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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Who did you talk to at Charlie Thomas is Houston and what kind of deal did they offer. I have just started to consider the MDX and I live in the Houston area. post or email at THANKS
  • My wife and I have a deposit down on a Midnight Blue, Touring & Navigation MDX which we are expecting in February. Another local dealer called today with a White MDX, 2003, Touring, Navi, & RES, also, it has running boards, fender flares, wood dash inlays, wood shifter, all season mats (including cargo) and wheel locks. This MDX has 622 miles, and was a return, not a demo (so they say). They are offering it to me for the same price ($41000) as MSRP on the model we ordered (I sense they may be willing to deal a bit more). Also, they will include a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and will finance as new thru Honda of America.


    More equipment (some of which we don't really want/need)
    100,000 mile warranty


    Wife isn't thrilled with white (but definitely wants Saddle interior)
    622 miles on car - ???

    What do you folks think? Any ideas on resale value in 4-5 years? Obviously, having the RES adds value, but is white harder to sell later? What about the fact that we are buying 'used'?

    Would you wait for the Midnight Blue, or jump on this?


    PS MDXs' are still going for MSRP in my area.
  • Since when does dealer let people return cars, unless there is something major wrong with it. All those options you mentioned can be bought in the after market for about a $1000, and for $1200 you can get a Acura 7 years/ 100000 miles bumper to bumper warranty, not just a power train warranty. If I were you, I would stick with the midnight blue. Besides the midnight blue is a much nicer color.
  • Buy what YOU want.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Same price, I would take new off the shelf over a return. Lower price, I would consider it.
  • CAn the MDX be had in the NY, NJ area for sticker price?
    I went to East Brunswick Acura in NJ and the dope started the conversation by telling me
    "You know you have to pay over sticker if you want one" - I told him I dont work that way- and will never pay over sticker to any car dealer- which ended our conversation

    I want the car but will not be held up to get it- Any suggestions?
  • spfoteyspfotey Posts: 131
    on 03 touring with navi and RES. dealer tried to pull a quick one and suddenly charge me $2,500 mark-up and i told him to shove it and he erased it...
  • If the dealerhas salespeople that start WRITING something down THAT DIFFERENT than what he/she said, I think I would have to get up and LEAVE.

    I might also SHOUT LOUDLY, "This lying cheat thinks they can get away ripping me off TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS! They probably ROLL BACK ODOMETERS TOO!"

    If that didn't get the dealership's "leadership" quickly to their feet as I search for my my car keys I would NOT trust ever setting foot in their store! TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS! That it'd be like dropping the vehicle off for an oil change and finding out they decided you should pay for a new short block!
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    Ordered today due in 18 Jan. Price is MSRP.
    No question about that with my dealer in Tulsa
  • dorene1dorene1 Posts: 75
    3.49% financing got us very motivated to buy now. Our area (silicon valley, south bay, and north bay of SF) is hot MDX territory, with back orders several months long, and no inventory (perhaps it's like this everywhere).

    There were no dealers selling MDXs at MSRP last year at this time - it was all 3000 over and all dealers installed running boards etc, so we gave up on an MDX. Market is softer now, and found a good dealer who didn't mandate extras, and put our name on a list should anyone not claim their shipment. Got a call same day, and put a deposit on a vehicle coming in, but it didn't arrive after two days, and were getting worried as financing is only good through 1/2, then got an ASAP call from the dealer that a family didn't want their ordered vehicle, so we went to see it as soon as we got the call.

    We got our first choice color, sandstone metallic, and it came with both nav.and DVD, for MSRP ($42,500). The people who ordered it had cargo mats and liner, shifter and gauge cover wood, and running boards/splash guards added - the dealer sold these to us at what he said was cost ($1000). We are going to get 5 year paint and interior protection ($495) and bought a 6 year/100,000 mile warranty from the dealer (not Acura) for $1600 -this is a fully refundable warranty - if not used over a small amount (they said this would be a few hundred dollars) can get the full amount back at expiration.

    The reason the family that ordered this MDX didn't take it was color - they reordered a silver MDX. We are delighted with the color, which is a grey/brown addition to gold, and with the metallic, is a true desert tone. We love the look of the wood (or plood) on the saddle interior, and can confirm that dirt doesn't show on this color (we picked up alot of mud on the hour trip home in the rain).

