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2013 Lexus GS 350 Long Term Road Test Posts: 9,975
edited September 2014 in Lexus


  • Impressive mpg! Sorry to hear about the tush...
  • For me, nonsportscar priorities are, 1)Reliability 2)Seats 3)Driving feel 4)Fuel Econ 5) etc. (1) because I have very little time to waste, but anyway seats are very important for driving. That a luxury sedan has subpar seats is far too unacceptable. Although, I'd live with it if 1,3,4,5 pass with flying colours.
  • "Within a mile or two the freeway came to a dead stop." If that was just down to lookie-loos and not because the smoke was a problem or emergency vehicles on your carriageway I'd have been pissed.
  • I'm impressed by that fuel economy for a heavy-ish, sporty-ish midsize luxury sedan.
  • I really like the GS. Both inside and out. Would love to own one until last week, I purposely went by the dealership and put a cd into the Mark Levi radio thing just to hear if it was as good as they say. The impression I left on me was not what I expected. Nothing to do with the radio but something I have complained about toyota's before. I would call it hip room but it's knee to knee room. It's just really scarce. It's was one of the reasons I never like the solara's. Hard to believe that my cars made in Lordstown and Baltimore are more comfortable. Before this I owned 3 Toyota's and loved them. It was just disappointed to find this out. The mark levi's did fit very well though.
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