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imageHow Much Car Insurance Do You Need?

Are you underinsured? Find out how much Auto Insurance coverage you need. Get a breakdown of state requirements and general car insurance advice from Edmunds.

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  • teendriversteendrivers Member Posts: 1
    Great article. It´s the first time I´ve seen a complete list of liability limits and having teenagers to insure, this has been one of the best articles I´ve come across on the topic of what each type of cover entails and what is a safe level of insurance to have.

  • clachnitclachnit Member Posts: 35
    Thanks, Steve. We've just updated the list, since some states' laws changed in 2011. Now only N.H. that has no liability-coverage requirement.

    --Carroll Lachnit, features editor,
  • tomshalluetomshallue Member Posts: 1
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    I recommend at least one level up from state minimum coverage:

    ex. Texas, minimum liability 30/60/25. You should carry 50/100/50 liability to make sure you have enough coverage and carry UM/UIM coverage of 50/100/50!!!!!! People don't realize that state-required liability coverage protects other people in an accident but it's UM/UIM coverage that protects YOU in an accident.

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  • tootsieburpeetootsieburpee Member Posts: 2
    All insurance companies try to run and hide when you file a claim. It's probably better just to get the cheapest possible insurance and hope/pray that you don't have an accident. I found 25/month rates (thru Insurance Panda) and always looking for cheaper.

    Also - I think there is no such thing as "customer loyalty" when it comes to auto insurance. If you've been with a company too long, chances are you are being screwed!
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