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Acura MDX Care and Maintenance



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    scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Mine's getting sticky...

    I didn;t know it could go in the washer, so that's great to know! :)
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    mformdxmformdx Member Posts: 12
    The car seat cover(which goes over the entire 2nd row to protect the leather seats) went into the washer..not the seat protector. For the seat protector I just used a little hand soap, little scrubbing with an old toothbrush and hosed it off. Later sprayed a little febreeze on it.
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    scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Ah... good to know.

    Don't you love how you take that protector out, and see not one indentation from the car seat in your leather.

    That, in itself, makes it worth the price.

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    parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    Bought the sealant package from the dealer, Teflon, and the interior protection package. I believe the manufacturer of it is Auto Armor. They guarantee no stains on the seats or carpets of the car or they will replace them through the Acura dealer. Each year, included in the price, is a full detail job, applying a new coat of Teflon, and interior protectant, at the Acura dealership. I will be provided with a car free of charge while they do the service.
    Total cost of the package was $585.
    I can't pay anyone to detail the inside and outside of my car for $100 a year, that alone is worth the price. Especially thought it was a good idea for my new Black '07 MDX with Taupe interior.
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    dms9dms9 Member Posts: 137
    When I go over a speed bump at about 15 mph, the warning light that is the yellow triangle with the "!" in it flashes and the car can't seem to go for a couple seconds. It sounds like it is winding up or can't find the gear. It then clears and is fine. It annoying, because you slow down for a speed bump and then accellerate after the bump. I get this pause. Has anyone else had this problem. I have never had it any of my prior vehicles.
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    net2net_99net2net_99 Member Posts: 17
    I just bought 2007 MDX and the manual suggests to use Premium Gasoline for the car. I have heard that it is not really necessary and doesn't really make any difference in MPG or any other way if we just use Regular gasoline.

    How about warranties being honored if you have been putting regular gasoline? I don't trust the gas station owners enough and think that even if I pay for Premium gas there is no guarantee about what comes through the pump.

    I have driven the car only for about 200 miles (half local, half highway using only the gas that dealer filled in the tank) and the MPG displays arounf 15 MPG against listed 17 MPG - 22 MPG.

    Please advise and share your own experiences.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    the manual suggests

    So the owner's manual recommends premium but doesn't require it?

    Some people find that their mpg with premium (when the manufacturer recommends it) is high enough to offset the additional cost of the gas so you may actually save a little by burning premium.

    Check out the What about fuel types & gas mileage? discussion while waiting for other responses in here. (Post 221 in the Fuel Types discussion is a favorite of mine).
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    net2net_99net2net_99 Member Posts: 17
    thanks for the reply.

    I will admit that I don't remember the exact verbiage in the manual about Octane rating (Require Vs. Recommend).

    I didn't even know about the other forum you referred to, that is where I should be reading more on this.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Heh, we've got 100's of discussions here that I've never heard about either. :-)

    The fuel types one isn't model specific - I'm thinking there may be an MDX owner who has experimented and can report on performance and mpg results between regular and premium in here.

    The Acura MDX MPG Real World Numbers discussion may be of interest too.
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    scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    I have an 06

    Last summer when gas was like 4 trillion dollars a gallon, I went from 93 to 87 octane.
    I did not notice any knocking or loss of performance, but the economy dropped through the floor.
    I went from getting 23 MPG to 17.
    3 months later, I went back to 93 and my mileage went back up to 23.x, which is 60% highway, 40% city driving.

    The money saved at the pump is spent by filling up more often.
    I did some math and found it was cheaper to just buy the good stuff and I'm sure the car appreciates the better fuel anyway.
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    net2net_99net2net_99 Member Posts: 17
    this is very useful information.

    You get 23.x MPG with 40% city driving is very good news. I thought the best they claim for MDX is about 22 MPG ( I would assume for 100% highway driving under optimum conditions!!!)

    I still have doubts about the gas stations that cheat (don't necessarily give you premium even if you pay for it).
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    hnikdelhnikdel Member Posts: 6
    I have an MDX 2004 with about 66000 miles. The engine and VTM-4 light came on about 2 days ago. The car however runs well with no noticeable difference. Do I have the same problem as yours or is it something else. What is an IAC valve.


