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VW Touareg SUV



  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    I would never question the validity of what you are saying or your experiences, I was referring to some posts that pop out of nowhere and by judging the general development of the whole statement are highly suspect of being truthful, is hard to put in words but I am sure you have been confronted before with a lie that you cant prove one way or another, you could not describe exactly how, you just don’t buy it, that is all I was referring to.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Believe what you want.

    In the 50,000 miles that I put on my 2000 GTI GLX, I had to replace:

    Rear shock top mounts (twice)
    Rear struts (twice)
    Starter motor
    A/C condensor
    A/C clutch
    Engine temp sensor
    Plug wires
    Rear brake disks at 20,000 miles
    Turn signal/cruise control switch
    Controller for engine cooling fans

    When I sold the car, the 2nd gear synchro was going bad and the front wheel bearings were shot. No, I didn't race the car. No, I didn't abuse the car -- I'm 43. No, I know how to drive a stick shift -- I've been driving a stick for the past 25 years (until this August).

    I'll be glad to give you the VIN if you think I'm making this up.

    Don't get me wrong, I like VWs. I like their interiors. I loved the dash lighting on my GTI. I just wish it was reliable.
  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    ...there is one like this:

    '99 VW New Beetle (2.0L gas, 5 speed). Purchased in December 1998. Currently at 53,000 miles.

    Problems and issues:

    -> 02 sensor replaced
    -> A/C seal replaced
    -> Cable to gas cap release repaired
    -> Power window switch replaced (broken by someone who didn't know how it worked)
    -> Front belly pan replaced (torn off by wife when driving in 6-8" of snow - she should have known better - she's from Wyoming!)

    And that's it! Have done all required services, plus bought a new set of tires (the stock Goodyears gave up at about 27,000 miles - replaced with Pirelli 4000's which still look good).

    In my mind, pretty reliable. Nothing that has caused the car to leave us stranded. All repairs effectively taken care of by the dealer where we bought the car -- only once has it had to stay overnight -- dealer arranged for a free rental car.

    We have an Explorer that is coming off lease next spring. Wife likes the looks of the T-reg and we may consider a V6 when the time comes. Will continue to monitor this board to see what else is said and how people feel about it.
  • In the world of owning some Japanese brands, this "short" list would constitute "unreliable". It is amazing what we grow accustomed to. :-)
  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    I'm sure you can peruse the boards here at Edmunds on some of the Japanese brands and see examples of "unreliable" vehicles there, as well.

    I guess my point is, my car is a sample of 1. So was the other posters. Hard to draw a reliable conclusion about an entire brand from 2 vehicles.

    Also, I would suggest, but cannot prove, that most of the posters here will talk freely about problems, but the owners of vehciles (regardless of brand and model) who don't have problems don't have much to say.

    I've been on these boards now for 6+ years. I've bought and/or leased 6 vehicles in that time. When I do the research on what we're interested in, I hear all about the problems of this car and that SUV, plus some positive comments thrown in for good measure. I take it all with a grain of salt.

    I will admit to being a bit skeptical about VW's reliability when we got the NB. Some friends of ours have a '98 NB and have had much more trouble with it than we have with ours.

    Overall, I've been pretty impressed with our VW. Enough so to consider the brand again when our next vehicle needs to be purchased.
  • If you are looking for a place for people to carp, these boards (all over the Internet, to be fair) are the place to go. I have owned and or had access to 5 VW's, 1 BMW and 25 Audis (and a few Chrysler or Dodge cars) in my 52 years on planet earth.

    My German cars have been the best driving cars and I wish they had been more reliable.

    I have test driven and/or rented dozens, probably hundreds, of cars -- many of them Japanese.

    Personal taste: there just have not been any Japanese cars that interest me enough to spend my money on them. All the raves about reliability do not phase me -- and yes I wish my German cars had been more reliable; and continue to improve in their reliability.

    But even the few Lexus and Infinity cars I have rented and/or test driven (and I grant they are nice) don't push my "this is a fun car to drive" button.

    So, I too take the preponderance of complaints on these town halls just as the poster said -- people who have problems post "more" than people who have none.

    I took one of those sales courses -- so I don't really have anything scientific to go by -- where they claim that if you have problems [with a product or service] you tell 5 people and if you have no problems you tell only 1.

    By that reasoning, these boards are a distortion a negative distortion of the folks who could but don't post.

