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women mechanics

ywilsonywilson Member Posts: 135
edited March 2014 in Saab
I used to have a woman mechanic that worked on the SAAB's I used to own. She was sharp. Knew the cars inside and out. Great to talk to also. I seemed to feel more relaxed when dealing with her than other mechanics.


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    joe3891joe3891 Member Posts: 759
    They should be making cookies.
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Depends entirely on their training. I've seen good ones and bad ones, just like guys.

    It's certainly not a profession most women would be drawn to, but a top flight technician can make a very good living in a large urban dealership.
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    tboner1965tboner1965 Member Posts: 647
    I was the maintenance officer. My "Motor SGT" was a rough and ready female E-7 from Kentucky. She was one of the best mechanics I've met. She didn't take any "stuff" from anyone. She had most of the mechanics working for her convinced that she was a better/smarter mechanic and if that didn't convince them, she could probably whoop their behinds if it came to that.

    I believe I did the right thing and let her do her job. Backed her up when she needed it. And kept her out of the way of my senior (not necessarily superior) officers who didn't take kindly to her plain-spoken manner.


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    bburton1bburton1 Member Posts: 395
    Used to live in SF-had a garage not far from me that had topless women mechanics. Now I never went to check it out but they must have had a good heating system in that garage-SF was quite cool.

    Yep when u go thru life it is those things you did not do that generally cause the most regret.
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    0patience0patience Member Posts: 1,712
    Well, first, I can't believe this topic has even gone as far as it has.
    As has been said, there are good and bad, but generally, most of the women mechanics I have seen generally have a better eye for detail than most men mechanics and tend to put more effort into doing a job right, whether it be because they have to or want to, doesn't matter. They do.
    As far as I am concerned, if they can do the job, I could care less if they are male or female. Makes no difference to me at all.
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    lawman1967lawman1967 Member Posts: 314
    With female mechanics, just like when I see female airline pilots, CEOs and astronauts, I smile and think that perhaps as a society, we are finally making some progress.
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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    And they were both quite talented. One could overhaul a Quadrajet in about ten minutes!

    She also swore like an Army Drill Sergeant!

    A couple of times I had to speak with her about this including the time she got a healthy shock from a HEI distributor.

    She unleashed a torrent of obsenities that I couldn't believe as she ran around the car shaking her arms!
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    mrdetailermrdetailer Member Posts: 1,118
    But certainly if one is interested and capable they should be able to do it.

    My grandaughter is very interested in cars. I'm going to encourage that interest. Hopefully at the very least she will be interested enough to learn how to fill up the tank, recognize problems, and know enough not be taken advantage of. If she wants to become an ACE she will have my blessing.

    My wife hates to even fill up the car, let alone handle any repair issues.
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    squirrel11squirrel11 Member Posts: 7
    Present mechanic excluded, the past male mechanics who have worked on my cars haven't been all that terrific..same problems over and over till I get another car, then it's a different problem and mechanic. Thankfully, I'm settled. When we moved to the next town, I told my hubby I wasn't giving up my hairdresser or mechanic...I did give up the hairdresser...

    I don't care if the mechanic is a monkey in a promdress with spiked heels, if he/she knows what they are doing to fix the problem..
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