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  • cage47cage47 Posts: 17
    I've had my '98 Blazer LT for a little over two months now. I've been generally pleased. I've looked on here and am keeping a leary eye on some of the suspect areas. But being in Houston, TX I don't experience many of the problems some people have like the worn out bearings or ball joints. I'm keeping an eye on my idler arm as that seems a little loose but everything else looks good. However I do have the dreaded wiper motor failure glitch. Not as bad as some but can get annoying. I don't have the vibration that other owners have but when I bought my truck (an off lease vehicle) the dealership replaced two of the tires. But the wingnuts put both new tires on the same side. I did have a slight shudder until I rotated the right front and left back to have both of the new tires on the front. Now rides like it's on glass. Or as smooth as that gets on Houston roads. My big concern is keeping an eye on those oil coolant lines and the antifreeze. I read that those are the other two BIG problems that I could see happening. But overall I'm pleased with my purchase. Just wish GM would include the '98 in the wiper motor recall so I could get that fixed free. Priced $78 for a new motor.
  • Hi Karen,
    I have an original 125,000 mile Florida 96 S-10 LS extended cab pick-up, and I really love it. It's a Mark III conversion so it's lowered, mags & fat tires, bed rails, and skirting all around. A bit squirrely in the winter time with only rear wheel drive, but 270 lbs. of sand in the bed helps. It's loaded, with an aftermarket AM/FM Cassette/CD so it is a great ride. I/m thinking of selling it and get a SUV, but why? It runs great, and everything works, and it seems everything out there 4x4 is junk or there are a million problems with them! So, I guess I'm probably just gonna' stay a happy S-10 family member!
    Dick Wenzel
  • 'LS means luxury like power windows a/c leather optional trim... the difference in the regular s10 and I/s has more value than just a regular s10
  • mikeys10mikeys10 Posts: 7
    Say hello, I have a 1985 s10 blazer and just a few miles of 400,000 miles. Runs good Still has the original engine (knock on wood) it still a working truck. It been a good truck.
  • xteme03xteme03 Posts: 3
    Hi, My name is Aaron and I am from St.Cloud, MN
    I have a 2003 Chevy S-10 Xtreme Black w/silver stripes. I have done a lot to the audio/video side of the the truck, but I am still working on the performance portion. So far, so good! I love it! If anyone has questions for me or would like to see a pic, just ask!
    I am pretty much always signed on to AIM: screen name, eatalargecorndog
  • mattivmattiv Posts: 1
    i have a problem....maybe someone can help! my 1996 chevy s-10 has been sitting for awhile (i was travelling and not using it). when i returned home i started it and let it idle but accidently let it run out of what little gas it had. then it sat again for a few weeks before i put in more gas (about 3 gallons). now the truck will not start....the battery is fine, it cranks but no gas seems to be getting to the carburetor. i thought the gas line was probably dry and figured i could put some gas directly in the carburetor like i had done in the past with a '76 silverado--but i can't even find the carburetor under the hood!!!!
    does anyone have any suggestions about what i can do to get the truck running again? any help is very much appreciated. thanks so much for your time.
    matt iv
  • Hello, I have recently picked up a challenge. A 1988 S-10 that had been sitting for a year. I was originally going to put in a 350 but with the gas prices I decided to rebuild the little 4 cylender. Truck seems to be in good shape with just minor problems (I need a code checker) and so far am having fun with it. After a year of sitting in the Pacific Northwest there are the obvious problems, I have put my first tank of gas thru it and need to change the fuel filter, re-do the brakes and a paint job. I am having a real problem finding a console as my truck is a five speed. I looked at all the pictures of S-10s for sale on E-Bay but I didnt see any consoles. Anyone have any ideas? :blush:

  • Matt, you have electronic fuel injection. Dont pour gas into it. Try a spray start like they use on diesels. WD-40 will work also. Then before you you fill your tank pour a bottle of HEET or one of the gas dryers into the tank to clean up any mositure in the tank and fuel lines. If it doesnt start disconect the fuel line at the fuel filter, (on the firewall at the back of the engine) have someone try to start it, if you are not getting gas thru the line your fuel pump is bad. It is located in the gas tank. Get a Chilton manual, changing the pump is easy. :blush: Isnt this fun?

