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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    No issue here. Lots of squirrels in our neighborhood, rats with tails.
  • mdx_njmdx_nj Posts: 7
    I purchased a 2005 MDX 15 days back and we noticed the malfunction indicator on when we had 300 miles on it , we walked into the delearship to get it checked but they asked us to take an appointment and said that it souldn't be a problem driving it as the engine should be ok and new. But when we took it back to the delear after fixing the appointement they scanned the engine and didn't find any problem with the emissions. But they said that the computer inside the car is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced and claims that it requires one week to replace it. They provided me with a loner car until it is fixed. But is this a common problem and did it happen to any one. Please let me know your expereinace and guide me.I am a bit worried as it just 15 days old car- Thanks for all your help
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Very uncommon. The computer? That is a very fixable part. You have 2 options...return it NOW and DEMAND your money back and wait/go to another dealership get a different vehicle somewhere else, etc....if you try to negotiate something you will lose and be stuck with it (not that there is anything bad with that, but if you want out, you have one and only one chance).

    second option, let them fix it and deal with it. It is just a car, it is under warranty and if a good service department they can fix it...a bad service department can fix it, but they usually don't care enough to do so.
  • mdx_njmdx_nj Posts: 7
    Can I go to the delear and return the car and ask for refund of money. Do I need to go through any kind of process. Do they generally/easily agree? They say that it is fixable and waiting for the part. Please guide me Thanks
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Do you want your money back? How many miles are on it? You have 2 options on return...get your money back or get a new car. Both will be next to impossible, but I think money back and then get a new car somewhere else is the best option...this dealer probably won't help you down the line with any other problems if you get a replacement. Money back means they will want to ding you and give you the value of a used car not all of you money back (purchase - 10%)

    If under 1000 should have a 30 day moneyback guarantee? Search the web for rules/laws for your state, call the Better Business Bureau for suggestions/rules.

    You will need to be a major [non-permissible content removed] to get this accomplished. The car dealerships have people who probably go to special training to beat you. Take it back. Go to your sales person, give him the keys and tell him you want your money back (can you stop payment on the financing/loan?), tell him that you do not want it, it is going to sit on his lot until he does something, you are not paying for it, he can talk to your lawyer, etc.

    Well??? Maybe that is the second step. First, stop putting miles on it (Don't take it back from service), if you want to return it, you should keep the miles very low. Try going into the dealership, speak with the manager and politely explain your case and see if they will take it back. When that fails...back to plan b.

    YOU CAN BEAT THEM. But they are trained at making you feel guilty, to scam you...making you take eat 10% of the value of the vehicle when you shouldn't...

    The day car dealerships get regulated, have to be honest, take returns, perform good (honest) service, punished for lying/tricking/ripping off customers, ugh...that will be the do I really feel :-)

    My recommendation is to let them fix it. It is just a car. But man, do I loathe car dealerships...and this kind of thing is a perfect example of when you bought something off the rack and it should be perfect, and it is not...the manufacturer should pay for the losses incurred by the dealer since they sold them something that was broken.

    Keep in mind this is just a pep will need to be a major [non-permissible content removed], perhaps picket on the street out front, etc to beat them at their game and to succeed. It may not be worth the years off your life in stress value.
  • gearup72gearup72 Posts: 13
    I just had a new 2005 Chevy Corvette repurchased by GM. The auto transmission went after 4 days and 300 miles. It took me over 4 months and I had to hire a consumer lawyer to help get my money back (including attorney's fees). It is a long process to get a refund from the manufacturer. Check the lemon laws in your state. I am not a lawyer but I don't believe there is any time frame that they must give you a refund. Some people think you have 3 days to return it. Not true. The lemon law in VA allows the manufacturer 3 chances to fix the problem or 1 chance if it is a big safety issue. I would recommend allowing them to fix the problem. My entire Corvette was practically dismantled and they still didn't fix the problem. They lied to me numerous times and tried to screw me out of money. I will never buy a GM product ---- EVER! I bought a new MDX after owning a CL for 4 years. I did have the transmission go in the CL but Acura handled the problem to my satisfaction. I just went 4 months without a car so the process of hiring a lawyer is not for the faint of heart........
  • fndlyfmrflyrfndlyfmrflyr Posts: 668
    I have had car computers fail twice (Volvo and Corvette), so while not unusual, it does happen. Both computers were replaced (each took a week or so to get the part) and both ran perfectly with the new computers.

