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2002 Ford Super Duty F-250



  • bessbess Posts: 972
    An F150 could easily handle all of the hauling/towing needs I currently have as well.. I opted for the SuperDuty for the increased interior space, taller, wider, higher stance, 5sp availability, and the desire to own the best looking pickup on the road (imo).
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    I know that!!! I was ribbing on the fact that he said don't buy more than you need. If we believed that we would all be driving Kia's, nobody would own recreational vehicles, we'd all live in 1 room shacks with outhouses. Ok, I know that's extereme but do any of us REALLY buy "JUST what we need?"

    Certainly nobody "needs" a super Duty to pull 4000 pounds. Like you said, it's what we WANT!!!
  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132
    Yes, you are all correct. It is about want, not need. At my height, what I NEED is to be chauffered around in the back seat of a Bentley. But what I WANT is an awesome truck with a blue oval on the front of it LOL. In my brain, I think an F-150 should be OK for me. But in my heart, I think the tallest guy around should have the biggest truck. So there!!! Maybe I'll just get a Unimog and cruise around. Kidding aside, if there was more of a price difference, I might reconsider. But I'll take the "unnecessary" towing power, size, and lower mpg as a trade off for a little more leg room. Did I mention I've been driving a 1988 Civic for six years?

    Seriously, thanks for the comments re:8 vs. 10, white250 and bess. BTW, why "white250" if you're truck is black? Just curious. Anyway, I will probably just test drive each engine and see what I think. Again, I'm not considering the diesel. Just not justified for my expected usage.

    My best friend bought a Ram 2500 3 yrs ago with the 8 liter V-10 (9 mpg), and it's been in the shop continuously. But he does love the power of that Viper engine. In his words, he can pass everything on the road...except a gas station.

    Bess, thanks for the recs on Escape. We checked out some SUV's, and basically decided that in order to get equivalent interior room and versatility to a minivan, we would need to get at least Expidition sized. That would have been fine with me, but my wife did not want that big a vehicle. So Odyssey for the wife it is. I am actually a little cramped in the driver's seat, but less so than in mid-sized SUV like Explorer and 4Runner. I told wife I would sleep curled up in the 3rd row on long trips. ;-)

    Hey, leave Kia alone! At least they have the gumption to put up that warranty. How about Daewoo as the butt of car jokes?
  • vwracervwracer Posts: 90
    Hello All I am new to this board. I am in the process of purchasing my first new vehicle. I am getting a F250 SC SWB 5.4 auto 3.73LS. I drag race a VW and the total weight of my trailer is about 4500 lbs. I looked at the F150 and even though it would fit my needs, I do not really like the F150. They are too NASCAR looking in their front fenders, and that extra 2 inches added to the back of the cab simply looks ugly in my eyes. I think FORD makes the best trucks and didn't even consider a Chevy.
  • tjsusntjsusn Posts: 2
    Thanks all for the info. I think I'm sold on the 5.4...I'll look more at the 3.73 and 4.10, as well as the manual tranny. Thanks again.
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    A friend of mine has a '94 F-250 4x4 supercab long bed and he loves it. It is a great truck, reliable, comfortable and nice looking. His is white with grey cloth interior and the 5.8l (I think) engine.

    Depending on the options you get the price can vary greatly from just a few thousand over the price of an F-150 to many thousands over the F-150. You will get quite a bit more truck though and I think it's worth it even if you don't need that much truck.

