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2000 Ford F-150



  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    You (we) have entirely too much time on our hands. Ford calls it a 5.8, they used to put it on the window sticker as a 5.8 and even on the top of the fuel injected intake manifold it says 5.8, on the emission sticker on the valve cover it says; All together now........5.8. It has never been called 5.7. That has always been Chevy's 350. So damn the math, it's a 5.8.
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    Where did this supposed 5.7L y2k Ford come from?
    I believe it is some after market mod, but why fool with making a 5.7L out of a 5.4L or whatever engine? If you are going to do that, may as well go for some big cubes, excuse me Liters, old habits are hard to break.
  • No question about the new Lightning vs. the 1993. However, about the new motors being superior to the old ones? I guess I'm just "old school" when it comes to these old Fords. (Chevys too, for that matter) I've got a '72 f100 lwb "Explorer", with a 360 V-8, c-6 auto, and a 1958 f100 with the original 223 straight-6, 3-speed on the column, and the old "round dial" am radio.

    Its just my opinion, but the old motors seemed more able to work like you needed them to. Granted, the only experience with the new motors I've had was towing a buddy of mine's drag car with his 97 f150. It had the 4.6l motor. It didn't have any trouble pulling the trailer, but it just didn't seem as "gutsy" as his old truck. (1995 f150, 5.0l, automatic.)

    The drag car: 1987 Buick Grand National, 10" slicks, Stage III alum. v-6, Garrett turbo! This thing is just evil!! And best of all, its completely street legal, licensed, and driven probably 3 times a week. (to get groceries, you know!)

  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    The 5.8 was a mistake it was actually a 5.4 the salesman made a mistake,the photo ad I was looking at was a LAwest conversion on an f150, very sharp looking I think they have a web site with a photo of a red one As for the lightning I had a black 99 very nice and very fast it had the 5.4 reworked with an eaton supercharger I was undefeated in street racing but the truck had a lot of little problems,front end,moldings were plastic and coming lose,scraped a rim $450 to replace,rear window molding leaking, and the truck would have been useless in winter.Traded for an F250 4x4 4dr supercab lightduty with the 5.4.This truck is great and you feel you could get anywhere with it. Good Luck with your new trucks.
  • afs11afs11 Posts: 87
    What made you buy a Ford over the other brands? Please no stupid responses.

