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  • Need some help. 2005 Pilot EXL, the center row seat, on the passenger side (single seat) won't slide forward as you move the latch on the side of the seat, so that someone can get to the 3rd row seats. Is there a lock somewhere that needs to be undone. Tried moving the seat forward by pulling up on the lever under the seat cushion, but it won't move either. The only way to get into the third row is by folding the seat flat down and climbing over it. Anyone have any ideas before I take it back to the dealer?


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    I am considering an '07 Odyssey and have the same need. Do you have any suggestions how to solve this? Not sure why but Toyota Sienna has the same issue. My GMC Envoy has 6, yes 6, outlets that are powered full time. Why can't Honda (and others) do the same thing?
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    Hey all, just wanted to relate my experiece with my plain-looking but sturdy Honda Pilot.

    Type: 2003 Honda Pilot AWD LX 53,000 miles

    Pros: 1) Utility, utility, utility (people are amazed this is an 8 person crossover, and it delivers, even if it's not the most comfortable in the 3rd row); 2) pretty dependable; 3) looks better with age; 4) peppy - you can punish guys on the highway if you want; 5) cargo capacity plus seats are very easy to use/fold (amazing with seats down); 6) safe (all the airbags you could ever want); 7) i don't think the headlights are bad; 8) AWD works great in the wet (i have NEVER hydroplaned, etc in this thing); 9) smooth and sweet with great passing power and speed; 10) interior lighting (complete and impressive); 11) the little things Honda doesn't forget (lights automatically turn off to preserve the battery, lots of storage space everywhere including cell phone holders and outlet plugs)

    Cons: 1) stereo (first thing I replaced, OEM speakers are good and deserve a 2nd chance with a new head unit); 2) mileage (I can only blame myself, but the Pilot is heavy and driving habits really matter, especially in the city; 3) high-speed vibration issues at 75+ mph (improved dramatically with Continental Conti-tracs); 4) hesitant transmission (particularly when going downhill, definitely not efficient in upshifting to lower rpms) - this did improve with changing the fluid, but not completely; 5) looks (you won't impress girls with this thing, lol); 6) cheapy interior: the aluminum-lookalike paint scratches easily and there is quite a bit of scratchable/cheap plastic, but fit/finish is impeccable (no creaks here)

    Verdict: 11 major Pros, and 6 nit-picky cons. Looks like a winnah!
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    I expect Honda turns off the Power Ports to protect us from ourselves, and possible dead batteries.

    Most car parts places sell power ports you can easily install yourself. Find a place to mount it, run the wires directly to the battery thru the fuse that usually comes with this type thing.

    Presto! You have a 24/7/365 live power outlet and have not done anything to cause future problems with the car wiring.

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    Thanks for the idea. Same as one I proposed at the dealership today as I was about to buy an Ody EX-L. I was told it would create warranty issues so I didn't buy the Ody. :(:(:(

    I don't feel my needs are unique. While on vacation I _NEED_ to travel with refrigerated medication and _NEED_ constant power for the little Coleman powered cooler in the rear of the ODY. (This is easily done in a GM product) A 90 day supply of this medication is $5000 so I cannot risk not having constant power.

    What do folks do who have MOBILITY needs? For example, how does one power the hoist that lifts the electric scooter in the back of the vehicle? Power needed for this has to be properly done and when it is, I cannot see how it becomes a warranty issue. The switched outlets isn't just a Honda oversight (IMHO), Toyota, Chrysler products and perhaps other do the same thing. GM can do it, why cannot others?
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    We have been looking for an '03 Pilot for a few months, and got a call from a local dealer who said he has an '03 EX-L with leather seats which are heated and a moonroof. I was under the impression that the '03s didn't come with these options, and from what I've read under other posts, I expect that this is a Canadian model. Does anyone have any advice regarding the Canadian vs. US models? How about difficulty in finding repair parts, or issues with quality? Thanks!
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    We have an 03 EX-L. I'm under the impression that it and all 03 Pilots were built in Canada. Seems they were built at a facility that had been building the Odysseys.

