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Land Rover Range Rover



  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    2004 still has the CD based system. There are a few software updates from my 2003, but the nav system is not the RR's strong point. There is no delete option.... but most nav systems (Honda excepted) are somewhat tricky, however, it will get you there if you need it!
  • dodindodin Posts: 5
    The nav comes standard.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I may be coming back to the Range Rover fold. I had one before my 01 X5 that's about to go off lease. My old Range Rover was a great vehicle, I was one of those somewhat rare Rover owners that kept it way past the 100k mark (160k miles).

    Cayenne or Range Rover - I'm a Porsche fan as well, this will be an interesting choice. Another SUV I like a lot is the VW Touareg, it's interior design, material quality, fit and finish isn't too far off the Range Rover's at all, it's very nearly equal.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Here is the opening text of the Service Bulletin regarding the Steering Column Squeak: Contact your dealer for full text and resolution.

    Steering Column Cowl Rub
    No: 76/22/03/NAS
    Issue: 1
    Date: 12/05/03
    New Range Rover (LM) All
    The column cover may have been incorrectly installed during a repair procedure permitting contact with the steering wheel and causing a rubbing noise. The information in the current RAVE Workshop Manual is incomplete and does not indicate all required steps.
    Should a customer express concern regarding the above, follow the rectification procedure outlined in
    this bulletin.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    What production month should one get a Range Rover that has all the "fixes"??

  • I'm another one considering these 2 to replace my 2000 BMW 528i.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    I believe all the "kinks" have been resolved. All manufacturers progressively improve their cars and update items as and when a problem arises.
    I have a 2003 and a 2004 RR, and I had maybe one or two small issues with the 2003 and none with the 2004. Aside from improvements to the radio and nav software, there are no other noticeable differences. If you get a late 2003 or a 2004 I think you'll be OK.
    You might want to check out the upgraded luxury package ($5000) on the 2004... the seats are awesome, and there is leather on the doors and upper dashboard.
    I subscribed to a RR technical service bulletin update, and there have been very few new items since October of last year.
  • jalivjaliv Posts: 5
    Does anyone experience an almost continuous creaking from the left and right side wood dash areas of the 2003? Mine, for lack of a better explanation can be caused to creak by simply veering left and right on the steering wheel, or driving down washboard roads. The dealership has tried to rectify to no avail. Living in a northern climate a majority of the noise I had attributed to expansion due to the heater.

    Many Thanks
  • ak103ak103 Posts: 11
    Since this hasn't been answered yet and some people have asked, I'll go into it a bit (slightly long).

    The RR is a full size SUV, the Cayenne more or less is midsize. The Cayenne is more of a sport oriented SUV, still has touches of luxury but the suspension is harsher than the RR (which can be described as smooth, slightly bouncy). Granted the RR isn't a bad handling vehicle, just the Cayenne is better. The RR has nice throttle response for its size, but still not anywhere close to the Cayenne S (talking 8.9-9.0sec to 60 vs. around 7.1-7.2sec for the Cayenne).

    Now the subjective part, I think the RR is an infinitely better looking vehicle. Has a more classic, stately, and prestigious appearance to it. The RR is also more exclusive. With the introduction of the Cayenne V6 (bases at $43k), the Cayenne is destined to become a very common vehicle....just like the X5. Granted, the Cayenne Turbo has a slightly more unique look to it(different hood and bumper, red calipers, rear valence) but overall to most peoples eyes they all look the same. So it takes minimum $43k to get into a Cayenne and still takes $72k to get into a RR.

    As far as the interiors are concerned, I like both the Cayenne and RR...but some things about the Cayenne's gut just strike me as a tad low rent.

    Both vehicles Nav systems are not the easiest and are CD based.

    So I would say.....If you're looking for more of a luxury ship with classic charm take a hard look at the RR. On the other hand, if you want a little sport in your SUV (steering wheel mounted shift buttons) and welcome the slightly smaller overall size take a look at the Cayenne.
  • elegance does not come from the shape of the grill. It comes from long hard work over an entire lifetime. It comes from impeccable quality not propoganda. Elegance is also a byproduct of strong character. And character comes from qualities.

    Dandman: If we were to believe you then Pamela should be the first choice for marriage. While we are behind the AAA truck, the mechanic is sleeping with Pamela. LOL! How funny the elegance is!
  • tomc4stomc4s Posts: 2
    I have an April 03 production August 03 delivery 2003 and have noticed the creaking, especially when the vehicle is cold. Mostly from the dash area, but mainly when going over minor bumps, or turning hard. I do not really want to have the dealer take apart and reassemble the dash, the usual fix.

