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Volkswagen Beetle Body Work Problems



  • illini82illini82 Posts: 1
    In reference to #32, here in Chicago as one of the dealer-mandated "options" they are selling for list but adding on a CD changer for $600 t0 $1000 in order to allow you to get a convertible; what about in other parts of the country?
  • I just went for a test ride in one yesterday. Seems like a pretty fun car. I tried to grind them on the price and all they would do is reduce the $2500 markup to $0. Paying full boat seems rather ridiculous, but demand may keep the price up there. The dealer also has a turbo convertible......$2,000 more than the non turbo convertible. The power on the non turbo may be a little light. How much should I pay for the extended warranty???
  • adaveyadavey Posts: 30
    why would you buy a car that needs an extended warranty? i bought the new bug ragtop. it has 4 years and 50k miles on it already. that should cover the costs of most of the stuff that would go wrong. spend the extended-warranty money on a nice vacation.
  • cjg3cjg3 Posts: 1
    Anyone have a problem getting the boot cover to
    fit and snap into place? I just took mine into the dealer for a couple of minor things, that was one of them. They told me that they couldn't get it snap into place either and are having someone from home office to come and look at it next week. I talked to a salesman and he said that some are working and some are not. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.
  • lindsayslindsays Posts: 3
    I have been talking to some VW dealerships in DC area and am getting mixed information regarding the release date of the 1.8T convertible. One dealership has even told me that they're out and I could order one and get it in June and then a different sales guy at the SAME dealership said they won't be released until August/September. Any ideas on what's correct? Some of you have said you drove the 1.8T convertible. I just convinced my husband to get this car - now I need to find it, quick! (Before he changes his mind) Help!
  • adaveyadavey Posts: 30
    no, it doesn't stay or go in well. THEY said that the guys at vw are "working on it". personally, while it did not stop me from buying the car, i don't believe "they are working on it" either. still a delightful if not the most powerful car.
  • crerarb1crerarb1 Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me when the 2004 Beetle convertible will be in the showrooms? I understand the new colors will include Red and my dicission is to either buy now or wait!!
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    is here. Alexandria VW had three - all sold. saw one at the dealer. silver. pretty nice.
  • lindsayslindsays Posts: 3
    Thanks for the scoop - the guys at Springfield VW just called me saying one "just showed up" on their lot. It's not sold yet, and it is painful to let it go, but my husband now wants to order a G35 coupe instead. He's selling his 2 month old A4 3.0 to get an automatic for me, so I guess I should let him have some say about what he gets! The guys said they should be coming in regularly now and I don't think they have a waiting list.
  • inmylife2inmylife2 Posts: 1
    I bought my VW in March 2003, it has been in the shop 4 times since then, 1st the top would not snap into place, 2nd wrong sensor was put in at the manufacturers - car would not start, 3rd back fired and would not go over 25 mh - coil problem, 4th rear window didn't go down, sluggish on acceleration, lights on dash didn't work, and now it is in the shop again for dyeing out while I was driving. I only wish I could enjoy this new found freind. Any suggestions?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    2 words: LEMON LAW!!
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    are you saying you bought a TURBO Beetle convertible in March 03?? didn't think that was possible. and only the 180 hp turbo's have the coil issues as far as i know. didn't realize that the Beetle convertible's offered the 180hp turbos over the 150hp turbos.
  • dfmf56dfmf56 Posts: 1
    I leased a new Beetle Convertible from Reydel Volkswagen of Edison, NJ. I have found not only is the product inferior, but Volkswagen and the Dealer does not stand behind it.
    I attempted to put the top down, the “operational” top according to Reydel upon doing so both roof bracket covers were yanked from their hinges by the top. Somehow, this is my fault and am expected to pay for it.
    The car has been in the dealer 4 other times for various roof and window problems, but I broke it. ADVICE: Stay away from VW!!!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    dfmf---sorry about your troubles.

    We aren't really a Complaint Station here, so unless you have an actual question, please try not to post complaints on this board unless you need assistance / advice in resolving them.


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  • adaveyadavey Posts: 30
    my nb convert now has 6k miles and one trip to the shop. the button for the top's handle popped into 2 pieces. the dealer was very helpful and gave me a courtesy car. obviously i didn't have to pay for anything. we'll see how long this one lasts. the experience was so much better than i expected after reading about vw's customer-no-service reputation, i was amazed.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    Being independent franchisees, dealers can vary widely in their service levels from town to town.

