2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    So my total price (without tax & title) is $40,400 for the touring pckg, navigation and DVD)I had 2 local dealers with same offer (after a long negotiation process, 1 matched the other) I'm going with the original dealer because he has the Sage Brush Pearl color I want on order... the 2nd dealer refused to match the deal if the vehicle was NOT in his current inventory.

    I feel good about working with my first dealer because the salesman called and emailed dealers in 12 states in an effort to do a dealer swap for the color I want.
  • luvlabsluvlabs Member Posts: 1
    I live in NE Pa and am ready to buy an MDX. Can you tell me the name of the dealership where you got $1000 under MSRP? Thanks a lot!
  • pac8pac8 Member Posts: 6
    Please send me an email and I will provide you with the requested info.

    I am not sure if this site allows members to display dealer's contact info here. Therefore, I will only provide this info upon request.

    [email protected]

    Best regards,
  • gasman240gasman240 Member Posts: 1
    I am interested in the MDX with T & NAV. I have called many dealers here in Chicago. They are ready to sell it at MSRP with free all weather mats and other accessories at cost, but not below MSRP.

     I know some of you are talking about getting it for $1000 to $1600 below MSRP in PA and other states. If any one knows any good deals in Chicago area please let me know. Also I want to know about the dealer in PA as my inlaws lives in Pittsburgh. If you don't want to post the name of the dealership here you can e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    That is quite a bit for any metro area. There have been folks who have gotten dealers to come down $1000 or more, even from dealers who initially said "MSRP Only".

    The key is persistence and flexibility. With the economy in the crapper virtually ALL dealers are experiencing cancellations on pre-ordered vehicles. Dealers DEFINITELY do not want to have these unsold vehicles sitting around. They frantically call others on their waiting lists to "cut a deal". If something "becomes available" you need to be flexible with regards to colors & delivery. You can be persistent to waiting a DISCOUNT, after all THE DEALER wants these to sell FAST.

    Honda/Acura is very good about cutting production when they notice a slow down, so you have to "got on the list" at several dealers...
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    I'm originally from Chicago and do have a lot of family there so during my MDX search, I either emailed or phoned all of them and all I received in reply was.... If you have a dealer willing to sell you an MDX below MSRP, take it because we don't sell them BELOW MSRP.

    Since the top of the this board does allow us to post dealer names (but no contact info)... I purchased mine from is Lindsay Acura in Columbus, Ohio. If you want additional contact information, email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to provide it.

    PLUS, my salesman just called to inform me that due to our good credit rating, he will give me 4.14% financing on my balance. The best financing the *other* Acura dealer in my town was willing to give me was 4.25%

    Lindsay Acura has been more then wonderful in taking care of us and our MDX purchase!

  • eharrison2eharrison2 Member Posts: 8
    I just purchased my MDX two weeks ago. The good news is American Honda was able to give me a rate of 4.39% for the total amount of the vehicle. You need a credit score of over 720 to get this rate. Even with putting $6500 down my payment is still $600 a month for 60 months. Its steep but worth it.
  • djocksdjocks Member Posts: 124
    I am in the market to possibly lease an MDX. It is between the Lexus RX300 and the MDX.

    I am quoted $1005.00 out of pocket and $499 a month for the lexus. Can Acura come under this or will it be more. I understand the MDX has more room but we do not need it. I just like the looks of the MDX a little more.

    Can any one help?
  • thill381thill381 Member Posts: 64
    My wife and I are leasing an MDX for her. We are in the Chicago area, and with a sticker of $36,800 w/ $5,000 due at inception (includes tax, lic, etc) the payment is $448 X 48mos w/ 12,000 mi/ yr.
  • thill381thill381 Member Posts: 64
    The above message should really read 427/mo as we went back to day and deleted the roof rack & body side moldings wich you cant residualize. So with these deleted the selling price was 36,800.
  • golfgod2golfgod2 Member Posts: 53
    Interesting, so they don't residualize the roof rack - was this on a base model and you were going to add it? Do you know if they'd residualize it on the Touring package since its included? Looking at an MDX for my wife and wanted a roof rack/box but don't want to add it if I'm going to buy it outright and just give it back. Really want the touring package but don't know if I want to spend the extra $ - it's probably add another $30 or so to the payment I think to get the touring package. thx.
  • justboughtmdxjustboughtmdx Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a Black/Saddle MDX with Touring package, chrome side steps and wheel locks in the Detroit metro area for 38200 (before tax and title). Total invoice price would be 38800+949+62=39811. So I guess total savings of about 1600.

