2001 Silverado VIBRATIONS



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    I have a 2001 Silverado Ext. Cab and it hesitates when starting up. It has done it since 4 months after I bought it. Anyone have that problem??
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    Hello all! I've been on these boards many times with problems on my Chevy. I've posted this in the past, but wanted to post it again for discussion purposes. I was, after many tries with the local dealer, able to fix by vibration problems.

    The solution? Tires. plain and simple.

    After a number of "test rides" with everyone from the repair manager at the dealer where I bought the truck, to the regional manager, all I got was the same run around. From "it's not that bad" to "it's normal" to "I can't feel anything" to "Sorry, we can't fix it."

    At one point I was able to talk the dealership into exchanging wheels and tires for a test from another truck that was known not to show the problem. Amazingly, this seemed to fix the problem. So, we were on to something. It was after that test, we had to sucumb to the regional manager's death hold. This "kid" (seriously, he was nowhere near being over his mid 20's) said that even though he could feel the problem, he was not going to do anything about it. He agreed to replace one tire, but nothing more. And one tire did not fix the problem.

    After a number of visits to the dealer and talking about integrity and obligations, the repair manager seemed to come up with 4 new tires. After putting these tires on, I've not had the vibration problem at all.

    It's my guess that there is a problem with the new suspension, the new "harder" frame, and any small defect in new tires. And it's my understanding the these "small defects" are extremely common.

    Now, if I could get them to fix the engine knock...
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    I made the mistake of purchasing a new chevy 1500 extended quadrasteer on 10-20-02. the truck also shakes,and vibrates at 45mph-70mph.
    I tried to return the truck on 10-22-02 but had no luck with management. then, off I went to the service nightmare. They have already tried the tire balancing bit,no good the truck still vibrated. now they are adjusting the drive shaft angle,but from reading the other posts, Im probably going to sill have the shakes.
    I, like alot of you folks, would like to get out of this truck and get my funds back.
    can any one give me advice on how to do this in the state of arizona?
    thanks AZMAN1
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    Have you owned a pickup prior to this? They dont exactly drive like sportscars
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    I'd go back to that dealer and ask him if you could go and drive some other new trucks he has on the lot. When you find one that does not shake or vibrate between 45-70 mph, have him take the tires/wheels off of that one and put on your truck. If your truck then stops its shaking and vibrating between 45-70 mph, you've found and fixed your problem. If not, well then you know for sure that it was not the tires/wheels.
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    Yes, ryan I have owned trucks before.
    owned a Dodge dakota RT, that I had for three years, and didnt have one problem on it.
    had a toyota and used it for 250,000 hard miles.
    and had a ford f-150 with out problems.
    all of the trucks mentioned were alot more affordable than the chevy, and I did not have to service any of them other than regular maintanence.
    also, I was a mechanic in the past and still,do regular services on my own vehicls. so.. I have a pretty good idea of what an out of round tire, or an out of balanced tire feels like.
    Bottom line is, the truck is new, and it is a piece of ****!
    I dont need the hassles of going back and forth to incompitent service manager, and mechanic about a abnormal vibration on a NEW truck.
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    Ok thats cool i had to ask cause alot of people think it shuld ride very smooth
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    i bought a 2002 silverado 1500 2wd with 4.3 6 cyl. it has a vibration in the engine at 1200 rpm at 45-55 mph. anyone out there with a similar problem?
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    I have the same problem with a 2001 model. Mine vibrates at around 1100 rpm no matter what speed I'm driving. I have to drive in third gear around town to keep the rpm's above 1100 so I won't go nuts listening to the vibration. GM said it's normal. I said it's not. Filed a claim with the BBB and got a 5yr 75,000 mile engine component warranty. There's a TSB on Engine - Balance Shaft Rattle that addesses this vibration. I've been very disappointed with this vehicle and will never buy another GM product. See my prior posts for problems I've had.
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    We have a V6 2001 Shakerado. We have been to BBB and lost. Before that dealer got us a V8 that he said wouldn't have the problem. We bought it for the price difference of a V6 over V8. It had vibrations also so we returned it. They wanted to work on it and gave us a 2002 model as a loaner. It also had the problem. We got our original back and went to arbitration. This Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2002 we go before the Attorney General for arbitration. I'm not feeling lucky about this but trying to get more data to bring to court.

