2013 Ford Escape vs. 2012 Honda CR-V Comparison Test

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  • anthony512anthony512 Member Posts: 8
    Ah, I would take performance and features over mpg and practicality.

    They're pretty close in mpg and with the CRV's sluggish performance the driver probably has to punch it all the time and that uses more gas.

    After reading this article I would choose the Escape over the CRV.
  • tablefat_tablefat_ Member Posts: 1
    Most negative reviews people have against these types of vehicles refer the under-powered 4-cyl engines they put in these buckets of bolts.

    I'm with Tony, you sold me on the Escape.
  • usa1fan_usa1fan_ Member Posts: 19
    Agreed. To prove it, I bought an Escape. The amount of space isn't that much greater in the Honda. The Escape replaces a mid sized sedan well, while giving better access to the cargo area, with better distribution of the space than a trunk has, while proving AWD as an option, better ground clearance, and particularly better (higher) visibility thanks to the seating position.

    It's true the CR-V does these things too, with even more space. But it sucks all performance out in exchange for the change from a car to a car-in-SUV drag. The Ford keeps the performance, and while it might not return the same fuel economy when driven 'normally', it can (SEL 2.0 4WD here, overall fuel economy at 25.2 so far, best tank at 30.3 just this past week). Even the 1.6 is more lively than the wimpy 2.4 in the Honda, and returns even better fuel economy, especially in FWD form.

    And then, there's simply the ability to look at it as you go to get in (and enjoy what you see!).

    The majority of buyers seem to agree. I don't think most are buying CUVs for utility, so much as improvements over a mid sized car. Those who really want utility either go minivan (spaciousness) or hardcore Jeep / pickup truck (real strength). Most of us will take some extra power in exchange for a little space and lost mpg's.
  • scmtbdoonscmtbdoon Member Posts: 3
    My 2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring All-Wheel-Drive reminds me strongly of the driving "feel" of my first new car, a 1969 BMW 2002 -- no kidding!!
    The Mazda is very intuitive and easy to drive quickly -- almost sensing what you want from the steering, brakes, suspension and engine. And the high road clearance and interior volume gives you the ability to cart a bunch of stuff down dirt roads or up wet and snowy mountain roads.
    For those wanting a very engaging driving experience in an SUV the Mazda may be an even better choice than the Ford Escape.
  • albygalbyg Member Posts: 3
    It baffles me that they chose to compare the 231 HP 2.0 EcoBoost engine Escape against the 185 HP CRV. It makes no sense. Why not compare apples to apples and use the 1.6 liter EcoBoost? They would have found performance nearly identical, except the 1.6 liter EcoBoost would have been much closer in the MPG department against the Honda!
  • albygalbyg Member Posts: 3
    I totally agree with USA1Fan. I recently bought a 2013 Escape SEL, for my wife. I think it looks better than the CRV, the cabin is far quieter and smoother in ride plus it's a hoot to drive. I love the crisp handling, the stiffness of the suspension and responsiveness of the brakes. That mixed with the technological refinements of the MyFord system makes for one very enjoyable ride. I am loving the interior of the Escape, the ease of using the MyFord features, and especially the sound system. It is adverse and pretty awesome when you consider you can play damn near anything you want, as far as music goes. I hooked my Sony Walkman up via one of the USB ports and it recognized it immediately allowing me all the features of the Walkman! I love listening to a good mix of music; this system gives me all of that and is customizable beyond any of my expectations. Also, the gas mileage I'm getting is very good at 25-26 MPG in every day driving situations and 31.2 on a 70 mile road trip, which was mixed highway/city; passing through three cities. So far, I'm driving it about 3 times more than my wife is. If I wasn't a hunter that needed a good off-road vehicle, I'd sell my F-150 and get me an Escape to match my wife's!
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