    When we bought ours in Georgia, a moon roof was not a factory item. It is possible that heated seats were part of a package we didn't get.

    I believe your Honda dealer can "RUN" the vin number and tell you how it was equiped when new. He can also tell you which Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) apply to that vehicle and whether or not they have been done.

    There were several TSB that were important, regarding the engine timing belt, transmission lubrication, seat belt sensor sensitivity, etc..

    We have enjoyed the dickens out of our Pilot. For some reason the 03's seem to have less "Quirks", squeaks, water leaks, popping noises, and get better mileage than later models.

    I would get an extended warranty! ;)

  • I have one that tops all problems that has ever happened so the dealership and Honda tells me. I am going down the road driving normal and straight and all of the sudden my brakes go off without any warning. Yes my brakes deploy while my foot is on the gas pedal. I have had this happen to me roughly 5 times. Once when I first purchased the vehicle in 2005 which I just figured it was the VSA going off, so I turned off the car and reset the VSA.(According to the manual) The next time well I will say three times because they occured in the same day. It was more of a rapid stop with grinding and then severe jerking movements. Long story short the service dept had never heard of this happening so they ran test and called Honda and some how came up with THE BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH was bad. So I asked the manager what kind of guarantee do I have that this won't happen again and he said he couldn't give me one but that he believed the problem had been fixed. So two months later I am driving down the road and bam it happens again....I am furious this vehicle that I spent 33k on and I bought it because it was supposed to be safe was putting my life in danger...again!! Luckily I have avoided accidents because I have been in traffic or normal everyday road running when my brakes did this. So at this point I no longer trust my car. I am not willing to not have a guarantee when it comes to my brakes. So I spoke with my dealership and hopefully we are reaching some sort of agreement. The best thing is that so many people look at me like I am crazy when I tell them my situation and Thank God it happened to my salesman when he drove it!! THANK YOU GOD!! :lemon:
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    Can you tell me what resolution you came up with to eliminate the high pitch sound with your 2003 Honda Pilot? Thank You
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    Can you tell me if you found a resolution to the high pitch sound in stereo/head phones. Thank You
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    Could it be the ABS? What other options will the dealer pursue?
  • Our daughter just had the very same thing happen to her 2005 Pilot in El Paso. Her dealer is researching the matter with Honda USA and trying to diagnose the problem. Has your Pilot been satisfactorily repaired? If so, what was the fix? We would very much appreciate any help you can provide!
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    >"I am furious this vehicle that I spent 33k on and I bought it because it was supposed to be safe was putting my life in danger...again"

    Don't know when the time frame expires, but seems to me the :lemon: law should be invoked here. This is not a simple aggravation like a rattle or bump or sloshing sound. If it should happen when someone is tail gateing or just in a bad mood, there could be serious consequences. Crashes or gun shots come to mind.

    Honda needs to take that one back and let their "Tech" people deal with it. The customer is not supposed to be the test dummy.

