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imageJeep Wrangler Pickup Truck Gets Serious Consideration

Jeep is considering adding a Wrangler-based pickup truck to its product portfolio.

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  • quadricyclequadricycle Member Posts: 827
    I just want the Mighty FC concept truck. I would buy THAT, not the awkward looking thing pictured above.
  • pommahpommah Member Posts: 71
    Please just keep it light, simple, and reasonably priced. I can't stand all of the big 3's enormous luxe-barges masquerading as working vehicles
  • soakee_soakee_ Member Posts: 14
    Talk of Wrangler Pickup brings to my mind thoughts of the Jeep Scrambler. Hello, anyone remember those?
  • ne_blackshirtsne_blackshirts Member Posts: 56
    Why not Jeep, considering how every maker is leaving this midsized truck market to focus on fullsize only. I love the fullsized trucks but midsized fits me better for my needs and I have always liked how a midsized was better in the dirt and offroad.
  • moparfan5moparfan5 Member Posts: 11
    they should quit talking and build the damn thing
  • autowatcherautowatcher Member Posts: 1
    A mid sized one a little smaller than the Dakota or Ranger. Diesel engine 4WD, my mouth is watering. This would open a new non conflict with RAM. Don't wait for someone else to do it, the Jeep Brand is hot, and this one will really keep it hot. It'a a total no brainer. Not just the US but the whole WORLD wants it. Stop making chatter & get going. If you snooze, you loose!!!!!!
  • lynnmonsonlynnmonson Member Posts: 1
    would love to see Jeep bring back A pick up truck then we can REALLY go places!!!
  • defender1defender1 Member Posts: 2
    In Britain, I own Land Rover Defenders which are loosely based from the Jeep originals and the models have conquered the world. In my opinion, Jeep need to get cracking and build modestly-priced Jeep Gladiator or J12 pickup since there's clearly a need for a small-medium, GP pickup truck in the US and further afield.

    My 1992 Defender 90 is the stalwart of the iconic range and it has a 2.5Tdi 'bullet-proof' engine but in all other areas the vehicle is strictly utilitarian. Naturally it cannot meet with EPA's current legislation but there is a huge demand (as can be seen in the US Defender sites) or this vehicle type in the US and Jeep could go a long way to recapture that market, if they modernised an offering like the Gladiator or J12.

    Keep it light in construction with an alloy 1.5-2.0lt gas engine and a 2.5lt diesel option. Selectable AWD, since many people would use 2WD on-road and this would further improve mpg, as would an optional manual gearbox but for the US, an automatic gearbox is almost a must-have. Give it decent ground-clearance, coil-springs , air-con and a versatile bed-length & weight capacity as well as models in single-cab and double-cab form with options from the Defender-like utilitarian to 'city-slickers' expectations and at a price which undercuts the base Toyota Tacoma and Jeep will never look back.
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