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My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owners Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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  • newramfannewramfan Member Posts: 22
    My screen name is newramfan. I am a 29 year old male and I live in Missouri. I am new to the website and happened to stumble across the "Owners Club" for Dodge Ram owners. I have had my 2002 ram 1500 for about 6 months now and am enjoying it immensely. It is a 2wd quad cab and is pretty well loaded. It is graphite in color with the dark slate interior - cloth. I tried out the leather but didn't care for the feel. It seemed like the seat depth (front to back) was shorter and not as supportive. The 20" wheels really make the truck. To date the only problems I've had are 1. the back door locks won't unlock completely when it is cold out, and 2. the drivers side seat seems to have a little play in it so that when I come to a stop or take off it slides about a half an inch or so. I got the 4.7 engine with auto tranny. So far (after 4000 miles) I've had no trouble with the tranny. I was fortunate to get the extra powertrain warranty while it was being offered as well as low % financing. There lot's more to tell, but it can be done at a later time. I look forward to meeting other members and hearing their stories.
  • magillamagilla Member Posts: 75
    I go by Magilla (good grief, what if that were really my name? - talk about getting a butt kicking everyday!) on the board. I've got a '02 Ram Quad, 4.7L, 5-sp, light silver, and park it in Phoenix. Got a great deal on my mayor from Performance Dodge in Glendale, AZ. Looked at many dealerships (and couldn't believe the tactics at some like Earnhardt), but Performance was terrific. Definitely a difference in a 5-star dealership. Anyway, the only MINOR problems that I've encountered so far are: 1) A slight rattle in the dash/windshield area on the driver's side (not checked out yet), 2) a very slight and erratic rattle in the driver's side door panel (sounds like the locking lever rattling now and again), and 3) a squeaky clutch pedal on depression on 4 occasions when it was cold out. Otherwise, it's been perfect. I'll give Performance the opportunity to correct these minor problems when I take it in for the 1st oil change next week. Love my truck.

