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Land Rover Range Rover



  • jchris2000jchris2000 Member Posts: 9
    Very interesting. May is perfect and personally worth waiting for. Thanks for your follow up! JC
  • dodindodin Member Posts: 5
    The owner of my dealership told me that it looks like the 05s will be Jag guts (with a probable V-12 Ast-Mart upgrade). The new Jag Nav system will then come on these...I didn't think it was worth the wait/gamble of a Jag engine.
  • intmed99intmed99 Member Posts: 485
    Hey all, what do you guys think of the Logic 7 system?? From my testdrive, it's amazing! Nice bass. Nice soundstage. Now the big question...for the owners, is it reliable?? that is, any rattles with bass over time?? Any speaker blowouts??

  • outriggeroutrigger Member Posts: 40

    Well, since you asked, I would give the Logic 7 sound system in my 2003 RR a "B."


    First, It has a very boomy mid-bass; the region around 200 Hz. or so. Unless you keep the volume down, this boom will cloud over the vocals or other mid-range parts of the music. My solution is to use the tone control to turn the bass down, which then makes you lose a lot of the really nice deep bass (if it's on the CD you're playing.) I've tried many different recordings, and played around with the interior configurations (rear seats up or down, package shelf in or out, soft luggage in rear area, etc.) but the mid-bass boom is always there. My previous generation Range Rovers had a separate volume control for the sub-woofer which allowed excellent control of this problem and I was very disappointed that the new ones only have bass & treble controls.

    Second, the upper mid-range and treble is too harsh (overly bright). Turning the treble on the tone control down helps a lot, but results in the higher frequencies almost disappearing. I have burned CDs from very smoothly recorded HQ vinyl LPs through a Jadis phono pre-amp and Audio Research Reference line amp (both tubed units and not at all harsh sounding) and still have to turn down the treble when I play the CD in the Range Rover, so this harshness is not just a result of what's on the CD.

    I crank the volume to max quite often, and am suprised how loud it'll play without distorting, buzzing, or rattling. It will definitely rock out!

    The soundstage is ok, but I've never heard a car audio system that can pinpoint people or instruments in space like a good purist 2 channel home audio system. Mine has worked without any trouble or glitches so far.

    Hope this helps.
  • intmed99intmed99 Member Posts: 485
    Yeah, i am comparing the Logic7 system to the Lexus LX470 Mark Levinson system. So far, the Logic7 probably has a better soundstage, but the Mark Levinson has better sound (clearer and more natural).

    Unfortunately, that big mid-bass and sometimes harsh upper frequency is also seen in my M3 (which has the Harman/Kardon upgrade).

    Thanks again.
  • waldrojewaldroje Member Posts: 4
    For those about to write a check... Just got our '03 RR back from service, 11th time in a year. We've had 3 majors, the oft quoted steering column replacement, an DCU replacement which had all electrical systems disabled, including airbags, and a front differential replacement. In between we've had it in for the Inactive Air Suspension warning twice, resulting in a compressor replacement the second time. Most recently, I had to jump start it, and found out certain systems were continuing to drain the battery even after shutting off the car, but only when it is unlocked. The only solution at the present is to keep the car locked. Like all, we enjoy the car when its working, but if you have children riding in it, at some point you might question your sanity risking their lives in a 75k vehicle as poorly put together as this.
  • kennykenny Member Posts: 1
    I am thinking about buying a used 2002 RR with low miles. i have never owned a RR but have always loved them. does anyone have any thoughts or insight on this year and model?
  • mrtoad3mrtoad3 Member Posts: 68
    Just an update on the repair for the leaking main seal on my '00 RR(still under warranty). My greatest fears have become reality. While repairing the oil leak, they must not have reinstalled everything correctly because when I picked up the car it started very rough and idled rough, had a hard time reaching speed above 50 mph, made grinding and clacking noises when idling in park and neutral, and still leaks oil! Also, had serpentine belt and a squeeky idler- pully replaced. Land Rover roadside asst. picked it up this morning and will take it to the dealer which is 60 miles away. Ugh! I should have lived with the leak and put a bucket underneath. I'll keep the updates on the saga coming.
  • mrtoad3mrtoad3 Member Posts: 68
    Well, the dealer called with news on the problems exprienced yesterday. It turns out that when the transmission was reinstalled, the torque converter bolts were not tightened fully and it loosened and was moving and rattling around in the transmission while driving. That accounted for the crunching and clacking noises. The inspection showed that the tranny had no damage (so they say) and all was reinstalled again. We'll see how it goes today upon pickup.
  • nanuqnanuq Member Posts: 765
    ...they would hear that when they started it up to move it out of the garage upon completion.

