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2013 Dodge Dart SXT Rallye Long-Term Road Test Posts: 10,112
edited September 2014 in Dodge


  • Trolling for comments today Josh? There is no 'right' there is only preference.
  • 13 words and a picture, you are too kind. I know, I know. I'm pretty hard to please...
  • Oh look! A piece on manual shift lever operation on auto transmissions. Never seen that before on InsideLine/What's Hot. Insert "dead horse being flogged" emoticon here.
  • emajoremajor Posts: 332
    You're baiting us with an old classic, but guess what? You killed Insideline, so there's no one here anymore! That's why you only have 4 comments instead of the 50+ this would have generated before! And by "you" I don't mean Josh, I mean whatever faceless, soulless, binary-thought number-crunching entrenched corporate overlord made this decision. It wasn't you, was it Josh?
  • emajor.....I was just thinking the same thing. Used to read this site all the time. Now it's just not laid out very well. This is my first time back in a while.

    Read part of article, click to see more, scroll back up to top to click for comments, then back your way back out.

    I wondered if I was the only one, but after reading your comment, you're right, in the past there would be waaaayyy more comments.

    Kinda sad, I really enjoyed this site in the past.
  • emajor and stradovinski13: +1. I still read the posts on the long term cars because its a unique opportunity to see what it's like to experience these cars on a daily basis. But the new format absolutely sucks. It's harder to get through and the comments community has been all but killed. (Strange strategy in a time where most sites are looking to enhance their social presence.) I would say that this site is laid out worse than the worst laid out transmission lever pattern.
  • I still think the stupid layout was designed to make people have to make the maximum number of clicks to do simple things like read a single article and scroll through comments. The more clicks the more revenue, right? (Or maybe not if the number of people participating drops drastically...)
  • For what it's worth, when reading on a computer you can easily skip to the comments by clicking on an article, then going up to your address bar and adding "-commentspage" (without the quotes) before the .html.
  • @bankerdanny Putting it to "The Man". Love it, like running your computer without cookies most of the time. Take that, invasive websites.
  • evodadevodad Posts: 135
  • I got you. All of you. Even you, Evodad.

    And, yes, Dodge got it right.

  • 1. For what it's worth, I received a survey from Edmunds a couple of months ago, and I eviscerated them regarding the demise of IL, the pain of navigating the current LTRT section, and their overall horrible site design. 2. Now I can see why Chrysler previously avoided the up-to-downshift controversy by having Autostick go left-right instead. :P
  • @misterfusion On point #2, ROFLMAO!!
  • I like it this way, as 1st gear is up (-), 2 down (+), etc.

    Josh, what happened with the Miata posts?--none since July.

    Ditto on all the other site gripes. Living with it for the most part, but there only seems to be fewer regular commenters compared to IL. Much better than the first painful month--the poor transition resulted in a great loss of followers.
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