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    Is anyone out there aware of an issue with the 2005 Pilot odometer that has caused American Honda to allow overage in lease mileage allowances?
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    Do you still happen to have the fleet managers contact information? E-mail or phone number for the dealerships in Burlingame? Thanks Please e-mail me back at [email protected]
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    There was a class action law suit against Honda regarding faulty odometers. Apparently it showed more than actual. The suit was settled and Owners of 2006 and previous years Hondas of certain models got 5% mileage allowance on their warranty and lease use. Original owners and owners of record were sent notifications from Honda to that effect. That covered my 06 Pilot. Honda has indicated the 07 and newer models have no problem as far as that goes.
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    I have a 2005 Honda Pilot and am having the same problem. My Pilot has less than 25K and has been kept in good condition. The problem started happening last year around 8/2007. It has happened to me and my family three times now. The first two incidents happened while we were on the freeway. The brakes seem to lock up on their own. Each time it happened, we brought the Pilot to the dealers to be checked. They could not recreate the problem. The third time was last 6/6/08 and the worst. We were fortunate we had exited out of the freeway and were on a stop sign. We started moving and all of a sudden the brakes locked up. Good thing no one bumped into us. We drove slowly home but throughout the time the brakes kept locking up until we got home. Had to call AAA to get the Pilot towed to the dealer. They've had the Pilot since Monday, 6/9/08, being test driven. Again, they could not recreate the PROBLEM. Finally, they called me on Friday, 6/13/08, and told me it was the transmission. They are now replacing the transmission. They told me that they have called all their regional offices and no one had heard of this problem. Although, they said some Accords did show the same symptoms. I have my doubts that it is the transmission. Do you mind telling me what your dealership did to solve the problem? Also, where is your dealership and has this problem been documented with the American Honda Co? I have filed a complaint with them so that if other Pilot owners have a similar problem, they can call to find out what has been done to resolve this problem.
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    Thanks for posting your problem with 2005 Honda Pilot brakes. My daughter owns the Pilot and she lives in El Paso. She is back on the road with a new master cylinder. But the dealer is not 100% sure that that was the cause of her problem. Will get an update from my daughter tonight and post by sometime tomorrow.
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    This is a follow-up to my post on 6/17/2008:

    My daughter said that the Honda dealer in El Paso kept her Pilot for 5-weeks, and thoroughly checked it over. They, of course, were unable to duplicate the problem, nor were they able to get a solution from Honda USA.

    After extensive testing, the only thing found wrong was a very minuscule contamination (less than 1%) of the brake fluid. As incredible as it sounds, based on that finding alone, the dealer recommended replacing all components of the brake system, and a thorough flushing of the brake fluid.

    My daughter opted for a new master cylinder along with thorough flushing of the system. Thusfar, the Pilot is performing fine. However, I have serious doubts that the cause of the brake problem has been found.

    If ca1aa will contact me, via the "make a friend" feature on this forum, I will be glad to share a few additional details.

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    I also have an 05 Pilot. Purchased used with 26000 miles in December of 07. Within a month we began having the same problem. We called the dealership and told them about it. They asked if the VSA light had remained on after the incident and of course it had not. They said that without the light on, the vehicles computer wouldn't show an error. We decided to wait and see if it happened again and sure enough a week ago driving 40 mph down a smooth and straight road it locks up the brakes. My wife was lucky not to have been rear ended. She took it straight to the dealer and said "Take the darn thing and fix it." Well the next day they call and say that the VSA modulator has gone bad. It has taken a week to get the part but it is finally installed. I'm not convinced it is the modulator because it could also be a stability sensor. I guess we'll give their "fix" a chance. This particular dealership is one of the top rated in the nation so hopefully they know what they are talking about. We will be driving the vehicle about 2500 miles on vacation over the next couple weeks so we'll see.
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    Please help me, I have been really frustrated with my '04 EX-L, it has around 50k miles on it and when I hit the brakes really hard and fast (in an emergency) a loud series of three to four clicking sound from the rear would emerge. I know my rear break pads have not been replace, but will soon. Could this be a problem? I am hoping it is.

    The other frustrating problem is when I go to pump gas for my Pilot and after several seconds of pumping gas it keeps making the clicking sound as if the tank is full, please keep in mind my tank probably has only two or less gallons remaining, and it does this all the time when I go to pump gas. I have tried different gasoline stations and the problem still persists. I would have to spend like 20 minutes just to pump gas each time because once it click I would have to squeeze the nossle again. It basically click indicating the tank was full every 0.3 gallon that goes into my tank. Also, I have been smelling gas lately when the car is in park and it does not have to be right after refueling the vehicle.