  • c_dubbc_dubb Member Posts: 2
    Hello all!

    My wife and I have recently been involved in a car accident that lead to the deletion of our Mitsubishi Galant. WE are obviously now out and about car shopping. My wife and I are very active people and enjoy Tahoe in summer and winter. However, my Explorer Sport is only 2WD. She likes the idea of owning a safe SUV and recently ran into a 97 RR with 35,000miles for $17,000. I am in shock of course simply because I thought a RR was out of our league. The thing is in mint condition and feel that it probably never left the road surface since I live in silicon valley and most people that own RR's here are more concerned with status. Aside from the background I just gave, do you think it would be a wise investment? We could certainly enjoy the luxury 4WD on our adventures, but have noticed some problems with RR's on this messageboard. Is there anything odd about the 97' that makes the price so inviting? Or should I consider a newer Freelander about the same price? Thank you for your advice!!!!
  • texbmwtexbmw Member Posts: 25
    I test drove a 04 RR over the weekend. Dealer says DVD nav systems have been pushed back to 05, although the rainsensing wipers are available now. Also, there is now a factory authorized DVD entertainment system for the RR. 10 disc changer and flip down screen. Only drawback is it does not play over the car's speaker system, only over wireless headphones. Other than that, car was awesome. Handling and fit and finish were head and shoulders above the others I have tested (Navigator, Denali, Lexus)
  • nabzynabzy Member Posts: 29
    Well I am in Saudi waiting patiently for my 04 range rover, I ordered back in jan, was supposed to come by mid feb but its got held up at the port, should be here in the next week/10days....

    I guess I shouldnt be complaining too much though, the car with standard discount here comes to SR 245,000 approx $65,300 which is somewhat cheaper than the US and given it equates to about 33,800 pounds sterling seems to be a steal :)

    We get one "spec" here, HSE model, (unless you go autobiography) which is from what I can see exactly the same as the cars you get in the US, although we dont have the options of the heated package (useless here anyway) and the luxury interior package. We do get a standard cell phone though that can be detached from the car and used outside the vehicle, I am not sure if you guys get that in the US, plus the nav screen has the tv option as well. Finally, seems to be more color options here than I saw on the US site, getting white/parchment, a good combo I think for the Saudi heat.
  • brandmar1brandmar1 Member Posts: 17
    Tincup, I would appreciate any info on this 93 Range Rover. I am seriously considering purchasing this vehicle. Thanks.

  • texbmwtexbmw Member Posts: 25
    Correction to my previous post. DVD player will play over the car speakers with the addition of FM modulator. Installation still takes place at dealer and is covered by warranty.
  • youngturkyoungturk Member Posts: 30
    TexBMW - Did the dealer quote a price on the DVD system? Which dealer did you visit?

