When to Buy Your Next Car

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imageWhen to Buy Your Next Car

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  • geonoltageonolta Member Posts: 1
    The end of model year discount is a hoax foisted on the uneducated public and auto column editors. When I worked at Ford Motor Co. in the Finance Dept., I learned that they have "End of Year Cost Reduction Programs". This means that they cheapened the cars by taking out certain features, or making standard features optional. This manufacturing cost savings was intended to offset the so-called "end of year discounts". The consumer didn't really get a discount - he just got less of a car at a slightly lower price. No value there!
  • fowler3fowler3 Member Posts: 1,919
    The best time to buy a car is when you need to move up or need a big change. I think most buyers are hoping to find the impossible: the car that can deliver 40mpg regardless of how fast he drives and makes sudden starts and stops. It isn't out there! If your driving habit is 85mph highway do not expect the best economy, regardless of manufacturer's claims. To get the best economy you have to drive the car, any car, at speeds and RPMs which will get the best results, as in SLOWER, as at 3000rp, or less as at 60mph.

    Do not buy a car based on things you have no control over. *Like* a luxury car is not the same thing as being a luxury car. Skyactive does not mean it will fly.
  • worthfloridaworthflorida Member Posts: 23
    One of the timers to buy is when your trade in can still be driven onto the car dealers lot. When the repairs start mounting up and it looks like your going to need to spend $2,000 a year to keep the old clunker running and it's more than eight model years old.
  • worthfloridaworthflorida Member Posts: 23
    A few months ago I purchased a 2012 new pick up truck with $6,000 off the sticker price, as advertised in print ads and TV. The 2013 started to arrive and I got it at the beginning of the ad campaign where the selection was limited but still descent. I had to go to two dealers to find the model/options/colors I wanted. It was the best time to buy.
  • walter_moorewalter_moore Member Posts: 1
    There may be "end of year cost reduction programs", but that would only apply to cars that were actually made at or near the end of the production year. (In the U.S. cars are made from July to June, with the next model year's production starting in July.)

    When there are cars on the lot in July or August that were made midway or even early in the production year, which is common, I find your story flawed.
  • gaspasser5gaspasser5 Member Posts: 1
    You forgot one: the end of the calendar year.
  • fordcarguy73fordcarguy73 Member Posts: 1

    When did you work for Ford, 1920? I currently work at a Ford dealership. The incentives do increase at the end of the model year, on cars that are already built and on the lot. I've never heard of the "end of the year cost reduction programs" that you are talkiing about, and I have worked at Ford dealerships for the last 17 years. Please make sure the info that you are posting is current!
  • rizzyhrizzyh Member Posts: 1
    The best deal on a new car that I've ever negotiated was on a rainy day in so. California. We arrived at 11a.m., knew exactly what we wanted, made the excuse that we were meeting friends for lunch, and asked for their best price which we would consider while at lunch. We promised to call back one way or the other, which we did to say "No", another dealer offered a better deal (I'd actually called around to other dealers and asked, "Can you beat this deal?") Whoa! They threw in all kinds of extras (which we actually wanted) and lowered the price even more.
  • moosemiestermoosemiester Member Posts: 1
    I can forgive the author for the last paragraph as Edmunds has to play nice to the advertisers.

    The best day to buy a car is the end of the month - duh - that's when the sales guys and the manager are trying to make their numbers
  • kja2kja2 Member Posts: 1
    End of model year worked for me. Picked up a 2013 Acura MDX, fully loaded, every option available, $7500 off MSRP, $3700 under invoice.
  • REGirlinSWFLREGirlinSWFL Southwest FloridaMember Posts: 1
    Interesting that the article says it is from 2019, but the comments are from 2012 and 2013...things that make you go hmmm....
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