    Please, please help me out. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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    '03 Pilot leaks water from the glove box which is happening occasionally when the a/c is on recirc for an extended period of time. Is this some type of drain hose problem. Anyone have similar problem and a fix, i would appreciate the help.
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    This is in response to stingray5 message on 6/18/08:

    As I mentioned before, we took our 2005 Honda Pilot to our local service center. They test drove the vehicle so many times but, unfortunately, could not recreate the problem. Finally, the Director of Service Operations became involved. The final determination was to change the transmission. According to them, this problem have been observed on Honda Accords. Although, he couldn't tell me if they occur on Pilots. He assured me 99.9% that after changing the transmission, I will not encounter the same problem again. We took the vehicle out 2 weeks ago.

    It performed well, but after two weeks, it happened again. On 7/13/08, the same problem started re-occurring. This time the yellow triangle and VSA lights were both on. We didn't turn it off but drove very slowly home (about 14 miles). When we got home, we took a picture of the dash board so we can prove that we are not making all of this up. Anyway, last Monday, we brought it back to the Honda service center. The technician there called me up yesterday afternoon to inform me that the computer gathered enough information to indicate that the VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) system was malfunctioning. They told me that they will be replacing the brake switch and the modulator -- secondary option.

    Hopefully, this will solve the problem. By the time Honda is done, I would have a brand new/old Pilot.
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    I just spoke with our Honda technician this afternoon. He told me that the VSA on my Honda has crashed so that's the reason they are replacing the modulator. They also detected a brake switch failure which they will be replacing also. They told me it will take 2-3 days to fix the vehicle. I will keep you posted if anything comes up. I hope this solves our problem.
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    I was so glad to find this forum. I thought I was the only person out there with the 05 Honda pilot ex-l lock-up experience. All of your stories sound just like my experience. On 7/14/08, my pilot locked-up while driving 55mph on a busy highway. I am thankful there was an empty turning lane and the person behind me was far enough back to react. This is actually the third time it has occurred; however, the first during driving at 55 mph. The first two occurred during a stop; the lock-up occurred during take off. Again, I was lucky that the people behind me were pay close attention.

    The first time: I thought that my parking bake got stuck. I pushed and released it several times and then took off with no problems. I did not take the vehicle to the dealership. (no sensor indicators came on)

    The second time was a month later: I pushed and release the parking brake several times and then took off with no problems. I took the vehicle to the dealership. They could not find any issues and gave the vehicle back. (no sensor indicators came on) They checked the parking brake and saw no signs of grinding or burn marks, they checked the brakes and said the pads had good thickness, they checked the sensors and said all sensors were working properly. They told me if it would happen again that they would pay to have the vehicle towed to there shop.

    The third time on Monday (9 months later) : The vehicle came to a grinding stop while driving 55 mph. When I pressed the brake pedal it went to the floor and the vehicle did not respond. I controlled the steering until the vehicle came to a complete stop (about 20 seconds). I looked down and the VSA and the triangle with ! mark indicators were on. After calming myself down, I called the dealership. They said it would be a while before a tow truck could make it to my location. I had to get to my son's day-care before it closed. Thus, I decided to drive it to my son's day-care and that they could tow it from there. When the car stopped, I never turned the car off or placed it in park. Thus, I maneuvered to the outside lane and drove slowly (never over 40 mph) about 3 to 4 miles to my son's day-care. The vehicle never locked-up during those miles. The dealership checked the vehicle and could not find anything wrong. I requested them to look further. They are driving it for a few days to see if it will happen. I will not ride in this vehicle again. Nor will I have my family or friends ride in the car.

    In my opinion, the vehicle is a death trap.
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    Your problem is exactly the same as our problem with our '05 Honda Pilot. The curiuos thing is, It seems to happen to '05 Pilots only. I've done a lot of research through the internet. This site is the only one that I've found with a lot of information on this kind of problem. I've recommended this site to our Honda service center.

