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Toyota Tacoma vs. Ford Ranger, Part XII



  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    18 gmc/chevy
    4 dodge
    8 Ford
    1 datsun/Nissan (1982)
    0 Toyota
  • tbunder - No reason to get defensive and make a "prove it" comment. I'll buy your explanation that some may apply their own sticker. I never gave it much thought and wasn't aware that the TRD only came on the ext. cab.

    stang - I have no problem accepting that your Ranger has given you a lot of trouble free miles. If you've really never seen anyone claim the same about their Tacoma, however, then you need to look other places than a Ranger page. This forum has several past regulars with similar claims as well as the many consumer rating pages, Tacoma pages etc. I've only had mine two years but it's been trouble free so far.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Wow....looks like the Big 3 are the Big 3 there too. Tbunder could be proud of those statistics, Ford excels there as well :)
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    exactly. I went there expecting a bunch of flaming from all the domestic lovers that frequent this site. But NOOOO. I was actually surprised. Then again - no I'm not. Yota rulz.
  • ochizonochizon Posts: 25
    While the tacoma has been around only since 95, toyota has had a compact for a while. My father in law has an 87 toyota pickup with 210,000 and claims hes only ever "changed the oil and gas!" Im going to assume he at least also changed the tires. But the point is they do have a reputation for longevitiy, the tacoma supposedly being an improvment on the old pick up.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    seems you are confused as to what comes on the FX4 as stock equipment.

    it has bilstein shocks, 2 foot water fording capability backed by ford, modified intake for water driving, alcoa stock wheels- yep the same alcoa company that makes semi wheels, LT rated 31" tires, and a torsen lsd, which im not sure if you know it or not, but acts as a locker when locked in? u no that? and let's not forget the extra 20 horsies the ranger has. here's some info i got straight from torsen when i asked a question pertaining to my lsd and the fx4's lsd:

    Installation of this differential is only slightly different then it would be for the stock differential. Rather then having to remove a cross pin to install the C-clips, there is a center block instead. Other then that, there is no real difference.

    We have a differential that fits that axle that is available aftermarket which sells in the $450-$500 ballpark (depending on who you buy it from). However, the specific differential used in the FX4 is sold only to Ford for assembling into new trucks or for their service-parts organization. The key difference between the two is the addition of a spring preload to the FX4 differential. This improves wheel-in-the-air mobility over the standard aftermarket unit. If you wanted the FX4 unit, you would have to buy it from a Ford dealer. I have no knowledge of what they would charge.

    If you installed either one in your truck, you should notice a significant reduction in wheelspin, either going around a corner, off-road, or in poor road conditions. You might also notice an improvement in handling as well, due to the torque-biasing nature of the Torsen, but in pick-up trucks this is less noticeable.

    I hope this helps,
    Rick Barnes
    Zexel Torsen Inc.

    the FX4's lsd is specially made for wheel in the air action. yep, a locker is awesome, but why have one when you dont need one all the time? a lsd kicks in automatically when needed.

    pluto- you're a riot. and guess what, the guy that is buying it did NOT bid on it, he made a private offer. and he knows i took it off-road. some of us actually know how to use our trucks off the road. unlike yourself, joe-4wheeler.

    do all of us a favor, and get a life, grow up a little. don't you have anything better to do than email strangers? its not my problem everyone wanted my truck, i think you may be jealous that you can't have a newer truck, eh? whatever the case, you seriously need to get away from edmunds for a while. i think it's driving you crazy my friend. you fit all the diagnoses. internet junky and big time troller seeking big time attention. that's you bud! get some help.
  • I just installed a new motherboard, and CPU at home. Went with AMD this time. Why not Intel? Because AMD costs less and performs better, more bang for buck. Anybody see a resemblance? :)

    ochizon--->I bet it doesn't have a spot of rust in the bed too. Original belts, battery, and pads(shoes?) too. About the rust on your bumper. There are several chemicals out there that can remove/restore rust. I forget the name, but it comes in a little jar a little smaller than a coffee cup. Any Autozone, pep boys, or o'reilly auto parts store should carry something. Then I would sand out any rough spots, primer it, then use your flat black to hide it.