    The dealer's first price quote (after I told him that I need a better number than the invoice price to begin the deal) was 39000...and when I was shopping about 5-6 months ago they would not go below invoice at all. But looks like they are dealing a little now because the production has gone up and economy down.

    Still a lot of money but the MDX is just simply great!!
  • ekharekhar Member Posts: 4

    COuld you please provide dealer name that sold you Touring w/ Nav and RES for 40,400.

    Email info directly to [email protected]

  • willgurwillgur Member Posts: 3
    I will be purchasing an MDX, and trying to decide
    what are the comparable (or better) options to the Acura’s own Navigation system.
  • madipacmadipac Member Posts: 21

    Can you shoot me an email where you bought your MDX from? name/phone number?

    [email protected]
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    I just love my MDX with touring, NAV and DVD!!! The Sage Brush Pearl color is awesome! My entire deal was better than awesome $40,400 + 500 destination and tax and title. Bottom line, $1,600 below MSRP!

    And because I referred a new friend from NY to my dealer... I received a THANK YOU gift which was the all-season floor mats, wood shift knob, cargo liner and wheel locks!

    I live in Ohio and if any of you are interested in receiving a quote from my WONDERFUL dealer, email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to provide you with the information ASAP... they received 5 MDX's today and do have several on premises.

    I have never been so thrilled about any vehicle purchase or the *salesman* I worked with than I am about this MDX purchase! When Acura contacts me about my sales experience, my dealer will definitely receive MORE then a 5 STAR rating!

  • wmquanwmquan Member Posts: 1,817
    Congratulations on your new MDX. Your's is another example of some improving deals on MDX's.
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    Yes, mine and my new friend in New York as he was also given the same deal... It is a good sign because my brother tried to purchase an MDX a year ago in the Chicago area, he was quite upset about the dealer NOT even offering to take $1 off MSRP... he ended up buying his second choice of SUV.

    Thanks, I do feel good about my deal and my DEALER!

  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    To *STAY AWAY* from BP gasoline in your MDX or any other Acura vehicle you may own?

    When I picked up my MDX today, I was told to use only Shell, Sunoco and a third brand that I've forgotten because we don't have it in my area. Anyway, the salesman told me that because BP adds a lot of alcohol to their gasoline (especially in winter months to keep in ground tanks from freezing) that now with the end of winter, there is a large increase of engine problems with ALL Acura's. They're all traced back to the use of BP gasoline and their overabundance of alcohol.

    Curious if any of you have been told the same thing? But I will definitely not be filling up at BP!

    email: [email protected]
  • ekharekhar Member Posts: 4
    I took advantage of the deal that onelgs talked about. $1600 off MSRP. The sales rep will even drive the car to New York City for me for almost the same amount as it would cost me to come and get it. I WAS going to fly and drive the car home. Delivery offer was unsolicited and shocking. I should be receiving the car on Sunday at my home. Talk about service!

    The sales rep is courteous, professional and keeps his word. Most of communication is done via email. All is spelled out - no ambiguities.

    I called a lot of dealers in NY area.. Within 60 mile radius its MSRP or nothing. Further out from NYC I found deals $800 off MSRP in CT, $1000 off in Eastern PA.

    Dealers in NYC cannot not (or will not) trade with others. In Ohio there is a 6 state dealer trading network.
    My car was not in my dealer's inventory, it took 4 hours locate and get the vehicle.

    Waiting till Sunday for the new addition.

  • ekharekhar Member Posts: 4
    "4 hours" should read "48 hours"
  • sbcookesbcooke Member Posts: 2,297
    Some states change their gas makeup in winter time, but not local stations, as far as I know.