    Also, any way to make the NAV screen default to off on start up?

    Has anyone hard wired a V1 using the power in the overhead light module? Is it easy to remove the light console to tap into a switched lead?

  • jalivjaliv Posts: 5
    Many thanks for the reply. You are wise to opt against the dealer repair. Invariably it took a couple of trips back to get the panels re-assembled correctly and still the creaking persists. Yet everything else about the body hardware is solid. Oh, mine is a June '02 build, October '02 delivery.

    Sorry I don't have a solution to offer to your questions.

    Kind Regards
  • tomc4stomc4s Posts: 2
    Thanks jaliv for your response.

    I would weigh in on the Cayenne v. RR issue in favor of the RR. I drove a Cayenne S twice and found it not to be comfortable for a SUV type vehicle. Sure it is faster off the line than the RR, but you give up a lot in features and more importantly, space, for both driver and passengers, and cargo.

    If I want to corner and accelerate fast (relative to SUVs, not supercars) I drive the Porsche C4S. If I need the space, the RR wins out.

    Anyone hardwire a radar detector using the overhead light console? I am looking for detail on the panel removal.

  • There is a new nav system, plus blue-tooth cell ph communication system planned for the new '05 models, due to come out around June or July. I've have been waiting for the new Nav systems to come out, and my local dealer said should be here mid year. If you want to see the new Nav system just go to your local Jag dealer - same one (Ford built) very nice, touch screen, voice commands, touch screen audio system, Ph syste, built-in, etc. . . Anyone else been waiting, I think i will be well worth the wait.
  • 911fan911fan Posts: 1
    Did you happen to notice or discuss whether or not a satellite radio system would be part of the new system offered?
  • ksurgksurg Posts: 48
    This is the first time I visited this thread. Like others on this site I have recently considered buying a RR or Cayenne, mostly to take advantage of the commercial vehicle tax deduction. Interestingly I too own a C4S, but on the other hand I also have a Yukon XL. Although I haven't made up my mind yet I am leaning towards the RR. Why? Because it's as luxurious as a SUV can be and has better than average performance. Other than the turbo Cayenne(which will set you back upwards of $90K well equipped) I think the sport part of the euphemism SUV is lost. It's hard to justify a vehicle purchase based on status and exclusivity alone. As for aesthetics... it truly is in the eye of the beholder.
  • ak103ak103 Posts: 11
    I haven't heard anything about a new Nav system coming out, not saying the info is wrong though. And don't new model year RRs come out in the Oct area? The 05 will be out by June/July? Our Alv. Red/luxury pack/20s just came in and the salesguy said the 05 won't show up until Oct. The only reason he had brought that up was that if he couldn't locate the vehicle we wanted (which he did)...there was a good chance he wouldn't be able to get the vehicle by the model year end and we would have had to wait until 05 (overall he has been straight up all along).

    If the 05 Nav is new (dvd based), hopefully it can be retrofitted at a somewhat reasonable cost. I should say though, the Jag Nav system isn't so intuitive either with that touch screen (still fussy). Its a tad easier to use than the RRs but not by a large margin. The main advantage to the switch will be that its DVD based (makes things a little more convenient for those that travel all over the place).
  • Yes I also heard that the mid-year '05 will also have the satellite radio system. The new Nav and mid-year features were to come our as a mid-year '04 upgrade, but LR decided to just wait and come out with it in the '05 model. I am suppose to hear back from local dealer when they will actually be getting their '05's in. The ordering is suppose to be taking place the end of March to arrive sometime in June / July. But that's what I hear back on, when I do, will post the date(s). Pretty reliable source as he/she has been back to the RR plant and actually saw the new nav, blue-tooth, radio, camera and other goodies coming out. Pricing? We will have to wait and see.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    Does the 2005 model still have BMW powertrain?? I hope that it would.
  • I have an '00 Range Rover that has been diagnosed with a very small oil leak coming from the "rear main seal". Can anyone tell me what the rear main seal is and if it is a good idea to change that seal. The dealer said it would take 3-4 days to do the work due to the complexity. I don't like the sound of that because it supposedly entails dismantling the transmission among other things. I am not keen on having that much disassembled due to possible future resultant problems. Can't they just tighten the bolts? Does anyone have any experience with this repair? Thanks.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    This seal goes around the crankshaft and keeps the engine oil inside. At that juncture the crankshaft is exiting the engine and entering the transmission so there's lots of stuff in the way.