    Thank you,
  • OK guys and gals heres the scoop on how a ford enthusiast namely me, is getting screwed by ford.
    And before I start I want to say I do not think the salesmen and dealership involved are responsible for events that took place.
    On 5/28/99 I placed my order for my 2000 F-150 regular cab Flareside 4x4, 4.6 v8,sport package pickup. I was told that I could expect the vehicle in or around the beginning of sept. which was great cause thats when the lease on my 96 bronco was over, that would be perfect timing. But as sept drew closer I found out about a hold ford put on the sport package I ordered. so then I extended my lease on my bronco for one more month but on the first of October I returned the bronco cause I was told the F-150 would be in at the end of October. my registration was due on the bronco along with the monthly payment. so I decided I might as well rent a car for the month while I wait for my new truck. the cost when I figured it out was about the same. so from hertz I rented a contour se. (you see I even rented a ford in good faith!)now the fun starts I the found out the ship date of my truck was pushed back until the end of November so I was stuck with the contour for bit longer. then around the end of November I found out it was pushed to the week of December 6. Ok fine I waited patiently but now I wanted to see about maybe ford helping me out with splitting the cost of the rental car. no can do was the response. ok fine so then I found out that my truck was shipped on November 29 and it would be here around the 14 of December. but still no sign. I then found out that the truck was shipped from Ontario the 29th then sat in holding when It came into America for awhile and then finally on the 10th was plopped on a truck and going to California with an ache in my heart. so now I finally know its on the way I still would like some help paying for the rental car. now I did not realize this but ford owns hertz. I am buying a ford, I had a ford, and I am renting a ford from a ford owned company and still they are being reluctant to help me out just little. what is that all about? is this how ford really thinks of all the people who buy ford products I think I might not deal with ford anymore after this deal is made. I just don't feel ford cares for its clients when I comes down to a personal level and thats not the type of company I like to deal with. if anyone has a comment, suggestion,similar experience or information I would like to hear from you.
    disappointed in ford,
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    That is quite a story and certainly not a happy one. The hold on Sport 4X4s is true, they couldn't supply the "Sport Cloth" seats. I know, I ordered mine on 25 June and it was delivered on 27 Oct. Why do I have mine and you don't have yours? I believe it comes down to dealer allocation, your dealer didn't have the allocation and lucky for me mine did, mine was built in Kansas City yours in Ontario, don't really know what difference if any that makes. Seems to me the decision to end the lease and rent a car was yours and not Ford's. I extended my lease for 6 months twice, once last Feb because Ford gave me $150 to extend it, and Again in August when my Y2K hadn't been delivered. During that time frame I also got a new registration, and am transferring the Tags to my new one. So, bottom line, I believe the reason you don't have your truck is Dealer allocation (My dealer went to the regional manager in early Oct to get my Priority bumped up, and they had the allocation.). I know this isn't what you want to read, but I don't believe Fords owes you anything
    because you ended your lease and rented a car. I never let mine go until the new one is ready for me to pick up. I turn it in and drive off in the new one. Sorry, I don't want to start a war or hard feelings, just my opinion, and I know there are others out ther that will be the other way. Wish you luck, and know you will love the truck.
  • Thanks for the reply im beyond starting any wars so no worries there. I really did end the lease assuming that it would be on time. when it came down to the cost of the reg. which in california is not cheap and the monthly payment
    i thought i would break even and not have to worry about anything happening to the bronco while i waited to return it. i didnt even think about asking ford for a litle help until the end of november came around. but i did make the call and bob you are right about that. i guess thats why i dont go to vegas a lot i am not a good gambler. oh well my birthday is the 21st of dec maybe it will show up on tuesday for that. that would actually be kind of the way bob where did you get your ford from was it california too?
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Sorry about the wait but two things to remember are you didn't have your truck payment or insurance payment. So while you were with out the truck you wanted how much were you hurt financially?
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    One thing that sucks about California reg. (at least 4 years ago when I still lived there ) is they don't allow you to transfer reg. or give you credit. So if you pay $500 in Jan. for your plates and trade in Feb. you're out the total fees. The new owner of your old vehicle pays a transfer for the current reg. One of the many reasons I moved.
  • yes that is true about not having the payments or insurance payments. the rental car is costing about $600 a month like i said the reg and car payment in oct would have cost that but the car payment and insurance for nov and dec would not be that much.
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    Bought mine from Courtesy Ford in Denver. Hopefully you will get a nice birthday present (Your Truck!!). I'm not a good gambler either, and have somewhat adopted a "don't believe it until I see it" philosophy on such matters. I have had vehicles come in 6-8weeks early, and as in my last deal took 4 months. Good Luck, and Happy Birthday.