    For the life of me, other than those "damn lawyers" I can't figure out why the auto manufacturers themselves don't post on these town halls and message boards and chat rooms across the world wide web!
  • I have to agree with knockoff. For a majority of Japanese made vehicles that have around 50K+ miles, the only services they had to do is oil change and rotate/replace tires. I could attest to that since this is what I've experienced. Good luck on your next 50K+ miles. My Honda is around 200K+ now and the only thing I replaced were timing belt (90K mile and 180K mile), motor mounts (100K mile), oil pan gasket (180K mile) and starter igniter at (190K mile). Otherwise, I just do regular oil changes and check my breaks for pad replacement. I am extremely happy with my Honda.

    But now I would like to own a German made vehicle since its handling and performance is superior to the Japanese vehicles (IMHO). Now I need to decide whether I could put up with the problems. BTW, I think that German electronics is a step ahead of the Japanese in the automotive industry. However, the Japanese will take what the Germans invented and improve it ten folds. This is how they make a superior product and of course reliable.
  • I keep hanging around here and reading because I want to own a T-reg but... the reliability issues (tales of all the trips to the dealer) make me hesitant. I have only 1 car (Japanese) & with no loaner program.... VWoA are you listening???? add maintenance (like Audi, BMW & MB) & a loaner program and I will soften. :-)
  • jpvwaudijpvwaudi Posts: 139
    Are on a dealer by dealer basis; we give them, some dealers don't. Depends where you buy it. We haven't had any more problems with this car than anything else new on the market...yes, they're ironing out some bugs, but as I stated last week, most "problems" are misunderstandings....
  • Since I've put a deposit down for a T-reg I've scoured all these types of boards and, to my relief, have found that there are few posters with serious problems. On one T-reg-specific board that I visit frequently, which has hundreds of threads, the owners are super-enthusiastic, which is *very* reassuring. Quirks here and there, but very very little that can't be fixed quickly.

    Fact is, modern cars despite their complexity are very impressive beasts, and the reliability gap between the Japanese manufacturers and VW may seem large in relative terms, but in absolute terms it's just not that bad. Now, I'd be the first to contend that there's room for improvement for VW, but it's not as big of a deal as some Japanese aficionados would want to make you believe.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    Sciencegeek, That is right, there are other boards that have hundreds of Treg owners postings and most of it is just trivial chit chat, I haven’t seen anything serious either, and I am too waiting for the V10 diesel.
    I guess is true most people come to these boards when they have a problem and the other half just to make conversation.
  • you lucky dog, I'm jealous :)

    I wish I could afford the V10 TDI, it promises to be *awesome*. And great fuel economy, too. Who can argue with that?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Patti participates for Subaru in Subaru Crew: Official SOA Presence (aka Patti). (with a few disclaimers <g>).

    I spent about 16 hours driving my sister's '00 NB a couple of weeks ago going and coming from VA to TN. Drove well, solid feeling ride and the seats were very comfy. It's a bit tricky getting the power windows to go up and down though :-).

    Steve, Host
  • Someone was asking about this the other day....When I purchased my T-Reg (8/30), it came with a little dummy plug labeled "12V" that was in the spot where the flashlite goes. I didn't care one way or the other, and never mentioned anything about the lite. Yesterday in the mail, I received a package from VWOA. Had no idea what it could be. Opened it up, and along with a letter saying "here's your flashlight" was a sealed box with the flashlite inside. Maybe VW was concerned about theft (as the poster had questioned), and decided that this was the best way to distribute them. In any event, it showed up on its own, so I would expect other owners to be getting theirs. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, but my kids think it's fun!
  • I like the TReg and considered a purchase. Until I visited the local dealer. Slimy, greasy, ignorant of the product, bait and switch tactics, high pressure, horrible location all added up to, "get out of here quick!" Not to be personal or attack someone, but these 'salespeople' and their 'manager' typlified the used car salesman image to a degree of perfection.

    Too bad, I had a Scirocco that ran forever and seemed pretty reliable, except the factory hooked the a/c unit up backwards and I developed a glacier at the base of my inside wheelwell everytime the a/c was on. Which then led to mold, etc. Dealer couldn't figure out the problem until 65,000 miles at which point the car smelled like an aquarium.

    I bought a Toyota 4Runner Sport with the V8 and dual Borla exhaust. The XREAS and other amenities make the vehicle unbelievable, if you had a similar experience at the VW dealer try the 4Runner. Having owned over 15 new vehicles of varying manufacturers over the years, I can say without a doubt the 4Runner is the best vehicle (SUV/car) I have ever owned. I like the TReg though, especially the soon to be optional V10 diesel! Happy motoring!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    And just think...this is the same car company that is selling and servicing a $70,000 luxury sedan (Phaeton). And they expect to compete with Lexus, Bmw and Mercedes!!!!!!
  • Too bad about the VW dealer you visited. The one I visited isn't a big dealer, but had six T-regs in the front. Three were on the show room floor and the other three were outside for test drives. Like your sales people, the ones at this dealer knew little about the T-reg.