    H. Nikdel
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    seifseif Member Posts: 48
    I have a 2006 MDX. It is exactly 2 years old and has 13.5K miles on it. I have never done the Acura 7500 mile maintenance and now I am coming up on the 15K. I have done oil changes at Jiffy Lube-type places every 3-5K miles. A friend has a 2005 MDX. He says he NEVER brought the car into the dealer for the 7500, 15K etc. services and only did oil changes at non-dealer shops.

    I live in NYC so the 15K service is something like $350. I can leave the city and get it done for about $200+. So...my question is: are these 7500, 15K expensive services necessary or will my car (which has not had a single problem but has a "maint. req." light on now) run fine on regular oil changes?
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    upstatedocupstatedoc Member Posts: 710
    We'll have had our '04 MDX 5 years come November and I only had the 40k mile service done. This included the rear diff fluid change as well as cabin, air filters and I forgot what else. It was about $500. The remainder of service (oil changes) were done locally at Jiffy lube. No, it does not void your warranty if you miss Acura scheduled maintenence.
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    seifseif Member Posts: 48
    thanks for the response. my car is leased and the lease is up next june. i am thinking of buying it but not 100% sure. do you know if there is any penalty (for lack of better word) if they know that you have not had the scheduled services done by them?
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    danil34danil34 Member Posts: 11
    My 08 MDX has 13k miles and service light is on with code B16
    The dealer sad it will cost me $480 for this regular maintenance.

    I cant belive have to spend $480 at 13k miles. I should've pick a beemer with free maintenace up to 50k miles
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    dms9dms9 Member Posts: 137
    GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Your dealer is ripping you off.

    I paid $220 for the same service and thought that was too much. All they do is change the oil, rotate the tires and change the differential fluid. Of course, they "Check" everything, but really, how much checking does a 13,000 mile car need. If that takes 30 mins I would be surpised. But, DO NOT pay 480 for that, go somewhere else. If you can't have them break down the charges for each item of work they are going to do in writing. If it doesn't seem reasonable, I bet Acura National would like to know how that dealer is treating its customers.
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    danil34danil34 Member Posts: 11
    I called Acura national, they said they have no control of maintenance or service pricing of the dealers.
    Its up to them to charge to charge the customer.

    For those who thinking to get an MDX. Ask your dealer for an estimate of regular maintenance. They could rip you off on this one.
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    dave210dave210 Member Posts: 242
    The B16 maintenance (if you look in your manual) includes:

    - Replace engine oil1 and oil filter
    - Rotate tires
    - Replace rear differential fluid

    The rest of the maintenance items include "inspections" that they're going to do regardless when your car is up on the lift. I guarantee you can cut that estimate in half by only specifying the 3 above items to be done.
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    10sfan10sfan Member Posts: 136
    Remember the business overhead costs for these beautiful dealership buildings continues and the back room has to turn the profit, especially when new car sales are down. The Acura dealer quoted me a price of $177.95 for the 7,500 mile service, inlcuding the VTM-4 fluid. Had it done at a Honda store at 16,000 miles for $105.00 with the Oil and Filter change. That was two years ago and the MDX is still running strong. Honda Dealerships are less expensive but no loaner vehicles.
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    un_sidiqun_sidiq Member Posts: 31
    I have a 08 MDX and just got the B16 maintainence minder, for the whole service including insprections, differerntial fluid, oil and fitler change and tire rotation the dealer quoted me $175 + TAX, without the visual inspection it's $132 + TAX.
    The break down i told was'
    Oil and filter change $ 34 .95 + TAX
    Differential Fluid Change $69 + TAX
    Tire Rotation $28 (this is a rip off, but i have to go to the dealership since my second row seat wont' slide forward).
    So they charge about $43 for the visual inspection which i wont' do.
    In fact the local Honda dealer in DFW area quoted me a higher price then the Acura dealership for the same service.
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    10sfan10sfan Member Posts: 136
    Guess they assume if you can afford a 40k vehicle, lets stick it to you even more with the threat of voiding the warranty if service is not done. Agree, do not need the visual for $43.00.

    I would pick and chose. Have the Acura dealer do what has to be done there and look for an independent shop ( Jiffy Lube type) to do the rest. As long as you keep the receipts for future verification of work done.