    saddaddy--->Good point, and it's that is a reasonable choice. I just choose the opposite as there isn't really a right way or the wrong way. If I wanted the ultimate off-road vehicle, I would sure be looking at some after market parts. Seeing the picture once online of a late 60's mustang fastback ontop of a F-250 frame, with all kinds of modifications comes to mind. But it seems to me it's just two different methods of reaching the same goal. One store bought, the other built.

    smgilles--->You forgot the 9 good Fords in the lemon forum. When you consider that the number of Fords posted in a lemon folder outnumber the ones called a lemon, that's pretty good. Good no toyota owners posted their problems. Either from lack of problems, or lack of people posting. :)
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    I use AMD too and have been very happy. since CPU's have no moving parts though, I can't agree with the comparison... :)
  • ochizonochizon Posts: 25
    thanks... but do you think I should use a spray primer before the paint, or is that just for gloss finish?
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    2 foot water fording capacity backed by Ford. Explain that??? Big deal, what 4x4 can't do that. Modified air intake??? Tacos intake is placed so that it doesn't get water in, too. Only Toyota doesn't call it modified, cuz, well, its not - its just normal. If im wrong. please elaborate as to just what kind of special skills this FX4 has that magically let it ford 24 inches of water. I did that the other day in my dad's '90 Sierra 2wd. You obviously know alot about the differential - my comliments. However, its like buying the biggest baddest VCR ever made/built/whatever. Just cuz its an awesome VCR doesn't mean it'll play DVDs. I have no doubt that it might be the best LSD, but it ain't a locker, no matter how many specs you list on it. I'll even concede that for everyday driving, an LSD is better suited. But that thing on Ford's self-proclaimed, bad to the bone, stops for nothing, OFF ROAD model. I just don't understand it. If it was on the regular 4wd, fine - but don't put it on the fx4 "OFF ROAD" and claim superiority in the place that the truck supposedly is good for (off road).
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    does a lsd DO when it slips? what do both wheels do then? when one is spinning, and the lsd locks the other one in, how many wheels do we have spinning now, or providing power? this new torsen is made for wheel in the air situations, pretty trick for a truck, and no locker. it acts the same.

    also, i think you are not thinking just how much water 2 feet is. ford has put everything out of harms way, i had to check this out myself when i learned about it on the ranger board. kinda made me jealous, cuz i thought the FX4 just had shocks and tires over me. turns out, it has a better lsd and a higher mounted air intake and airbox. very trick, no matter how much you hate to admit it. the ultimate compact truck right now is undoubtedly a silver frost FX4 ranger. go see one. they are bad to the bone. silver paint mated to those killer alcoa wheels, tough, very tough. id trade my ranger on one if it was just me and my wife. wah. now im gonna be like everyone else and have a 4-door explorer. nonetheless, they're nice vehicles for what i need it for. these days the TRD is a dime a dozen, its even available on 2x2's, the FX4 however is very rare and makes a statement that its not a puny pre-runner.
  • Why would tbunder care about all those features if he never goes offroading? After all, that's what his e-bay advertisement claims. Until now, hehehe!!! All tbunder's bidders will receive a complimentary e-mail showing tbunder's admission here at Edmunds Town Hall that he "jumps" his "pampered" Ranger and most definitely goes offroading, especially when hauling firewood. Hmmm, I wonder if bidders will wonder what other falsifications tbunder has made regarding his truck...

    Hey tbundy, why don't you sell your Ranger and get an FX-4 if you like it so much? What's wrong? Are your bidders becoming disinterested?

    Have a nice day :-)
  • Only cars I painted are in 1:24 scale. (model cars), but using primer seems to make it easy to apply the laters coats. Definately make it more even. Good rule is to always apply very light coats. Wetsand if you really want a seemless look. If you're going for flat black as the final spray, you can probably skip the primer and just add a extra coat or two of the black.

    Pluto--->We can all see that this debate is not taken personally by you. (Yeah right)
  • Kind of like how you took your defeat regarding the shock absorbment placement personally and threw a temper-tantrum on-line, then deleted it?