    The dealer had put his additional window sticker on the cars that added $2500 to the factor window price. Like you experienced, all three of the 'sales' people I spoke with left me with the feeling that this was not the place to buy.

    I still like the T-reg, but I'll shop somewhere else. Maybe that dealer will know where to put a flat tire and how the rear A/C system works (or have a T-reg with rear A/C).
  • jklossjkloss Posts: 39
    We ordered a T-Reg that was on the boat and due at Houston Port. Tenative deliverdate to the dealer was to be 11/07. Dealer call yesterday to say the the vehicle would no arrive until 11/21.

    Thed did not know where the T-reg was but were notified of the new date on the Monday morning updates. Dealer said he would try to locate the T-Reg.

    Dealer just call today to confirm the the T-reg was spotted by VW Houston and will be sent to Chicago asap.

    I did not call the dealer he took it upon himself to keep informed. Could not ask for more.

    By the way he gave me a good deal. Very hard to find a V-8 in the chicago area with the right equipment.
  • jeetojeeto Posts: 12
    Hey sacstate1,

    I assume by your name youre up north. The funny thing i found about all of the dealers down here in Southern California is that they are all very mellow about selling. I almost found them to be too distant. I dont know whats going on in other parts of the country but i really assumed that the salespeople are almost told to back off and let you do the talking.
  • I noticed on the stick that the transmission is built in Japan. Does anyone know why and is it a Japanese designed tranny?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    The VW dealer in my area were professional and couteous. I went to see the t'reg and had no problems with the dealer/sales staff.
  • My Volvo had one from Japan too. It was a European design, but made in the Far East. The Volvo also had a turbo from Japan as well as many parts from all over the world. My Toyota has a GM Harrison radiator. I suspect most cars made today have parts from all over.

    According to the T-reg Window stickers I saw the car comes from Slovania (sp), the transmission from Japan, and the engine from Hungary. Most of the other VWs on the lot had stickers that said Germany for all three.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Why is the tranny made by Aisin of Japan ? Is the design better, or was it designed in Germany, but built in Japan ? I'll try to do some research also....
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    I had read that the tranny was intended to be used with all the engine types to be used with the T-reg, including the V10 TDI. VW didn't have a tranny that could handle the torque so they went with a tranny from Japan. FWIW.
  • ... the tranny is actually also designed, not just built, by Aisin. I read on a German forum that Aisin is the biggest tranny manufacturer, so they probably do a good job at a good price. The 2004 Golf has one, too, by the way, I read on another site. Global economy, go figure. Where were your socks sewn?

    It's interesting that highender's Cay also has that same tranny, but some other chassis components are not the same between the two, as far as I know. So the tranny was part of the plan from early on.

    Hey by the way, the T-reg has added another feather to its crown. This one is hilarious. (Forgive the duplicate post, the other thread where I posted this is not very active.) It was voted best Texas SUV. Now if that's not a badge of honor I don't know what is:
  • It's Slovakia, FYI. That's the eastern third of the former Chechoslovakia (not to be confused with Slovenia, a former part of Yugoslavia that formed after all hell broke loose there). It borders Austria and the Chech Rep in the West, Poland in the North, Ukraine in the East, and Hungary in the South. 5.4 million people live there, in an area ~ the size of West Virginia. The T-reg is manufactured in Bratislava, the capital. More than you wanted to know :)
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Did anyone notice the Touareg was named SUV of the Year by Motor Trend in the Dec issue???
  • ... doesn't give it away, does it? I'll have to pick up the hard copy today. It has been getting a huge number of competitive awards, that does mean something, doesn't it?
  • jeeto: Actually I am out East, as in North Carolina, I went to Sac State. Job has taken me everywhere, good guess though.
  • rower2rower2 Posts: 22
    I just found this site and I don't think it would have swayed my decision to buy a
    T-Reg but for those of you considering it, wait till next year when they get all the bugs out. It seems that the shop has had my car more than I've had. A recalled part has already been replaced and the team of "VW Touareg Engineers" can't seem to give my service department a call back to tell them why they can't get the fault light to turn off for the tire pressure monitoring system. Other than that annoyance, I absolutely love this truck. Especially after driving the loaner car and sliding all over the road in the rain. I've had a Trooper and a Tahoe and this is by far superior. I wish it took regular though because $37.00 a pop for a fill up is pretty steep.
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