  • where can i read the complaint
  • i own a 89 chevy cameo im looking for any parts anyone has.....i need a new tranny,body kit, front left quarter panel,and tailgate. im lookin for good prices on all things.....if anyone has any info on where to find any of this email me at i_am_me_kristi_lee at yahoo dot com. o yeah i also want new decals....i called chevy and the no longer sell anything for cameos.. thanx. Kristi lee
  • Hi, my name is Phil. I have a 2001 3rd door with a vortek 4.3 v6. I bought it a year ago
    some one put a flow master muffler on. It sounds sweet.the other day while driving
    with the air on (CALIF- HOT), Whoa let me back the truck up to make some sense.
    I never filled my gas tank up. now I am driving further to work so i fill it.while running on free way w/air onI feel the motor kinda miss a this normal
    at 95 to 100mph it shuts down governor?I am trying to explain this and ask questions at the same time. Ok last week driving w/air on truck don't want to shift out of 1st from stop. if i let off gas it shifts. bottom line is I think since I just started filling up the tank
    i think the sediment in there got to the filter.(in the mean time service engine light comes on) I buy and install filter They say have it donedue to 60psi..
    I did it my self . now it don't
    t start like it should i have to put gas in carb or i'll run battery down.any body have this problem? sorry it took so long to explain
  • chevlvrchevlvr Posts: 18
    Hi chevy people!

    As far as the L/S being luxury, thats wrong I have a 2000 S10 extended cab
    L/S, its not luxury. You have to add some of those features you spoke of, like
    leather, power locks, windows etc-. the option is there but your gonna pay out the
    nose for it. Mine only came with AC. No other luxuries, but I am very happy with
    my truck, has 51K and only thing i've had to do is replace throttle position sensor
    which, in case you did not know is a common problem according to postings I see
    on the problems and solutions site. Anyway mine is 2.2L, I have added cold air
    induction, flowmaster exhaust, and got rid of the original rubberband (skinny)tires
    and put on some low profile fatties, handles alot better! sounds great!
    Anyway, love the site keep up the good work! and CHEVY'S ROCK!!!!
  • chevlvrchevlvr Posts: 18
    If posting 39 does'nt work, when you ran tank dry and added gas to it, you may
    have stirred up some settiment in bottom of the tank. check you pickup valve in
    the tank, which is not too hard. good luck!
  • chevlvrchevlvr Posts: 18
    Hi Phil,

    first things first, you dont have a carb, youshould have fuel injection, second alot of newer vehicles do have a rev limiter, or governer. I have not
    had my S10 to that speed, but my work truck(2001 ranger 4x4) does the same
    thing around 92mph, called ford and they said normal(rev limiter). last but not
    least, the hesitating and not shifting could be your throttle position sensor, your
    tranny has to see the proper rpms etc- from the computer to shift properly, and
    your hesitating and or surging is probably related to that, I just replaced my
    TPS a week ago because I was having problems, truck would act like it was running out of gas(spit and sputter) it would throw a code(check engine light)but
    would go away, then would be ok for another month or more, and would do it again
    so I took it to my mechanic and he pulled code history and found it to be the TPS.
    the one for my truck was only $41, they run anywhere from $35 to $70 depending. good luck Phil, hope this helps
  • when the clutch is not engaged and you hear a squeaking noise and it stops with just the touch of the clutch pedal it is generally caused by a dry clutch fork pivot ball stud, which causes metal to metal contact with the clutch fork. good luck
  • I need help!! I have a 95 chevy s-10 blazer 4.3 vortec engine. I just changed the fuel filter in Aug 05, fuel pump changed in 2001, new fuel sending unit...
    Problem is the vehicle stalls at a stop light and also takes several times to crank when starting...what could it be the fuel pump?
  • I just purchased a 1988 S-10. It has a 4-cylinder, five speed. The truck has some customizing, and I cannot determine if this was original or added later. There is a fiberglass visor over the front window and a cowl mounted just behind the cab. The truck has a special "Outlaw" decal on each side. I've researched te RPO codes, but haven't found anything related to the style package.

    My 15-year-old and I are fixing this truck for him to drive. We're looking for a 1988 owner's manual, if anyone might know were we could find one.

