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give your opinion why ford F series trucks are the #1 vehicle sold in the world.



  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    Not Ford fan I take it. Sorry.
  • white250white250 Posts: 68
    Ummmmm let me guess, you drive a chevy ?
    That explains your ignorance !!
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    this (fill in the blank) hasn't heard of a power-stroke or a super-duty. mrb11, go to a horse show and see how many ford trucks there are hooked up to horse trailers. then tell me ford trucks are dogs. ignorance is an inherited trait. you must have an extended family.
  • Obviously, no matter what anyone says, there are the contrarians who yearn to criticize or inject confrontational reply. So be it. Therefore, I declare this excellence for everything month.

    Fords are great.
    Chevys are great.
    GMCs are great.
    Toyotas are great.
    Nissans are great.

    Did I leave anyone out? If I did, then your choice of trucks is great, too. These are all perfect examples of motion with no flaws. They will go forever and get near perfect gas mileage.

    Let the critical fodder begin.
  • vwracervwracer Posts: 90
    Forget about horse shows. Go to an auto race track and see how many CHEVY racers have a FORD truck to pull their race car
  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132
    Check this out...
    In this Pickups section of Town Hall, look at the discussions for:

    F-Series problems -- 144 posts.
    Chevy Silverado problems -- 1998 posts (!)
    *And another 58 posts under Silverado vibrations.
    Tundra -- 687 posts.

    Now click on each one, and notice that all three were started the same month, December 2000.

    Maybe there are more specific headings that Ford owners list their gripes under, but that looks like an impressive difference.
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    Ford did the research - many men must get approval from the wife before they can buy a new truck. Ford designed the F-150 to target women buyer/desision makers. Men want a new truck, and will settle on the F-150 to make the wife happy.

    BTW - GM sells more full size trucks than Ford -and before anyone gives me the BS about - Under one brand name - please save it - that sounds like something a Tundra owner would say. The GMC and Chevy full size are much more alike than the F-150 and the SuperDuty. How in the world can anyone consider those two trucks the same vehicle?

    Before anyone gets to excited - If I was looking for a 3/4 ton I would put the Superduty at the top of my list of trucks to test.
  • white250white250 Posts: 68
    I have noticed the same thing. Ummmmm very
  • everharteverhart Posts: 59
    The # of post don't mean more problems, it means there are more people talking & alot of the post are just BS'ing. I can't believe you guys are that ignorant. And yes I own 2000 Tahoe LS, 2001 2500HD LS 4x4 but I also own 2 Ford F350 dully Service trucks.

    Just to prove my point I went into 2001 Silverado VIBRATION & out of 58 post there are 4 guys with a problem & 54 post giving opinions.
  • everharteverhart Posts: 59
    I just read the first 60 posts in Ford F-series Problems & there are 7-guys with Tranny problems in that first 60 posts. And 12 people with some type of problem in that same first 60 posts. Humm
  • mrb11mrb11 Posts: 58
    The Wal-Marts, K-Marts and Targets are the biggest retailers in this country. Because they sell the most does that mean they have the best product?? Don't think so!!
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    Do you own one? Ever owned one? Probably not.
    Before I sprung 30 grand on PSD, I talked trucks with anybody willing to talk. The GM/Chev guys all liked their rigs but many seemed to have engine, brake, or tranny problems. One guy, a Chev owner, goes through front brakes every 2k miles and has no idea why. At the same time he'd just had top end work done to the tune of $900, less than 70k miles. Yet, he still likes his Z-71. I'd be highly pissed. Dodge guys were having tranny and differential problems, the Cummins was rock solid.

    Make no mistake, I was willing to buy something better if it existed. My questions went across the nation to family and friends, who asked their family and friends. Not a single conversation led me to believe Ford was not the best choice. Knowing that ford has always worked for me and many others, the decision was finally made, stay Ford. Every PSD owner I talked too would buy it again.

    This isn't one upsmanship "MINES BETTER THAN YOURS." I could care less about that attitude. Did the home work, gave them all a chance. Saw absolutely no reason to change. Time will tell how it works out.