    It cannot be tightened to make it seal better, and please DO NOT pour that "stop leak" stuff into your engine... it causes many more problems than it "might" solve.

    My Rover (same V8) looked as if it had the same leak... they looked a little harder (dye in the oil and fluorescing investigation) and found it was my failing cork valve cover gasket. Those are simple and fast to replace, and the oil seeping down the back of the block looks just like a leak at the main.

    My question: how much is a "very small" leak? Do you get a drop overnight? 5 drops?

    I personally would not have it changed unless it was leaking badly. A teaspoon of oil overnight would bother me a lot. Otherwise I'd live with it and avoid problems "down the road" as you suggest. A piece of cardboard beneath the drip will keep the garage clean.

    Besides, this way you'll be missing out on one of the most valuable of all Rover diagnostics: "when it stops leaking, it's empty".

    Seriously, this sounds like a very minor leak (hopefully) and I wouldn't pay 3-4 days labor to fix it.

    Best regards,
  • You didn't say if your 2000 RR is still under warranty. If it is, why not have whatever is leaking fixed for free???? If it is really the main seal leaking, it's not uncommon for the leak to get worse over time. The dealer will give you a rental car at their expense during the repair.

    If your RR is already out of warranty, then I agree with nanug, if it's a tiny leak, you should wait to see if it gets worse.
  • -Bob Thanks for the input. I do not know if they checked the valve cover gasket but I'll mention it to them. The car is under warranty until end of Feb. The car drips maybe 1-5 drops. I'm hesitant to embark on such a repair without a second opinion. Thanks for the info.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Mine is a '96 and at that vintage they were still using cork rocker gaskets... which leaked. The TSB list recommended replacement with rubber gaskets, and they work great. Another common leak point is in the vee of the intake. A dye treatment in the oil will reveal a leak there as well.

    Y'know if it's under warranty, I'd think pretty hard about having this fixed. Especially if they'll put in writing that anything getting disturbed by THIS repair remains covered after warranty expiration. You might also ask them to gauge the main bearings and such as it's apart just to make sure all is well in the engine room. It seems a little premature for a rear main leak with ... what did you say, 20k miles? Maybe they can "mike" the crank to ensure roundness and stuff too. Or it could have just been a bad seal. I've seen plenty of those.

    Rovers are easy enough to work on, and simple enough, that any time I had the chance for warranty work I'd have them dig in a little. They went ahead and did many items from the TSB list for free, and upgraded quite a lot of my truck. The trucks aren't complex enough that I worried about fixing one thing, but breaking two others.
  • sam818,
    In your message, you stated that you noticed improvements to the nav system from 03 to 04. Can you ellaborate?
  • I've noticed that my nav system often gives inefficient directions. For example, using the nav system to get home from downtown, the nav system gives instructions to exit the highway 2 exits before the nearest exit to my house and drive through neighborhood streets. I have the "fastest route" option selected so I don't understand the reason for the inefficient routings. I've noticed this "weird" logic on several occasions when I use the nav system to get to familiar destinations. My BMW, which has the same Nav system, doesn't seem to have this issue.

    Anyone else experience this?
  • Without a Workshop manual, I scoured the Web and Usenet and found nothing describing the process of removing the speaker cover. So I popped one out with a flat screwdriver. There's a flimsy plastic tab on top, and four plastic bolts with small metal "nuts" that broke off. The Harman Kardon speaker was not screwed into the holes.

    I bought the Infinity 3002cf 3-1/2" at Circuit City for $59 and found that it fits the holes fine but it's slightly thick on the back and front. So I'm returning it tomorrow.

    So (1) anyone know how to "properly" remove the speaker covers? And (2) what's a good compatible speaker replacement?

    Thanks in advance!

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Anyone have further insight into the upcoming DVD-based nav? Just trying to gauge my new RR order to try to include this, if possible, while keeping the BMW-based drivetrain. TIA, JC
  • ksurgksurg Posts: 48
    I was in a dealership today. I can't guarantee the info but they were saying that the March vehicles will have rain sensing wipers and the May Range Rovers the new navigation system. As for rumors about a new drive train they claim the BMW engine is under contract for five three more years I guess.
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