Using too much gas...can't understand why???

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About a year ago, my 1994 ford taurus, with 84,000 miles on it, started burning up gas too quickly. I use to get 300 miles to a tank full of gas, and now I only get about 175 miles! I took the car to the dealer and a car repair shop. Both places put the car on the computer, but could find nothing wrong with it. (I still had to buy for their time and efforts!) Has anyone else ever had this problem? It's very frustrating... Thanks for any help you can offer.


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    knowing the history of these vehicles I would not rule out a transmission that is slipping a little.
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    The computer doesn't tell everything. You could have low compression, low tire pressure, or maybe a run-rich condition that only occurs under load at higher rpm, a condition that the computer would probably miss altogether. Or that trans problem, although you probably would have noticed that.
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    If it goes bad and is stuck in the "normal" range the computer can't tell when you are only coasting and when you are accelerating. It happened to me on my old Skylark, no one could figure it out, and because it was in the "normal" range it didn't set a trouble code, or Check Engine Light. I would start with that. Does the car leave a trail of black smoke behind it?
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    i feel if compression were low enough to cause a big drop in mileage thre would be some code stored in the computer.the low compression would cause a periodic misfire and incomplete combustion.i would expect a "rich"code to be stored and high hydrocarbons.
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    Thanks for all the help... When we took the car to the auto repair shop last year, the mechanic cleaned the fuel injectors to see if that would help...but it didn't. Thanks again...
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    No, there is no trail of black smoke behind the car when we are driving it.
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    vidtech---well, he could have a flat cam or such, which probably would not show on the computer at idle. Or maybesome weird advance curve problem, also not detectable at idle?
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    A cold running engine or coolant temp sensor malfunction will reduce fuel economy. Is the temp gauge indicating engine warmed up? Has the thermostat been checked? Has the coolant temp sensor been checked?
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    My 4 cylinder accord(which is supposed to be a gas saver vehicle) gets only 22 miles. I bought it used so I don't know if the previous owners have the same problem. It already has a tuneup and even a techron gas cleaner poured into it to no avail. I heard that an engine performance test needs to be done in times like this? What is it and will it solve the gas problem? Any other suggestion?
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    Someone may be siphoning gas from your tank. Got any teenagers?
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    Yeah, they must drink the stuff. Besides to them its free (lol).
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    Check vacuum at idle, 1400 Rpm and 2000 Rpm. Vacuum falls off real fast with clogged exhaust, and the vehicle will drink gas. If you have a long enough hose on your gauge drive the car with it connected. A lot of techs rely on scan tools so much that they forget how useful a vacuum gauge is.

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    I have a 2001 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder with an automatic and it does not get great mileage either. The car is rated at 23 city/ 30 Highway. I have always exceeded EPA MPG rating with my driving style in the past. Driving it as gingerly as possible I get 22.5 in the city and 28.5 on the interstate. My 91 Mercury Sable with a 6 cylinder got 25 in the city and 30 on the highway. If you are looking for something that gets great gas mileage, don't buy an Accord.
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