    And, hey Karen, how about calling this the Mayors Club?
  • lamaratworklamaratwork Member Posts: 10
    Lamar here from Montgomery, Alabama. I have an '02 Quad. Purchased it in early March from Randall Noe Delaerships in Terrell, TX. Got a great deal. Worth the 625 mile drive. Mine has the 4 Speed Auto, 4.7, Graphite, 17" Chrome wheels, SLT, cloth, bedliner, bug deflector, keyless, well as a few other options. As many of you who read these postings know, I paid $21,200 for mine. Stickered for $26,800ish. I have had no problems. Currently at around 2000 miles. Gas mileage is around 15.7 in mixed driving. I am starting to see more Quads around town, but they are rare.
  • chryslerblueschryslerblues Member Posts: 4
    3 weeks I purchased my new Ram in Springfield, MO. It is black w/ a bright grill, quad cab, graphite seats (I also liked them better than the leather), 5.9 V8, and towing package. Last weekend my Mayor broke down and has been out of commission for 7 days now. It has 800 miles on it. They discovered that the computer and wiring harness burnt up. They have not given me another vehicle to drive and they have no idea when my truck will be fixed. I was extremely happy before this problem, but now am worried I will continue to have problems!! Hope all continues to go well for all of you!
  • newramfannewramfan Member Posts: 22
    Unfortunately you have had some bad luck. Was your QC built in MO or in Mexico? Mine was built in St. Louis, MO. I purchased mine at Shottenkirk in Quincy, IL, but they did a dealer trade with a dealership out of Paducah, KY. Were there any clues leading up to your problem that the rest of us can keep an eye out for? I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune. The "No Loaner" thing is one of the downfalls to buying a Dodge. They should at least offer discounted rentals or something. Good luck on the return of your new Ram, and best wishes for no more trouble.
  • chryslerblueschryslerblues Member Posts: 4
    There were absolutely no indications leading up to this problem. It worked one day, and it didn't the next. My truck was built in Michigan. They told me it was being built in St. Louis, but were wrong. Can't wait to get it back!!!
  • newramfannewramfan Member Posts: 22
    that it wasn't a St. Louis factory, but hope it's not a problem with the Ram in general. Wish there were some clues to watch for. Maybe you'll get your Ram back this week. Good luck and I hope you have no more troubles.
  • ninebllr9ninebllr9 Member Posts: 2
    Hello from Virginia. I just picked up my 02 Quad Cab Ram last week. Ordered it from 1 click auto brokers. PS, PW, Power Locks, Auto, Power Mirrors, SLT, Air, 17" chrome wheels. I got the 1$1500 rebate and 5.9 financing to go along with it. $25880 sticker price, I got it for $22100 without a trade in and no haggle. It was great. I'll never buy a car or truck from a dealer again. :@)
  • ninebllr9ninebllr9 Member Posts: 2
    Hello from Virginia. I just picked up my 02 Quad Cab Ram last week. Ordered it from 1 click auto brokers. PS, PW, Power Locks, Auto, Power Mirrors, SLT, Air, 17" chrome wheels. I got the 1$1500 rebate and 5.9 financing to go along with it. $25880 sticker price, I got it for $22100 without a trade in and no haggle. It was great. I'll never buy a car or truck from a dealer again. :0)
  • btate2002btate2002 Member Posts: 64
    I'm Brad from South Louisiana. I just turned 18 yesterday! I have a black 2001 Ram regular cab (V6, Auto) that I got new in August of 2001 and I love it! Glad to see a Ram Owners Club!
  • saltysacksaltysack Member Posts: 12
    Hello ChryslerBlues; Very sorry to hear of your problem. These sort of things happen when the insulation fails on a wire bundle because it was not installed properly and the wire bundle rubs with vibration until there is a short and if it is a hot to ground, it can burn before a fuse fails. If the failure s in an electronics module, it is usually early life when these fialures happen. Either a poor solder joint, stressed component, or component damaged at install. It is important for the dealer and Daimler Chrysler to take this seriously and give you and explanation of what happened. I would get the name of the "zone or area" manager who works for Daimler Chrysler and ask them to give you an explanation and to arrange a loaner vehicle. My one concern so far with the Dodge Quad Cab 2002 is that some of the wire harnesses under the hood look a bit amateurish, wound with tape instead of heat shrink or plastic shell. Wiring may be a problem in the future under long use and hot weather.
  • brnzbkbrnzbk Member Posts: 33
    I picked up my RAM yesterday, here's the lowdown:
    4X4, 1500 SLT SB, 4.7L, Auto, Security pkg, Chrome 17" wheels, sliding rear window, Towing Pkg, 3:55 Limited Slip, Premium Cloth, P265 WOL, Running Boards, Patriot Blue / Navy interior. I have to take it back to the dealer tomorrow, my brake pedal sometimes fades to about 1/2, maybe some air in the line. Other than that I love my truck.
  • wsmoorewsmoore Member Posts: 14
    I have had my Ram for about 3 weeks now. It is an 02 Quad Cab SLT 4x4.
    It is Atlantic Blue, has the 5.9L, automatic, towing package, skid plate
    package, limited slip differential, 17" alloys with the OWL all terrain tires,
    sliding rear window, and fog lights (plus all of the power goodies that come
    with the SLT package). I have added remote keyless entry, wheel well liners,
    and a 6 disk cd changer. I plan to get the bed LineX'd soon. I have put
    about 1000 miles on the truck, am getting about 11.5 city, 16 highway,
    and the truck is great!!!
  • brnzbkbrnzbk Member Posts: 33
    Where did you get your CD changer (after market?) and where did you mount it? Also are your wheel well liners trim or something inside the wheel well.
    I would like to dress up my truck and have been thinking about chrome or aluminum trim for the wheel wells, I don't know if Mopar has any such accessories for the RAM.
  • wsmoorewsmoore Member Posts: 14
    I bought a Kenwood CD Changer from Crutchfield, with an adapter to connect
    it to the factory radio and make it compatible with the changer controls. The
    changer and adapter together cost $281.00 with shipping. I mounted the
    changer under the driver's seat, facing the back seat.

    The wheel well liners are just the mopar liners for the rear wheel wells. They
    are black plastic, and go inside the wheel wells. They provide a more
    finished look. You can see them on the mopar site -