    With respect to getting money back, I have done that twice, with no lawyer used. One of my Corvettes (not the one with the bad computer) was repurchased by the dealer. This is very unusual. On the Jag, I asked the manufacturer for another car and received the next model year car at no cost (it was right at model change time).

    I was an arbitrator for about 15 years and about half the time the consumer won. The time frame from start to finish was about 90 days and I awarded a repurchase numerous times. Not once did any manufacturer delay the repurchase. I don't know how the BBB arbitration program works now, and I don't know which manufacturers are in the BBB Autoline arbitration program, but no lawyer is needed.

    A car warranty is given by the manufacturer, not the dealer. When there is a warranty problem with a new car the dealer has no obligation to offer a repurchase or replacement.
  • gmsherrygmsherry Posts: 1
    Hi- Was the Indicator that came on for the engine or for the SRS AirBag?...I just purchased a 2005 three weeks ago and the SRS Airbag indicator light came on yesterday.

    MDX manual says "contact dealer immediately" This AM the dealer said indicator came on due to "putting things on passenger seat, people moving around on passenger seat" (which is really pretty silly... is it not expected that people in the passenger seat move around.... ).

    I'll pursue further as have had the vehicle three weeks and light just came on during a short trip yesterday. Wonder if this is a known problem that they want to dodge as would imact svc margins (and also greatly decrease satisfaction with MDX service and product.)

    Anyone else had this issue?

    Thanks, in advance,

  • mdx_njmdx_nj Posts: 7
    The malfunction indicator is related to the engine emissions. But thy said that it was some problem with the computer not the emissions itself. They replaced the Computer . They were not willing to take back the car which is as expected , claims it is a minor computer defect nothing wrong with the engine. we argued and gave up . They gave a $500 credit and free oil changes. I definitely think you should talk to the dele ar and find the exact reason and take it from there post the details
  • mjtianmjtian Posts: 48
    When I was in New Jersey for the Winter with my 2002 MDX, one of the idoit gas station workers pumped regular after I had asked him specifically to pump premium. Since I was putting on 60 miles round trip everyday on the highway I noticed the change in gas milage pretty quick. Other than getting less miles per fill-up, I really didn't notice any difference. I do recall my salesman mentioning alternating Premium with regular [87] or regular plus [89] gas. But since I noticed the difference right away, I figured I'll stay with the premium. I was getting about 19.5/Gal with premium vs. 16.5/gal for regular. I hope this helps!
  • docmwkdocmwk Posts: 1
    I'm having a very difficult time at the moment getting Acura to warrant an engine replacement on my '04 MDX (aprox 12K miles, proper maintenance). The vehicle became overheated on a trip last week and simply shut down. The dealer found a hole in the radiator which appears to have been caused by something that was inside being projected out. Acura tried to push the repair bill onto the auto insurance, the adjuster found no evidence at all of damage from hitting an object anywhere on or under the vehicle and refused to pay a claim. Before the engine failed, the 4 wd light came on then the ABS light and finally,seconds before shutting down, the check engine light came on. By that time, the engine was so hot it melted several surrounding systems, probably affecting the computer components as well. The overall repair bill is now over $7000 and frankly, I no longer want the vehicle, too much damage. Has anyone heard of a similar disaster? This will likely take a great deal of time and attorney's fees to resolve. This is my second MDX, had no problems since Jan '01 and just talked my 66 year old mother into buying an '05. Any advise from owners with similar experiences would be appreciated.
  • jatpatjatpat Posts: 1
    Please help!

    Just got a new 2005 Acura MDX - has about 600 miles now.
    The problem I am describing seems to have started just about now.

    This only happens when I first start the MDX and only going forward, not in reverse.
    After I start the MDX and put it in drive, a few seconds later, I feel a slight click/vibration feedback and a soft clunking noise through the gas pedal. A few seconds later, there is another such feedback through the gas pedal.
    This does not occur again on subsequent stops and goes. But, if I turn the car OFF and start it again, the same sequence of events occur. It is always two clunks after I drive away.

    I always drive away smoothly without hard acceleration. I have tried to accelerate faster but the same thing happens.