    The dealership (Hopkins in Fairfield) was great - no pressure, very friendly and pleasant and professional. The manager (Tom) and our salesperson (Steve) stayed well after closing to complete our sale since we lived out of area. Tom gave us the second highest offer on our trade in and came through on all the prices we negotiated on the phone, with no complaints. When we come back this weekend to get protection done, the service manager offered us a car to use while we are in the area, without us asking. A superior, and stress free experience! While we may have payed a little more on some extras, the dealer experience made it worthwhile.

    We feel that, despite the relatively high price tag, this vehicle is so superior that it is almost a bargain for what it offers. It is amazing that demand still exceeds availability several years after introduction, and it is an even better deal with the 03 enhanced acceleration, increased quietness of ride, and tech. additions. We appreciate having read the info. from this board pre-purchase to help us.

    Happy New Year to all!
  • Have you try internet sales? I know for a fact that the MDX are selling at MSRP in the Boston and Rhode Island area.
  • In NJ, it is possible to get a 03 MDX below MSRP and no waiting. If you are interested, I may call the sale person on your behalf to make sure that I didn't get mine because of special circumstance that the dealership was having. ( I benefitted
    much from the advices given in the mdx boards and
    would like to do things for others in return.)

    We chosed the touring based on the positive opinion of wmquqm. We have been driving it for two weeks and love driving the 03 --- a chore becomes a driving pleasure. I found all the positive things the experts said in mdx message boards to be true. There is some tire noise, however.
  • Acura of Westchester in Larchmont, New York is selling the MDX at MSRP.
  • is offering 500.00 off MSRP for MDX now. There's no need to pay MSRP any more. Besides Edmunds' TMV is a result of boloney.
  • spfoteyspfotey Posts: 131
    i bot the car on the way to northern california for vacation. Finance guy went thru 5 minutes of paperwork before the final page -- showing the cost of the vehicle. I went straight to the sales manager and told him he had 2 choices -- i call enterprise and have a van pick us up in 10 minutes or he give me MSRP. If i took the van i let him know i would use the internet to let the world know. they changed their tune immediately...
  • Tamtrang...just went to CarsDirect and their price is $38K+ with an MSRP of $35K+....Where in God's name are you looking?
  • penn5penn5 Posts: 8
    i bought an 03 mdx, touring/nav/res for $850 less than msrp at macchurchill acura in fort worth, tx. they have about 5 mdx's sitting on their lot, and i bet they'd be willing to go down to $1000 less than msrp.
  • is the link to check out

    The base model MSRP is 36200 (for central Florida)and they priced it at 35700. One of my local dealer offered 750.00 off MSRP.

  • Just picked up my 03 Touring/Navi/RES from Fountain Acura. I ordered it through the internet manager, John Pate, and I negotiated $1000 off MSRP at the time of putting down my deposit. They are in Orlando, Florida.
  • I ordered mine (Touring/Nav) last month from David McDavid Acura for $200 off MSRP, plus free accessories of running broad, body side molding, wheel lock, cargo net). The internet guy (is it Thung) at McChurchill did beat the deal by $100 (if he went over another $100, I probably would have made the purchase from him). I opted McDavid for: a. they have our favorite color (midnight blue) coming in earlier Feb.; b. hate to drive one and half hour to Fort Worth (I am in Plano); c. really want to give the business to the McDavid internet guy. He was so nice during my three test drive and never pushed anything, and made effort to get me look at the 03 navigation system. I was the first one to test drive their 1st unsold MDX/Nav right after inspection. That unit was sold later that afternoon.

    Yes, all four DFW Acura dealers have various MDX inventory, but they are all base or touring models. My feeling is that with no accesory, one can get $1000 off msrp for the Navigation-equiped MDX. Probably a little more ($1100-1200) for the base model.
  • I bought and MDX Touring in East Brunswick, N.J. at $100 off sticker. Its a great car, I miss my Lexus SUV ride. Anyway want to buy?
  • Hello, everyone

    I have just had a pretty heated conversation with Acura dealers in our area. What a bunch of crooks! It is awful that because of popularity of the car they can charge whatever price they are pleased and people pay it! Here is the information I found on the Internet:

    When they charge MSRP they make on average around $3800 which is about 11% of the price they paid for the car not counting hold-back (another cool $1,000 to $1,300 depending on the model). Is it fair ??? I understand that the car is hot, but is it because of dealers? As we know none of that money go to the guy behind the drawing board! Why such a treat??? What did those dealers do for us? Brought a cup of coffee??? From my perspective if GM cars go for $300-$500 over invoice price, then $1,500 is more than enough for Acura dealers.