    Be aware though, it does ride quite a bit firmer than the F-150. My friends truck is a gut jiggler on the freeway.
  • I'm only 6'5", but I don't fit into a lotta those little sports cars that are normally associated with a mid-life crisis (I'm 43). I had same ideas as you and decided I liked going down the road in biggest pickup around. (There's a big difference in Cab size between Superduties and F-150, especially CC). My wife's got an '00 Odyssey. If I were any taller, it wouldn't be comfortable on long trips. You say you're just "a little cramped in the driver's seat" at 6'10?
    AS far as Pickups go..if you're worried about having to get out no matter what - get the 4x4, but also get a limited slip rear end. That way you always have at least 3 wheels spinning. Put 500+ lbs ballast in the bed and the only thing better than you on the road will be a HumVee.
    Proof: On Feb night last year in CT. we got ~18" of snow, and neighbor's wife went into Labor about 2 weeks early. They couldn't even get their Subaru 4wd outta the garage, Hubby buried the front end in a drift. Ambulance got stuck 4 miles away and was waiting for a plow to come help make them a path. I used to be a paramedic so neighbors called me for help with visions of a home delivery.
    Contractions were still more than 5 minutes apart, but Mom was diabetic, so they decided they really wanted to try for hospital in case baby had problems. My truck was only about a month old at the time, so I was a bit nervous as I hadn't tried it in deep stuff yet. But we had full gas tank, blankets, towels, first aid kit, and shovels, so we decided to give it a try. Turned out the roughest part was getting up the hill in my own driveway (could actually feel LS kick in) as I pushed snow drifts aside with my front end. Truck was great with stock all-terrain Firestones, we made in it to hospital in about 45 minutes (instead of usual 15).
    Mom delivered about half hour later, and baby needed to be monitored for a day in ICU. My truck came out of it the worst. Mom's membranes ruptured in back seat - all the amniotic fluid soaked the upholstery and carpet. It was an interesting odor - new truck and "something" else for about a week. As a thankyou the proud parents gave me a gift certificate to have truck detailed. I wanted them to name baby after me, but they didn't think Walt was a good name for their daughter.
  • Thanks for the laughs wpalkowski. That is a funny birthing story.

    I've enjoyed reading the posts in this group. I bought a 2001 F250 SC Diesel back in June. I am constantly being asked by friends to help move people. (That is one reason I bought it. The other is so I didn't have to ask the wife if I can have the car to drive to work.) I've pulled heavy trailers for these moves. The last move I hit a wood speaker box in the middle of the highway that I couldn't avoid with pulling a trailer and not seeing it until the car infront of me swerved at the last minute. It broke the outside steel wall of the tire ($148). I would have hate to hit it with anything smaller. The box probably would have hit the front bumper. First damage to the pickup. Very sad dark day.

    I never know when I'll need the power, so I went with the diesel. Besides, why buy such a beast and not get the engine that makes it sound like one too? I probably didn't need it, but sure wanted it. A couple years ago, both my wife and I swore we'd never buy a diesel. But my minde was changed.

    I changed the oil myself at 1000 and it was about $48 (that includes the new filter wrench I had to buy for $10.) Just put a 5 gallon bucket underneath it without jacking it up at all. Getting ready to change it again now that I've finally hit 5000.
  • I am looking for aftermarket heated trailer tow mirrors for my new F-250.

    I just found out that the excursion comes with these. I don't know why ford does'nt make this available for the F-250. I,m thinking that they are the same mirror.

    Does anyone have any insight on this ?
  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132
    And good advice! Thanks for the post, Walt. "Walterina" has a nice feminine ring to it, though...
    Thanks for the limited slip tip. I was leaning that way, nice to hear confirmation. How do those all-terrains feel on normal pavement? If you have ridden in an F250 with the all seasons, is there a noticeable difference in noise/ride? I'm not the kind of guy to want to mess with snow tires, etc., so I thought the AT's might suit me best, also.
    As for potential amniotic fluid disasters, I better get the Lariat with leather for easy cleanup! LOL
    In regards to fitting in the Ody, I was laughing after reading your comment. Let's just say I am very used to cramped quarters, and if you saw me getting into my '88 Civic, you'd think you were at the circus! When I get my truck, I may change my way of thinking but right now everything is relative to one's experience, I guess.
  • I've had good luck with OEM Firestone SteelTeks (sp?). (Not sure what's on 2002s now.) I'm mostly on the road, but maybe 10-15% of my driving is on unimproved surfaces ( construction sites) where AT is needed. I'm not going to do any serious off roading or mud bogging in a CC, long bed so they fit my needs. They held their own last winter, but I used to live in snow belt of Central NY, so I've had lot more experience 4-wheeling in snow than most folks. On road's fine, a bit of a "thrumming" noise > 35 MPH, but not too bad. (Get a Diesel, you'll never notice tire noise.) Basically, I try to remember that I'm driving a 7000 lb +, 22 ft long truck, so I don't try to tempt laws of physics by slaloming, or trying to break land-speed records.
    Thing to watch with AT tires - big blocky treads with hard rubber can slide more on wet roads. Some brands of AT's are siped (they have little grooves cut in tread blocks) this alleviates water/mud/snow build up and lets it get to bigger channels in the tire. Makes tire grippier, somwhat quieter, and tends to build up less heat.
    I like Light Truck (LT) ATs because they usually have a tougher carcass - ran P tires on my F-150 for a couple years and kept getting flats and sidewall punctures. Noise from AT depends lot on tire and tread pattern - had a set of Goodyear "Workhorse" tires and I sounded like a squadron of P-51 fighter planes going down the road. Replaced them with a set of Kirklands (from Costco) which were quiet and had better traction.
    Find ride quality has more to do with load and tire pressures. I usually run 40 psi in front, and 50 in rear. Gives a reasonable ride - it's still a truck not a Lincoln Towncar. If I'm loaded heavy (3000 lbs in bed) I'll air up to 60/80 psi and it rides fine with load. However, if you forget to let air out when you're empty, you'll shake the fillings outta your teeth.

