Electric Car Battery Basics: Capacity, Charging and Range

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imageElectric Car Battery Basics: Capacity, Charging and Range

With a conventional car, it's easy to understand gas tank capacity and fueling. But these concepts don't translate to EVs and their batteries. Range, charging and capacity can vary.

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  • assitedsuicideassitedsuicide Member Posts: 1
    it is nice that there is some actual information coming out on these cars
  • sue7beesue7bee Member Posts: 1
    Curious as to how long battery will hold the charge. Say, for example, you park your EV at the train station parking lot for the day-not charging. Will charge drop off significantly over 8-9 hours of car sitting in the lot?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    If it's a true EV with lithium ion batteries (as opposed to a hybrid that might be using nickel metal hydride batteries), you would lose very little charge over the course of a month of storage---maybe 2%. As the outside temperature decreases, this discharge rate would increase, but on a 8 hour storage basis I doubt you'd lose any significant charge at all.

  • J120J120 Member Posts: 1
    Ambient temp has a huge affect on capacity batteries hate heat and extreme cold weather. Also as an average there is a 20 percent of loss whilst charging and use the car manufacturer advertise a battery capacity but not it's useable capasity this needs to be addressed
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