    Anyone else experience this? Any ideas about what could be wrong?

    Planning to take it to the dealer but wanted to be educated before I go.

  • dean7dean7 Posts: 32
    Please advise- the first aspen pearl white MDX (31 miles) I was going to purchase had uneven paint over the body (panel, door, and bumper differences as well as "sunburn" yellow/brown streaks) so they sent it out to be "repainted". In the meantime, they found another one from another dealer which looked good two weeks back but now is showing clear signs of different paint tones just like the other (differences between doors, bumpers, and yellow streaks by door seams). It has 500 miles on it and is ONLY 2 WEEKS OLD!! Obviously I am ticked and am not happy about "repainting" certain areas of the car!!!!! Damn- it's brand new! I was told the first one was "one in a thousand"....well this makes 2 in a thousand and from the same dealer! I have already spoken with legal counsel and know some of my options- they want to repaint it (about a week and a half) and return it to me. I like the car and color - IF IT WAS ALL ONE COLOR. Any thoughts out there? Thanks!
  • vladimvladim Posts: 1
    I got the same problem 3 times with CL. 2 times was during the waranty period and now I got it right after the waranty expired.

    The dealership asks for 850$ to fix. I do not believe they are able to fix it because if happened 3 times already. So, I am not sure what to do. I am afraid I need to pay such price each year.
  • n00bn00b Posts: 10
    check the lemon law in your state, you might not have to pay for the fix.
  • leonivleoniv Posts: 120
    Seems to be a common problem with Acura's. I saw other white Acura's in the service bay while buying my 05 aspen white MDX and noticed that the bumpers didn't match the body, just like my MDX. Acura claims it's the way the paint bonds to plastic (bumper) vs. metal (body). Don't know if that's the real reason, but it is consistently the case across different models I saw (CL, TL). The difference on mine wasn't really obvious so I stuck with it b/c I wanted white.
  • dean7dean7 Posts: 32
    I'll find out what the warranty people will do. I have noticed a few that are exact and afew that are different. So, somewhere along the line, the "it's always going to be different on the bumpers" doesn't hold true. Especially since I have looked at many, many pearl white cars now: Toyotas, Mitshubishi's, Lexus, Lincolns, Cadillacs, and others and most are PERFECT. Seems pretty poor quality/consistency for a "luxury" car. We'll see. Any others notice this???
  • dvdmandvdman Posts: 7
    >So they did the work. The window works great and doesn't make a sound now. I'm very happy >with the car once that giant annoyance was fixed.

    Does anyone know exactly what work they did to fix this? My window is making funny sounds similar.
  • tintintintin Posts: 19
    I just noticed this morning that there is small (about 1/4 inch) crack in the paint on the front bumper. Are there known problems with this color or in general with Acura paint quality? Any advice? My car is only a month old.

    Thanks.... :(
  • dwfdwf Posts: 2
    My first choice was the Aspen Pearl until I saw two in the dealers lot and noticed the different shade of pearl white from the bumper to the rest of the car. Dealer indicated that all the lighter pearl colors are this way and had me look at another pearl colored car.Sure enough, you could see a difference. I knew this would just bug the crap out of me so I ended up getting the Black Pearl...SOB to keep clean but at least same color all through the car! I don't notice Lexus having this problem...maybe Acura need some lessons on how to paint cars?
  • dwfdwf Posts: 2
    Purchased a 05 MDX thinking I made a good purchase... boy, am I disappointed.
    You would think for a $43K car you wouldn't get all these noises coming from: 1. windows rattles (both rear windows and driver side window)when you are rolled down about 2 inches, 2. Squeaking noise coming from the grove box and 3. Rear sub-woofer cowling vibrates when you have it turned up with any bass. Anyone have these types of noise? I only have put about 500 miles on it when they started up and know if I bring back to the Dealership that I wasn't too happy with to begin with, they may not be able to duplicate the noises. I was going to wait until my first service was due before bring it in. Have anyone experience these issues and can give some insight? TIA--- :cry:
  • leonivleoniv Posts: 120
    Just Acura's in general have thin paint. Nissan's are the same way, maybe worse. The old Integra's were bad. One friend had his roof stripped bare of paint (literally, barely any primer showing) after only 6 years of service so he repainted the entire car. I know the automakers changed the paint formulation due to environmental regulations, but still, it's horrible. The only thing I know to do to help prevent it is to wax the cars religiously.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Never heard of this before. Does the new MDX use drive by wire? If so, there there is no real mechanical connection to the gas pedal and the throttle in the engine...then it is just the computer providing the feel/feedback through the pedal.