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  • I realize this is not a complaint board - but I thought you could point me in right direction. We purchased 2003 VW beetle convertible and have had nothing but trouble with it. This will be the 3rd time it is in the shop for convertible top(and probably our 4th attempt at getting top down). I was told by the VW dealer that there are some problems with this? Has anyone else heard anything? Besides lemon law, what recourse do I have? Are there any other places to register complaints and talk with people who have had similar problems? Thanks.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    Well let's see. Your recourses, in broad terms, would be:

    1. Try to work it out with the dealer (sounds like this hasn't worked yet). Whether they "all have issues" with the top isn't your problem, it's the dealer's or VW's problem.

    2. Make an appointment to meet with a factory technician from the VW Zone Office who comes to the dealership and tries to resolve your complaint. The dealer will give you the Zone Office number.

    3. Failing that, hire a lemon law attorney for a consultation and see if your complaints qualify (they vary from state to state so what you see on the internet might not apply to you).

    4. Failing that, file or threaten to file, a civil law suit.

    In terms of talking to other owners about how they resolved their complaints, you should use our "search" feature to the left of this page and by typing in VW cabrio or VW convertible, see how many discussions are going on in the various boards at Edmunds.

    We (neither hosts nor visitors here) aren't permitted to recommend other auto forums outside Edmunds so you'll have to try the Google search engine for that.

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  • Well, this is the 4th time my new convertible has been back at the dealership in ONE month! The top goes down, but refuses to come back up. First a clamp, now a sensor, then the boot. Geeez, I wish I had found this site BEFORE spending 27,000 on a VW. Thanks for the venting.
  • I loved all 5000 mi. First trouble with the Boot cover not snapping in(right side. Next interior rear window liner is sagging lower than my grandmas ****. Followed by a final loud snap (right side)convertible mechanism that never came back out. Something else snapped in the trunk hinge(right side),never did find that piece??
    Unibody construction problem??? West Covina Calif. Dealer is very friendly, nice service people. What are my options??? Still waiting
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Have you discussed with the dealer or VWOA about a buy back or replacement? If oyur car has been out of service for over 40 days, its time to take action and not wait for them to call you.
  • I have contacted VWOA and all they have done is assign me an advocate and given me a case number. They did put me on hold last week and talked to the srvice manager at my dealership (who thought that I had the car in possession- when in fact they did!) and assured me that everything is being done that can be. Anyone out there familiar with California Lemon Law? I'd love a replacement or just a guarantee that the top will work. Thanks.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I don't think that is too much to ask.....Good Luck!!
  • Well, finally got my car out of the shop. Top seems to be working fine...for now. Question: Do I have to put the boot on when the top is down? I had a Cabriolet for 17 years and rarely would put the boot on. So is the boot on the new convertible an integral part of the "top down design?" Thanks
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You don't HAVE to use the boot cover. It will help keep your headliner clean and the car will look nicer with it on.
  • i've had mine for >6 months and >8k miles. no problems yet--except for the "press" triangle to release the handle to start the top. it snapped in half. they fixed it without a fuss. i put the top down at least once every day. i don't use the cover because it flown off twice. vw says "they know and they're working on it"
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I think this little car is way overpriced for what it offers in terms of quality, equipment, and performance. $ 27K for this heap? Consider where it is made and how huge the profit margin must be on these for the manufacturer. They price them the same as if they were made in Germany where labor costs are astronomical compared to Mexico.
  • Thanks for the response regarding the Boot. I feel better now knowing that it doesn't have to be on. 2 days in a row now and no problems-yeah! As far as the Mexican product goes, any other thoughts on that one?
  • antzantz Posts: 13
    Paid $25k + Tax +Title + Doc.fee = $27142.25 for a 2004 GLS 2.0L + Leather + ESP + CD X-ger. Is this around what other people are paying?

    Thanks for any feedback

    BTW, It's snow here in Cleveland! :-|

  • Have a quick question regarding the driver's side window. At times when I close the door, the window doesn't "catch" under the lip of the roof and I have to really slam the door to get it to "catch."
    Anyone else finding this? 3 weeks and no other probs--lovin it!
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