    Our problem started happening last year around August 2007. Everytime the problem occurrred (about 3-4 times), we brought it to the dealership service center and everytime they would test drive the vehicle but could not recreate the problem. Until last month, July 2008, that the Director of Service Operations got involved. They decided to change the transmission (saying that they've seen this problem with Accords). However, 2 weeks after taking the vehicle back from them, it happened again. This time the VSA light and the triangle light with ! came on. We drove home slowly (like you) and, thankfully, these lights stayed on. Apparently, according to the service technician, the vehicle's computer detected error codes for them to determine that the VSA has crashed. In addition, the computer detected a brake switch failure. As I mentioned before, they are in the process of changing the modulator and the brake switch. The parts have been ordered and they're hoping it will come today.

    You should go back to your dealership and have them check the VSA. When we had our recent reoccurrence, the VSA and the triangle lights stayed on until we got home (which was 14 miles). Good luck and let me know what happens. I will also keep you posted on any developments, if any, on my side.
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    I got my vehicle back from the dealership today. They said the computer did not collect any information that a problem occurred. They drove it 717 miles and nothing happened to them. Thus, they made no repairs or changes to my pilot. I will not drive the vehicle or allow any of my family or friends to drive it. The issue is a life threatening problem. We are going to trade it in for a different car manufacturer; I am not taking anymore chances.

    I requested the service department to deliver the vehicle to my home (~30 miles away). They delivered it to my home. I have borrowed my mother-in-law's truck to drive until we find a replacement vehicle.

    I have filed a formal complaint with the Honda Customer Relations at 1-800-999-1009 on Friday 7/18/08. They acted very surprised when I made the complaint. I also referenced this website when making the complaint; like you this was the most informative website about the issue. They suggest to inform others with the problem to file a formal complaint about their vehicle as well. The complaints are made against the vehicle's VIN.

    I ask if there was a way that they could gather the current know vehicles VIN with the issue and research if all vehicles were built in the same manufacturing plant and close to the same time frame. They said that they could track the vehicles. This could help them identify a range of vehicles with the issue and hopefully get them off the road.

    I have heard nothing from the Customer Relations in regards to my pilot issue nor did the Customer Relations contact the dealership that was looking into my pilot.
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    I recall receiving a letter form Honda. I thought the mileage bonus was 10% but I can't find the letter and there is no record on the Honda web site. Do you have a copy of the correspondence from Honda? I'm turning in my Pilot next month (Thank heaven!) with about 36.5K and will be very glad to be driving a new CRV. FYI-I never got over 15 MPG in mixed city-highway driving and never or 19 MPG highway only. The 17/22 was fiction!
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    I recall receiving something from either Honda or the law offices/court coresspondance to Honda dealers. I'll see if I still have it but in a nuts shell the settlement was that for the 2006 model year and older (can't recall how old) they would get a 5% additional mileage allowance for warranty and lease calculations. Enjoy your CRV. :)
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    Like you, I called American Honda Customer Relations 1-800-999-1009. I filed a complaint and they even gave me a Case #. I'm surprised they're acting surprised since I spoke with them just last month, June 2008. I called them up again right after the problem started re-occurring. That was after Honda changed my Pilot's transmission (thinking that was the cause of the problem). But I never heard from them. The case manager assigned to me was Terry (no last name provided, of course). We got our Pilot back yesterday with new modulator and new brake switch. We'll see what happens this time.
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    I no longer own my hazardous o5 Honda Pilot. I am now a GMC Acadia owner. I am so glad to have the stress off my hands.

    Like you I have never heard back from the American Honda Customer Relations about my case.

    I wish you the best of luck with this issue. I will continue to follow the forum to see what resolutions Honda finds to correct grinding stop of the vehicles.
  • Honda is brushing us under the rug. We have been victims because a part wasn't lubricated from the factory and it should have been. It is the only time a ball joint in the control arm can be!

    We have posted a youtube video to explain what happened to us. Hopefully we will be heard FINALLY!
  • Hello all-

    I am leaning towards purchasing a used (2006-2005) MDX but also considering the Pilot. What do you think the financial incentives will be post-labor day?

