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Volkswagen Beetle Body Work Problems



  • I am so curious how you like your VW Beetle Convertible. I just recently bought one with 6600 miles (a friend of my boss was selling it - he had bought it for his wife for Mother's day 2004 and 6 months later she wanted a Mercedes CLK convertible). In any event, I have the Turbo model and I am very unhappy with the gas mileage. I am flabberghasted that it only gets around 17 miles pg city driving. It's worse that my Mercedes E320.

    I was wondering what your experience has been.
  • Hi Lisa.

    I just bought a 2004 NBConvertible with all the accoutrements but I am very disappointed in the gas mileage. I have a turbo and while most of my driving is city driving, I am barely getting 16 mpg. What is your experience
  • Hi, I was just browsing through the forum. I just bought a 2004 VW Beetle Conver. Turbo with 6600 miles. My air bag light came on and the dealer said they had to replace the crash sensor and they did and since it was under warranty, that was okay. However, My biggest problem so far is the gas mileage. I drive only 6 miles each way to work and all city driving and I am barely getting 16 mpgs. I am very discouraged and after reading all of the terrible things about this car, I wish I had not bought it. I live in California and gas is #3.15 a gal(premium). I am tempted to burn 89 at $3.09 a gallon. One of the men in my office said there is very little difference and it will not hurt the car to burn the 89 instead of the 91.

    I wish I had bought a Japanese car instead.
  • #159 - Babyblue.

    I just happened on your originalr March 2005 post so I don't know if you are still checking in - but if you are - I have a 2004 NB Convertible Turbo - Auto/Tiptronic Baby Blue and I am barely getting 16 miles per gallon city driving. I have never let it get to the red zone but I am barely getting 200 to the tank. I am so disgusted I could cry. I did not buy it new. I bought it from my boss' best friend who had bought it for his wife on Mothers Day 2004 and then 6 months later she decided she wanted a mercedes Clk convertible so this car was for sale and I wanted to get rid of my 95 Mercedes E320 as it was starting to cost way too much to repair and maintain. So needless to say I was surprised to find that this car is doing so poorly on gas. I got better mileage with my Mercedes.

    I am disgusted because I can't imagine there is anything they can do to remedy the problem. I am so disappointed in the car but other than the mileage I like the car. I owned a Super Beetle Convertible in 1973 and had it for 14 years. It didn't get great mileage either but gas was very cheap by today['s standards.

    Hope you see this post
  • Hello Catlady44,

    I saw your post about gas mileage and for those comparing the turbo with the standard engine, my 05 NBC without the turbo and with manual transmission gets a bit better than 30mpg with mostly highway driving, but some city driving. I will admit that I seldom get caught in stop-and-go traffic jams. I probably drive slower than most drivers. I burn the 92 octane and have found that I get a bit better mileage with it than the 89. I can drive about 400 miles before hitting the red zone of the fuel guage. At least for 2005, VW advertised the turbo model and the standard model as getting about the same mileage per gallon, if I remember correctly. I'm not sure why your NBC is getting such poor mileage per gallon. I chose not to buy a turbo because I figured it was just one more thing to break down on an already complicated automobile.
  • Thanks for responding. I just filled up this morning and I put in just a little over 12 gallons and I didn't even get 16 miles on this tank of gas. I guess the manual transmission without the turbo would naturally do better than mine but I would have hoped to get better than 15 miles per gallon even with the auto. I didn't choose the Turbo but it was part of the package I do like the pick up when you need it. The car seemed like such a great deal at the time and it was price wise, and it only had 6600 miles on it and was owned by my bosses friend's wife who got tired of it after 6 months and wanted something nicer like a mercedes. I had a 10 year old mjercedes at my mthe time which was starting to cost me a lot of money for repairs and I was tired of spending the money, so this car seemed like the answer m(new and still under warranty). Oh well. I do like the car but I guess I will. have to make a decision whether or not to keep it. I don't drive a lot of miles so it really is not a big factor but with the gas prices the way they are, I am just in a quandry. It is not just the gas issue. After reading about all the problems this car has, I am wondering if it was such a great deal. I already had the air bag light come on and they had to replace the crash sensor. That is no big deal but I hope it is not visions of things to come.

    Thank you again for responding.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    What kind of fuel are you using? You should be running this car on premium gas. Try Mobil premium and see what happens. You should be averaging at least 20MPG in combined driving.
  • Sorry for the late reply - I am using premium - I just had the car to the dealer. They did a fuel consumption test and told me that the computer shows no abnormalities in the gas consumption either way and that I should not expect good mileage since I have a Turbo!!!! coupled with the fact that I drive a short distance to and from work which means my engine never gets to full operrating speed. They suggested taking it out on the highway on the weekends and driving it for at least an hour in speeds of 65 to 70 miles an hour. They said this may burn off any carbon deposits which may have build up from the car never being driven the way he should.