    CT. for example used to have (I am not sure if it still does) has a different gas type in the winter time, which lowers octane.
  • kconway2kconway2 Member Posts: 9
    Has anyone purchased an MDX in the Dallas area recently? Any good deals? How much off MSRP? If you did have a good recommendation, let me know the salesman's name and number. Thanks!
  • lucy25lucy25 Member Posts: 1
    I got a quote on an MDX base model w/roof rack, cd changer (under the seat) and moonroof visor for $36,400. I really want the NAV but can't get it on the base model. I got a quote for $40,138 for touring w/nav and moonroof visor. Is it worth the extra $3738? I'm torn..I really want the NAV and Bose stereo w/in-dash cd changer but don't care about rain sensing wipers (I think I can tell whether it's raining or not) and other extras on the touring model. Can I get a better price than $40,138? I'm in Mass and the dealer is in Southern NH.

    By the way, I got the NAV for my Palm Pilot for $200-70 rebate and I'm going to try to return it. You need to download the directions from the internet, then hotsync to your Palm. It's just not the same as the NAV on the MDX that talks to you!
  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    If you really want a nav. system on your car, Acura has one of the best nav. system on the market today. I too bought a MDX from Mass. area, I got the base model because its the best value. I decided that I have no need for the touring options or nav. system. The two price you mentioned are about average at beat, should be able to get the same deal from a mass. dealers. If you are willing to wait another 6 months or so, you might be able to save even more. The CD changer is about a $400 option and the moonroof visor about $80. The base audio system is a Harman Kardon system and it has plenty of power, all you have to do is change the speakers and it will sound as good as the Bose, about a $120 project. As far as the CD changer, installing one after market is no big deal at all, or do what I do, burn your own CD with all your favorite music on one CD.
    Good Luck.
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    Why is post 246 not showing up today? I read it over the weekend... the post count indicates 246 posts but even after refreshing the board, only 245 are showing... Is it just my screen?

    Perhaps once this posts it will... LOL

    I also want to take this opportunity to THANK *all* of you that have emailed me requesting my dealer information... I've responded to all emails so if you've not heard from me, please let me know. Also, when you have a chance, do let me know how things worked out for you... hopefully, you will be driving your MDX very soon!

    [email protected]
  • popejohnpopejohn Member Posts: 11
    Like hopeitsfriday, I got the base model because I thought it was a better investment. I got the Acura under seat CD changer from the dealer, because I wanted it on the warranty. I bargained hard and got it around 30% off list (still expensive). Works great, and the cool thing is, the in-dash single changer still works, so you can have all your favorites in the six-unit changer and switch out single disks in the dash. When I get off my lazy b*** and the weather gets better, I plan to follow the sage advice and replace the speakers.
  • denisavudenisavu Member Posts: 1
    I'm reading posts of some folks getting $1600 below MSRP. I am interested in a purchase of the above vehicle and would appreciate some kind people to direct me to the right dealer/salesman/phone number/email. I am located in NJ, but will drive to pickup the vehicle. Please email me.
    [email protected]
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    Thanks for the email and inquiry about my great dealer. I've tried to send you an email reply but it was returned twice... Please send me a working email address.

    [email protected]
  • javenzojavenzo Member Posts: 1
    I live in the Washington, DC area and am in the market for an MDX with Touring/Navigation. I'd appreciate it if anyone out there could give me some tips on which dealers to visit/avoid. Any good deals that they have come across recently? Also, I've seen some posts about purchases below MSRP but am not sure whether that applies to the Metro DC area. I'd like to think that dealers have been a little more "customer friendly" as a result of the downturn in the economy and rising inventories.

    Thanks in advance.

    [email protected]
  • rkgoodman1rkgoodman1 Member Posts: 1
    Any suggestions on trying to pay less than $38800 for a Touring without Nav/DVD in Las Vegas. The dealer doesn't seem to want to budge. Do I just have to bite it if I want the vehicle or is there likely some leverage room?
  • qnktooqnktoo Member Posts: 1
    I've been to both the Chantilly and Bethesda Dealers. I've purchased a Lexus from the Chantilly Neighbor, and the experience was decent and I was able to do some negotiating. I'm not very happy with their service department and stopped using them once my warranty expired. But when it comes to the Acura side -- forget it. These people offer both arrogance and ignorance. After finding someone to help me on a Thursday afternoon, I waited 5 minutes for the salesperson. One our walk to see the 3 used ones on the lot I was informed to NOT EVEN TRY to negotiate. I didn't even bring up price yet.