    It sounds like what you really want is wheel flares, and you would probably
    have to go aftermarket for those, I don't think mopar has any yet...
  • redramqcredramqc Member Posts: 4
    My name is Jon. I live in Nashville TN. I picked up my Ram last week. It's a Quad Cab, 2wd, 4.7 engine, auto trans, SLT package, 20" wheels, and most of the other typical options. This is my first truck, and I love it so far. Everyone who sees it for the first time, their comment is always "wow, its so big". I don't drive much, I've only gone about 175 miles in a week, lots of short trips, so I'm not expecting much mileage wise (about 14.1 according to the computer).
  • inukeu2inukeu2 Member Posts: 23
    After 3000 miles I cannot say enough about my new mayor. 1500QC 4.7L manual 4X4 short bed. I had to special order this brute because of the options that I wanted. I ordered atlantic blue with 3.92 gears and premium seats with towing package, sport with 20" wheels. It drives like a charm and it took a while to get the mpg into the acceptable range but the last tank gave me sticker numbers 17.5 hwy and 14 city. I've added an Access Cover soft tonneau along with Aiwa cd/mp3 player with polk speakers to upgrade the sound system.
    The power seem adequate but for anyone thinking of 4.7 engine I would suggest shorter gears for the extra oomph! Not a single problem yet. I will soon be adding cold air induction along with headers and free flow cat back. I'll keep you all posted on the improvement.
  • rammer_mikerammer_mike Member Posts: 2
    My name is Mike and I'm ramming here in Fresno, CA. I just got my black 02 QC last week and I really love it Love, love, love. It's a 4x4 5.9 SLT with 20" rims. I used to own a 00 Jeep G Cherokee. It gave me a lot of premature problems and I am already anticipating some of them on my new Ram. Through time, I've learned to live with all the problems that come with owning and loving a Chrysler. I spend a lot of time just staring at it. I finally found the car that I would keep and drive until the wheels fall off. I can't wait to drive it on snow up in the mountains.
  • stevbekstevbek Member Posts: 3
    I purchase my first Ram ext cab in 96'. Traded it in for a new one in 00' and when the 02's came out I traded my 00' in for one. Looks just like the one in the Mayor of Truckville ads. Got all the toys and leather. While I do like the Ram trucks I am having some concerns about the new 02 and would like to know if others are experiencing the same. Strange whining noise from the transmission when put into reverse when cold and a crackling sound when put into reverse when cold or after having been driven and left to sit for about an hour. The final assembly point was Fenton Missouri not Mexico like my 00'. I have the 5.9L v-8 and the 46RE transission.
  • loncrayloncray Member Posts: 301
    Good afternoon all! I'm Lee Stewart, and I picked up my '03 2500 Cummins HO QC SB about 3 weeks ago. I've loved every minute with my new toy. She's been to the shop (Manassas Dodge in Virginia) once on the fan torque recall (mine was fine) and the dealer was very quick and efficient. My truck has the Laramie package and I'm really enjoying all the little bells and whistles, but the best part is pushing the long pedal and feeling like I've got a space shuttle booster strapped to the bed. She's not quite as nimble as my old Integra, but for 4 tons of steel she's plenty maneuverable.
  • mralanmralan Member Posts: 174
    Just purchased a 2003 Ram 1500 ST reg cab shortbed with 4.7L/auto tranny. I've never owned a Dodge product before, but use a Dodge 2500 as a work truck that's been trouble free for about 60k miles.
  • bstennettbstennett Member Posts: 4
    Hello all,

    Purchased my 02 RAM QC 1500 Sport back in May 02. Got a great deal on a demo, heck I was selling them I thought I should get one too. Not in the car business anymore but still loving my RAM. Atlantic Blue Pearl, 17" painted alloys, 3:55 anti spin diff, 4.7L, multispeed auto, slate grey leather, power everything, 7spker infinity sound package. I've got more toys than I've ever had on a vehicle before and absolutely love my Ram. I've experienced and seen alot of what I've read on this website. Fairly low mileage, problems with power door locks, and a whole lot of people who can't say enough about their new Ram. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has made any performance improvements to their Ram and be happy to answer any questions I might be able to answer, I sold a few of them up here in the Dallas area and know a little bit about them.
  • savage7savage7 Member Posts: 10
    Where in Dallas?? -- I bought my 02 quad 4x4 from Grapevine Dodge July 02. Love the truck, and the gas mileage ain't that bad for a mammoth truck. I've got the 4.7 - 5 speed manual trans. Getting around 16 to 19 MPG around town, out to the lake, etc. Where can I get a good deal on a camper shell?
  • amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196
    Name is Andy. Been driving pick-ups since '61. Just bought my first Dodge truck, a Ram 1500 HEMI-EXPRESS Laramie club cab with the ground effects, 20 inch wheels, 5 sp auto. Am breaking it in now, so far 120 miles. Always wanted a HEMI, since '63