    It sound like b/s to me but I will give it a try.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    My Passat 1.8t gets very good gas mileage. I have never gotten below 26mpg on any tankful. With all hwy driving, I can get mid 30's.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Carbon deposits can be power robbing, so I would try their advice. However, strongly recommend you do this:

    Buy several bottles of Chevron Techron fuel injection cleaner. (WalMart sells it for about $ 5.70/bottle. Use one bottle with about 7 or 8 gallons of gas (instructions say up to 12 gallons). Then drive the car until tank is nearly empty. Put in 7 more gallons of fuel, pour another bottle of Techron in the gas tank and repeat.

    This stuff is great! I have used it successfully in my car when I noticed drop in power and gas mileage. It cleanes the fuel injectors and cleans carbon deposits from valves and tops of pistons. What have you got to lose? The investment is about $ 12.

    On top of that, I would experiment with diferent brands of fuel. I found that my car runs really good on BP/Amoco premium. I get better performance and mileage. Whatever you do , stick with brand name gas. Those other places may have better prices, but you never know what additives they may use in the fuel. If they use too much ethanol, for example, this may really mess up you car's performance and mileage, as it causes fouling of the injectors and poisons the O2 sensors.l
  • I am also wondering the same thing!!

    I picke up my NB tomorrow and I am very excited about this feature. But I have no idea what is needed to hook my ipod up to my new car?
  • iwardiward Posts: 2
    We have a 2005 convertible and love the car with the exception of persistent problems with the radio reception (about to be replaced finally) and, more importantly, the worst ride of any car I have driven since my Austin Healey Sprite.
    The car feels like it is riding with no shocks or springs. Any slight bump in the road feels like an NYC pothole and the car bangs and rattles like a farm tractor.
    As one would expect the dealer says they can't reproduce the problem.
    Anyone else have this problem? I have no objection to a firm ride, this is lack of proper ride control.
  • Thanks for your October 14th reply. I am burning Chevron Techroline gas. In California, the highest Octane we have is 91 and I am using it. How could carbon build up be a factor on a car with only 7000 miles on it. I am thoroughly disgusted. I just finished sending a letter to VW Customer Care (for whatever good it will do) to get my disgust off my chest. We do not have Amoco gas here, and gasoline in Southern California (Los Angeles) is $3.19 per gallon (some places higher and very few places lower).

    I took the car out on the highway. All windows up and top up. Set the car to cruise control at 65 mph and only got 20 miles to the gallon. I am so disgusted I can't wait to sell it. Other than it being a great looking car, I am unimpressed. I agree with the other person who wrote it and who complained about their radio. I had to take the Bass all the way off so it won't vibrate in the doors. I don't know what status Monsoon has but it has no status with me.

    I found the car to handle very well on the open road. It felt very solid and stable. However, there is a vibration that you can feel right through the steering wheel which drives me crazy. This is one overpriced vehicle for all of its problems and I understand the electrical system is also a problem too.

    Very unhappy catlady 44
  • Thanks for the suggestion about the gas additive. I guess there are so many schools of thought. My Mercedes mechanics told me at one time that all those additive things were b/s. However, it is worth a try to see if this dumb beetle will get better gas mileage.
  • We put the top down to put a box on the back seat and the passenger cover/flap was bumped and knocked off the track. We put it back on but the "pull" to unlock the flap was undone. So we had to close the top manually (as per manual instructions). We took the car to the dealer to have this looked at and we thought they would reset everything and we would be okay. As per their computer the switch and motor for the top do not work. The flap assembly and covers have to be replaced - all costing $2200 to correct. Is this possible? Can closing the top manually cause the motor and switch to go out?
  • empiempi Posts: 6
    Hi latech:

    Gee, I have not had that problem yet, but I think it is awful that this would happen. I am starting to regret buying this car because they seem to be replete with all kinds of problems. I have a 2004 Turbo GLS Convertible and I am barely getting 14 miles to the gallon city driving = 20 highway. I complained to VW and they called me yesterday. They are sending me back to the dealer with their head of the service department so he can watch how I drive for an hour and then put it back on the computer. Do you happen to have the turbo and what kind of mileage are you getting. I only have 7500 miles on my car and I am getting ready to put it up for sale.