    First he showed me a Gray 2002 Touring with Navigation. It was in nice condition, but not my choice of color. They were nonnegotiable at $38,000. I just made the comment about financing a new one would probably be cheaper in the long run. His response, "We'll get this price". Then I looked at an average conditioned 2001 base model with 28,000 miles. They were still $36,000 on this vehicle. This time he makes the comment "maybe we'll budge $500 on this".

    I then asked to see a new vehicle. He told me none were available and the only way I could get one was to put down $1,000. Maybe I could get one in 2 weeks, but to get my choice of color (black or blue), I was looking at a June delivery.

    The Bethesda dealer was much more helpful. They had a 2001 with 38,000 miles for $29,900 plus 1 free accessory. The car was in poor shape and obviously the previous owner was a smoker. When I told them I had NO interest, they tried hard to negotiate.

    But with new, they said under NO circumstance would they negotiate. They had 4 or 5 available, and even when I stated "if I write a check today" they again said the price was nonnegotiable.

    I'm heading to Falls Church today. Reluctantly I may say. I purchased 5 vehicles from the Falls Church sister dealer in Woodbridge over a 10 year period. Both new VW's, Acura's and used. When I finally had a problem (of course it was the VW), they treated me terribly. I even spoke with the Owner, and she tried to make things better, but even her resolution was unacceptable. Basically I had a lemon. And to make matters worse, the finance manager pulled a fast one on my wife, which we didn't find out until it was time to turn the car in after the lease. Amazing how our contract numbers didn't match theirs, and how our signatures were on their copies!

    If anyone can email me ANY dealer in the Mid Atlantic that is willing to negotiate over the phone, I'd be much appreciated.

    I driven everything over the last 4 months, and clearly the MDX offers the best mix of what I'm looking for. I just can't pay MSRP. It's against everything I'm about!

    One quick final note, my co-worker got a dealer to take him to Manheim this past Thursday. For those that don't now, this is on the countries largest auto auctions, and is for dealers only. A 2001 MDX with 10,000 miles sold for $32,000. With the $400 Manheim fee, that's only $4,000 less than new. I guess these cars ARE holding their value.

    For everyone's information, the dealer he went with purchased a 2001 Mercedes ML430 with navigation, 25,000 miles for $25,000. He claims he'll have no problem getting $32 - 33,000 for it. This same dealer said used Mercedes are in HUGE demand -- all makes and models.

    Sorry to be so long winded, it's my first post and I had a lot to say.

    [email protected]
  • lgtg1lgtg1 Member Posts: 3
    and your posting is very depressing. I presently live in CO Springs, and plan to move to the DC area in June. I had planned to buy an MDX (base model) after we made the move in June, but after reading your posting maybe its better if I try to see what I can find in the local CO area. My husband checked the local Acura dealership last November, and they were offering only MSRP (and a few months wait for a base model). I'll be interested to find out how things work out for you. The acuramdx.org website has a dealer ratings section (top section of the home page). The dealer ratings on sales and service are not very promising. Also, it seems like some of the narratives were written by salespeople because they seem way too positive.
  • glueygluey Member Posts: 6
    hi - was interested in mdx 2003 with touring and navigation. was wondering if it was possible to get mrsp or below anywhere in california? or is it pretty difficulte to negotiate? thanks.
  • thill381thill381 Member Posts: 64
    I will call contact Lindsay tomorrow with hopes of them having what we want in stock. We already have a deposit on an MDX scheduled to be built Monday. The dealer would not budge off sticker. Having worked in car sales & managment this has been killing me to be paying MSRP for a car. If Lindsay has one in stock we will be there on Friday.