    '04 Range Rover (Black/Gray)
  • frankfrank Member Posts: 12

    I am about to get a 2000 SE for 26000 with only 24000 miles. I drove the truck and loved it. I am wondering about the 4.0 litter instead of 4.6.
    Is it making a big difference to get the 4.6 if I am not pulling a boat or trailer?
    Any other considerations?
  • outriggeroutrigger Member Posts: 40
    I have had and/or driven both. My experience is the 4.0L engine is notably smoother, gets better gas mileage, and isn't really that much slower than the 4.6L.
  • texbmwtexbmw Member Posts: 25
    I was at the Austin, TX dealership, but I had called up to the Dallas one as well. Both were quoting around $3,300 but offering discounts. The system is fairly cool. It is completely integrated into the interior as far as looks are concerned and the screen is motorized. If its down when you start the car up (in the morning for instance) it automatically retracts into the unit. What really got me was the 10 disc changer. This should prevent fumbling around changing movies for the kids during a trip.
  • jjlivjjliv Member Posts: 3
    Was wondering what people's experience has been with mud, slush, gravel rash etc, impacting and flinging up the side panels of their vehcles has been. Had mud flaps installed on our 2003, and barring the ground clearance issues, they seem relatively effective, but prefer the cleaner lines without. Am purchasing a 2004 and wondering if the mud flaps are really needed?

    Thanks in advance.
  • rrmaniacrrmaniac Member Posts: 7
    I have 2004 and no mud flaps. Was in Colorado last fall, on some bad stuff, and there's a small amount of road rash on the black plastic....but you can't see it unless you kneel down and look real close.

    My main reason for no mud flaps is that they are solid/hard and since I do "real" off roading......the mud flaps can come down onto the boulder you've just gone over and smash up into the car and then actually do extensive damage to the body panel.
  • jjlivjjliv Member Posts: 3
    Thank you so very much for the input. I think I will forgo the mud flaps then on the 2004. I too use the vehicle off road and the flaps on the 2003 have been a constant source of concern due to their rigidity.

    Again, so very many thanks.
  • garveygarvey Member Posts: 2
    I was out looking for a '04 RR at some dealerships over the weekend. While I think that this SUV is about as great as it gets, the one thing that really bothers me...It sure seems that for the "top of the Line" suv in the market, it sure stunk when it came to the DVD/NAV/integrated phone system (lack thereof).

    Does anyone know when they plan on upgrading these items? '05 models? The dealerships wouldn't give me a straight answer. If I'm going to shell out this much cash, I'd rather wait until they get "competitve" here.
  • texbmwtexbmw Member Posts: 25
    I just bought an 04 RR and have been completely happy with it. I was troubled by the lack of the DVD nav and the phone as well. The phone solution was simple, the dealership installed a Bluetooth system which works like a charm. All you see is a small (about 3/4 inch)blue lit keypad attached to the dash next to the DSC switch. The phone system has performed flawlessly and is one of my favorite features. It may even be possible to use the actual steering wheel controls with the Bluetooth, at least that's what the BMW dealer told me. AS for the nav system, it has worked fine although it is not as user friendly as a DVD system. Additionally, if you're interested the factory dvd system is great and very easy to operate.
  • msullymsully Member Posts: 1
    What is the average fuel consumption on this vehicle? I'm looking into leasing a '04 or '05 RR but would really appreciate some feedback as to what people are getting as far as mpg.
  • youngturkyoungturk Member Posts: 30
    TexBMW - 1) Which dealer installed the Bluetooth system, and how much did it cost? 2) Is it the Sony Ericsson bluetooth kit? 3) Are Range Rovers now coming from the factory with the DVD entertainment installed, or was it dealer-installed? 4) Tell us how the DVD entertainment system integrates with the car stereo.

    Thanks in advance,

  • youngturkyoungturk Member Posts: 30
    14 in the city, 17 highway - at 80+ mph.

