2012 BMW X3 Long Term Road Test

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image2012 BMW X3 Long Term Road Test

Read daily updates on our long-term road test of the 2012 BMW X3 and follow along as our editors live with this car for a year.

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    Oh, my god...it actually works.
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    If you have a "junk room", you have too much junk. Putting your junk in pretty plastic boxes doesn't free yourself of clutter. It requires maintenance, organizing, living space, climate control, etc.

    De-cluttering is getting rid of things. That's freedom.


    P.S. What does need organizing are the What's Hot articles. Here's my vote to bring back Straightline and the Long-Term blog.
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    no way... functioning comments?

    i really like the (former) IL writers... but sweet jesus their tech people butchered this transition.
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    Dear Donna, ReadersRides needs to return. We loved those.
    Dear Edmunds, thank you for the comments! Next step? move the comments to the bottom of the article, not just at a click away. That's annoying. Step three? you know. IL style layout. But that can wait. a bit. Anyway thanks.
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    Way too many clicks to get the things done that were so simple on the old site. I REALLY hope things are improved...
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    first time I've been back in 6 days--due to the tedious clicking. I am glad comments are back--on the first blog entry I read. Unfortunately you have to click to comment, then click on comments to read the other comments. I sorely miss the old format--article and comments all at once--I could read the comments as if they were part of the article. At least it looks like some improvements are being made.
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    how the hell do you get back to the list of long term cars once you are this far down? Navigation stinks!
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    for a moment, I imagined that all the containers were full of clementines. :)
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