2001 Silverado VIBRATIONS



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    What kind of shocks did you install in your Rado?
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    $49.99 each from http://www.offroadwarehouse.com

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    I wonder if some of the vibration is from the engine. If you just sit in my truck, whether its on drive, neutral, or park while idling, it vibrates. You can feel it in the steering wheel, the seats, and the floorboards. I even had my wife sit in it last night and she was like, 'geez that's annoying.'

    The vibrations I get at 60-65mph... could it be just increasing by a certain percentage at that speed? I still think something funky is going on with my tires though. Even if they are getting flat spots, Ive never had this problem before with any vehicle..
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    from a 2 hour ride and the truck is vibrating badly. It seems to be all speeds although definitely more so at higher speeds.

    I can feel it really bad in the floorboards and even through the gas pedal on the freeway!

    Looks like Im calling the dealer and telling them to fix it.. and I dont want the truck back until it is......
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    But that would be in direct proportion to rpm rather than mph speed. So it actually got worse after the balancing?
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    Could you drop me an email? The vibration section in the manual is 56 pages long. Needed your email addy as I'm not on my puter today but using a different one that can still send it to you.
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    You've got mail.

    BTW, the truck is still vibrating!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!

    I don't think it got any worse, just no better. I mean should you be able to feel vibrations in the steering wheel at any speed? If so, Ive never experienced this much before.... as well as in the seat, floorboards, pedals... ahhhh the list goes on and on....
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    it good be the steering shaft itself? Or maybe suspension? I remember an old TSB for the steering shaft on pre '01's I believe...

    Any thoughts?
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    The vibration in the pre '01 models were caused by either an oversensitive rack and pinion (on 2wd) or an either out of balance or mis aligned driveshaft. Seeing that yours causes the whole truck to vibrate, I would look in the area of the driveshaft, since the tires have been eliminated as the source.
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    I still need to get my truck into the dealer ASAP. Its just been tough lately to be without a vehicle.. Guess I have to ask for the POS loaner....

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    I am having the same wheel/tire vibration that many of the members have experienced. Counting the original set, my truck has had 5 sets of new tires put on in 36,000 miles. I'm trying to collect as much court case, arbitration, engineering or related information as I can on the matter. I will be entering arbitration with GM in the coming month. Any experience you may have would be helpful!
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    Try here for ammunition on GM http://www.gmpistonslap.cjb.net . It should provide links to sites for your vibration problem also.

    Ray T.

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    Just picked up my truck from the dealer. It was there for three days...

    This is what I requested.

    Fix the vibration\shimmies in the steering wheel and truck.
    Fix the clunk in the steering wheel.
    Engine consuming too much oil.
    Right side view mirror. Defroster not working.
    Rough shift between first and second. Clunk when putting into reverse and downshifting from second to first.
    AC blows warm air when driving for awhile or at low speeds.

    Now I know that there ARE TSB's for most of these and I told them so which was a good thing. This is what they did...

    Fixed clunk in steering wheel per TSB Replacement.. although they service manager said it was just lubricant that is used.
    Rough shifts... Flashed with newest calibration program.

    For the clunk in the shifting and going into reverse, they ordered me a new nickel plated slip yoke as per TSB. Although they gave no ETA and said they are hard to get hold of. (Not fixed at time of truck pickup)

    Ordered a new side view mirror (Not fixed at time of truck pickup)

    AC.. just added more freon.. well I know its not freon anymore but I cant remember the name of the stuff... LOL

    Gas pedal sticking... hesitation.. replaced with new throttle body to correct binding plates.

    Excessive oil use replaced with new PCV valve per my request and TSB for it

    Oh also lubed passenger door. Its squeaked since they replaced with new door checks last month.

    AS FAR AS THE SHIMMIES AND VIBRATIONS. They claim its the tires\wheels supposedly as per the EVA II which I asked to be used per your request. He also mentioned that since I DID NOT have the stock Firestones but the Pirelli Scorpion AT's he would do nothing. He also noted the tires were cupped/chopped. I told him these tires were better than the stock POS Fstones. He told me to go back to the place where I got them and complain which I said was BS.

    Or... if I put the Firestones back on.. he said "then its my problem" I said I will see you soon since I have to go back for the mirror and the slip yoke.

    Now... what should I do??? Put the Firestones back on.. which I dont really want to do because the truck still did it then.. or.... put them back on and let him see what BS line(s) he feeds me then.. Or do I call GM Customer Assistance and tell them its BS and that I should NOT have to take these tires off for him to fix the problem. I know he is just using it as an easy way out...

