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Toyota Camry Owners: Meet the Members



  • This is our third Camry over the years. Though all have been nice, this one is a joy to drive.

    It came with Bridgestone R92's. Changed them out at 18000 to the Bridgestone Turanza LSV. They are working quite nice. We get 55 inches of rain a year here in Houston. The tires are rated AA/A with 400 UTOG.

    Using Castrol 5W-10 blend with TRD oil filter.

    I am thinking of replacing the springs with TRD lowering springs. Have not made up mind yet. I am no youngster but do enjoy having a car respond well.

    If anyone has already do so, would appreciate feedback.

  • Just bought an 04 V6 SE. Picking it up Thursday after the snow.(MA) Took it on the highway for a test drive. I suppose I shouldn't have held the pedal down 2 inches (brought it to 90 with less noise and much quicker than my mom's 97 A6). It certainly drives smoother than my current and soon to be MIA 93' V6 XLE with 192000 miles. Looking forward to using these forums.
  • I just bought my first two Camrys.

    89 Wagon V6 charcaol gray
    89 Sedan 4-cyl navy blue

    I'm sure this forum will be helpful to me considering both my cars have plenty of age and miles on them. Nice to meet all of you!

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095

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  • I'm Gigi and live in Calif (Sacramento). I have a '94 Camry and am having the axles replaced today. They are clicking and the repair place says they really need to be done. However, I've heard some cars can go quite a while with clicking axles, so I found this site to try to find out info. Any ideas?

    Also, I see the messages posted asking questions, but I don't see the replies. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm so glad to have found you all!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Welcome to Edmunds forums!

    Our message boards at this time are in a linear format rather than threaded. I see you posted your questions in the problem and solution topic. Check back there for any replies.

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  • vppcvppc Posts: 58
    My name is Alex and I drive a 1998 Toyota Camry LE with the 2.2L cast-iron 4-cylinder engine. It now has 119,000 miles and I am very happy! I traded this car with my mom in July. I formerly had a 2000 Toyota Corolla CE that was a fantastic car. To date, this is all I have done to the car:


    Note, no abnormal issues have happened, these are all maintenance/preventative actions done:


    1. 105,000 - new front brake pads, tranny drain and fill

    2. 109,000 - new battery (still had original)

    3. 110,000 - new spark plugs and wires

    4. 112,000 - new serpentine belts

    5. 118,000 - new fuel filter and PCV valve


    As far as routine maintenace goes, I change the oil with Valvoline every 3,000 miles and replace the air filter every 15,000 miles. I rotate my tires every 3,000 miles as well.


    The only interior imperfections are the center console latch broke, the rear passenger seat belt doesn't tighten up, and the wood trim on my car has faded in spots, and the driver side window control wood trim has 1/2 of it broken off.


    I use this car for pizza delivery and the car proves itself very well. It delivers adequate power for a 4-cylinder, and the car does run smoothly. Keep in mind, I still have my original rotors and rear brake pads and the brakes still perform excellent!


    This car is also very SOLID. The 1997-2001 has excellent crash test ratings, as well as bumper ratings.


    I drive around 3,000 miles a month and this car I am sure will last me a long time!



    - Alex
  • I just spent my hard-earned savings on a new 2005 Camry. I bought the SE model with the V6 engine.


    I drove my last Camry for 11 years, with no major problems. I expect the '05 will be just as reliable. According to the owners manual, this new Camry is basically maintenance free. Just change the engine oil and rotate the tires... that's it.


    I will post regular updates and comments on my driving impressions and experiences in the Camry SE. Thank you.
  • peterpanpeterpan Posts: 120
    The balls inside bearings are worn out of round. So if stressed, they will make the ticking sound.


    If you can put up with the ticking sounds, driving the car will wear the balls even more but will not break anything. However, friction inside the ball bearings is higher which should reduce your fuel economy.