    Regards to all
  • sk1faninpask1faninpa Member Posts: 3
    hello my name is John i bought a new 2002 dodge ram Quad Cab in June of 2002.Well here's the scope I would like to put a good grille gaurd on the front of my truck, does anybody that has a 2002 Quad Cab have one on there truck? and what kind should i get that will look good.thanks hope too here from somebody soon. glad to be a part of the dodge truck ram team.
  • roper2roper2 Member Posts: 61
    Hi im dennis from Texas have a 2002ram lonestar reg. cab 4.7 auto and love to drive it.This is my first dodge.Very impressed.
  • iwphilliwphill Member Posts: 48
    I've had my 1500 reg cab V6 manual short bed since early June (1850 miles), and so far, it's excellent. The vibration which I noticed early on seems to be smoothing out now. This is my first Dodge truck, and hoping it will last a long, long time.
  • crobinsocrobinso Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2003 Ram 1500 Hemi regular cab with 17" tires and I got to say this truck is bad to the bone. At 70 mph you get into it and before you know it your pushing 100 mph. I had a 2000 Ford F150 and there's no comparison. Haven't burned a tank of gas yet but I know if I don't keep my foot out of it the mpg will not be to very good.
  • loncrayloncray Member Posts: 301
    Yes, I'd venture to guess that the reason the Hemi trucks aren't getting very good mileage is that it's just so much fun putting your foot down! My Cummins Ram is exactly the same way - I should be getting 18 - 20 mpg, but that wouldn't be as much fun.
  • #noname#noname Member Posts: 58
    I want to put a liner in my 2003 Dodge 1500 short bed, but can't decide which one would be better. Spray-in are drop-in. If I put a spray-in would a bed cap be better than wrap over with the spray-in. Any input would be appreciated.
  • loncrayloncray Member Posts: 301
    Well, my '03 2500 short bed has a Rhinoliner - got it about a month after I got the truck, then put a cap over the whole thing. The people who like spray-ins (myself included) will point out the lack of rust and the non-slip surfaces, while people who like drop-ins will point out the dent resistance. It depends on what you're going to use the truck for - if it involves a lot of rocks or other heavy materials in the bed, you probably want a drop-in. For things that won't dent it all up, you probably want a spray-in. Not sure what you mean by 'wrap over'.
  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    If you think you might keep your truck for a while, consider both. The spray-in type will keep the box pretty much rust free, and the drop-in liner will prevent dents.

    I like my drop-in, but vehicle vibration is probably rubbing paint off somewhere.

    Best of luck,
  • #noname#noname Member Posts: 58
    I was referring to having the caps sprayed to protect them. Thence (wrap over) sorry should have explained it better. I use my truck more for a car than a truck, so not much heavy carrying.
    Has anyone used the K&N Performance Air Filters on their Ram 1500? Is it all that it's cracked up to be with increase horsepower and better gas mileage?
    Thanks for the reply Chet
  • tfudertfuder Member Posts: 36
    Hi, all. My '94 1500 short bed has been a winner since the day I picked it up! Coming up on 150K miles, and couldn't be happier with it!

    I hope you guys and gals with the (even) newer body styles (hydroformed, etc) will have as good results, because that's my NEXT truck purchase! Got my eye on an '04 or '05 quad cam short bed 4x4 w/ the Hemi, of course!

    I just have to wait a while... still enjoying my paid-off workhorse (5.9L, SLT Laramie, custom woodgrain interior package, custom tow package). Gonna put a new coat of paint on the old boy and see if I can get another 50K miles or so.

    I've never had a vehicle age so gracefully. Very few mechanical problems over the years, and nothing really major nor unexpected (I mean, it DOES have almost 150,000 miles on it!).

    Good luck!
  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    You mean you've never had a transmission problem? Golly, EVERYBODY knows those Dodge transmissions only last a year or so! (:>)

    Best regards,
  • tfudertfuder Member Posts: 36
    I actually bought the truck used several years ago, and it had a lot of mileage on it, then. Since I've owned it, I've not had to have it in the shop for an unscheduled repair but once, and that was right at 100K miles, so I had them do a complete workup on it, then.

    However, the one issue I have is with the transmission. It's not a problem, per se, but it could indicate one. I noticed a TSB on it, so I'm going to try and check it out at the NHTSA site when I get a chance:

    The truck (and my Intrepid, too, BTW) doesn't always want to shift from 2nd to 3rd. If I get the RPMs up to about 4K and let off the accelerator a tiny bit, it'll shift, and then go into OD with no problem.

    This doesn't occur under a load (like, towing a boat), nor does it occur if I'm being a lead-foot. The temperature doesn't matter, nor how long I've been running the engine. I figured I'd check through the boards to see if anyone else experienced the same thing, and am doing that now.

