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  • I have the exact same problem with my 2005 EXL Pilot. Did you ever get it fixed? Dealer says they can't fix it unless they can hear it. It does not rattle all the time only after the it warms up and goes over some bumps. I can temporarily stop the rattle by opening it or applying pressure.
  • I just bought a 2WD 2006 Pilot and the manual talks about the maintanence minder but does not tell me at what mileage these minders will come up. Does anyone know at what mileage the maintanece minder A,B,1,2,3,4,5,6 will appear?
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    There is no set mileage - it varies depending on when the car senses it needs maintenance based on mileage, calendar time, number of cold starts, how hard the car is driven, condition of the oil, etc.

    Based on what I've heard, you should expect oil/filter changes (A an B) to come up in the 7-9K range (probably a couple K sooner for the first one) with tire rotations every other oil change. VTM4 fluid replacements pop up every 30K except for the first which is sooner. Plugs and timing belt every 100K or so. Air cleaner and cabin filter every 20K or so. Engine coolant every couple years.


    - Mark
  • I have a 2005 EX-L that originally the dealer forgot to include the stadard cargo net that should come with EX models.

    However the net he mailed to me is only big enough to stretch to the 4 anchor notches on the floor near the tailgate (area behind 3rd row roughly 35" x 15"). It is unable to stretch from the tailgate to the notches behind the 2nd row. I think he sent me the wrong net. I believe to mount it in the vertical position, you are suppose to be able to fold it in half to form a pocket. Can someone clarify if the net I'm thinking about is an upgrade? Is the smaller net that I got correct? I just want to make sure the dealer didn't get it mixed up.

    Can someone with the standard EX cargo net tell me which one they got for free? Thank you very much.
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    i had a update and a question
    i have honda pilot 2003, and its giving 18-20 mpg. so far the only problem it has had is that the AC died. honda dealership charged me the labor costs and honda provided AC without charge even though the car was outside of warranty. dealership said thats its unusual for AC to die that early in the course of life of car (50 K), so thats why honda replaced it without cost.

    its due for 67500 miles service. so far i have been getting the service at honda dealership. should i get the service only at honda dealership or are there other solutions available. problem with honda in my area is that they wont open on saturdays, and on weekdays they open only 9 to 5 when i am working.
    what are some other choices available are they as good as a dealership. how bout oreilly, sears auto center, walmart? or any others. Thanks for your responses.
  • It is such a bummer that even the 2006 model doesnt come with a MP3 player ..hope that changes in the next year model!
    Mine is a 2006 PILOT 4WD - EXL.

    What other options are the folks exercising ?
    The below are the three that I can think of:
    1. Go for the Honda MP3 player - Does anyone know if this is compatible with the 2006 PILOT-EXL ? The quote that I got for this was 489$ for the accessory and 94$ for the installaiton.

    2. If I bought my own after-market MP3 player (like the Dual XDM-6820 200 Watt In-Dash AM/FM/MP3/CD Receiver with iPlug, which is really cool as I can also plug in my iPod), the honda dealers are refusing to install it. Where should I be going to get this installed? Is this suggested at all?

    3. The Honda iPod link - part costs $199 per a quote I got but this dealer is unable to give me the installation costs quote at this point, but another dealer says neither the iPod link nor the Honda MP3 player are compatible with the 2006 PILOT, which I refuse to believe.

    PRIMARY question: If i get a after-market MP3 player/ or a non-honda iPod link, will that affect the Original or Honda Care warranty in any way?

    What are folks doing in this space ?

    Awaiting replies
  • If you're talking routine oil changes, tire rotations, etc it doesn't really matter where it gets done as far as the service itself is concerned. As a caveat to that however, bear in mind a couple things:

    1: Now that your miles are getting up there, the possibility of something other than maintenance needing taken care of begins to increase. I know the reason you bought a Honda was not not have to worry about this, but odds change with the more miles you get. A dealership tech is more likely to know the nuances of a Pilot more so than Sears, etc. If there's nothing wrong with it, then it's a mute point. Your neighbors kid could do it for all it matters (as long as it's done right).

    2: The fact that Honda paid for a $1K + A/C replacement out of warranty was likely due at least in part to the fact that you are a good service customer and have spent your service dollars at that service department rather than Jiffy Lube. Kind of the back scratching thing. Would they do it agian? No way of knowing. But I guarantee if you needed another "favor", and you haven't been a "loyal customer" odds are slim that they'd hook you up again.

