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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Accessories & Modifications

moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
Anyone have the hard tonneau that is offered by Chevrolet? What do you think of it and how much are dealers charging? Are there any sources for OEM Chevrolet accessories with good prices on the internet?


  • when I was purchasing my s-10 the dealer offered me the cover for $ rich for my blood. I found a soft cover locally for $360. I am going that way.
  • are either product worth the time and effort and are either product any good? I have the factory installed liner, but am considering changing out to one of these products and need to know the good, the bad and the ugly of them..any inputs are appreciated..thanx..
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    Had a spray in liner in my Nissan and now have a drop-in with my S-10. Both line-X and rhino are good, the rhino is usally applied a little thicker. Reason I chose the srayed liner on my Nissan was that I needed rust repaired and also had a lot of scratches to my rails and it was less expensive to have liner spayed than it was for paint. The biggest complaint with drop-in liners is that they wear away paint. Kind of wondering why I even worry about the way the inside of the bed looks? Planning on keeping the factory liner that came with crew cab.
    The spray-in are said to be better because they hold loads better, will not crack, split or warp, and have a watertight seal to prevent rust and corrosion.
    I have had good experience with both drop-in and spray-in liners, they are not worth the money in benifits that they offer, but they are worth the money to me because I like my trucks more with a bed liner.
  • s102002s102002 Posts: 1
    I just got a new S10 and went to put a bug shield
    on it and found out there aren't any predrilled holes?
    Does anyone know of a clip on bug shield?
    If you've put a bug shield on what name brand did
    you choose?
    I couldn't be happier with my S10 so far.
  • madridjoemadridjoe Posts: 28
    I have used the GTO Sportguard wrap around bud shield on both my 2001 S-10 and my 95 Sonoma. I have been very happy with them.
  • rjbrucerjbruce Posts: 2
    We chose the Rhino over the Line-X, purely because the Rhino was rubberized. The Line-X is much like a bed liner as when you put something in the back it tends to slide all around. However, the Rhino Liner has a rubberized coating so when things are put in the back they stay put. I've had no regrets with the Rhino Liner verses a bed liner. Assuming the reason you would choose a bed liner is because it is removable, why would I be removing my bed liner?
  • janel84janel84 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if these can be installed on an S-10 that's not 4WD? These are the loop hooks that fit in the front bumper area. The one young dealer service guy I asked didn't think so. The parts guy couldn't find a number for them. When I messed around on the Chevy site before I got my truck, it looked like they were an option.
  • My fiance has a Rhino liner in his Z-71 and he says there is no better liner. He is in the collision repair business and knows this sort of thing inside and out. The Rhino liner is much more thick than other spray-in liners and therefore tougher. Far as the liners which are removeable, they scratch up the paint. Lift up one at the tailgate. See scratches?
    I just purchased my very first truck yesterday! It's a 1999 S-10 4X4 V-6 vortec extended cab! We will be replacing the current bedliner with the Rhino soon! I am glad to join you!
  • 1gotek1gotek Posts: 1
    I know a question was already posted about this before, but has anyone bought the hard, locking tonneau cover from GM? I have an S-10 crew cab with the tiny pick up bed. The only info about it I've found is in the S-10 brochure from the dealership. All I know is that a picture shows that it is foldable, consisting of 4 sections.