    In Colorado plates are pricey too, but the good news is when you get a new vehicle you can transferr the plates and they credit you for the unused time on the new regisrtation.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Same thing in Nevada. It just makes sense.
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    I bought a Ford F-150 4X4 Ext Cab Eddie Baurer in 1995 (traded 1993 Buick great car, no problems, ) We needed a truck and my wife worked for a Ford dealer, bought for "A Plan". Traded 1993 GMC Jimmy
    (nice vehicle, no problems)for 1996 Ford Windstar (lease)my wife had since moved to a different Ford dealer so was at "A Plan" again. Traded 1995 Ford
    F-150 (no problems great truck) for 1997 F-150 4X4
    Ext Cab Lariat, lese and "A Plan" again. Lease up on Windstar ( had a minor problem with power steering pump, replaced no problems after). Leased 1998 Eddie Bauer Expedtion, "A Plan again" I liked the 97 F-150 so much I never drove an EXPY before mine was delivered to me, still have it, about 17,000 miles,only problem I've had is rear wiper motor died, replaced no problems since, great SUV. Just replaced 97 F-150(no problems other than the famuos lug bolts, loved that truck, lease up) with a Y2K F-150 Ext Cab Sport 4X4. My wife no longer works for a dealer, she is now in real estate, so will try and explain why I bought the Y2K F-150. Obviously the reason I bought/leased the 1995-1998 was price, and the fact I had good luck with them, liked them, and was treated well by service departments of which there were three, was a good part of the rationale. The reason
    I leased the Y2K, was really loved the 97, and had had good reliability and performance from the other Fords I had. Even though I could no longer get the "A Plan", when I went to my salesman in the Fleet department at the last place she worked, (and where we got everyone except the 95) to order my Y2K I said "What kind of price am I looking at?" He said. "Invoice, plus I'll throw in mud flaps etc." So it has been a combination of price that I couldn't beat anywhere, or no haggle at Invoice and good reliability and treatment. Believe me if I had had problems with them, I would have looked at other brands even though I couldn't get an "A Plan deal" I know this is long, but tried to answer your question. Have 2000 miles on the new one and no problems, much better and smoother than the 97, of course more power and torque also (both 5.4Ls).
  • I'm real close to ordering 2000 F150 XLT Super Cab Flareside with a manual trans and the Sport Group. Have any of you had problems with the manual? I'm told that I cannot get the elec shift on the fly to 4x4,is this a problem? Do you feel that the Sport Group is worth the $?
  • stan11stan11 Posts: 12
    I've had my 2000 F150 XLT SB Stylecab 4X4 5-sp manual for about a month, and so far I like the transmission. As you mentioned earlier, the manual tranny does exclude you from the electronic transfer case, but it also limits you to the 4.6L engine. In my opinion, if you are partial to a manual, the trade-off is reasonable. My last truck was a Tacoma. Although the stick movement between gears is less "notchy" in the Toy, the clutch-throttle coordination in the F150 is smoother to operate.
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    I bought a Y2K "Sport 4x4" because I wanted the 17 inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels and did not want to pay the then higher price for the "4X4 Off Road" package. I also wanted a "different look" which you get with the "Sport", as the bumpers are color keyed, not chrome like the rest of the 150 line. The down side is you are limited to four colors:
    White, Black, Silver and Bright Red, and you can not get two tone paint. It took four months to get mine, ordered on 25 June, delivered to dealer on 27 Oct, after Regional Manager got involved. I don't know how the availability is now. The hold up at that time was the fabric for the seats, it has a different design than the others. Also the only available interior color is Dark Graphite. Barring the delay etc. I like it, and feel it was worth the money, to me anyway. Good Luck.
  • Any thoughts on XL vs XLT in 4wd SC 2000? I did a run up on the options and it looks like if you can live without the power windows/locks and carpet of the XLT, you can get about the same thing for 2200 less in a XL. the only thing I would miss is the 17 " wheels and maybe 4 wheel disk/abs? Anyway to factory order the abs disk brakes and 17" tires/rims?

    Any of you go with the XL 4WD SC?

    I was thinking of getting the sport option on the XL with 16 inch 255 or do a aftermarket swap. What do you think? I know i would need some way to set the speedometer up switching from 16-17 wheels in an aftermarket swap..