  • texbmwtexbmw Member Posts: 25
    1) Land Rover Austin did it through a aftermarket installer they use. I think it listed at about $350, but the dealer included it in the price of the car. Like I said though, flawless performance thus far.
    2)It is the Sony Ericcson kit.
    3)The DVD system is a dealer installed option, but was developed at the factory in combination with Sony. The thing operates from the rear either through the touchpad or by remote. The factory system does not integrate with the stereo, but the dealer installed an FM modulator and it plays over the radio now. Sound quality is great. It is a really easy system to operate. Also, its a 10 disc changer, so you can load it up for long trips and never have to fumble around switching movies. It comes with two sets of wireless headphones for older kids too.
  • karlusmagnuskarlusmagnus Member Posts: 4
    I am looking for a 2000 or 2001 (reasonably priced) RR, and I test drove a 2000 4.6 HSE over the weekend and it looked fine, it drove fine. The dealer had nothing to say about its past other than that it was bought at auction and that he did not have service records. So I carfaxed the VIN and found that it was a corporate lease with 4 owners in MI, NJ and PA as well as being sold in Dec 03 after auction. Yet here it is on sale again here in April 04 and it has 5 months and 8k miles before warranty ends. I don't have service records either. So my quandry is whether or not to pursue the matter. I would prefer to know the service records considering the fact that it has so many previous owners. It drives fine but as this would be my virgin RR, I am not too familiar and would scracely know where to start. One old wives tale I had heard was to avoid end of warranty models (6-9 months remaining on warranty). Another was to avoid 4.6 HSE and look for 4.0 SE instead. All I can say is that exterior and interior look fine. No oil leaks underneath, it starts ok from cold, and undercarriage looks ok.
    The VIN is SALPV1649YA444539. I had heard that TinCup was a sage and could offer sensible advice. I welcome input from anyone that can help.
  • outriggeroutrigger Member Posts: 40

    There are plenty of 2000 4.6HSE Range Rovers available. If this one has too many stories, pick out another one.

    I have recommended that anyone buying a used RR make sure is has at least 6-9 months of factory warranty remaining. My experience is that it will take about that long to correct everything that should be fixed, and paying for that yourself could be very, very expensive. Yes, there are probably several issues that need fixing on any used RR you buy, but, in my opinion, the vehicle is well worth this trouble, and once everything is fixed properly, the RR will last almost forever.

    By the way, the odds are that the head gaskets are seeping and need replacement.
  • karlusmagnuskarlusmagnus Member Posts: 4
    Thanks outrigger for the advice. I am in no rush and also am open to 4.0 SE ... meaning it does not have to be 4.6 although it is recommended from what I have read. I understand your point about the 6-9 months and it is well taken. There are quite a lot of vehicles out there at end of warranty or with 2-6 months remaining on warranty.
    When you say odds are ... head gaskets etc, why do you believe this and where can I read up on it? I have been to as well as a multitude of other sites including one english site which specializes in P-38A's.
  • johnsonjohnson Member Posts: 4
    lucky you, i live in costa rica and the 04' rr is 100+, considering a tahoe is 60k it becomes a no brainer but its still a hangover when you look at what it costs two hours away duty free in miami,

    la vida loca
  • garveygarvey Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know when the '05 model RR will come out? June/July? or October?

    Does anyone know what changes are forecasted for the next year?

    I can't seem to find this out anywhere on the net or from the dealers I've spoken with.
  • outriggeroutrigger Member Posts: 40

    I just don't know anyone with a 1996 and up Land Rover with the 4.0/4.6L engine that has not had to have the head gaskets replaced. Plus, there are 2 garages in my area that specialize in Land Rover and they both told me how they have to add extra sealant to the factory replacement head gaskets to keep them from failing again in another year or two.

    You're right, there's doesn't appear to be anything on about this.
  • karlusmagnuskarlusmagnus Member Posts: 4
    Thanks again outrigger. IYHO, the P-38A is a better buy over a Classic or even the LWB version of 93-95? I am interested to hear other owners experiences especially if they have what I am contemplating buying, namely a 2001 4.6SE, or perhaps a 95LWB or Classic SWB3.9L version.
    Thanks again.
  • 12361236 Member Posts: 34
    I have had a deposit on a G/Green Lux package for the past 6 months. Last week it finally came in (looks amazing) I decided to pass & wait for the 05 simply because I can't justify dropping 90K & then spending 2k to put an after market phone system in.
    As a Brit living in the U.S. I have it on good authority the 05's will have The BMW engine Bluetooth phone & touch-screen Nav system. Now all it needs are automatic headlights & it should be a pretty nice motor>
  • 12361236 Member Posts: 34
    I have been told the 05's will be available October
  • johnsonjohnson Member Posts: 4
    are the bluetooth/nav the only chnages due for the 05?

