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I have a '00 F-350 SD w/diesel. My front rotors had to be turned at 15k miles, which I think is ridiculously low miles for what is supposed to be a heavy duty pickup. So far, I've only towed for about 150 miles (mostly uphill, so didn't use brakes at all...) It now has 40k on it, and is badly in need of rotors again.

The truck has never been heavily loaded, I don't ride the brakes and don't make panic stops. I've had other vehicles that go more than 100k miles before needing rotors. I've positively babied the thing the last 20k miles.

What's the deal here? Is Ford using substandard parts? Has anyone else had problems like this? Is there an after-market solution?


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    You didn't elaborate on the problem. What's behind this?

    Only problem I've heard of is squeaking brakes. Apparently some are replacing or turning rotors for this with very low mileage.
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    I don't know what's behind it, other than the fact that the rotors warp easily. Almost all of the mileage I've put on the truck is with no load in the bed at all, and probably only about 4k miles with about 500-600 lbs in the back, so the brakes have not been abused in any way.

    The Ford service guys seem to think that replacing rotors at 15-20k miles is perfectly normal. Perhaps it is normal for Ford, but it sure isn't normal for anything else I've owned.
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    I also have an F-350 SD PSD. It just rolled over 100k recently and still on the original pads and rotors. I pull a camper most every weekend for 8 out of the 12 months. With everything loaded, I am grossing about 17k, that's only 3k under maximum GCVWR. I do have trailer brakes and I do watch for upcoming downgrades and also for conditions as far ahead in traffic as possible. I may get into the truck in the morning only to have the brakes shake me to death, but hopefully not. And even if they do, I figure 100k is pretty good for one set of pads and no turned rotors.

    jcave1 mentioned squeaky brakes. I have a left rear brake that squeaks but only when I am applying very light braking pressure.

    Do you have the SRW or a DRW truck? I've been following the posts on the "Dodge Dakota Problems" thread. Some mentioned that improper torque on the wheel studs might be the culprit on the Dakotas. If you have the SRW, that could be a possible cause.

    You are the first person I know of to mention this problem in an F-350. I do not think this is normal!!!!
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    My brother has an F350 dually crewcab 4x4 V10 that had the rotors turned at 20k, then finally after having the rotors warp bad enough at 40k, took it back to the dealer (begrudgingly) and had them replace the brakes at all four corners to the tune of over $1000! Needless to say, he's not very impressed with his "Tough" truck.
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    My 99 had the front turned around 13K.
    Then again at about 28K.

    Both times at the dealer. Then I needed new rotors at about 38K.

    I bought the NAPA rotors for the front and had the rear turned by the local Dodge dealer (I know, but my sister in-law works there). Now at about 47K the front needs to be turned again.

    I totally believe that Ford has not figured out how to make a good brake system that will last.
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    that you got 47k out of the NAPA rotors... or that you only got 9k out of them? If you got 47k, maybe I'll have a chat with the NAPA folks.

    I just this minute got a call from the Ford service guy who told me that he can turn the rotors again (there's still enough metal) but that I don't need pads yet. I'm still on the original pads, front and rear. Like I said earlier, I've been babying this thing, so I really don't understand why they're warping so easily.
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    so it looks like only about 9K from the NAPA rotors.

    I do however, drive on the hard side. I also tow and/haul sand, rock, firewood, and other stuff quite regulary. I also tow my 7500 lb camper in the North Georgia mountains about once a month.

    But still!! I think it is way too soon for brake rotors to warp. I have to believe that the system just allows too much heat to build up, not releasing the pads from the rotors well enough.
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    ...the service manager at Ford is mystified. My rotors have now been turned twice, after 40,000 miles, yet my pads are still at 75% on the front, and better than that on the rear. According to him, I have already gone twice as far on a set of brakes as anyone else he has come across. Go figure.

    I guess NAPA is not any better. There must be something that works somewhere out there. Just have to find it.
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    Ford has new pads and hardware for the front rotors. My 2001 F350 started shaking around 12k miles. New pads, hardware and turned rotors seems to fix it.
    We"ll see...
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    like the last post said it is the pads that wear the rotors I would replace the pads when I turned the rotors even if the pads had 80% left. I would bet more on faulty pads then bad rotors. Also a mechanic told me rotors can warp if you over torque the lug nuts with your air wrench.
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    i seem to remember having a problem like this with an older ford truck. turned out to be a combination of hard pads and too much pressure to the calipers. you'd think Ford engineers could figure this one out or an astitute mechanic could. but, then again, no work no pay.... good luck.......
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    Some of the rotors used on the front (and rear too!) were manufactured off shore to a high spec. standard but were not closely checked by Ford when they arrived. Spot checks had revealed no problem and adherance seemed to be fine. As the problem surfaced in the field a decision was made to check the metalurgy on some rotors and the problem was found. Lets hope this problem has been solved.
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    to any documentation that supports this problem? I would like to explore my options...

  • gmengineman1gmengineman1 Member Posts: 32
    To jdtopper: Saw a service bulletin in the magazine at my local gas station in Vacavile, CA> I'll get back over there and get the mag name, date of issue and a copy of the article for you. Email OK? If so, get me info. PS. I just read your message tonight!
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    You'll find my email info on my profile. I couldn't find yours, or I would have sent this to you via email...

    If you come across that article again, I'd sure like to read it... Thanks...
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