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What Cars Can Be Flat-Towed Behind an RV? Posts: 10,037
edited March 2016 in General
What Cars Can Be Flat-Towed Behind an RV?

Here are some tips for finding cars that can be flat-towed behind an RV without a trailer, also known as dinghy towing.

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  • vwtbvwtb Posts: 1
    Where can I find a listing of cars that can be flat towed?
  • We bought a 2009 Ford Escape. We researched it thoroughly and read the owners manual. We towed it from Seattle to Minnesota and the transmission burnt up. I checked into this and found out that there are many others having this same problem. Ford does not want to take any responsibility as far as admitting this. They will replace the transmission and when asked if we should continue to tow it their answer is: the book says it is towable. So.......guess we will be burning up another transmission for them to replace! Ford has made changes in the 2013 model and the new book states it is not towable. This has been a nightmare so, do not believe what the books say!
  • This is a good list of cars that can be flat tow please click on the link or copy and paste the link to your address bar
  • We have a 2014 Kia Sportage AWD. We are going with a 20' enclosed car trailer plus we are using the trailer to put things in like tires and odd thing that would add weight to the RV, as we will have 1,500 lbs of or 10,000 lbs left over. Our RV can pull 10,000 lbs no problem. Will top out at 43,000 lbs when full loaded. But we should never get to that point.
    In short we want to keep our new car and will have works out some other things in to the future like water, tools, solar and ladders and so on.. Pulling a car just will not work for full time in the long run for us... We are 64 feet long.. Yep that makes it hard to get in to places as we know.. . Wish us luck!
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