    My 2 cents.
  • Hopefully somebody out there can help me out. When I turn on the radio in my 2003 Pilot EX-L I get a high pitched constant humm after the radio has been playing for 15 - 30 min. I cannot identify exactly where it is coming from, but I believe it is coming from the rear. It is not affected at all when I fade or balance. If I shut it off for even a couple of seconds the noise will stop for a time depending upon how long I have left the radio off. Is there a bass module or something similar that is causing some heat related electrical inteference?
  • I too am having a problem with my speakers. I have a 2003 Pilot with DVD player and "humm" as you discribed is definitely coming from the rear but can also be heard with the wireless headphones and wired headphones. With the headphones on the "humm" is deafening and was quite painful while trying to watch a DVD. Turning the system off and then back on does not help unless the car is turned off for a time. Can not figure out what is going on.
    Do you also have the DVD system?
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    Hi there,

    I'm looking into buying a 2006 Pilot EXL and wondering what opinions are of Pilot owners on the backup sensors (optional here in Canada). For those who have it, is it worth it? Reliable or Fragile? Useful or annoying? Consistent or not at all?

    I've read of a few postings on this forum of people with problems on new Pilots - sounds like installation problems. But in the long run, are they still running fine or are they problem-prone?

  • Yes, I do have the DVD with wireless headphones. I have never tested them for the humm. But, I guess if the speakers are transmitting to the headphones they would probably pick up the humm. I hope it's a problem that can be easily fixed.
  • I have a 2005 Pilot and I really want to have my cell phone and other electronics charge while I am away from the car. I found one thread on this site that said that they moved a fuse from contacts 1 & 2 to 2 & 3 on their "newer car" (did they mean another mfg car?) .... my fuse box has no such contacts. Has anyone successfully modified this, or had their dealer do it somehow?
  • I'm still running the Firestone Winterforces on my Pilot and 2 CRV's. Great snow tires!
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    Looking at getting a Pilot. I have no use whatsoever for 3rd row seats. Can they be easily removed and stored in the garage? Or is it a big deal to get them out? Thanks
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    You wouldn't really want to remove it, I don't think. It would ruin the flat loading floor.

    Maybe if you wanted to "trick" it a bit, you could remove it and make a cover for the hole. Could make for a neat storage trunk. But, you'd definitely want to be able to reverse the mod come resale time.

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    Depends on how long you plan to keep the vehicle too. I tossed the middle row seat in my '99 minivan (the rear bench slides forward and usually lives as the second row).

    Now the van's at 108,000 miles and the rig isn't worth all that much anyway. And I haven't missed that extra seat. A dealer would sure ding you if you traded it in though.

    My seat just unbolted from the floor.

    Steve, Host
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    One feature that the L adds to the EX is the moonroof. I have no need for this at all.

    Does the moonroof cause additional wind noise?

    Do the moonroofs ever leak?

    Any other problems that the moonroof adds to the car?

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    Moving from Calif. to Washington with 05 Pilot. Is there a difference in the smog devices in Calif. and Washington? Thanks
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    There might have been when the car was new, but there is nothing you have to do in WA different from the the CA equipment. There are periodic inspections (every two years beyond a certain age), but if the car has been maintained to spec and there is no check engine light, they're easy to pass.

    In short, there is nothing special you need to do: move and within thirty days, get a driver's license and transfer registration/title. No big deal.

    - Mark
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    If you mean equipment on the vehicle, don't think so.
    If you have your original window sticker, look at the lower right hand corner to the left of the VIN barcode. It should say Emission: 50 State.
    I think Honda has been selling '50-state' vehicles for several years.
    The emission sticker under the hood is a little harder to decipher.
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    I always get this weird noise in the morning when i turn my steering wheel in any direction. I suspect that it may be the tire(s) or the power steering. Just had the 15K maintenance and everythings well. Also, there is a flapping sound on the passenger side door when going around 25-40 MPH. Anybody having the same problem? Thanks.
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    I get a wired noise first thing in the morning as well on my 2004 EXL, but it happens when I'm applying light brake pressure, such as when backing out of the drieway or slowing down at the first few stop signs/lights. Its gone by the time I hit the highway and sound like a low creaking sound from the underbody, almost like the parking brake is engaged. Any thoughts?
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    We also have the same problem in our 2003 Pilot EX. Has the problem been found?
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    The moonroof doesn't cause additional noise if you keep it closed. When it is open, it does generate a little extra noise, primarily due to a gated type structure that moves upward at the front of the moonroof when it opens.