    A new axle could be paid for with savings in fuel costs in a few months.
  • Bought my LE in 6/04 and presently have 8k on the speedo. I would have preferred the SE version. But didn't realize it came in cloth so I stuck to the LE.Came with several nice options-Upgraded stereo,sunroof, front-side and rear airbags,mag wheels. Since then I've added custom seat covers, remote start,sunroof deflector,mud guards. Next upgrade might be foglights if I can find a nice set to compliment the car.
  • cpocpo Posts: 23
    I consider myself privileged to be among owners of such a quality automobile. I traded my budget-busting GM ute for a '99 LE, 4 cyl. I have to admit, I balked at first, thinking I needed a six, but I found the the four's power proved more than adequate during the test-drive. Was my first time behing the wheel of a Camry and walked away quite impressed; so much so I bought it that night. I only needed to verify the dealer's price on Edmunds TMV and the rest was a no-brainer, given Camry's accolades. It has 72K. No one knew if the timing belt had been changed and am thinking I should anyway. Any thoughts? Anyhow, thanks for having me, it's great to be here!
  • peterpanpeterpan Posts: 120
    The timing belt should last 120K. When it breaks, the engine just stop firing, no damage is done, unlike interfering engines in Honda and Mitsubishi. You can tow the car to a reputable shop to replace the belt.
  • I am on my second Camry, '97 XLE, v6, moonroof, power leather seats. Presently has 91k on it. This car is a beauty. I may upgrade when the '07's come out but maybe not.

    Previous Camry was an '87 that had 187k on it when it was totaled while parked in front of my house. It was still running excellent and I missed it until I got the '97.

  • jobuddhajobuddha Posts: 1
    just thought I'd drop my info in here as well. I have a 94 4cyl with 283,000 miles. Bought it used in 96 for $12500 and had 22000 miles on it and it was the best money I have ever spent. Replaced the transmission at 185,000 miles and no other problems. Change oil and brakes when needed. Only physical damage was getting a headlight broken by some vandals in the neighborhood. Replaced that myself and love this car!!!!
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153

    I just leased a 2005 Camry SE with the VVT-I 4cyl and 5sp. It has the sunroof, 3 spoke wheel, rear discs, front strut tower brace, stiffer suspension, spoiler, fog lights, special grill, alloys, blacked out lettering, and curtain side airbags. It seems to meet my needs perfectly. Great value for the money.

    I love the long range between fill ups and great mileage. I have cut my gas station visits in half with this car going 450 miles+(mixture of city/hwy) and only needing about 15.5 gallons to fill up again(with the light on). It flies on the frwy and takes the curves nicely too. Such a smooth engine and runs perfectly on reg unleaded. Oh, the 5sp is a blast by the way...maybe 'notchy' to some folks but I cannot complain about the feel. Extremely comfortable drivers seat too.
  • mdgurl23mdgurl23 Posts: 3
    Hey all,

    I bought my dark gray 2001 LE in May 04 at 51000. Its now at 70000 after a yr and 2 months ( I drive alot!) and it drives wonderful. I love my car, but have one problem. The engine light came on after about a week of first purchasing it, it goes out occassionally for a day or two then comes back on. The performance of my vehicle hasnt changed, I passed emmissions and it hasnt died yet. A friend suggested that if I changed the oil it would go out but it didnt. Any ideas as to why it wont go out? I dont want to keep driving it if it will create damage to my car. Other than that issue, I love my Camry! It's excellent on fuel, handles very well and is pretty fast to me. I havent had to have any major work done except for brakes, tires and an alignment. This is my first Toyota, and I hear its a great car that will last forever. One Toyota owner told me he went 200,000 on oil changes alone. I hope mines last that long.
  • Hello Karen
    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but will give it a try. I'm getting sick of all my friends telling me how good the Camry is so I suppose I might as well buy one. I will probably get a 2006 with a v-6 and the question is about pulling a trailer. I believe it is rated as being able to tow 2000 lbs. I've seen hundreds of Camrys on the road but cannot recall ever seeing one pulling anyting of substance. So my question to all you Camry owners out there is this........How many of you pull trailers and how does the Camry do? I presently have a Ford Taurus and pull a 1600 lb boat easily, but the Ford has to go, so am wondering about the Camry. I have until October to make up my mind. Any thoughts you folks have would be appreciated. Thanks
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ...just completed a trip to Aspen and back, averaging just under 32 mpg.

    ..then, I test drove the Accord V-6 6-speed manual.

    ..and got it for $598 more than the Solara cost OTD 5/2000!! CarsDirect.