    Has anyone had any experiences with it, good or bad? Is it hard to remove if the need arises? Has anyone used any of the other snapless covers like those roll-n-lock type covers or the Access cover with the ribs built into the cover?
  • ns_zr2ns_zr2 Posts: 2
    Just wanted to add, I saw on t.v. the other night that line-x is so strong that some of the walls in the pentagon are coated with it, in the event of a blast. Just thought that was interesting.
  • Need information about placing a donut spare tire in a 2001 chevy Blazer extreme
  • ridt00ridt00 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if 20 in rims will fit on a 2003 Extreme without rubbing or bottoming out? If so can someone recommend the tire size to fit on these wheels
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    You might try posing your question in Ask Connor at The Tire Rack topic.
  • Want to know which years will directly swap out for my '99 Sonoma. I have a '99 Sonoma with a bad engine & transmission. I was wondering if a 2002 S10 2.2 would directly replace it. Or which years would.
  • raymondwraymondw Posts: 2
    p235/30/20 will fit best tire is goodyear
  • raymondwraymondw Posts: 2
    need headers for a v-8 swap
  • tmac449tmac449 Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 chevy S-10 2WD extended cab with 68,592 miles. It has a 2.2L 4 cylinder with Manual tranny. And from what I understand chevy's 2.2 gas millage sucks for a 4 cylinder. But the 4.3 V6 has the same gas millage and much more power. My first question is; am I right in the statement about the 2.2 vs. the 4.3. and if I am would it be worth it to replace the engine with only 68,592 miles on the clock. Or just buy a new one when this one kicks the bucket. Because I was planning on giving the truck a 3'' lift and putting larger tires on it, to give it a bigger truck look, and make it alittle easier for myself a 6' 0'' 230 lbs person to get in and out of. But with a 4cylinder, and the lack of 4WD I might not do it unless I swap the engine. Because even with the lack of 4WD the truck is very light, and do the that fact the lack of 4WD is not that detrimental. I am only in the truck $1,200 and am the owner of it. So any opinions or statements on the matter would be greatly aprisiated. Also if you could point me in the direction of a website with some stats on the 4cylinder, the v6's and the v8's for the S-10 that would be great.
  • chopper3chopper3 Posts: 2
    i have a 2001 extreme that has 20's with a 255/35/20 and they fit fine. My truck is even lower than normal
  • chopper3chopper3 Posts: 2
    yes i have 20's with a 255/35/20 tire on a 2001 extreme
  • redturtleredturtle Posts: 1
    I have an '85 S10 with a 2.8 V6 engine. Due to a oil change screw-up my engine is now dead (oil filter was not fastened properly and blew off, causing the diagnosis of "rods knocking"). Anyway, I am looking into replacement engines, and I found that for $200 more, I can get a 4.3 liter instead of the 2.8.

    Now, my question is: what difference is it going to make to my truck if I opt for the 4.3 instead of the 2.8? I have heard that the carbeurator *may* need to be replaced with a more apporopriate one for that stronger engine, that the only change will be better torque and less fuel economy, I have also heard that the 2.8 liter engines with more mileage do not hold up so well with repairs.

    Does anyone have an educated answer for this quandry?

    Thank you,
    Michael RedTurtle
  • kj31kj31 Posts: 1
    I have been trying for two days to get the flat tire off my truck....I used a 2x4 and bashed wont budge. It looks like there something under the plastic cap that should come off first...This should be easy...please help. Its a 2002 s-10....factory tires and rims. Thanks!!!!
  • cgm707cgm707 Posts: 5
    I have a 1998 S-10 pickup and the CD player doesn't work. I was just wondering if anyone can suggest a replacement system that fits in nicely and works well?
    Thanks for any help suggested,
  • blue88s10blue88s10 Posts: 2
    Get the 4.3L. It is a better engine. I was told by an ASE certified mechanic to avoid 2.8L engines. Others may have different views on this.
  • blue88s10blue88s10 Posts: 2
    I would look at the CD players that are a direct fit for GM dashs. Pioneer has two newer models that I know of and some old ones. Alpine made one also. Not sure what year though. You might be able to find an older model pretty cheap.
  • afal3639afal3639 Posts: 1

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  • alexraalexra Posts: 1
    Hi there: found myself in a hole (right front) and couldn't get out... in 4x4, but right front was spining and left rear also.... the oposite wheels (where I wanted traction) were doing nothing.... what do I need to modify so that when in 4x4 mode I get traction on all 4 when I need it???


  • i need someone to tell me what the best site is to look at for body kits for a 92 s10.
  • irvinirvin Posts: 2
    Before I buy an S-10 with a 5-speed and 2.2 4cyl. are there any inherent problems with this set up?? Can I expect high gas mileage and at least 150,000 on the engine with good maintenance?? THANKS!!
  • Is there anybody out there who knows if it is possible to fit a late model grill on a -96 Blazer ZR2
  • i am the fond owner of an 89 s10 with a 4.3 Z code. it's a great little truck, but i want to crank some more ponies out of the little [non-permissible content removed]. i've already hung up a high performance exhaust with no catalytic converter and dual tailpipes. now i just need some power flowing through them, so my first thought was to throw on one of the 670cfm throttle body injectors that holley offers, but i hear from very reliable sources that i'd be better off putting on a carbureted intake and getting a TBI adapter, but the thing is, i can't seem to find an adapter anywhere, i've looked through Jeg's, and Summit, and couldn't seem to come across one. so what i'm asking is if anyone HAS seen them in a high performance catalog, and maybe i'm just blind, or if anyone would know where the hell i could find one. another option is getting the edelbrock TBI intake, but i've heard that that one still doesn't breathe enough.

    HELP!!! I need to figure out what to do.
    don't answer if you don't know what you're talking about for sure

    starving for air,
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