    Love this site!
  • I have owned chevy trucks my whole life. A couple things could be wrong...It may need some sort of a tune-up...such as spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap/rotor. Also your fuel injectors may need cleaning. Try some fuel injector cleaner from an auto parts store. Also could be a battery or other electrical problem but not likely.
  • Can anyone help me out here. I have a 95 Chevy S-10 pickup and I love it. It's going on 11 years old with about 150,000 miles on it. My question is my truck is parked outside all the time and whenever it rains or there is moisture in the air the next morning when I'm leaving for work it just hesitates until it warms up then it run perfectly. On dry days I never have the problem. Can anyone tell me what might make it hesitate when placed in drive? It clears up when the engine warms up. I'm just clueless? Could it be a sensor? What part would collect moisture and then hesitate when placed in drive? Any info would be great.

  • Hi everyone, bought a 1996 S-10 Chevy Blazer 5spd, 4wd (or so the previous owner claims) Unfortunately, I know nothing about Blazers (I used to own import sport cars, never a suv or an american car at that) Apparently, it's got 124,000 miles and some moderate body damage, but I got it for quite a cheap price so no complaints. However, ungrateful previous owner did not mention anything that needed to be repaired so I end up driving with all four ball joints (upper and lower) that needs to be replaced along with the joint that connects to this bar which i think is the outter tie-rod, (i didn't know i had to replace these till i heard a very loud clunk noise from my front right wheel and left my car vibrating oddly and unable to make sharp turns either way) And to top it off, my side-view mirrors broke off as well. Now, I'm not about to give up on this car as i JUST bought it so I'm doin repairs. Now the part I'm having real trouble with is when I engaged it into 2wd, the light doesn't show that it's in and the light display that shows if the front wheels are engaged or not always stay on. Does this mean that my transfer case cannot completely disengage? Also, when I try to shift back to 4wd, it is rather difficult to lock it in unless i shift it to neutral first and then shift upwards into 4wd. At some point I couldn't even move it at all and at another point it was stuck in 4wd low and I had to literally force it back into neutral. Any Ideas would be great :D

    Oh yeah, one more thing, It's not happening now but for awhile, My RPM would stay quite high, about 2,000-3,000 and would not drop even in idle, my car would Jerk violently as if I was downshifting and flooring it when really, all I'm doing is cruising. I heard something that sounds like a fuel pump problem like it wasn't able to pump because there was something jammed in the fuel line. Any Ideas on this too?
  • kat14kat14 Posts: 1
    When I start up my '92 S-10 PU 4WD it either crawls forward or stalls out. If I give it gas, it stalls out and when I ease up on the gas, it lurches forward then goes back to the crawl. After about 10 min of crawling (while hearing a loud clanging of what I think are the clutch plates-but I could be wrong) it kicks in and drives. It feels warm in the cab afterwards and my transmission fluid level is fine, but had tiny bubbles on the dipstick. Any ideas?
  • You probably have figured this out by now, but when your rpm stays high and your car jerks around, it means you are probably stuck in 4-low. Your transfer case is probably shot too. Anyway sell it if you havent already. In my experience with Chevys you either get a real good one or a lemon.
  • cwlcwl Posts: 1
    My 93 Blazer died a few days ago becuase it would not start and none of the electrical worked. We checked the battery and it had no power running from it. The battery was changed and the truck will still not start. None of the lights or electrical systems work(ie remote and power locks) So if anyone can help please do it will be much appreciated
  • hi karen , my name is roger and i have 2000 extreme ,love this show truck.its a black beauty. need to ask ? how do i do that?
  • lou732lou732 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 1989 s10 chevy blazer for $550 lots of rust on the body but it has only 53,000 original miles on its 2,8 v6 I am thinking of restoring it I have been driving it for a few days now and have noticed a few things ,keep in mind I am not complaining about my bargain ,it seems to be a bit sluggish in its pick up and shifts into gears a little slow
    I also noticed a small transmission leak after I park I have checked the fluid it says its fine , I was told by a friend that that year blazer had a problem with a leaky transmission pan gasket,one other thing my shift indicator seems to be slightly off i really like the truck and I am hoping you guys can offer some help and advice.
  • I have a compressor,dryer,orfice tube, fuel pump, and a drivers side window motor. i had bought them for my chevy but traded in. I'm asking 300.00 for a/c parts 150.00 for fuel pump and 40.00 for window motor or take best offer.
  • Hi, I am new here just tonite, and seen the message with the 2000 S10 blazer drivers side window motor, I have a 92' S10 4x4 2dr and my window only works every once in a while, my question is do u know if a 2000 window motor will work in a 92'. sry I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to auto's. I have alot to ask but, no time this moment.
  • the window motor for 92 is differnt than a 2000. than you
  • ok, thank you!
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