    Suprised the Honda dealer was more expensive. As of today, with the $0.30 plus increase in gas costs, less vehicle will be sold and more money will have to come from the back room. Watch those prices go up..
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    bbaakdbbaakd Member Posts: 8
    I have a new '08 MDX and had roof racks/cross bars installed a couple of weeks after purchasing the vehicle. Ever since, I have noticed and annoying wind whistling noise that happens when I go over 40 MPH.

    Tried adjusting cross bar positioning but it hasn't seemed to make a difference. If I open the sunroof all the way (not tilt), the noise doesn't happen.

    Anyone have similar experiences or no noise?
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    sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Member Posts: 269
    I bought 2008 MDX with tech pkg two weeks ago...

    Are there any settings for focus/distance-to object on rear view camera...

    Everything in rear view camera looks TOO far away...

    I remember it was not like this...I might have change some settings and I dont know how...

    Any help will be appreciated

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    mr1340mr1340 Member Posts: 10
    go to a Honda dealer and specify exactly what you need, you will save a alot
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    mark179mark179 Member Posts: 1
    The dudes at Acura say I need Acura Auto Transmission Fluid ATSZ1 ( or ATS21).
    They would give a safe alternative.for Jiffy Lube to use.
    Can anyone help me?
    Should I just buy it from Acura.....these guys are thieves.

    Help me?
    I am not a mechanic
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    90mercsable90mercsable Member Posts: 48
    Dear Sanjay,
    I am having the same problem with an '09 MDX Tech. The rear camera has a fantastic wide (and to the side) view...BUT distance to the rear appears much FARTHER than it actually is. This make it totally useless in parallel parking in tight spaces, etc.

    This was very disappointing to me. My previous (GM) SUV had audible rear sensors, plus a visual 3-light system visible in the rear view mirror. That was a 2002 Buick. Acura is supposed to be so advanced.

    There are optional "accessory" back-up sensors available from Acura, for about $500 installed. The money isn't the issue, my problem is that it involves removing the rear bumper, drilling holes in it, removing the tailgate weatherstripping and left rear seat, as well as cutting into a section of wiring to get this installed. Will they be able to do this carefully, neatly, and safely?

    Good luck, be careful backing up!!!

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    esq12esq12 Member Posts: 1
    Just got an 2010 MDX and need to adjust the cross bars. Is there a special tool to use for moving the cross bars....did not come with the vehicle?
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    jensadjensad Member Posts: 388
    I have an 06 RL and I learned long ago to sit down with the advisor, (which changes every 6 months) and ask him or her what is going to be done, how much, and how much time is involved. Then I ask the cost.

    Since I know the rate of labor which is usually posted on a wall or you can ask how much labor is per hour, I then have an idea if I am getting ripped off or if I have a relatively honest rep/dealer. I have had good success with the local dealer at least so far.

    I had the 40k oil changed, including rear diff fluid changed, and the "courtesy check" in the Ca Bay Area for $ 135 plus tax. Yes its an RL, but I believe the work with the MDX and my RL would be about the same.

    I wish all well today and wish all take care driving.

    jensad :)
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    ucbsupaflyucbsupafly Member Posts: 9
    Hi Jensad,

    Can you tell me where you had the work done on your RL? $135+tax sounds like a reasonable price.

    San Jose
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    jensadjensad Member Posts: 388
    Hi Frank

    Concord Acura done about one year ago. Don't buy into their list of items to service as that was where they would have charged me about $ 250. Good dealership, and service dept "serves" me well. But with most dealerships, they will try to make $$ and that's something I understand.

    When I owned a Lexus, the dealer labor was well over $ 200 per hour compared to the rate with my 08 RL was $ 120 per hour.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

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    hartmambhartmamb Member Posts: 1
    I bought a pre-owned 2008 earlier in the spring. Since it's gotten cold, toward freezing, in the last few months, I've picked an additional rev sound, different then the engine, coming from the engine compartment. Sound revs up as engine revs up. It's not the heat (still there when heat off). Is this normal? Had a 2004 MDX for several years and never had the issue


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    red4packred4pack Member Posts: 1
    Just bought MDX last week, and found when I release foot brake or other minor shaking, I could hear some noise like flowing fluid from bottom of car, is that normal? and another question is, after fold down the 3rd row seat, should the cargo area be completely flat? I can't fold down the 3rd row completely, so there is some tilt up around area behind 2nd row seat. Thanks for your answer.
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