    From my perspective it is ridiculous what they do! If I need to pay money for smart design or good features, I'd rather give it to the manufacturer! Thank you Acura for allowing dealers to rip us off !

    Well, sorry for wining !

  • nwhsdnwhsd Posts: 10
    Are you serious? Go buy a different vehicle, it is a CHOICE.
  • I dont thinks anyone wants to pay MSRP for a car, it is certainly not Acura's fault for manufacturing a car that is in high demand. The volvo dealers are doing the same thing with the XC90, and so are dealers for hot cars such as the Viper or mini cooper. You understand the law of supply and demand, dont you? If we go back 3 years to when Acura was offering SLX as an suv, they were going for $500 to $1000 over invoice. Did that make the Acura dealers back then less of a crook?
  • What Acura dealer did you go to in NY?
    Curry Acura is a prime example!
    Spoke to a dealer rep today and said they only offer the MDX with added accessories only! What if you don't want the accessories at all?
    They are charging MSRP plus $2,200 added for Accessories
    I told him I can get them for half the price from
    and install them myself!
    I hope I have better luck looking for an '03 Touring w/ Nav elsewhere?
  • kaitsukaitsu Posts: 41
    Acura sells the Touring MDX in Canada for $6500 (USD) less than in US. Now that makes me mad...
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Posts: 380
    1) Acura, and every other manufacturer that sells vehicles in Canada at substantially LESS than they do vehicles in the US does so legitamitely. The costs of owning a vehicle and doing business in Canada are quite different than "down here". They offer different options, segregate warranty by country and maintain separate dealer networks.

    2) The mark-up on MDXs is quite high. I am SHOCKED that so many folks seem OK with this. I suppose it is partly because the MDX really does quite have quite a bit in its favor when looking at "similar" competitors. Biggest midsize SUV. Most fuel efficient 7 seat SUV. Highest level of standard equipment in any luxury SUV. Frankly the ONLY vehicle on the horizon that might be a match for the MDX in the upcoming Cadillac SRX. The closest competitor "available today" is the Volvo XC90 -- dealers aren't giving any $$$ off of MSRP on those either... IF Honda/Acura could make more making a greater number of MDXs, they could bias production toward the MDX & away from the Pilot. That might cause the spread from invoice to MSRP to narrow. I guess the factory knows what they are doing...

    3) YOU CAN get a pretty substantial chunk off MSRP. Dozens of folks have posted here & and at with $1000 or more off. There is nothing that says you SHOULD put up with arrogant local dealers. Instead of walking into local stores and talking with a salesperson to whom every dime might be money out of his pocket I would suggest a FAX campaign. MANY Acura dealers post their inventory on the web. If you contact a dealer who has inventory that is starting to get stale they will be MUCH more cooperative. (no dealer EVER like to give up holdback money on stale inventory...)Similarly, if you send a fax to a dealer and that fax gets fielded by an internet manager whose compensation is not directly tied to "dollars over invoice" you are far more likely to get somewhere. If you really luck out, your fax will be handled by someone who is more interested in the 'strategic' position of the store...
  • I have been reading posts on this, and other MDX message boards, with a sense of dread. I have never paid MSRP, but I also don't dicker until both sales person and I have drawn blood. I went into my local dealer expecting to make my deal, or drive over to the local BMW dealer and buy an X5.

    We made the deal significantly under MSRP for a 2003 Touring, and I drove home my new vehicle 3 days later after no-cost side molding was applied. I can understand bad experiences at other Acura (or any other dealer) but I was so unexpectedly pleased with our dealer.
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    define below MSRP
  • Lonestar,

    We are in the market looking for the 2003 Touring. Kindly advise how "significantly under MSRP" did you get on your purchase. Which dealership did you make your purchase?
    Thank you in advance for your attention!
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