    Again thanks for your help, and I'll let you know our out come.
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    I do hope Lindsay does have exactly what you're looking for! Yesterday, I followed up with some of you that emailed me asking for my dealer information... You'll be happy to know that all of those that have already contacted Lindsay Acura were EXTREMELY pleased with the honest, above board, professional and very friendly way they were treated.

    From my personal experience, I know they will take good care of you! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • escaflowne_sonescaflowne_son Member Posts: 3
    I'll appreciate your dealership experience in Chicago area. Is there any dealer who offers under MSRP? I'm interested in Tour PKG + Nav.


  • thill381thill381 Member Posts: 64

    You are not going to find a deal below MSRP in the Chicago area. I have been in the auto industry for 10 years and could not get a deal. I am going to be going out of state to take delivery of our MDX, to a dealer who was willing to negotiate.
  • slinger2slinger2 Member Posts: 1
    I was just offered a 48 month lease with 15,000 miles per year on an MDX.(not Touring)The deal is for me to put $5000 down and then the payments would be 368 per month. Is this a good deal? Can I do better? The dealer told me this was based on a price of $2000 below MSRP.
  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    Average deprication for the MDX is about $3000 per year. A four year old MDX base should be around $24000.
    Lease: assuming your dealer pays all interest, (48 months * $368)+ $5000 = $22664.
    So the dealer gets $22664+$24000=$46664 for a car that is originally price at $36000. The dealer's overall profit in 4 years = $10664. This is why I dont lease cars, but as far as leasing, it sounds like a pretty good deal.
    Of course the dealer have to pay interest for the financing and all the overheads associated with the resale of the car.
  • thill381thill381 Member Posts: 64
    Those numbers are correct (368 x 48 w/ 5K d.a.i.)

    We are leasing the same vehicle with the same amount down, only where getting $1,600 ish off msrp.

    As far as the dealer making more profit on a lease, i.e. $10,664 over 4 years as stated above that is no where near true. The dealer will get paid by the lease company the capitalized cost of the contract. In this case that amount is $2,000 off MSRP less $5,000 down payment should equal about $29,200 cap cost. Thus the dealers only profit is the gross between dealer invoice and $2,000 off msrp which would be about $1,500 gross profit, plus 200 flat fee from the lease company for writing the lease. At the end of the lease the residual on that car is $19,910, which is what the lease company owns it for. Not the amount the dealer gets it back for. That is the lease companies car it does not go back to the dealer unless they purchase it from the lease company. Is that car really going to be worth 19,910 four years from now? I doubt it, but I don't have to worry about it because I can walk away from it. Thats the beauty of the lease you only pay for the portion of the vehicl you are going to use.
  • onetokenonetoken Member Posts: 3
    Hi, $37,900 for 2003 touring w/ dvd (inc additional tint). Is this a good deal?
  • ramp1ramp1 Member Posts: 2
    All, any good deals on MDX in the western
    PA region. Last time i checked it was strictly
  • hermantamhermantam Member Posts: 14
    %37.9K sounds like a good deal...is that a drive-away price? How about the fees?

    You mind telling me where your dealer is located?
  • escaflowne_sonescaflowne_son Member Posts: 3
    How's your deal going with Lindsay Acura? Any success? Then, how much under MSRP?

    AS i mentioned, I'm interested in Tour& NAV. My wife loves to have Sage brush ext.

    Thanks again,

  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    The base price for MDX with NAV+DVD RES is about $37,000 and the MSRP is $42,500 with destination, which is a difference of about $5,500. So the best deal I've seen so far is about $2,000 off MSRP? That is still a rip-off.
  • roaminatorroaminator Member Posts: 1
    I have been negotiating deals on the MDX with several people. Found a great deal in Dayton Ohio with the right color.
  • onetokenonetoken Member Posts: 3

    Usual fees + TTL on top of the price. Will be a new delivery. Dealer is in Plano, Tx.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    Are the deals better in Texas? How much discount is there?
  • thill381thill381 Member Posts: 64
    Lindsay Acura has been wonderful to work with. I actually got in touch with them through Lidia on this board. My wife and I are flying to columbus tomorrow to pick up our MDX. If you would like additional information please contact me.

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