    But, other than that, I couldn't be happier. I'll be sad when this truck finally bites the dust, but I'll replace it with a newer Ram and keep going...

  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    You probably have a 46RE transmission. This symptom is most often associated with a misadjusted or binding throttle (modulator) cable or sticky throttle linkage. On high mileage units I've seen cables that were binding internally. Never use a lubricant of any type on the throttle linkage or the modulator cable. Try spraying the linkage with a good solvent (carburetor cleaner) including spraying some in the cable end itself.

    An intermittent Throttle Position Sensor will also cause the same symptom.

    Beyond that you could have low pump pressure from a clogged filter, a problem with the overdrive solenoid sticking. Beyond that it's a little more serious (overdrive clutches sticking, bleed valve or OD check valve sticking, worn OD clutches).

    Best regards,
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Member Posts: 552
    I have a 2003 Ram 1500 2WD with the Hemi. My next oil change will be at 15,000 miles. I noticed that the rear differential requires service at this point and inquired at the dealer the charges for the 15K and 30K service. I was told in the $100 range for servicing the differential, $135 range to service the 5 speed auto trans and between $150 and $200 to change the spark plugs.

    My how times have changed.

    Differentials used to go 60,000 without service with no problems.

    I figure I can change the differential lube with no problems. I'll leave the transmission to the dealer for service. I figure I can change the 16 spark plugs on the Hemi for closer to $15 to $20.

    Has anyone changed the spark plugs on a 1500 series Ram? Are there any pointers you would like to share. Are there any special tools that might make things easier? The back 2 cylinders on the drivers side look like the problem area as the Brake booster seems to intrude into the working space.

    I have seen where people have suggested using brake cleaner to clean the inside of the differential housing. Would you just spray clean the housing or everything? I would worry the cleaner might cause problems with the friction material in the limited slip housing. Here again any advice is welcome.

    Is the transmission something that a person handy with tools could tackle at home. I know that on the older transmissions the bands were an adjustment item but everything I seem to see on the new transmission suggests no adjustments are made, that the transmission is self adjusting. Does the service just require dropping the pan and replacing a filter?

    Thanks, Rick
  • tfudertfuder Member Posts: 36
    I'll get that cable looked at first (always go for the simplest solution first, right?), then work my way up, if that's not it.

  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    At 10,000 miles I flushed the housing and differential on my LSD Dakota using carburetor cleaner, mostly because I had a generous supply of it handy. Carburetor cleaner evaporates very quickly, one of the reasons I used it instead of brake cleaner. Just to be sure, after 15 minutes I hit the differential with compressed air to make sure it was dry inside.

    Dropping the transmission pan on most auto trannies is more inconvenient than difficult since as soon as the pan is ready to drop you have 4-6 quarts of hot ATF ready to gush out. I usually remove all but one bolt each at three corners. Then lightly pry at the corner without a bolt to relieve the pan away from the transmission case. Once it starts to drip a steady stream I loosen the remaining three bolts to allow the pan to drop more.

    Changing the filter on a Chrysler is very easy. There are two Torx screws that hold the filter on. There is a small gasket that must be used with the new filter. On the 545RFE there are two filters.

    Once you get the pan off you'll want to clean it up. There is a magnet on the inside of the pan that will have a lot of gray muck (clutch material) and maybe a small quantity of metal bits. I've done this to around 500 transmissions of different types and I've always found metal bits on the magnets or in the pan and they've almost always been healthy transmissions, so don't let the presence of this material excite you. You might find a teaspoon to a tablespoon full depending on the mileage. Much more than that could indicate a problem.

    Chryslers do not use a transmission pan gasket from the factory, although most of the non-factory replacement filters come with one. I do not use one since a gasket can eject an opportunity for a leak. I clean the transmission pan and housing flange with carburetor cleaner and apply Mopar black RTV to the pan and allow to set for 6-15 minutes depending on outside temperature.

    And of course, your 2003 should only use ATF+4.