    thanks in advance for your input

  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    Well, I will give you my two cents. You may save $2200 now, but I suspect you will lose more than that at trade in or resale time. I believe the only way you can get 17 Inch wheels and tires is on the XLT or Lariat. To make that change after market would be very expensive and would really eat into your $2,200 savings. I don't know the actual price, but have heard that the 17 inch tires are very expensive. If you go with the XLT, Option Code 508A gives you Air and Four Wheel Disc
    ABS at no charge. The standard brakes on the XL are Front Disc and Rear Drum. I personally would never go below the XLT ( I have one now), but that's me. Good Luck
  • Thanks for the feedback. I have to wait to awhile anyway to be sure I don't get laid off - rumors started flying last week. Maybe by March, things will firm up and I can make a 25k decision. I sure would like to get those 17 inch wheels - makes a big 'looks difference' Do you have 4Wd? I never owned one before. It is a streach for me to get it cause I live in south Texas and am a city slicker now. I plan to keep the truck for years, and HOPE to get up to the Great North West / Seattle, Portland area in the next year or two. Thats where I think I could use the truck. Way off topic but I do appreciate the words on XL/XLT.
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    Here is the rundown on my truck:
    Y2K F-150, Super Cab, Sport 4X4 Package, Bright Red/Dark Graphite Interior, 5.4L, Auto, 3:55 LS, ESOF, Autolamps, Captain's Chairs&Console, 6way Power Seat, In Dash CD, Sliding Rear Window, Skid Plates, Towing Package, Air, 4 Wheel Disc ABS, Snapless Tonneau Cover, Color keyed Floor Mats, "Top 3 Accesories Package" available only in Denver and a couple of other places consists of bed liner, bug shield, and body colored cab steps. As you can see it is loaded. I paid Invoice plus $665 destination charges, if I remember right the total was about $27,700. Dealer threw in the molded mud flaps. Great truck, 4,000 miles and no problems. You said you plan to keep yours for a long time, in that case I would really recommend the XLT over the XL, if that is doable for you. The 17 inch wheels make a lot of difference in looks and I have been told by a couple of people for some reason they ride and handle better than the 16 inch. I don't know that for a fact. I had 17 inch on my 97 F-150 Lariat and have them on my 98 Expedition EB. If you are planning on going to the Northwest in a year or two definitely get the 4X4. I lived in Washington fo 16 years, 6 in Spokane and 10 in the Seattle area, great country. Understand the uncertainty about the job and not wanting to rush and do something that you may regret. Good Luck with the job, if I can give you anymore info etc just ask.
    Take care,
  • Purchased truck about 2 months ago,local dealer had a 1 week sale,purchased truck for 22,995 (don`t know how close to invoice, but I am happy with price).got 8k for 94 F150 with 45k on the clock. The 4.6 seems as peppy as the 5.0 in the 94' Very happy with the handling, went back to dealer for two minor problems-doorlock actuator&wheel balance.It`s nice to have a truck that`s both a necessity (carpenter) and a pleasure to drive !
  • ant5ant5 Posts: 1
    I'm planning to purchase a 2000 F-150 2WD, is the 3.55 limited slip differential worth the $243?
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    Absolutely, especially as you are not getting a 4X4.
  • ampb5ampb5 Posts: 4
    I originally ordered an XL with extras. A/C, 4 wheel ABS disc, Sport group, Cab steps, rear slider, convenience group, limited slip with 3.55, CD. Upgraded to the XLT base truck. Got A/C, 4 wheel disc included, power windows, door locks, tilt, cruise. The base went up 2500.00, but my actual cost was about 1400.00 more due to the "standard features. Then the dealer called me to tell of an additional savings package. Delete the sport group, get 16" cast wheels and 255 OWL, CD for 0, then a choice of keyless entry (168.00) or captains chairs (400.00), lets see, I think I'll take the chairs. Any way 100.00 over invoice later and it was a done deal. Although they got me for the advertising fee (195.00). It's perhaps 4 weeks out, the only thing that will be missing will be the leather steering wheel cover. I can live with that. After reading the long wait times everyone had waiting for the "sport group" I can only hope mine won't be so long!
  • bigsnagbigsnag Posts: 394
    Great points. Another point could be resale. XLT will be worth more down the road than the XL.
  • I to was looking at the XL to save some money, but the XLT just makes too much sense. I got everything I wanted, and more, plus the Keyless entry, CD and bigger tires. The resale was also a factor. I ordered four weeks ago today, so I am probably another month away from delivery.

    I ended up at Invoice, so I think I did OK.
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    I think you both did very well price wise and you'll really like the XLT. Hope you get them soon.
  • david6david6 Posts: 75
    Hmm. Making me think, now. I was going for the XL in large part to get the rubber floors, but I was going to add ABS, A/C, limited slip, split bench and CD. I'll have to check on the comparative prices now, since I believe the resale value hit would be a big one.
  • david6david6 Posts: 75
    Do folks with the 2000 F-150s find they are developing any door cracks like those found in the 97-99 models? Or maybe Ford has fixed the problem? I'm in no rush to buy, so I may wait a few months to so what people are finding.
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    None on my Y2K F-150 Ext Cab Sport 4X4, 5500 miles, I also had none on my 97 F-150 Ext Cab 4X4, 31,500 miles.
  • bigsnagbigsnag Posts: 394
    None on my '98 Reg cab 31K power windows (which some people think contribute) lots of window rollin gup and down, too. Still crack free.
  • ampb5ampb5 Posts: 4
    There are some really nice molded mats out there. So going up to the XLT and rugs was really an easy decision
  • Wow looks like someone needs to stickup for the XL. First off ABS is available on the XL. A quick pricing analysis will show that ABS is included with the XL if you buy either V-8 engine or I believe is available as a stand alone option for $395. On the XLT, I believe it is $395 and then Ford discounts the bottom line for $395. So in a sense you get it for free. But what happens if you buy a V-8 F-150, oh yeah for 2000 the XL is now available for the first time with the 5.4.
    Well the 5.4 on the XLT is $1,550 and you're still charged for ABS and then it is backed out. But wait a minute you're charged $1,550 on the XL and ABS is included in that price, so you're paying $395 for ABS and $1,105 for the engine. So yes if you buy a V-6 F-150 XLT ABS is free, do the math. If you want an 8 foot bed, that's what I got good luck finding an XLT one, 8foot XLs are out there. Mine stickered for $21,375 with destination and includes auto, 5.4 trailer towing, air, $ disc ABS, cassette, and payload group 3. Good Luck getting the increased payload on an XLT, leather yes, CD changer yes, increased utility, yeah right. Yes resale is lower, but when you figure in the V-8/ABS trick and higher insurance and higher payments and time value of money, I'm a CPA, the difference will probably net out. So I guess it depends on if you're buying a truck to use as a truck or as a car, if you're using it as a car go ahead and buy the new F-150 4 door Supercrew model.
  • I forgot to mention that I purchased my 8foot F-150 for $50 over invoice and they threw in a free bed liner. Then off of that price the loan was at 3.9% for 3 years and the amount owed was reduced by the $450 factory to dealer allowance, bought it at the end of December. Which means I bought it for under 20K, a very good deal. I bought the 8foot bed because I used to have a Dakota Sport, which has the same 6 1/2 foot length as the full-sizes, but I can't remember how many times I cursed not having the extra length. The Dakota no longer has an 8foot option and the Sport model never did. The only thing I don't like about the XL is that it doesn't have a tach and I don't think you can get the Sport package with the 8 foot bed. I love the non-carpeted floor. Give the XL a chance, your banking account and your friends that need help with moving will thank you, try moving a 90 inch couch with a 6 i/2 foot bed, what a pain.
  • As a new owner of a 2000 XLT 4x4, I am concerned about theft of the spare tire. I have the 17" wheel under there, but not sure if there is some thing available, as in a lock/lock & chain? Anybody have any thoughts or similar concerns?