    Obyone.. your thoughts??? Or anyone else.. feel free to add..

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    In comparison, are the Firestones in better shape? One of the TSB's for vibrations require that the stock tires be on the truck for evaluation purposes. It's really up to the dealer though cause mine said that the Michelins are better tires than the Generals and went ahead and worked on the vibrations without going back to the Generals. They didn't have a problem with GM either with regards to warranty issues cause of the Michelins.

    What's interesting is that you had the tires balanced on a Hunter...yet the dealer says its the tires with data supporting it from the EVAII. What's also interesting was that the tire dealer said that if the balancing didn't work he couldn't do anything else.

    FYI,with the EVAII, my dealer also found a tire that was "causing the vibrations" by being out of round. They replaced with a new one out of warranty. However, the vibration persisted. Ever consider getting a second opinion from another dealer?
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    In my opinion are in way worse condition than the Pirelli's. So I dont really know what they hell they are talking about with regards to cupping\chopped tires. By eye they dont look it anyway...

    That's interesting about the TSB you mentioned and having the OEM Fstones on the truck for evaluation. I guess Michelins are the ticket.. I told you awhile back that I should have shelled out the extra bucks.. LOL

    Anyway, I have thought about going to another dealer however.. I dont want the Fstones regardless. In addition, I did not see any data from the EVA II, the service manager at my dealer just 'told me that'. I saw no hard evidence of it.. even when I asked.

    So I am thinking of yes either going to another dealer or... when I go back for the slip joke.. oh yeah I mean yoke and mirror have THEM but back on the Firestones and let THEM mount and balance to see if they can figure this one out.

    Do you think I should call GM directly with any of this? Or will they tell me go scratch since I changed the tires...
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    however, GM customer assistance is a company that is contracted by GM to handle complaints. They are not part of the organization and whether they can assist you I'm not sure. I do know that if I have a problem, I don't bother calling them. All they will do is put you on a conference call with the service manager. They do feel for you and seem sincere...course that may not be enough.

    One thing I've also noticed is that the parts take weeks on end to be delivered. Funniest part is when I'm pissed enough to call...it suddenly and magically appears.
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    Does any one know if the base frame used on the 1999 CK series trucks were the same or different?

    P.S. As far the tires are concerned, I have a new set (set number five) of GM spec. Firestones on my truck right now. The service manager at the dealer and ABM are telling me now that if only I had Michelins on my truck, all my problems would be solved. From the factory it came with Goodyear R/T's ???
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    So instead of installing a 6th set, trade the 6th set towards a set of Michelins. If they tell you its not possible, they would be distorting the truth. I traded my 4th set of Generals for a set of Michelins and paid the difference. Course the regional GM rep approved the deal cause everyone was getting tired except General tires who kept sending set after set after set.
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    Michelins. I am doing so most likely next week. I will post back after the swap with the results....
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    Seems to me that the vibration occurs on my truck when I'm on a cement freeway. I think it's the wheel base in conjunction with the seams in the slabs. When I'm on an asphalt freeway, no problem regardless of speed.
    2 WD, Ext cab, 5.3
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    There is a difference.
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    Had the Pirelli Scorpion AT's swapped off of my truck this week for Michelin LTX M\S. And guess what.... NO VIBRATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unbelievable that after all these months, the damn tires were the cause. Just had a front end alignment today to boot which was pretty far off.

    My Rado now rides, and handles like a Caddy!

    A big thanks to Obyone for helping me to figure this one out!!!! You are the f#@%ing man Oby!

    When I come to Hawaii we gotta hook up for some cold ones.

    Now its get the nickel plated slip yoke done, need my brakes checked (pedal seems low), replace passenger mirror, and oh yeah the ole GM engine knock.... LOL

    Still love my truck though! :)
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Glad everything worked out with your truck. Looks like I won't be trying out the Pirelli after all. hehe!
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    Did you read #2005 & #2006 @ chevy silverado problems?
  • jaguar0027jaguar0027 Member Posts: 387
    Im pretty glad too. Especially after all of the time wasted/spent at the dealer and tire shops.

    The Pirelli's are good tires overall. Excellent traction etc, but based upon my experience and problems, I would frown upon recommending them to you or anyone else.