    ..I've been here since - more or less - it's time for a change. best, ez
  • sylvebsylveb Posts: 5
    Hey All...I just my 1999 Toyota Camry LE last night, and I'm so excited! It is my first car (I'm 20) and I felt that I should get the most reliable, safe and fuel efficient car I can find. Found it with the Camry, and with great trunk space to boot! It has 97K miles, and the previous owner treated it very well. What a smooth ride!

    One thing though. I want to add a cd changer to the car...but I have no idea where in the trunk to place it. I didn't see any mounts in the trunk, do I have to buy them? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • pav2pavpav2pav Posts: 1
    Hello fellow Toyota owners! I'm new to this site so i hope im doing this correctly. I have a question. I have a 1990 Toyota camry stick shift. I just replaced the axle and i lost about a quart of transmission fluid. I cant seem to fine where to add more fluid? Any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Jeff
  • Hi
    I enjoyed your post. Coincidentally, I am very close to buying the exact same car you mentioned. A 99 Camry LE. How much did you pay for it? I'm curious to see what a good rate is.
    To answer your question, the car I am looking at does have a cd player in the upper part of the trunk. When you open the trunk, it was placed near the top right side of the truck, from like the ceiling. I guess it could be placed other places as well. The guy said he had it professionally installed a year ago for $500 for a 6 CD changer.
    Ok, hope to hear back from you.

  • Hi, I just bought a new 2006 Camry SE 4cyl. with JVC sound, Spoiler, Automatic and Ground effects. It's Silver with a charcoal cloth interior. I'm real excited since this is my first Toyota. :D
  • Hello, all you Camry owners. I'm now in your club -- bought my first Toyota a couple of months ago. It's a red '05 XLE V6 with all options except navigation. Also, to make it stand out from the millions of other Camrys, I had a double custom paint stripe put on, chrome wheel moldings, and a cinnamon roadster top with Toyota emblems on each side. Sharp! The cinnamon top is light tan with a burgundy fleck through it -- very subtle. I've gotten lots of compliments on it. Some people think it's a convertible. Almost 2K miles on it already and so far I love it. My other car is a 12 year old Mercury Grand Marquis with 202K miles that I bought new. The Camry is certainly a change from the Merc, but a lot nicer in many ways. I hope to have it for quite a few years. If I knew how to post a picture, I'd do it.
  • bildowbildow Posts: 100
    I have an 05 camry and will soon be changing my first oil for the transmission I see that toyota uses a type iv trans fluid I have found a synthetic fluid from amsoil that says it works in the new camry transmission does anyone know about amsoil fluid and does it work. I also am trying a K&N air filter to help get better gas mileage and put on a flow master muffler I have gotten 3 miles improvement to the gallon so far. I also put a transmission cooler in line with the radiator to help cool down the trans fluid since in California we sit in traffic all day, and I was told by a transmission shop a cooler would help extend the life of the transmission does any know if this is true. I put the trans cooler in my self to save money does the cooler help make the trans last longer. I also about to change my engine oil to synthetic oil using mobil one or amsoil does anyone know if it helps make the engine last longer.
  • Hey

    Im sorry I havent gotten back to your post...I havent been on the site in a while! You probably have decided whether or not you would buy the car, so I guess this not that helpful, but anyway...I paid 4600 for it. It is in pretty good condition, runs strong and looks great! The going rate from what I hear is about 5500 from a private party, 7900 from a dealer, but of course you can haggle. I got mine from a private party and got a nice deal because I am a poor college student :).

    Thanks for the info on the CD Changer. I am saving up and hopefully I can afford one by Christmas or January.

    Sorry I am so late, and if you already bought the car, you will not be disappointed. Good luck!
  • Hey guys:

    I recently bought a '01 Camry with 44 k on it. This is my 1st camry and hope it would stay with me for many years!
  • Hi all,

    Just wondering if damage would occur if I start and stop the engine too often? Eg. Go into a milk bar to get some cigie, so the engine is turned off for a minute or two then turned back on again.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    I'd consider the risk of nominally premature engine wear from short turn-off, turn-on cycles is trumped by the risk of grandtheft-auto. (Imagine trying to explain to the police and your insurance agent why you left the motor running in an unattended car.)
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    Wear on the engine occurs on a cold start. If you've driven for a mile or so, stop and restart, that's not a problem.
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