    Thanks...only 300 miles but already love this truck!
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    Try your dealer's parts department. The Ford Truck Accesories Catalog lists one, $26.67 for an F-150.
  • Thanks bobh12......I picked up a Sear's Craftsman lock and took care of it that way, looping a cable thru the frame and rim..thanks again for your input.
  • I just bought a y2k F-150 Supercab, 4x4, with the off road package (17 inch wheels). After making a 200 mile trip, I took it back to the dealer because it pulled to the right. They did an alignment on the front end and everything was with in specs. They adjusted the tow-in a little but said that otherwise there was nothing wrong with it. I took it on another long trip and have continued to experience the problem. Has anybody else had similar problems?
  • I have been debating whethor to go xl or xlt on this page and want to thank those that advised me. Anyway, the local dealer made it easy, by discounting xlt 4wd this weekend under invoice! he says he will sell the vehicle for 194 under his cost- including dealer holdback. this includes the 500 cash to the buyer, but it is a real good deal. I think, I will be paying about 25489 for a xlt, 4wd, 5.4, auto, floor mats,, 3.55 lsd, trailor towing pkg, offroad equipement group, ac, and cd - list of 30,390 .. anyone else seeing deals like this?... smokey in san antonio, tx
  • abucsabucs Posts: 9
    That is an excellent deal. I thought I did good at 100 over invoice. Your deal sounds sweet.
    ABUCS in Austin
  • page62page62 Posts: 30
    Just don't tell me you bought it from Jennings Anderson. That would really burn my .... Cuz they made a good ol' profit off me!!!
  • Sorry to brag, I saw it in the San Antonio paper Friday at Red Macombs. they have 4 or 5 left like this. The best part was it was a sale, so I didn't have to dicker. I want to thank all that contribute to this board because, believe me, I read it all! Lots of good tips. I knew the invoice from edmunds and knew i was below. I don't know how they did it or why, but if you are in the market now, maybe ford is giving back to the dealers some way. I thought the salesman made an error when he quoted me 2.9 for 3 years, since edmunds says it is 3.9, but that was the deal. They didn't give me a good deal on the trade but carmax did so it worked out pretty good.
    Any way the truck drives real nice, it is real big, man I never drove anything that stands this tall! The last 4x4 I drove was a 1984, F150.

    Thanks again for the feedback and tips.

  • page62page62 Posts: 30
    Aha! Red McCombs thought they were going to get you on the trade, but you outfoxed 'em by going across the street to CarMax. Congratulations. (I got burned by Red several years ago on a Toyota pickup...I avoid them if at all possible now.)