    P.S. Used to have '86 CRX Si in my younger days. It was 2 seater so I had plenty of leg room...just used to whack my head going over bumps. Folks would be really surprised when they'd see me unfold from it.
  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132
    Thanks one more time for more great advice, Walt. One of the best things about these boards is the ability to benefit from other's experiences. I actually read your post a few days ago, was just checking back for any new posts so thought I would reply with my gratitude.
    I think I need to go to the dealer next, test out Supercab vs. Crew, V8 vs. V10, bench vs. seats, and figure it out for myself. It may be a few months before I buy, esp. with wife's new car just ordered, but some things are fun to obsess over for a while and this will be one of them!
  • porkyporky Posts: 83
    Good to see one of the early birds still in there posting messages. Any idea where Gossamar, Lewac, Brutus,Lemans, and some of the others are hanging out ???
    I am finally getting close to 20,000 miles on my y2k SD 250 crew cab and have developed the dreaded front end squeak. Sounds like a 200,000 mile jalopy.
    One of you had the same problem and had it fixed, knowing the part number and work bulletin number. (I breezed through the archives and didn't find the specifics.) It would be nice to have them in hand, when I take the truck in to the dealership, in case they tell me that it's normal wear and tear. Any help would be nice.
    Thank's in advance.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    36k on my 00 F250 SC 4x2 5.4l 5sp 4.10ls.. no front end squeeks.. I travel on a fairly rough dirt road every day. There are a few small squeeks when on the washboards but most I think is just junk in my center console and glove compartment..

    One time I had a huge squeal from the right front.. I removed the front wheel and found a pea sized stone jammed between the dust shield and rotor..
    I've heard the front end 4x4 squeaks are the spring isolator bushings, but I could be mistaken.. The front suspension on 4x2's is completely different, and I've not heard of anyone with problems with them.
  • porkyporky Posts: 83
    Thanks for getting back to me.
    You have 4X2 and I have the 4X4 set up, So my memory is failing me !!! I thought you were the first one to describe, in vivid detail, the trials and tribulations that you had getting the noise fixed. Someone out there has the work bulitin number and parts numbers required to fix the spring squeak. I'm going to dive back into the archives and see what I can dig up.
    Thanks again.
  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132
    I just saw a new Ram up close in the parking deck today for the first time. It confirmed what I thought from seeing a few on the road -- I don't like it. Am I the only one that thinks the grille change is an attempt to look more like the F250 while retaining the Dodge shape? And, combined with the Tonka concept unveiled recently, is 2002 going to be the last model year for the F250, or any other pickup, to look, well, like a truck?
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Excuse me, but Dodge came out with the "big rig" styling in '94. Ford used some of Dodge's styling, NOT the other way around.
  • fordtuffordtuf Posts: 101
    Although it is what I patterned my handle after it didn't quite work out that way this time.
    I bought the 99 SD250 the 1st year model, I told myself...."self you have never had trouble with Ford before, so why worry this time." My truck has been at the dealer over a dozen times in the last 18-20 mos. It still isn't close to being right. Front end, rear end, transfer case, and bad vibrations above 75mph.

    The only good part of this story is that after 2 years of complaining at the service people and service manager. And after writing to Ford customer no-service. I finally got to talk to the owner of the dealership. To my amazement he new quite a bit about my situation. What ticked me off was they were not doing anything on there own, I had to keep on complaining. It is true, the sqeaky wheel gets the grease.