    Best regards,
  • densherdensher Member Posts: 6
    Hey there...I'm Dennis from League City Texas. I own a 1998 Ram 1500 club cab. It's time for a new truck. I'm considering gettin a trailer -- maybe a fifth wheel. Not sure how big. I'm looking at maybe getting a 2500 with the cummins. Looking at diesel fuel prices, they're at least a dime cheaper than regular unleaded and 20 cents cheaper then premium. Anyone got advice in getting either the 2500 hemi or diesel?
  • loncrayloncray Member Posts: 301
    I bought an '03 2500 CTD for the mileage - I don't even tow anything. If your experience is the same as mine has been, you'll love the Cummins. You can't depend on diesel prices staying below gasoline - they were higher for months - but you can depend on getting more miles per gallon of diesel than you ever would with a gas engine - esp. if you're towing.
  • psrampsram Member Posts: 7
    Hello to all, just got my hands on a new/used 2004 Dodge 1500 w/Hemi. I can honestly say this is the the best truck I have ever driven, personlly speaking of course. Any how been reading the posts about miles per the gallon and the transmission discussion. I have two questions 1. I am getting around 10 miles per gallon on the city and 13.1 mpg on the highway, the truck has 10000 miles on it, now I know sometimes I have a heavy foot, but should mpg increase or is this the best I am going to get. Second how often do I need to do the service on the tranny, am I to understand 15000 miles is the point of service. Any help would be appreciated. i do like the truck and I have 3 more days to test drive it before I decide to keep it. I purchased it from CarMax so its a used truck, but is clean in and out!!
  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    Long engine and drivetrain break-ins seem to be hereditary with Chrysler-built vehicles, although I can't speak specifically about the new Hemi. My 4.7 started to give steady 18-19 after I got 15K on it.

    There seems to be a wide range of owner/driver reports regarding fuel consumption on the Hemi from people I've actually talked to. About half are getting 14-15 MPG fairly steady. I've had several tell me they've broken 17, but a slew of others are in the 10-13 MPG group.

    If you drive it like a Hemi I'm not surprised if you see low mileage. The easier you are the better the fuel mileage.

    As far as transmission maintenance, your automatic is the 545RFE. On the Dakota the "normal" scheduled service is at 60K for the same transmission. Maybe with the Hemi it's less, but 15K sounds too early.

    Good luck,
  • hwyhobohwyhobo Member Posts: 265
    My apologies if this question is in a wrong forum, but I have originally posted it in the "Dodge Ram 1500" discussion area, and had the thread immediately locked up by the moderator and instructed to post it in "Meet the Members" (huh?). Anyway, here it is. I hope there is someone lurking here once in a while.
    Does anyone know if DaimlerChrysler has any plans to sell Dodge Ram 1500 with the 2.7 TD engine (and standard transmission, preferrably)? For me, and I suspect many others, who would like a full size truck for light duty around the house and for vacation escapades (and occassional commute), this would be a perfect combination of sufficient power, excellent gas mileage, and comfort of a Dodge Ram truck.
  • hwyhobohwyhobo Member Posts: 265
    I just got an answer from Chrysler (I am impressed with the speed of their customer support, if not necessarily with the content of the answer). Here is the relevant fragment:

    "At present there are no plans to introduce a 2.7 TD engine in the Ram line-up. However, with constantly shifting market trends I would hesitate to discount the possibility of new products on the horizon, specifically designed to suit your needs. Please feel free to check back with us [...]"
  • tchumleytchumley Member Posts: 2
    Hello all. Just thought I would introduce myself and my truck. I am Tommy and I recently bought a 2005 Ram 1500. It is an Atlantic Blue Standard Cab with an 8' bed. Features/options include: 4.7L engine, Auto transmission, Towing Package, sliding back window, and Bulldog Coatings spray-in bed liner. It is just your basic work truck with no power anything, but it is one seriously Nice Looking work truck!
  • appellateattyappellateatty Member Posts: 1
    I'm hoping the member named "dustyk" will read this post. I'm brand new to this forum today (1/26/05), and thought I'd shoot you a quick question because you seem very knowledgeable about Dodge trucks. I have a 2004 Ram 1500 2WD, with the Hemi engine and "sport" package. There's no redline on the tachometer, though ... it goes up to 7,000 or so rpm (I don't know for sure, since I'm typing this at my work desk). Going up a hill, or merging into freeway traffic, I often drop the automatic transmission from "D" to "2" for the extra rpms. I'm curious, however, about how high I can safely rev it, in the absence of the redline indicator. 5,000? 6,000? Unless I go up above 3000 or 3500, I seem to recall, I'm not really going to reach freeway speeds ... thereby lessening the utility of dropping it into 2nd in the first place. In your experience, what's the reasonably highest rpm that won't thrash the engine? Thanks in advance.

    Regards, Joe
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Member Posts: 552
    The engine controller will cut the engine power to prevent your over reving the motor. I believe the max rpms is 5,800. Rick
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