    I did the same thing when I traded my 97 Cougar. CarMax loved it, but they could only give me the same amount as Jennings Anderson. They were being nice to me, so they got the trade.
  • wsdepawsdepa Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2000 F 150 xlt off road. The
    sticker did not include the " heavy duty cooling
    and electrical" package. I noticed that the 5.4l
    engine has two little radiators at the bottom of
    the big one. Are these oil and trans coolers?
    Does the cooling and electrical package give
    anything else that doesn't already come with the
    5.4l? I hope this is the case since I plan to tow a
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    Heavy duty cooling and electrical is part of the Towing Package not 4X4 Off Road, if I remember correctly. If you got the towing package, you have it.
  • I bought an F150 in Oct. 1999. I have since had 2 accidents. I've only had one other accident in my life. I bought the extended service plan and when I went to the dealer for the service they told me that the option I paid extra for (to have the oil changed every 3000 miles instead of every 5000 miles)didn't exist. After 30 minutes of tracking down someone who could verify that I had the 3000 mile option it took 3 hours to get the oil changed.
    In the first accident the spare key got destroyed. Come to find out that you have to have 2 origonal key to make a copy because of the computer chip security thing. This ment that I had to get the entire truck reprogrammed and a full set of new keys. The dealer didn't know how to properly reprogram the truck and so I waited 6 hours in the waiting room. I would have gone home but they kept telling me it would be just a few more minutes. If you get a ford get three computer chip keys and put 2 key in a safe place. Also get a dummy key. You can keep it anywhere and it will open your door but not start the ignition. Make ford include this when you buy one. Key are about $80 a piece.
    Another thing, subtract about 4-5 miles off the already bad mileage they tell you. This monster eats gas fast.
    Be ware of blind spots. An entire Semi can hide behind your left shoulder, and at the wrong time of day your side mirror won't help you. A horse can lay down on the ground behind you and unless you walk around the truck, your won't know why your not moving backwards.
    Responsiveness: The breaks stop the wheels not necessarily you or the truck. Afterwhich you have nice flat spots on your tires. Also the front of the truck may come to a stop before the bed of the truck creating the wonderfull effect of your own truck denting itself. Quite a novelty act.... The suspension and steering combine to give you the feeling of almost loosing it when dodging small obsticals. Unfortunatly the line between almost and actually loosing it is supprisingly thin.
    Other little things
    The bed cover leaks when it rains
    The windshield wipers leave streaks
    The CD player skips
    The paint chips easily
    The plastic part of the bumper totally cracks up when hit (the 89 Dodge Spirit fared better)
    Buying the F 150 was the biggest mistake in my life and it could have been the last mistake of my life if it hadn't been for pure luck. Everyone that saw the accident said I should have been dead.
  • page62page62 Posts: 30
    I could probably argue your complaints point by point. (You're complaining about the handling? Well, it's a truck! What do you expect? . . . and a lot of your other complaints have to do with your crummy dealer. Go to another dealer.)

    But have you considered that you're alive (and complaining) today because you were driving that truck and not the Dodge Spirit! Think about that next time you complain because the plastic cracked in the accident.

    Why do you think so many of us buy trucks. It sure ain't for the handling thru a slalom!
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    Well said
  • smcpherrsmcpherr Posts: 114
    I've noticed a few of the things you've mentioned, too. I don't have any fixes for most but a few tips I have found for some of your problems.

    Streaking wipers. I've noticed this too. I have a 99 now and used to have a 97 and they both did it. I even changed the wipers in the 97 to better, more expensive ones and it didn't help. What I found to solve this... When the wipers are needed, turn them on at full speed. Leave them on till they squeak on your window. As long as its not raining hard, it shouldn't take long. After they get "warmed up," they work a lot better.

    Leaking Bed Cover. Is this the Ford Tonneau cover? If this is what you mean, make sure it is on right, or it may be defective. I've been through some serious rain with mine and not a drop inside. Not even from the carwash, where I shoot water right at it from the side. If you want to, climb inside the bed under the cover while its raining or while someone hoses it down from the outside and find out where the leak is.

    Gas mileage. Luck of the draw here. I have gotten as low as 14 mpg city during the winter with extensive idling, sand in the back and low speed, high rev driving. Best was 20 on the interstate. 5.4L, 4wd, 3.73 gears, 17" inch tires. Not bad at all for a truck this size.

    Handling. I have noticed you need to pay attention to your driving. This thing quickly drifts a few feet on the interstate if you aren't paying attention. Especially if you are hit the expansion joint wrong while coming onto a raised bridge while going seventy. You do get used to it, though, and after a while your driving will compensate.

    No CD skipping, paint chipping or lost keys, so I can't help with those. Check your doors for cracks, though. With all trucks, its really the luck of the draw. Just sounds like yours has been a disappointment. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully your problems will cease and you can enjoy the truck better.
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