    If there is a cable connecting it into the engine bay, maybe it is stuck on something or rubbing?
  • I just got home from vacation for 2 weeks and my 02 MDX had some rust on the rotors from sitting. So I figured, I will drive it a few miles and the rust will come off. I now have a shuddering in the brakes when slowing down from 30mph to a stop. The dealer says it is a spot on the rotor from sitting and the rotors have to be turned to fix it. Does this sound legit to anyone? ALSO, the car would not took over 5 minutes to start it. Dealer said, everything is fine, just the gas line must have drained. I was glad my car was left at home and not at the airport. This is not a very comforting occurrence. All feedback appreciated.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Does the new MDX use drive by wire?

    Yes the MDX uses Drive-by-wire throttle.
  • dean7dean7 Posts: 32
    Had a new aspen pearl white - after two weeks the paint actually changed colors on various panels right before my eyes-honestly! I noticed no difference until days down the road - differences in the doors, bumpers, yellowish-white. Definitely not the way a "luxury" vehicle should look. I noticed other pearl white MDX's had the same problem and a few did not. In comparison- Lexus, Toyotas, Mitsubishis, Cadillacs, and others had perfect pearl white paint jobs as well as the Acura TL's. Why such poor quality (preparation?) on the Acura MDX??? Anyway, they took mine back and I got a different color!! Was shocked at how Acura worked so well with me on this problem- I was impressed with this customer servivce although very unimpressed with the lack of quality control with the pearl white MDX! At other dealers (after the fact) the sales people told me that they "were supposed to look that way" - which I know now to be nothing but B.S.!!
  • qrtlowqrtlow Posts: 13

    All the fodder I've seen thrown out here scares me. I called my favorite Acura dealership which I've done extended warranty work with my 1997 TL, and they point out huge diff's in the factory 3yr/50K vs the 7yr/100K optional for the MDX.

    In 2000, my TL had an A/C issue where I would turn it on and it wouldn't go on until I hit a right turn at 1G. They replaced the entire computer along with extra "needed" accessories and billed the "Acura" insurance company $1100. Six Months later, the shifter wouldn't move out of park, That was $950... 2 months later my brakes slipped..they replace the entire Antilock module...$1200,.

    The great thing of it all was after they inducted it in service, the service manager would hand me keys to a brand new loaner in 5 minuites of each visit. No argument, rental option, or coutesy vehicle to get me back to work.

    I'm scared with the potential of the MDX. They tell me, if we both agree, ie. the window rattles, the stereo crackles, the blue LED's fade,....Whatever,.. I get a loaner, and a fixed car back.
    I know factory warranties get sent to Honda for validation and approval...hit or miss, they often get denied as we see. They want $2500 for the "unlimited" 7yr/100K? It's supposed to be undisputible at the service desk. Is that not good?Correct?........ Feedback Please

    If you can help, tell me if there is a 3rd party warranty that is as-good of an alternative.

  • cjb2cjb2 Posts: 1
    my rear vents just stopped working at 52K miles....the dealer wants $90 to diagnose the problem. the light in the control panel for the rear vents still light sup, but the airflow has just stopped. does anyone have a suggestion or experience a similar problem and/or how to fix it? i wonder if it could be a fuse? thanks
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    fuses are easy to check. Have you tried rear a/c manual vs. auto? I would suggest lots of other checks that you can do yourself before paying a dealer for diagnosis.
  • I am having all the same problems.... Noises did not show up till > 500 miles, maybe because I had the radio up too high the first few days.

    Here is my list:

    Overhead DVD unit rattle (I fixed this by bending the metal clips that hold the plastic housing up)
    Drivers door (is coming from the molding) spray with silicon and it will go away for a week. (Dealer is going to replace molding in two weeks)
    Sunroof same noise and fix (dealer says they have fix using graphite tape)
    Water on the inside of windows after carwash or heavy rain. Rolling down the windows and rolling back up produces the water on the inside.

    Very disappointed in my 40K car!
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