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Market Share by Manufacturer Posts: 10,112
edited January 2015 in General
imageMarket Share by Manufacturer

Data Center - Market Share by Manufacturer

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  • Is it possible to have the top 10 Manufacturers ranking for the rest of the world combined with North American Market please?
  • Top 10 mfgs worldwide would be interesting to know... particularly Brazil. All cars operating in Brazil are designed to do so on 100% ethanol produced from sugar cane which is less expensive and simple conversion process. And, if the US can make cars for Brazil... then wouldn't an ethanol/battery hybrid be a great next generation? (I don't know greenhouse impact from ethanol... I do know that its time to cut our dependence on oil in every possible way.)

    I'm disappointed in Detroit auto makers... the historical significance of auto industry's impact on how the US economy evolved with great strength and creating never before possible, new dreams for American workers. I wish Wall Street could understand what Ford understood... that is, if I pay my employees a little more... I can sell cars to them too.

    The poor sportsmanship demonstrated by their attempt to lockout Tesla from having access to the market is shameful... no more shameful than Michiganders themselves watching America's greatest unsung hero, home to the second largest art collection in the world, fall prey to essentially a tacitly controlled access to the market. Once the push to the suburbs had been systematically divided (West, Northwest, North & Northeast) = (Arab Muslim, WASP, Jewish and Italian) Detroit/Wayne County was left with our fellow African Americans to fend for themselves locked out of all markets.

    Would it surprise you to know, until recently, the boarding county (Oakland County, Michigan) had been the 3rd wealthiest county in the US. Add neighboring Macomb County and you have enough wealth and resources to even have influence over city/highway planning as far away as LA. In fact, the wealthiest of the wealthy not only stood by and watched with neither care nor compassion... they profited.

    Today, Detroit is officially in bankruptcy... and everyone reading this should contemplate a simple question, how did we let this happen?

    One family has stepped up in a most significant way and attempt to breathe life back into Detroit, of course, I'm referring to the Ilitch family. Let's not let their continue efforts be made in vane.

    The same people and attitude remains in play... attempting to prevent Tesla from coming to market. Folks, here's a reality check... it's going to happen.

    (If Bob Lutz was a brilliant business man... GM would have right-sized 30 years ago and maybe like FORD they too could have avoided bankruptcy, but... they didn't.)

    Therefore, nothing would please me more than seeing FORD partner with Tesla.... as they've demonstrated both commitment and results to their hybrids. Tesla/Ford would dominate the market. Imagine the first T/F model would hit the $50,000 price point. A step up from Fusion/MKZ and a step down from Model S. (And since Michigan is also home to a robust sugar beet industry they could incorporate their ethanol technology used in cars mfg'd for Brazil, give a boost to local agriculture at the same time. ( THE USE OF OIL AS IT RELATES TO TRANSPORTATON COULD LITERALLY DISAPPEAR... SET THE GOAL FOR 5 YEARS)

    So, the first question is... how does Brazil's auto market share breakdown? Then, what group of auto industry investors don't support this? (This is why % of shareholder ownership should be limited, especially for institutional investors)

    I'm just an accountant... and these are not sophisticated concepts. (Corn to ethanol conversion should stop, too expensive and props up the price of corn used in other products, right? Consider... why are American's up in arms over the continued delay of Pres Obama's approval for a permit to build a pipeline? Because they believe [non-permissible content removed] rhetoric! Doesn't building a refinery that converts sugar beets to ethanol not only creates construction jobs, it creates refinery jobs, agriculture jobs and doesn't pollute our atmosphere and decreases our dependence on oil. Wouldn't my simple suggestion make more sense than what our trusted elected leaders have become rabid for? I wonder who would build this pipeline? HB?

    My fellow American brothers and sisters... at a minimum, let's not allow GM to continue have the largest market share... especially, after the key-cylinder scandal.

    If you read this... thanks for your time, sometimes I just can't help myself.

  • jacliffjacliff Posts: 1
    I am assuming that this data is reflecting only the market shares of brands within the U.S.- or North American regional market, and does not reflect net global sales. Is this correct?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    edited July 2016
    You might have to enlarge your screen a little bit.

    Basically Toyota, VW, GM and Ford are the big dogs.

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