    Any 0% for 36 month financing, or extending 0.9% for more than 36 months?

    And anything I should be evaluating between the pilot and mdx other than cost?

    Anyone have both or experienced what repair/maintenance costs are? Wouldnt you just service an acura at honda for cheaper?

  • I want to install a hitch on my 05 Pilot. Looks like there are some good options from Hidden-Hitch and Draw Tite, and doesn't look too difficult to install. I'm planning to buy a complete kit from one of the many websites.
    My uses of the hitch will be for a bike rack and using one of those simple utilty type trailers for the occasional moving of a lawn tractor or trip to Lowes...(haven't bought the trailer yet).

    Questions I have are:
    - For those who have installed themselves, did you have any issues? Is the muffler easy to lower from the rubber hangars? How about the wiring harness - easy to connect/route?
    - The kit I like comes with a 4" drop (2 3/4' rise) ball mount. That 4' drop seems like a lot to me... Does that make it too low for a typical trailer? (I 've been told 18-19" from the ground is a good rule of thumb) What are the rest you using?

    Thanks - Mike
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    The mechanical part should be fairly straight forward. Installing the transmission and PS coolers pretty much require removing the front bumper to properly expose the components. Seems there were a few bolts and a zillion pins.

    Look closely at the wiring part of the hitch installation. There may be more to it than simply plugging into a hidden connector. Such as installation of relays and such under the dash. :sick:

    Hopefull not!

  • I have 2003 Pilot EX. Does the front windshield will be affected by the temperature so that it will have uneven curve around the windshield wipers sitting area when the outside temperature is hot enough and then it will recover to the normal curve when the temperature is coming down? I found this problem recently when I clean up the windshield.
    Any recall about this issue?
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    Not sure if there have been more than 10 since 2004, but you can count my 2003 Pilot as number 11 if there haven't. My tranny LOCKED last week when I was going 35-40 mph. I literally started bouncing down the road since the wheels stopped turning. We had the recall work done. My car has very high mileage, but even then, a transmission fails gracefully, not dies a violent death. I can't get the Kodak moment out of my mind about how serious this could have been if someone had been coming in the opposite lane or if my 4 kids had been in the car. I makes me sick to my stomach. It's only by the grace of God, I wasn't going 65 down the interstate. It worries me that this could happen to other 2003 Pilot drivers.
    :cry: :sick:
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    WOW ! We have an 03 Pilot also, so your post got my attention.
    I agree that most transmission deaths are somewhat dignified. Never heard of one trying to take the owner with them.

    I would certainly think that HONDA Corporate would want a close look at yours, as it appears to be a very dangerous failure. They might just wish to quietly slip a new one in at little or no charge.

    How many miles on your Pilot when this happened.

  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    from Honda, concerning the locking transmissions?

  • mes2mes2 Posts: 3
    Honda is picking up the entire cost on a new transmission after the service manager lobbied on our behalf. We had the Honda recall work done in 2004 and have taken immaculate care of our vehicle service wise :) . The original recall was for issues with second gear and when it was pulled from my vehicle earlier this week, it showed serious damage. My auto has $175K miles on it.

    I'm still concerned that this could happen to someone else. My car came to a complete stop in less than 20 feet by literally bouncing down the road since the wheels locked and stopped turning. I'm fearful that a terrible accident is forthcoming for someone.
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    Yep , locking up trany could be a scary ordeal. Glad you have a good end of story.

    My, now, 88 year old mom bought a new Explorer in 1995. Odometer is now in the high 90Ks. She replaced the first trany at around 60K and the next at around 90K.

    Ford did nothing to help. :sick:

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    I'm wondering if anyone else had this problem.

    My transmission is making weird noise when switching gears. I got 130k. I went to the dealer they told me that it wasn't on the recall list and I need a new tranny. I ask them to purge the oil for now and I will see what I'll do later. It seems to have solve the problem for now. Is there an additive that I should use to extend its life expectancy or should I run it like until it get worst?