    Finally, I'm not sure the conversation numbers have much meaning, but possibly an indicator. Personal discussions carried far to much weight to ignore.
  • mrb11mrb11 Posts: 58
    Never owned a Ford pickup. After experiencing the poor quality of the Explorer and the full size Bronco I didn't want to take my chances on a Ford pickup. Has the Ford quality improved since 1995??
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    That would be "EXPLODER." When those were the hot new rig my wife was interested as a potential replacement for a Subaru Turbo wagon. Explorer being a rebodied Ranger at the time, we waited and bought a new Outback. Same reason too, Subaru just flat works for her, why change. Already had a Ranger and couldn't see buying another. The Ranger was just fine though, did what I bought it for with just a couple problems.

    Know absolutely nothing about the full size Bronco. Last rig was a '92 F-150 so I had serious catching up to do deciding what to spend my hard earned money on. I'd whine everytime the o2 sensor would fail, about every 30k miles. Only major expense was new exhaust. At 150k miles it needed engine work and a new clutch, lots of them did. I opted to buy new rather than invest 5 grand in a nine year old truck. The PSD runs circles around the f-150, albeit a bit slower.

    After 16 months I still like the PSD, not a single problem. But 16 months is just not long enough to really know much. Need this thing to last, can't shell out 30k very often.
    Only time will tell if it was worth it.
  • white250white250 Posts: 68
    It's nice to own a ford, because I have nothing to "prove" like all you chevy guys. Ford is not #1 for no reason. As for your big chain retailers, people shop there because they always have the products there that fit your needs at the price, service and quality that can not be beat. People just don't buy a ford becuase it says so on the front of it.
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    In fact remarks made by many were:

    Dodge = frequent repairs to everything except the engine. Engine being Cummins.

    GM = Ladies Truck with soft cushy ride.

    Ford = real work truck. 3/4 ton that is.

    Obviously any of these could be arguable. After all, we all have our own preferences based on experience, likes, and dislikes.

    I sure don't mind the stiffer F-250 ride, afterall it's a truck. Surprisingly the straight axle handles, corners, and drives real well. Do believe the accountants have cheapened the XLT package.

    Cummins does get better fuel mileage by possibly by as much as three or four miles per gallon.

    Show a real reason to change. Facts, not unfounded opinions. Hopefully we'd all take notice. Know I would.
  • fordtuffordtuf Posts: 101
    GM soft cushy ride:
    So true, my Father in-law wanted a new truck, and my Mother in-law said the Chevy was so much softer ride than the Ford.

    I gave him a hard time about buying his Chevy. He pointed out why he liked his better.
    Nicer interior, bigger cab (that reads less bed), lower step in heigth. So its not for hauling, I said.

    Then he popped the hood and asked me if mine had the battery isolation terminals. I said no, I guess Ford didn't figure I would be needing to get jump started.

    I own a 99 F250 and am currently waiting on my new 02 F250 to come in. Looked at the new Chevy, won't consider Dodge. Still the facts as stated to me are Chevy is still not the work horse "TRUCK" that they claim to be.
  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132
    Yeah, but did you go through all TWO THOUSAND Silverado posts? No, I didn't either. And no wonder there are plenty of opinions to offer about the vibrations. There's plenty of experience out there.

    Read the title of my post, everhart. I admitted it wasn't scientific. But I'm glad you found it interesting enough to investigate. Yep, I'm a real ig-no-ra-moos. Hard to believe I made it through medical school.

    Glad you own two Chevy's. Odds are that on any given day at least one of them will be able to get you to work.
  • mrb11mrb11 Posts: 58
    McDonalds sells the most burgers..... they must have the best burgers (yeah right)

    Gallo sells the most wine.....they must have the best wine (yeah right)

    Bud sells the most beer .....they must have the best beer (yeah right)

    Dominos sells the most pizza.....they must have the best pizza (yeah right)

    Ford sells the most trucks.....get the picture??
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    McDonalds sells the most burgers..... they must have the best burgers (yeah right)

    Gallo sells the most wine.....they must have the best wine (yeah right)

    Bud sells the most beer .....they must have the best beer (yeah right)

    Dominos sells the most pizza.....they must have the best pizza (yeah right)

    Ford sells the most trucks.....get the picture??