    They talked with Ford and Ford agreed to contribute $5000 toward the purchase of a new truck. The gave me a very nice trade in value for my piece of j, oops. My truck. They sold me the new truck at $500 over invoice and placed it on order last night. (6-8 weeks?) getting a 02 sc,4x4,xlt, wht/slv,V10

    Same as the old truck except color, and hopefully the headaches.

    Wish me luck.
  • As the owner of a '98 Ram 1500 4X4 who is now lookin to move up to a Crew Cab Diesel (new Travel Trailer, bigger kids), I won't even consider the "New Dodge Ram". Although I had every intention to wait until this fall for the 3/4 and 1 tons to come out with the new "CREW" redesign, I'm now shopping Ford 250/350 PSD. Sure, I've tried to let the new "crew" design grow on me. But it hasn't happened. The new Ram "crew" is such a huge dissapointment. I am indeed a Cummins diesel fan, but not if the ride makes me puke. DC really missed the mark.
  • Does anyone off road with their f250? maybe one witht he psd? I am maybe looing into one and I do off road and was wondering how the truck as well as the psd performed?
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    Depending on your description of "off roading"
    a diesel may not be the best choice. Weight and throttle response are the issues.
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    The biggest problem with offroading with one of the new turbo diesels is the turbo. At idle the turbo is not being used, until the turbo winds up there is little power and that setup is not good for low speed crawling, if you are using it for high speed blasting the turbo diesel would be good but not great.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    The PSD seems to have alot of low end grunt, even prior to the turbo really kicking in.
    It seems to me the biggest weakness of the PSD for off-roading is simply the massive weight of the engine which causes the front end to want to sink more in the mud..
  • doscardoscar Posts: 12
    Does anyone know anyway to make a Crew Cab rear seat fold in 2002 trucks? Is there an after market kit or hinges for this? Any help would be appreciated..
  • Bought a new 2002 F250 4x4 crewcab last October and am really enjoying it. The truck is so big though that the 32 inch tires on it (A/Ts) look a little small. Any idea on how big I can go in tire size - first with no lift, and then with 3 inches of lift. (I know that I will need to get larger rims either way.)
    Also, once we hit the winter months, I started to get a very noticeable squeak when I turned the steering wheel each morning. Took it in and they said some part of the steering mechanism had not been lubricated properly - and so they did just that. It was fine - no squeak at all - for the first couple of weeks, but now the squeak is back a little each morning just after I start the truck. Anyone else experiencing any squeak at all. Just wondering if I should take the truck back in.
    Thanks for any help with either question!
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    But I would bet alot of money that you could fit some 33 x 12.50s under there with minimal (if any rubbing). With three inches you could probably go on up to 35s I would bet. Whether or not you offroad and experience lots of suspension flex determines how much space you will really need in between the rubber and the fenders.
  • fordtuffordtuf Posts: 101
    no trouble with clearance. The guy's at my local shops have said they have put 305's on these trucks with no lift.

    You know you'll loose power and ABS begins to be affected. I have not had any trouble but much bigger and you will need some recallibration.

    As for the squeak:
    Welcome to the world of Ford SD. I have the 99 F250, The have a problem with them and finally started putting in hard plastic spring isolator tips, not sure if they are polyeurethane(sp?) or not. They almost always squeak when cold, and sometimes when its not cold. Everyone has talked about this for three years, still Ford hasn't fixed it. We just learn to ignore it.
  • dbossmandbossman Posts: 28
    I am shopping for a tow vehicle to drag my 1970 Boss Mustang around the country to car shows, speed events, etc. I noticed something interesting when comparing the F150 and F250 towing specs (on the Ford site).

    Ford says the F150 SuperCab 4x2 with the 5.4 and 3.73 is rated to tow an 8600 lb trailer. With the 4.10 the rating stays at 8600.

    The F250 SuperCab 4x2 with the 5.4 and 3.73 is rated to tow only 7500 lbs. With the 4.10, the rating jumps to 9000.

    What gives? Any thoughts on which is the better option?
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Go with the SuperDuty with the 4.10.

    Bigger payload, better brakes, heavier suspension, bigger interior, and a better looking truck in my opinion.

    By the time you load a F150 with payload and cooling packages the cost will be similar to that of the SuperDuty..
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