Honda Civic's Spark Plugs

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Hello. My car is an 89' Honda Civic and it now has 90k on her. According to the manual, I should give it new spark plugs now. But I found it difficult to find the right kind of spark plugs for her. For example the manual require a RC9YCN4 if I choose Champion. But all Champion brand plugs I could find in Walmart was marked in 4-digit code. Maybe they use new system of naming lately. Does any one know what kind of spark plugs I should look for?



  • rfruthrfruth Member Posts: 630
    My 2000 Civic with the D16Y7 engine (plain ole, non VTEC) calls for ZFR5F-11 (NGKs) or KJ16CR-L11 (Denso) plugs - hope that helps somehow
  • brorjacebrorjace Member Posts: 588
    I wouldn't use anything other than NGKs in my Civic. The others all cost me a bit of mileage.

    --- Bror Jace
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Member Posts: 1,391
    You can go with Bosch also. $1.99 for Platinums. I haven't had any Problems with Bosch Platinums with my Toyotas.
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    Put a dab of non sieze goop on each plug. Can get the stuff in any auto parts store-looks like aluminum paste. Change plugs when cold if possible-a stuck plug can ruin your whole day.
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    if I were you. The manual should list a Nippondenso and an NGK plug, either is fine. I have had bad luck with aftermarket plugs, premium or otherwise. If you have to go to the Honda dealer to get stock plugs it's worth it in my opinion. Good luck.
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    Doesn't really work. It looks nice though putting it on.
  • brorjacebrorjace Member Posts: 588
    I tried Bosch Platinums in my Civic. I got reduced fuel mileage right away. Platinum plugs don't actually perform better, they merely last much longer.

    --- Bror Jace
  • gslevegsleve Member Posts: 183
    use was the copper or was it the silver one, I've used this for the past 10yrs not only on spark plugs also on caliper bolts and the torque plate bolts ones that hold the pads in place these bolts rust like crazy if this stuff is not applied

    Every spark plug I've had to take out came out much easier and the coating always was still existant.
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    I think anti-seize is great stuff. I always use it and have never had to struggle with any bolt or device that I applied it to.
  • adc100adc100 Member Posts: 1,521
    Used to use it at work in power plants, and it didn't really work that well there (very hot/moist environment). Also used Chesterton brand. Curious to know exactly what you use. I resorted to using synthetic oil and it works well.
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    I use it on many things BUT NOT SPARK PLUGS. The most important thing is to NOT overtighten them.
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    for some reason, I can't get ANY spark plug socket to fit my 95 civic, i've tried out a few different ones from sears.
    there seems to be some sort of metal "collar" deep inside the valve cover and no socket fits it
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    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use Bosch in a honda. it just does not work. anyone who worked on the old beetles know and LOVE anti-seize.
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    I am sure foolsquirrel and all following this thread appreciate the anti-seize advice, but 90K miles? What was left of the electrodes? I have a civic with the 1.6 and when I pulled them at 60 they looked a litte ruff
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