    Yup, Micky D's might have the best burger....for the $$$$. $1 Big Macs rock.

    Gallo wine. I don't know about them. But again, for the $$$$ it probably fugs you up as good as Rothchilds(sp?) for hundreds less.

    Bud. Don't like beer. But again for the$$$$ they must be doing something right.

    Dominos??? Don't know how people eat that crap.

    The point is if something outsells something in the same class/price range, there must be a reason.
  • hdriderhdrider Posts: 49
    Still gets down to personal choice, tastes and opinion. Been using Chevy trucks for workhorses for a lot of years and never had one let me down. I like the larger cab which looks better quality (to me anyway), got an 8 foot bed (plenty of room), I still have to climb into it (2x4), and it has plenty of power (8.1L/Alli) for horse trailers. From what I've read on the posts, all of the trucks have their faults/problems, but I think the GM guys are better at going off on the wildest tangents! Just my .02...
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    Could it be because Ford includes fries and a drink with every F-150 purchase? You can always Super-Size to a Super-Duty!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    But Ford F-series has slipped to #2, behind G.M. which has taken over the top spot.

    (thanks to Ryan for link)
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    I'm sure somebody will prove me right or wrong but combining GMC/Chev would be like Ford combining Taurus/Sable to knock off camry or accord as best selling car.

    Ford is still ahead of chevy by a WHOPPING 5000 units. LOL!!!
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    your little source is for one month only (not to mention outdated, its middle of march now dude). it also shows the tacoma ahead of the s10 for the month. do you really think the tacoma will outsell the s10 at the end of the year? who cares about one month? please list a source with 2001's total year ending sales numbers. ford wins again. like they always do. no one, i repeat, no one builds and sells as many trucks as fomoco. period.

    yep, taurus/sable- same exact car basically. you think toyota or honda wants to combine those two together to see who sells more? not a chance. but do it, and it wins (dont know the official numbers, maybe taurus doesn't need sable) hands down i suspect.
  • everharteverhart Posts: 59
    That's nice you made it through but so what, I know a lot of Doctors who are very smart in their field but have NO common sense just as in all job fields - right. As my 2 Chevys to get me to work, my Chevys have never been a problem or my 2 Fords. I didn't call you a ig-no-ra-moos if you can read it again I said, I can't believe your that ignorant. Read ( I can't believe) not that you are as I don't know you. My point was on the Chevy threads there is alot of talk about nothing, meaning lots of posts not all problems.
  • white250white250 Posts: 68
    This is straight from GM & Ford....

    Total 2001 truck sales figures.....

    FORD F Series.... 911,597

    Chevy + Avalache..769,006

    So there you go quadrunner500, do some research before you open your flap !! And really I don't care if Ford falls two the # 2 spot, It's been the #1 selling vehicle for the past 20 years, which tells you that people have been buying F series trucks way before they where cool to have.Chevrolet owners just switched from buying cars to trucks.
    When you have two products that do excatly the same functions for the same price, It really comes down to quality & value.
    MRb11, you really don't get the "picture".
    In this free world, do you think people are forced to eat big mac's & drink bud beer, I don't think so, these companies are #1 becuase of the value & quality that appeals to most people. And in this world , the majority rules.
  • mrb11mrb11 Posts: 58
    Hey Partner!

    You still don't get it. Read these words slowly....The most sold does not always equate to the best product.
  • white250white250 Posts: 68
    Says who ? YOU !!!! thats your dumb opinion.
    What is the only factor that proves that a product is the best on the market ?.....SALES !!!!!!!
    You have to look at the overall market, the majority want's big mac's , bud beer & Ford trucks, if there was something better, it would be #1. You might think they suck, but that is how most chevy guys are. " whatever I own is the best & if you dont have the same it sucks"
    Personally I have nothing against chevy or dodge, just the people who own them.
  • white250white250 Posts: 68
    For amusement, In your opinion, What equates a product to be the best ?

    The last time I checked, people were free to buy any truck they thought was the best.

    So, tell me why Ford is #1 & not GM, dodge or toyota for the past 20 years ?
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