    No, I don't take this debate personally. It's just that, as a government employee, I try to save taxpayers money in any way possible, and if that means informing a potential buyer about misinformation, I am obligated to do so.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    FX4 is rare? Yeah, duh. It just got released this year, didnt it (or was it last year?). Are you again going to start asking why "Toyota hasnt released anything that can compete with FX4"?
    Also....does that paint make FX4 look killer? 'Cause I got an all-around silver truck too, and the alum wheels match the body color. Even fenders are silver. Care for a pic? So do I have a killer truck?
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    How many wheels does an LSD have with power when one lifts? 1. When a wheel slips? Roughly 1.5. Maybe a little more with the particular one on the FX4 but it still ain't 2 wheels with power, I promise. If it supplied both with power, they would call it an automatic locker, not an LSD. Companies bend the truth a good bit as it is. Here's something that you may not realize: Lets just say that it will work with one tire lifted. You would still have to give it so much more power for it to actually work than the locker would require. With the locker you can just crawl, with much more control.

    If you say it is the ultimate compact - thats pretty lame. What's lamer, though, is that it says off road on the side and has an LSD.

    When I first came to this board, I remember saying that you enjoy fast offroading. Why do you hate on prerunners now? I have a prerunner now, haven't mentioned that yet, I don't think. It has the locker, and only has trouble steering in the slick stuff. There is nothing puny about it!!! I got all that I could afford as insurance on 4x was too much. But I could outrun you for sure in the stuff you once claimed to enjoy the most.

    I think you know why TRDs are a dime a dozen. Why doesn't Ford make enough FX4s to sell as many? To tell you the truth, I think most would realize which truly deserves to say "OFF ROAD" on the quarter panel, my friend. You can get the package on 2wd because it makes good sense if you ask me. Who says good trucks have to be rare?

    Earlier you dog on Tacos b/c they don't sell as many as Rangers. Now you are saying that TRDs are inferior to FX4s cuz Yota sells so many of 'em. Im getting dizzy listening to you talk in all these circles. And don't dog on the prerunner, please, cuz Ford surely has no decent competition for the big seller.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    dude--my auction ended nearly two weeks ago, and if you haven't already read, the truck is sold little buddy. get a life and actually do some work and stop surfing at work. you may feel a little better about yourself, and it may settle this inside rage you have built up over your life. maybe call your mother? can you say raving lunatic? you!!!!

    sad- not dogging on your truck at all, im just a 4x4 type of guy. im sorry if i offended you or your truck, i didn't mean it that way. you know im a very blunt speaker. remember, i live in iowa and it snows here (not this year though), so a pre-runner is really a joke. its farm country, and people laugh when they see a fake 4x4. im sure your TRD is sweet, i like them and think they are just as nice as a ZR2 or FX4. but i just think they're puny, all dressed up like a 4x4. as far as my truck, im sure your 2x2 would outrun mine in the fast stuff, its lighter and has better shocks. if i wanted, i could install some bilsteins and be competitive. and you do have to admit, the TRD is NOW all over the place. they used to be rare like ZR2's, but now they're both all over. the FX4 is a very rare package that was designed and built from input from actual off-roaders. i think you need to check out one. they're a pretty sweet package.

    scorpio- your TRD is my favorite sounds like. the silver is by far the coolest toyota color. they do need to offer some type of blue though. why dont they?
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    I know you weren't doggin on MY truck. The posers that drive the prerunners around to soccer games and "the office" really give these trucks a bad name. Mine has outdone 4xs offroad before, just cuz I know how to drive. By the way, I only have the locker and bilsteins, not the fender flares, for those who care. My truck is the next best thing to 4x4, just like the torsen LSD is the next best thing to the locker (tongue all up in the side of my cheek, relax.) Thanx for the apology, but it really wasn't needed, man. No worries. I was just trying to make up for the sins of all the poser prerunner owners out there that make me look like a poser too. My truck stays muddy with a fourwheeler trailer on the hitch alot of the year. I'll be gettin a 4x when my insurance comes down a little.

    The reason I am adamant (sp?) about the TRD/FX4 debate is that it has the feeling of a best offering against best offering challenge. I think it is a subject worthy of discussion, and a fun one. Both are capable off-roaders and good lookin trucks. L8r.
  • Never have owned a ranger, so i can't comment directly on the subject matter, but here's my experiences:

    - first two cars i owned were made by ford (mustang) and GM (firechicken) respectively, i was in the repair shop every 4-8 weeks with some problem or other with both of these cars.

