and then ZOOM! the car shot forward as if it had been fueled with nitrous oxide. Extremely scary! The car also hitches on the open highway as if the fuel supply is being cut off. Any suggestions?
  • tifajamtifajam Posts: 1
    I felt the same way you did. I loved my 1999 Eddie Bauer Expedition until it spontaneously combusted on the evening of April 17, 2005. The engine burst into flames while it was parked on the street. It was totaled. Thank God the car parked in front of me wasn't damaged. I've been doing some research on the web and found that this has been reported to the Nat'l Highway Transportation Safety Association by 218 other people, some of whom had their vehicles parked in the garages and lost their homes as well. There is a class action suit for model years 2000 and up to correct the defect in the cruise control which likely started the fire, but nothing yet for 1997-1999. Good luck with your Expedition.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Very sorry to hear about your Expy- we brought ours in about a month ago to have the cruise control switch "disabled" as a first step, and I'm gald we did after reading your post and others that went "up in flames". Funny thing is, there seems to be no urgency with Ford to produce the numbers of switches needed to complete the recall and fix. I was told today "maybe mid-end of May" for switch availability. Meanwhile, no operational cruise control. Better than a fried chassis in the driveway, I guess, but I'm dissapointed in the way Ford is handling this.
  • Did the clunk noise occur a lot or just randomly. How much did it cost to install the spring clip.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    I had a 2003 Expedition that had the spring clip repair and all went well. Then later the rear end went out and I traded it for a 2004. Got a good enough deal due to closeout price and rebates to get back to where I was when I bought the 2003 new. Much happier with 2004 due to newer 4R75W transmission's performance (especially the downshifts) and less quick steering ratio for the 2004. Sorry the 2004 did not get the new 300 hp 5.4 3V engine like the new 2004 F-150. Older 5.4L 2V is excellent just the same. Both vehicles are way too heavy for a 1500 series SUV--no way to have enough power to move the Expedition 4wd from 0-60 all that well.

    My noise up front in the 2003 Expedition FX4 was more like a rumble when the setting was in 2WD on level ground speeds of 30-50 mph. The S clip repair fixed it after a couple of visits for wild goose chases on tires. Had to steer Ford guys to source of noise and repair method. S clip repair in the front differential stopped the noise immediately and there was no further trouble.

    Some of the Edmunds' posts and TSBs mention a clunk heard up front as actually being the rear limited slip axle making a clunk that only sounds like it is coming from the front of the vehicle. There was no clunk with mine above, just the rumble in 2wd like the AWD setting was on and having its worst day as far as noise went. Before the repair, the rumble in 2wd in the mornings would mostly go away only to return the next morning.

    Hope this helps!
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