    There should be no additional problems unless you don't get it closed all the way and it rains. My wife's car has moonroof and she never opens it due to allergies. As far as she is concerned it doesn't exist.

    On the Pilot, there is not a lot of wind buffeting when the moonroof is open. It seems to draw air out rather than force it in. I enjoy mine.

    OH! The is ONE ADDTIONAL PROBLEM. If you hair is a little thin in back, you may get a sunburn unless you use sunscreen!! :P Only older folks have this problem.

    Get the EX-L if you can, it is worth it with everything else it add besides the moonroof.
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    Too bad the default cd doesn't play mp3! How hard is that ?! So, I bought a Sony mp3 with AUX input for about $120 at circuitcity. They have so-called free installation, but they force you to buy the harness and the kit at around $55. I just wanted to change the CD and I want to keep the pocket below the CD. They said it was impossible without even looking at it. So, I searched "car audio" on yahoo and found a local store and let them just replaced the CD. After 20 minutes and $70, it was nicely done. $15 more than Circuit city, but I got what I wanted. Since Pilot is not very quiet, I didn't care about sound quality. Nontheless, the sound quality is about the same as the factory CD. There are a lot of cd mp3 decks with fancy interface. If you want to buy one, first, ask yourself if the brightness of the display bothers you when driving at night. The sony one is not too bright, and can be dimmed. If anything happends, I will just swap it with the factory cd should that be necessary. Good luck!
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559 terms of front and rear legroom anyway, same numbers exactly. That is according to the newest Consumer Reports magazine.
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    What make and bodel CD player did you put in? Details please so we can duplicate.
  • I just had the second transmission failure on a 2005 Honda Pilot. The first happened within the first month and the second happend after 18 months and 50,000 miles. This appears to remain a Honda issue. The second failure occured when I came to a busy intersection at a stoplight, the car shook and then would start, but when I put it in gear, it would die.
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    Sony mp3 headunit CDXGT200 from circuit city
  • We just bought the '06 EX-L a few hours ago.
    My biggest gripe - no way to play my MP3 player. It was almost a deal breaker for me (despite $7K incentives).
    I figured we could work around it somehow.

    It looks like you replaced the factory installed CD player with an outside CD/MP3 player. Does that new player work with the controls on the steering wheel & speaker system?
    Are you missing anything that the factory installed player had?

    Very curious about this.
    Alternates - replace my Creative MP3 player with an iPod (which I don't want to do), use FM transmitter (which suck)...any other options I don't know about?

    Thanks in advance. Trying not to have buyer's remorse!!

    Janice :blush:
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    I jued an fm transmitter with my iriver mp3 player and it worked fine. It was just a hassle to mess with. Two weeks ago I gave my Pilot to my wife and got a new Fit. Although there are no radio controls on the steering of the Fit (which was a big issue for me) the stereo in the Fit Sport models blows the Pilot's stereo away. In pretty much every respect the Fit system is way better than the Pilot which costs nearly double what the fit lists for. Honda really needs to upgrade the stereo in the Pilot.
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    Wondered if it is possible to change out the Rear Tail Light Assembly on a 2005 Pilot EX with the Clear Assembly Cover on the 2006 Model. Has anyone looked into this? If so what was the cost?
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    Check out College Hills Honda website. They say it is no problem.
  • I have a 2005 Pilot with the original Goodyear Integra's on the car. Only have approx 15K miles on these tires. I hate them and want to change. What tires can you recommend?
  • Hi I am considering buying a 03/04 Pilot EXL and importing back to Canada has any one else done this if so how easy was it I am up on all the regulations but a little unsure on daytime running lights have phoned one supplier of after market day time running lights but was told by them that people have lots of problems of installing these on the pilots but he wasn’t to shore of exactly what. Is it possible to buy Honda Canadian parts that plug into the existing wiring loom I assume that they don’t produce two different ones for US and Canada.
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    Goodyear actually makes a Wrangler Silent Armor tire that is very highly recomended. Goodyear Wrangler w/ Silent Armor, just click on the reviews and read. I was looking at the tires, while having the service done on my wife Accord's tires.