    awaiting my 04, ten days to go :)
  • jchris2000jchris2000 Member Posts: 9
    Anyone know if the cherry wood trim is available anywhere in the U.S. with Sand/Jet interior? It is such a gorgeous trim yet I cannot seem to find it (am in the Northeast) even though it shows as being available on the website: 9DA7E8F77.htm#

    (then click on Sand/Jet in the standard interior color options)

    Please help!
    TIA, JC
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    Unless they have changed the specs since January, walnut is the only combo available with sand. I too tried to find the sand/cherry combo, but while available in Europe, they have consolidated the colors for North America. Too bad, because the cherry is outstanding, while my walnut, while still better than OK, is just kinda dark and blends in too much.
  • 12361236 Member Posts: 34
    As far as I am aware these are the only changes. Supossidly they were going to introduce this upgrade on the last of the 04's but decieded to hold back for the 05's. The dealership's will not give you this info as they want to encourage the sale of the 04's
  • johnsonjohnson Member Posts: 4
    makes sense i guess, bout 4 more days till i pick up my 04, if it makes me happy i suppose i oculd care less at the upgrades, at 100k+ i gotta keep this bad boy till 2010!

    enjoy people,
  • ttalonettalone Member Posts: 7
    I just talked to my local dealer (Calif), and the 1st orders for the '05 RR were either suppose to be the end of this month (April) or the end of next month (May). I was told that the April order was the last orders for '04's by my dealer. So next month (end of May) should be the 1st orders placed by dealers for the '05's. I'm 2nd on the list and will be notified when they get their ordering guides sometime in May for the exact '05 features and colors. They are suppose to be introducing a few new colors, doing away with the leather dash for the Lux package, the new DVD nav, camera, bluetooth ph, and still some things to come. But with a end of May order, should be seeing the 1st '05 to arrive sometime in early July. Hope this helps.
  • johnsonjohnson Member Posts: 4
    so being in latin america and not having the option of getting 20's for my 04, i was looking at aftermarket 20's and the dealer is giving me flak about the suspension? id guess the morons just want me to buy thier wheels while just back from south beach and every range there rides on 20's and up to 24's for the love of god, what gives,

    i have an order in for some italian wheels be here ina c´pl mos but at 265, 50 20's am i gonna have trouble for some reason or another with 20's, dudes in sb likey ride on high all day and dont give a rats [non-permissible content removed] bout warranties or anything, course they likely didnt pay a retarded 40% premium either,

    any info would be much app,
  • fourmill33fourmill33 Member Posts: 1
    I've a 04 RR, just want to know if your navigation map scale changes (increase) while driving? Is this normal? What version software is yours running?
  • lrloverlrlover Member Posts: 1

    I am currently driving a 2000 Land Rover Disco II and I now want trade it in for a 1999-2001 Range Rover. I am confused on whether I should get an SE or HSE and whether or not the wind noise is just as bad in these vehicles while on the interstate.
  • karlusmagnuskarlusmagnus Member Posts: 4
    I can only give you the benefit of my experience as I had to decide between a 2001 SE or HSE and for me it came down to price. The main differences are 18" or 16" wheels and SATNAV or not as well as some extra leather/wood trim. I didn't need these extra features or not at the premium that I was seeing for them. It was more important to me that the rover be in good condition, 30k-35k miles with service history and 9-12 months warranty remaining so I could fix any problems that arose under warranty. I test drove HSE's and didn't notice any windnoise. I was looking at $25-28k for SE vs. $32-35k for HSE. I hope that this helps, although I have little experience of windnoise or disco's for that matter.
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    My so far flawless '04 RR (#2) has developed a problem of an occasional flat battery when not driven for a week or so. Anyone else had this?
  • youngturkyoungturk Member Posts: 30
    No, sorry my '04 Java Black/Sand (base model) has been absolutely perfect in the month or so I've had it. I really, really love my Range Rover.

  • youngturkyoungturk Member Posts: 30
    TexBMW - please email me at [email protected] as I'd like to get some detailed info on the Bluetooth install done by Land Rover Austin.

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