    Tony - Yes I did see the posts!!! :)
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    I have the same problem on cement freeways especially at speeds over 65mph. Gets oscillating/bouncing so bad I have to slow down, whole truck is vibrating/bouncing. Steering wheel gets oscillating so bad feel like I could lose control. What is causing this problem?
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    gm puts out new trucks with so many problems, isn't there any type of quality assurance in the manufacturing of this product.
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    Needed to qualify my response in #77. Not ALL cement freeways cause the bouncing/oscillations just certain ones. In South CA, the 710 freeway is the worse but it gets tons of truck traffic from the harbor. I'll go out of my way to avoid driving on it or I have to really slow down. I saw other posts mentioning similar problems with 'tar strips???' or expansion strips?? My question is basically is there something that can be done to lessen the problem; tires, shocks, etc. I still have all the stock stuff ('01 x cab)
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    While its not a 2001, my '98 behaves similarly but perhaps not as bad. My observation is that on the bouncy section of a local freeway, over 68 mph smooths it out. SoCal freeways are worse, but I don't get to go that fast to see if the smoothing is the same. My Velvet-Ride shackles may change the resonance as well.
    ExtCab K1500 SB
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    my 2001 Sierra does it at 70 mph. My '99 did it at 65. And it's a very small window. Faster and slower it's not there. As you say, not on all cement roads. As a matter of fact the spot that I drive every day where it's the worst is only in one lane! It's been mentioned here previously that the "Velvet Rides" do help. I recently discovered that with a few hundred pounds of weight in the back my bounce all but disappeared.
  • tafostertafoster Member Posts: 13
    Will have to see what speeds are the worse but it seems the faster I go the worse it gets (normally I drive 'alittle' over the speed limit) 70+ is really bad. Seems to go away around 55 on the bad section of the 710 and on this freeway the worse lane is the fast lane. Weight, interestingly, made it worse on the 405 which I drive every morning to work (had about 500 lbs of horse bedding in the back). Will have to check out the 'Velvet Rides'. Thanks.
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    I've heard of "the bounce" acting quite that way. On both of my trucks if you're 2-3 mph over or under it wasn't there. It was there at other speeds though on different sections of roadway.
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    Perhaps it would be helpful to those who read about the "shake" or "bounce" to have a feel for the frequency of the "feature" (computereese for bug). I'm thinking along the concept of being able to be more descriptive so as to "help" the service writers be less clueless...

    The bounce that I have referenced is not as fast as tire rotation speed. Must be a harmonic of tire speed or pavement undulations though.

    The shake, I'm guessing, is between wheel imbalance and the upper ranges toward driveshaft speeds.
  • tafostertafoster Member Posts: 13
    Was doing alot of freeway driving this weekend so was playing with different speeds on the 'bouncing' sections,mainly on the 710 and 10 freeways. At less than 65, no vibration; at 65, started feeling some vibration mainly in my legs; at 70 started feeling thru the steering; worst at 75, whole truck bouncing; at 80 started going away; at 85 back to smooth driving. Hum, conclusion - drive the speed limit or under OR risk a ticket and stay at 85. Unintentional built in 'governor'?
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    I have a 02 1500 with 9000 miles on it....I have developed a slight knock in the steering wheel at slow to high speeds. This only appears after the truck has been driven for 20 miles or so.
    Best way I can describe it, sounds like the column is binding up or maybe something else down in the drive line someplace...I have checked for loose shocks, front end part etc...nothing....
    Has anyone encountered this problem or better yet eliminated it? Let me know thanks..
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    You should see the steering wheel shake on a section of cement freeway. Its like riding in a oldcarwith bad rubber bushings in the front end. Anyone else have this problem? Also what is Chevy telling everyone? It sucks for a new truck with 14000 miles on it.
    [email protected]
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    My truck had the "clunk" felt in the steering wheel, but only at slow speeds while turning. I had the lubrication job done as recommended in the TSB which corrected it. Here's the specifics for you, might solve your issue, worth a shot anyway. Also check out the Technical Service Bulletin thread in the Maintenance & Repair Section on the Edmonds boards. There's alot of info and very helpful folks there.

    TSB #00-02-35-0031 Clunking Noise Under Hood and can be felt in the Steering Wheel
    Some customers may comment on a clunk type noise coming from under the hood that also can be felt in the steering wheel. These conditions may be more noticeable when turning at low speeds on rough road surfaces.