  • The only problem I've had with the top on my NBC is that the warning buzzer continues to signal that the top isn't all the way open when I open it. I haven't had time to take it back to the dealer yet. Anyone else have this problem? :confuse:
  • Hello VW Owners. I have had my heart dead set on the new VW convert for about 2 years. I am finally looking into a brand new 2005 since they are trying to get rid of them. Is there anything I need to know about this car? I hate to hear negative things but I just want to make sure I am not getting myself into trouble. I just love the car over all. Thanks
  • I felt the same way a few months ago when I bought my new 2005 convertible. I've been reasonably happy with it. If you read some of the posts on this forum, you can get an idea of some of the problems. I went with the non-turbo engine and manual transmission. I've been happy with both. The manual transmission shifts like a breeze. Changing the oil can be a hassle and you might want to read one of my earlier posts about oil changes. The car seems to be designed to discourage the owner from changing his own oil. The complicated electronics worry me a bit on this car, but I suppose all new cars have complicated electronics these days. Overall, I'm pleased with my 2005 NBC. :)
  • Hi all,
    I'm looking into buying an 06 Beetle convertible with an automatic transmission. I'd love to hear pros/cons from anyone that already owns one.
  • We bought the 06 convertible in October. I wish we did not. What good is a convertible if the electronics which control the latch do not work? Two trips to the dealer service they think they have it fixed.

    Then the driver's window electronics does not work, open the door and it comes down a little bit, close the door and it is supposed to go back, but not on this one. Took it in to the dealer and they could not duplicate it and sent me home. It happend as soon as I got home, drove it back and they said hum... looks like you need another electronic switch replaced they will call me when it gets in...

    Now the remote switch works only sometime.....

    I called VW customer service, waste of time. They "will follow up with the dealer as an advocate".
  • dezydezy Posts: 1
    After the new Year we will be purchasing one... I would like to know what is the difference, and why are the 2006 cheaper than the 2005 ???? Should I get auto, or manual... What is the best engine... Our dealer has so many 2005, My boss said I should get a 2004 (always buy a 2 year old car-low miles, so all the bugs are out of it) any ideas????
  • I bought the first beetle conv in Canada and was quite happy with it until it had a recall on the top. After the recall it was never the same.It got to the point were the roof had to be replaced,but even the new roof i was not much better.Finally VW Canada agreed to take the car back [14mths left on lease]if i would buy /lease a new one which i wanted to do anyway.I now have a 2006 beetle conv and so far i am very happy with it .The car has more power, handles better and feels much tighter.Time will tell if there are going to be problems,so far so good.Paul Brown
  • I have just bought a 2006 nbc after having a 2003 nbc,the difference is night and day especially with the bigger engine.Also it gets better gas mileage with the 5lt engine. And the price is less on the 2006 than the 2005.
  • Which model year was the weight sensor in the front passenger seat that influences airbag deployment introduced?

    We know that they are at least in the 2005 new beetle. The weight sensor causes the airbag system to be active only if the passenger is, I believe, greater than 80 lbs. (ie., a child can sit in front and the airbag won't deploy in a sudden impact)
  • I have no problem with the ride, but my radio also has terrible reception. The car is going in for repair for the second time since I bought it new in August 2005. It only has 5200 miles on it. I already had the faulty LCD unit for the center brakelight replaced. The radio, as mentioned, gets poor reception all the time (I am told it is possibly a problem with the antenna base), the roof latch is defective- squeaks and rattles because it doesn't close properly, the trunk latch is defective- doesn't lock unless you apply constant firm pressure while closing, the leather upholstery is pulling out from under the lever which allows the front seat to pull forward for access to the rear seat, and the clips on the headliner are faulty - it comes unclipped under the rear window every time the roof is put down.
    So far the engine is fine - but everything else around it is falling apart. I've had the car only 4 months and I'm the only one who drives it. I'm waiting to see what falls apart next......
  • I have a 2004 VW Convertible Turbo. It only has 8,000 miles on it. I think you should read this forum before you buy one. Mine gets terrible gas mileage but other than that no problems yet but I do not feel confident that these cars are reliable. I am sure however, if you were to go on any other car forum you will find similar complaints. However, my biggest complaint is poor gas mileage. Barely getting 15-l/2 16 mpg city driving. 20 mpg highway. The head mechanic said he doesn't believe it has anything to do with the turbo as the turbo doesn't really kick in until you get to a certain speed which he thinks I never even get to and the fact that the engine never gets to heat up properly since I only have a very short commute (less than 3 miles) to work.

    Good luck.
  • lsimlsim Posts: 7
    Can anyone who lives in the Northeast tell me how a convertible beetle does in the snow? Please provide any useful comments I should know regarding how the bug does in bad weather The 2006 now has traction control. Does anyone have any experience with that? :)
  • My daughter wants a New Beetle Convertible, but really wants to get it in pink (the 2006 advertisements from VW show it in pink, but I have not seen pink listed as a factory color on the web site or in brochures). I have also heard that it may be available with the diesel engine soon. Does anyone know if either of these options will be available?
  • :) hey everybody~~
    i purchased a 2006 bug convertible that i absolutely love however, i have no idea how to get the hook up for my ipod. it comes with an auxillary outlet to hook it up, but when i asked apple about the part they told me i have to get the wire from my dealer, then when i went to the dealer they told me apple supplies me with it. can somebody help because i really want to use my ipod in my car.
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