  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576

    Just curious.
    Did you keep up with the recommended transmission servicing?

    Thinking that IF NOT, the tranny fluid may have indeed been causing the problem.

    My dealer didn't change the rear end dope in our 03 pilot at the 15K service and at about 18K it started making noises when going around corners. Changing out the rear end dope "Fixed" the problem. Car now has near 33K with no farther problem from that area.

  • don132don132 Posts: 2
    No I haven't. I bought it used, it had 110k on it.
    So you think that by purging the old oil it would cure my problem?
    The dealer told me it would be like using a band aid.
    What do you mean by rear end dope? Is it the differentiel?


  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576

    The dealer may be right. Only time will tell.

    On 4WD models, the rear differential dope needs to be drained and refilled with the proper lubricant, every 15,000 miles. If you don't wish to pay a dealer to do it, you can buy the lubricant from the dealer and do it yourself.

    IF you car was maintained at a Honda dealer, it should be available for any Honda dealer, Nation Wide , to pull it up on their computer and see what has been done. :)

    Did you purchase it from a Honda dealer?

  • I purchased a 2005 Honda Pilot in June 2008. I am experiencing the SAME problem. My Honda Dealership told me that I needed brake husband replaced them and it just happened to me again, I am scared to drive my car now, I have a six month old son. Has anyone made any progress with this? Did the new transmission, master cylinder, brake switch work???
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    I made a big hole in the driver side floor. When the brake fails, I dig my heels in to the ground. Works for the most part. I buy my shoes from Costco.
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    I am having the same problem with my 05 Pilot, the brakes have locked up on 2 occasions in the past 7 months. The first time the VSA light came on, I turned off the ignition and re-started the car and it appeared to run OK. I took the car to the dealer... who could find no problems.
    The same thing happened early this week but the VSA light did not come on. After coming across your posting I called Honda at the 800 number and was told they had never herd of this problem. I referenced this web site and had no reply.
    I took the car back to the dealer who again found nothing.
    I called Honda again and they now agree to do some "diagnostic" on the car at the dealer... will wait and see what they find.
    I do believe this issue is known by Honda and either they have no fix or the fix is expensive and will not issue a recall. I also agree it is simply a mater of time till someone gets injured caused by this condition....
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    Since we got our Pilot back around July or August 2008 (had to wait for parts), it has been running okay. Honda changed the modulator and brake switch. When the problem started happening last year, we brought the Pilot to be checked but every time the Honda could not find anything wrong with it. The last time it happened, the VSA light came on, we DID NOT turn off the ignition this time. We drove slowly home (with VSA light on). According to the Honda technician, whenever we turned the engine off, the vehicle’s computer sorts of reboots and fixes itself. So every time we brought it to them, they checked the computer and nothing wrong registered. However, this last time, there was enough information in the vehicle’s computer for them to work on.
    In June 2008, we called the 800 number and filed a complaint with Honda. They are aware of this problem because they documented our problem. We even have a case file # that they provided to us. Be persistent with them and inform your service center of the dangers of driving an unsafe vehicle. The second to the last time we brought our Pilot to them and they could not find anything wrong with, I refused to take it back and drive it home. I was totally afraid to ride in it. They ended up diagnosing it as a problem with the transmission (which they replaced with no charge). The manager assured me 99.9% that it wouldn’t happen anymore that the problem was fixed. But lo and behold, it happened again 2 weeks after. That was when the VSA light came on again and we drove home with it on. I hope that you do not have to go through what we have gone through. It is very stressful and dangerous for your family.
  • jrl7jrl7 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply. The car has been in the svc center for a few days and they have found nothing wrong. Additionally Honda Cust Svc has indicated that there is no other complaint like this. Could you supply us with the case number supplied by Honda and the dealership you worked with? We appreciate your assistance.
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