    Remove the intermediate shaft from the vehicle and lubricate the intermediate shaft with a Steering Column Intermediate Shaft Lubrication Kit, P/N 26098419.
  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    was done on my truck 11/12/01 part # 26085548, note that they no longer are changing out the shafts but they "lube them" instead. Mine has a rubbing sound on slow speed turns since they changed it out and will be going back in for the "lube" TSB when I have time to get to dealership.
    Gee, do I dare ask if they have a resolve for the "engine knock" that they said they were aware of and working on a fix on my service ticket??? I need to have a good laugh!

    Ray T.
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    After convincing Chevy to buy-back my 2000 Silverado due to the vibration problems, I purchased a 2001 Silverado. I didn't notice a vibration until about 18,000 miles. After 3 trips to the dealer - I finally get the "so-called" straight answer from the service manager: Beginning in late 1999 GM changed the frame design and/or manufacturing process. This change resulted in the frame developing a harmonic resonance when the "right conditions" existed. Everything is fine until you hit a bump...then it starts and won't go away. He says if the suspension is loaded differently it won't happen. He loaded 500 lbs in the bed and couldn't duplicate the problem. Replacing tires (at owner's expense) with different aspect ratio tires seems to be the only fix. What do you think?
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Tires included...
  • jaguar0027jaguar0027 Member Posts: 387
  • frey44frey44 Member Posts: 230
    Go thru owning a 2000 Vibrator Shakerado, then buy ANOTHER ONE???? !! Incredible !! That is called making the same mistake twice. It baffles me why someone who has a major problem, like the well-publicized shakes, would again BUY THE SAME MODEL which is almost certain to have the same design flaws !! GM must be laughing all the way to the bank.
    The solution to the Shakerado is a TUNDRA.
  • dch0300dch0300 Member Posts: 472
    Are you in anyway related to a former poster by the name of BAMATUNDRA?
    Your post sounds a lot like his old posts, and adds as much value to this topic as most of his did.......zero.

    Not all Silverados shake, unless you know more than millions of us smooth riding Silverado owners know.
    Do you even own a Tundra? Try www.tundrasolutions.com for some late night reading.

    By the way, it's Silverado not Shakerado!!
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    "gm puts out new trucks with so many problems, isn't there any type of quality assurance in the manufacturing of this product."

    Glad you asked, kc....

    The assurance is that when the customer buys said product, GM assures themselves in the boardroom that the consumer, who obviously has done his/her research enjoys the product. Period. That's why you get customer NONservice when you call those numbers in the owner's manual.

    To a GM exec, anyone who has bought a slapping engine obviously is pleased....sales are up, right? That's all that matters.
  • frey44frey44 Member Posts: 230
    Bamatundra ???? I'm not that cat. I just get tired of hearing guys complain about a Chevy vibrating then go out and BUY ANOTHER ONE !! Give me a break ! At the very least, EXPECT at least a remote possibility that the same model of the same truck by the same manufacturer will have the same flaws !! Incredible !
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  • frey44frey44 Member Posts: 230
    DON'T BUY A GM TRUCK. Vote with your dollars. There are half ton trucks that don't shake at freeway speeds. Seek one out. Quit COMPLAINING. And, the engind knock board is hysterical !! A widely known problem, well-documented !! And these guys go out and buy one ANYWAYS, then complain about KNOCK !! Only in America !! :-) Peace, all.
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    Hey Guys,

    I have been reading this tread for awhile. Today, I picked up a 2003 Silverado 1500 Ext. Cab truck. Never driven a Chevy in this style. Guess what, I got the shake. It's not really a skake, but a jiggle. Kind of like jello hit with a spoon. I couldn't believe it!! It's not really that bad, though. I only got it on cement roads, not the cheapo asphalt stuff. I don't know what I'll end up purchasing, a Ford or the Chevy, but that wiggle wouldn't stop me from purchasing the truck. The V8 is awesome.
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    Ive got a 2001 2500hd 4x4 8L w/ allison that I purchased new in 2002 Has the same shake and clunk problems as all others and from day 1 it burns a quart of oil every 1000 miles when i change the oil it smells of fuel . To make a long story short it has 18000 miles on it and the motor is being torn down by the dealer ( I filed lemon law) they haven't addressed the front end portion of my prob. they are playing dumb but from reading these posting it sounds more common .
  • jaguar0027jaguar0027 Member Posts: 387
    of buying the Chevy. I thought the same thing too, but after many problems, I got rid of mine for a Ford.
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