    As far as it's a truck so don't expect a Cadilac ride, well my wife is a paramedic/firefighter. Who drives firetrucks and ambulances. This is her truck and she will no longer drive it. Last trip in to get it inspected for AG case she drove separate. She loves the VW Jetta we got to replace it. I just hate still paying for this POS. We have had recent 2 tow ins and 3 service trips for rotor, distributor cap getting wet and engine dies. They finally put foam weather stripping aroung distributor cap to stop infiltration of water.

    We have had exhaust mods, new tires, suspension adjustments, and the list goes on. I can have it exibit the proplem, put it in neutral, then shut the engine off and it still vibrates. That tells me it isn't engine/exhaust problem.

    I think this should be a class action suit against GM. We can't all be crazy, and in my case the dealer agreed until buy back time. Then regional support got involved and all I hear is it isn't a problem. It was problem enough to get me a new V8 version.

    We have tried with limited slip, and without. We have had heavy duty suspension or regular. Towing package or not and it still does it on all models we tested. The fire trucks/ambulance don't do it so it's not a truck perception problem. This is a class problem with the design.

    At 5'6", & 125 pounds, they think she is picky. She is a second degree black belt, and has went through fire academy, along with everything else the fire department throws at them. She will ride in our friends Dodge Ram, or the sons S10, but this Shakerado and all 3 we have had for extended times shakes. It is at about 10 MPH intervals.

    These are the people at GM I have emailed with concerns. Along with John Smith chairman, Richard wagoner CEO, & John Devine CFO.

    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Maybe if we all keep bugging them they will do something. The BBB & attorney general takes lots of work. It feels like a part time job trying to get everything done they request. More trips to the dealer to say still no problem, and they just document on the service request that they can't do anything. In the beginning they agreed, but now after legal comes into it they say it is no longer a problem. Why did they order me a new truck and agree once if they now say it was never broke? This is an uphill battle, in a blizzard, and no lite at the end of the battle.

    Good luck to all but you have to devote your spare time to this like your on a mission from the truck gods. I hope to become a truck saint at the end of this journey to avoid hell.
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    "I can have it exibit the proplem, put it in neutral, then shut the engine off and it still vibrates."

    You're saying that it vibrates with the motor off? Exactly what speed are you rolling at?

    "It is at about 10 MPH intervals.

    Starting at?

    Is your truck 2wd or 4wd? Extended cab? Are the vibrations in the seat of the pant or steering? And to get three of them? OMG what did you do to deserve this?

    I had one that shaked. After replacing the rack and pinion, it doesn't vibrate. Just wondering what your story is all about.
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    I must say a fullsize pickup truck and a VW jetta will ride very differently and i hope that they do
  • jaguar0027jaguar0027 Member Posts: 387
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    oh yea why did you go from a fullsize pickup to a small (i couldnt think of any other way to describe it sorry) car.

    It kinda boggles my mind how i hear all the time about people who drive cars and they decided to buy a pickup then complain about the ride.
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    How often does that happen? lmao
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    alot haha

    Not flaming just trying to get to the bottom of the story all the facts ya know
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    In a few decades of working on vehicles here are a few things I've found.

    I hope they help someone.

    Vibrations can come from a number of sources, tires being the obvious first thing to look at.

    Drive shafts on longer trucks often are in two pieces, the yokes on both ends of the part with the slip joint must be in the same plane. also look at the shaft from the rear of the truck. The center support bearing on most can be shifted side to side, the shafts should both be parallel to the center line of the truck.

    On models with rack and pinnion steering, have someone move the steering wheel back and forth with the power steering (stay off to the side so they cannot run you over if they put it in gear), if the rack housing seems to move more than just barely noticably, aftermarket thermo-plastic mounting bushings may help.

    Try raising and/or lowering the tire pressure five pounds.

    For back and forth shimmy of the steering wheel, a steering damper for trucks without one, or extra heavy duty one to replace stock, often works wonders.

    This SHOULD not be a problem with trucks as built, but dealers change tire sizes, and a tire too wide for the rim will make you hate the ride and handling.

    Check for loose bolts on shocks and suspension parts.

    Check the ball joints for slop. With any mass produced product a defective one can slip through.

    Motor mounts? Rear trans mount?

    Jack up the truck, loosen the lugs, and use a torque wrench to tighten the lugs in stages to the proper torque. This is especially effective in correcting vibrations in Tacomas with big tires. their wheels do not center correctly if one lug is tightened before the rest are snugged up.

    If your truck is empty, the back end will bounce around if the tire pressure is sent for maximum rated load. For running empty setting the rear to the same pressure as the front often works well, even if the door sticker says 30 pounds more in rear.(Load range "E" tires on 3/4 or 1 tons).

    Good luck

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