    Odie's Carspace
  • google
    Blitzsafe - HON/M-Link1 V.2X
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    I am in the market for buying a used 2003 Pilot. I like the SUV for all it has to offer, but after reading the forum, I have concerns about 3 things. 1. Bad gas mileage, 2. past recall for the transmission, 3. lack of side air curtains and stability control features. (but I can't afford the '06 to get these features.
    Anyone's advise about my concerns is appreciate. I am mainly trying to find the safest car I can find for my new driver.
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    Mine is LX, so no controls on steering wheel. I don't like the sony mp3 player, as the control buttons are not as user friendly as the original head unit. But, other mp3 head units look too aggressive.

    Potentially, you can attach a FM modulator to the back of your factory head unit. It will replace the frequency 88.1 or something. Just another way to give you a plug so that you can plug in whatever portable mp3 player you have. When you want to listen to your mp3 player, switch the frequency to 88.1, and I believe you can at least control volume if there are volume bottons on the steering wheel. I guess you can talk to a car audio guy to do that. Not to the guys in circuitcity or big car audio companies, but self-employed ones who may know more about this kind of stuff. Good luck!

    FM transmitters suck indeed, unless you can find illegal ones that ignore the regulations and cover all local stations.
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    I have a Honda Pilot 2004.
    The fuses keep blowing out and I will have to bring it back to honda for the 4th time. They have told me that first it was the brake switch which they replaced and then they said it was a bulb and then they said it was a fuse. I get the car back from them and within a week the car won't shift out of park. Has anyone had this problem and what should I tell them to fix. Thanks
  • I'm looking to sell my 2004 EXL Navigation Pilot. 25000Mi, never any problems. Side steps, grill guard, remote start. Sticker price was $35000. How much should I ask for on street or as trade in?
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    Check the True Market Value using the Appraise link there. Occasionally you'll find posts about buying/selling used in the Honda Pilot: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion too.
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    Please go to the group top level and create a discussion that fits your comments/questions or post in an existing discussion.

    Honda Pilot
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  • I have 2004 Pilot EX. From time to time I remove the key from the vehicle and the vehicle acts like the key is still in ignition (i.e. you hear the key-in-ignition chirping alarm). Also when this happens you are unable to use the fob to lock car (presumably because vehicle "senses" the key in the ignition). Major problem of course is that a number of times my battery has mysteriously gone dead. Once I finally realized what was happening I have been more careful, but can't get problem to replicate and service dealer can find nothing wrong with the electrical system.

    Any thoughts or similar experiences?
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    Hi Every one I am fairly new to this forum. I was wondering if the back tail lights on the 2006 will fit in the 2004 Honda Pilot since some one or some thing has broke our left tail light so I am thinking of changing them with the clear ones from the 2006 model. Also, how difficult would it be to replace these tail lights. Thank you in advance.
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    Welcome aboard!

    Just a note - there is no need for multiple postings of the same message. :)

    tidester, host
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    Gotta agree with your post.

    Seems the particular "New York Taxi Cab" oil test I read might have been in Popular Mechanics.

    No difference in 3000 and 6000 mile oil changes, as far as engine wear, even in the stop and go of the taxi fleet. I forget at what mileage they were tearing the engines down for inspection.

    They were using several different brands of oils and filters over a 2-3 year time frame.

    As I remember, the synthetics maintained the best lubrication and viscosity qualities, the Pennsylvania oils next , then Texas type. The Parophyn based oils such as Quaker State tended to gum up parts of the engine that were not rubbing on something.

    I've seen inside the valve covers of police car engines that had a contract with Quaker State, 10 or so years ago. There was lots of sludge build up. Engines had failed. The shop foreman said the oil passages had clogged and bearings could not get proper lubrication. The money saved through the "DEAL" with Quaker State was costly on the other end. Engines were lasting about 60K. These were American built V8s and mostly Ford 302s.

    However, I bought a used 87 Montero with 75K miles on the clock. The guy said he had been using Quaker State and changing it religiously at 5000 miles. Inside the valve covers was shinny as new with no visible sludge. I took his word that it had been changes with a high degree of regularity. I traded for a new Ram when the Montero had near 125K and it still ran fine, and used less than 1/2 quart between 5000 mile changes.

    Dealer has our Hondas set up for 3750 mile changes and sends us reminders. They use a synthetic "semi" blend of "Penn State" and it looks about the same color when drained as it was when added.

    My understanding is that Straight Synthetic oils should not be used until 3rd+ oil change and the engines have 10K+ miles on them . The synthetics are more slippery and engines have a hard time "Breaking In" with it.

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    My 04 pilot was the same. So tight. I took the car to an upolstery shop and took out foam on the right "wing" of the back of the seat. Wish I didn't wait a year!
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