2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Long-Term Road Test

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    I've never quite understood the urge to take a picture of a strangers new car when on the road. Is it because their friends won't believe they saw one? I can see it if it is a custom one of a kind car but even an 'exotic' that is just off the shelf seems like an odd one to photograph unless you are somehow connected to the car. I guess it is part of the if it isn't posted online with a photo it didn't happen thinking.
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    @zimtheinvader: I think that it is just general excitement, and taking a photo is a natural reaction. @Donna DeRosa: That's awesome that you talk to and show people the car when you have time. Its sometimes surprising how well car enthusiasm conquers soci
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    enthusiasm manifested in many ways. glad you like to share time with those of the same mindset. and yes, those are big brakes!
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    Those are indeed some large graphite pizzas- MB knows how to do presentation.
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