    - the last 3 vehicles i've driven have been toyotas (2 tacos and a 4runner), total trips to the repair shop to date: 0

    granted, supposedly the domestic guys have improved quality since the 80's when i got my first two cars. but i still don't feel warm n fuzzy dealing with them. i checked out a new 'stang convertible a couple of weekends ago, nice car, but i could tell the quality of the interior parts and overall fit n finish weren't up to par with some other guys. typical of the big-3, take a nice engine and surround it with low grade materials to make it more affordable. i used to thing they *wanted* the cars to fall apart at around 60-70k so you'd have to buy a new ride or have it repaired, where the dealership makes a good chunk of its money. i sometimes wonder it this is still the case..

    guess i'm in that group of people who were burned before and find it hard to go back. i don't really feel i have brand loyalty with toyota, just it was damn annoying to have to go to the shop so often before. at this point i'd rather put more $ into a car initially than to deal with the headaches down the road. finding a good mechanic is rarer than hen's teeth.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    its cool that you only have those things you listed. makes your truck an un-TRD, and less recognizable. stealthier if you will. that's what i liked about my truck, it was an everyday ranger, but i had larger tires, a pretty rare color, and the FX4 front skidplate i added. i like to keep a vehicle as stock as i can (wheels and such), but when i get bikes, i do change the exhaust most of the time. i really don't like when people start messing with aftermarket wheels, i have a friend who put 17's on his highrider, it looks okay, but i prefer keeping everything "seen" stock. shocks are okay and axles, cuz that's all hidden to the average joe. later
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I don't know about blue color. I find it rather silly-looking (just like light green), unless it is pearl-blue (or really dark), so it reflects light somewhat differently...just like yours. To counter your question: why did Ford discontinue your color?
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    honestly dont know. i read on a ford site that a new blue will be offered in april. dont know what shade though. i personally like light blue metallic vehicles. one of my ZR2's was sky blue metallic, and i loved it. it was the only one around here besides for one in montana at the time in '97. easy to keep clean and very uncommon. silver is very sweet though. when i bought my ranger, i had to choose between my blue and a silver frost one. i wanted the silver, but it just happened to be driven by a salesman and had 600 miles on it. my blue one had 2 miles. it was a no brainer to me. i like the blue too, its just a little harder to keep clean.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Yes i do work on alot of toyota products mostly all maintenence.I also work on a fleet of ford trucks and they usually come in for a repair.Ahh the domestics,kinda like job security! :)
  • "It's just that, as a government employee, I try to save taxpayers money in any way possible"

    Is this why you troll edmunds while at work... I thought so.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    There's an old saying on the trails."Real Jeeps are built one peice at a time"Having your air intake "snorkled" is cool,but what about your gear box vents?Every axle ,T/case and trans has a breather on it.If you drive till the gearboxes warm up then go in the water the coolingbox will draw water in,contaminating your gear lube.The only vehicles with fording capability are made that way by thier owners.
    BTW I work my taco very hard,it's a great work truck but it's not a jeep.I still have a CJ2A for off road.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    Blue metallics are RELUCTANTLY offered because they 1) fade quickly in UV light and 2) are almost impossible to match up when repainting is required.
  • Boy, a month ago the FX4 was no different that a loaded XLT 4x4 (except shocks and tires) and now it's totally different (according to this forum). I guess you can take any side to any argument here at one time or another because everyone keeps changing the facts.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    the ONLY way to find out what i did was by looking at the individual spec sheet, something not offered by edmunds or any other source. it was on a ranger site, yes an FX4 is rather close to a regular off-road (both are XLT's), ford just sometimes chooses to offer high performance parts sometimes without bragging about them. ie. its use of dana axles and borg warner t'c's on all their trucks, the rancho or bilstein shocks, torsen brand lsd's, and now the claim to ford water 2 feet deep. knowing how conservative ford is with its build of trucks, that's a pretty cool claim. the specific hardware that really matters is the modified air intake, tires, shocks, and it's modified torsen lsd. all suspension springs and skidplates are the same. not changing any arguments here, just digging deeper into ford's mighty FX4. it is an awesome machine. too bad they don't make a crew cab. maybe this fall.

    frey44- goodp points to think about concerning the blue color. i never thought of that.
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