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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jephyboy1jephyboy1 Posts: 13
    Does anybody know if there are any APR incentives out yet or when they do come out?

    Secondly, can someone give their thoughts on Tech vs Sport? Trying to decide on whether the $1-2K difference is worth it? Besides the looks of the actual seats, is the quality or fit of the seat better on the Sport?

  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10
    Hi jsc_usa,

    Think we already spoke yesterday, if you are not Jeff, then please resend email as I may have not received it yet.

    Also Costco auto save may be really applicable on MSRP, not on the kind of pricing levels we already have, but it will not harm to add it to the toolkit

    My experience here is a if a dealer is having more of Base Models inventory then that price is more attractive and if more tech models then that price is more attractive, so we should get prices for both

    We have about 5-6 in the group now, lets see where we end up on Monday
  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10

    we had similar experience at Paragon and Plaza, think it is very normal for them to make people come in all the way and try cheating them. Thinking of lodigng a complaint, this is really one fraud dealership
  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10

    Just be watchful of these 2, they don't honor what they say, when you reach there after driving 100 miles

    anyone else had same experience add to this thread so that some others can be saved from this trouble
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    Thanks for the offer to join your buying group but I have already purchased 09 MDX Tech from Acura of Ramsey back in December. I have purchased many Acura's and Acura of Ramsey has always given me the best deal and provide great service. If you are looking for accessories shop on line for the absolute lowest price and print it out and Acura of Ramsey will usually match it.
  • Just an update, got a quote for $37922 before dest/ttl, Acura Libertyville for MDX Tech 09. good til end of March.

    I think i will be buying this one.
  • wing1wing1 Posts: 1
    Can you tell me the dealership that you bought your Acura MDX? Is it a brand new 2009 model? Thanks.
  • rnh204rnh204 Posts: 3
    I ended up getting the price I negotiated but like with any dealership you have to make sure you get it in writing first. Never take their word for it, it goes for all dealerships.
  • kd55kd55 Posts: 6
    Just spoke to a salesman about the April incentives for MDX. A 710 credit score or higher will get you ACURA financing for 60 months at 3.9%. He gave me another percentage for a three year financing, but I was not listening.
  • ihdihdihdihd Posts: 4
    Indeed Acura released this morning a new financing deal which makes the MDX a GREAT deal for anyone looking to buy TODAY.

    The dealer incentive on the MDX ($2000) ends EOD today, and someone signing today can take advantage of the released numbers. Here's what we got

    Credit score: 680 (no payment issues, just high credit lines)

    Best deal (for 680+)
    36 months - 2.9%
    48 or 60 months - 3.9%

    Both through Honda (Acura) Financial.

    Happy hunting. THe difference allowed me to keep my payments the same and pick up a tech/entertainment instead of just tech.
  • t12t12 Posts: 3
    I would add Acura of Ocean to the "beware of" list. They took my credit card 3 times supposedly to take a deposit on a deal on a MDX Tech only to come back and negotiate more. I'm done with those guys. I'll pay a little more not to give them my business. The Acura buying experience should be much better than this if they want to be in the luxury car league.
    I am still in the market for an 09 MDX Tech and would be interested in joining a buying group in NJ/NY.
  • j_pizzlej_pizzle Posts: 1
    Some other people were praising DCH Montclair Acura in NJ for their hassle free sales and rock bottom prices. You might want to try them.
  • jephyboy1jephyboy1 Posts: 13
    Pricing in the Acura of Chevy Chase:

    09 Tech (38,400 without 760 Destination, without TTL, without $100 Doc Fee)
    09 Sport (40,300 without 760 Destination, without TTL, without $100 Doc Fee)

    Any able to better pricing in the Capital area? Pohanka won't give pricing over the phone or internet :( I'm not going to sweat over a couple of hundred bucks, but has anybody gotten better by >$500? Thanks!

    FYI, apparently the $2000 March incentive is the same in April.
  • unixxusunixxus Posts: 97
    I was able to buy a 09 Tech/entertainment from Chevy Chase Acura yesterday for $39440 (40,200 destination included) without $100 doc fee and tax and tags. Whole transaction was done mainly online and over the phone. Had my own financing from my credit union for 3.9 for 60 months.
  • jpneedcarjpneedcar Posts: 11
    klenj, and all,

    Yesterday, I have purchased 09 MDX Tech from Pohanka. One of the best buying experience ever I had, very professional, pricing was finalised over the phone and when we went there no hassel, no back and forth. All paper work and everything was done in just three hours. I would definitely recommed Pohanka to anyone who wants to buy Acura.

    Due to the time crunch, we were not able to choose accessories. Pohanka offers 20% discounts on all accessories. Since I have heard that online we could get much better deal, can you recommend any good website to look for with better bargain prices. Thanks.
  • jpneedcarjpneedcar Posts: 11
    I too say "Beware of PARAGON!!!" Even if you have everything in writing, big boss would come to the table and say, I am the decision maker here and can't honor that price. This is what happened to myself and my friend. We had everything in the email, but when we went there he refused to sell for that price, added surprises such as compulsory finance from them 6.x% (this was a week beack) etc. So be careful when you are dealing with these guys. Thanks
  • fx1to1fx1to1 Posts: 6
    I had the best car buying experience of my life yesterday. After fooling around with dealers in the Phoenix area for two weeks, I drove from AZ to CA and received the best price and great treatment to boot. Bought an '09 Tech for $38,595 Incl. dest, $55 doc fee, $3092 - 8% tax (went up to 9% today) $15 temp tag: OTD $41,766 AND got the 3.9% financing for 60 mo! The dealer was Metro Acura in Montclair - I highly recommend them for anyone considering a purchase in the West. The whole process was too easy. Wasn't any negotiating. Salesman emailed the price. I confirmed by phone and with the GM because I thought it sounded too good to be true. I drove there and was done in with the paperwork in about an hour. No hard sell, no magic changing numbers, and I had to ask them about accessories! They were pretty busy, and I understand why.
    Took a risk driving 500 miles for the deal, but for $3k (minimum) difference over the Phoenix dealers, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. :D The price difference also caused me to change my decision to an MDX from an RX350. The reason I was going to go with the RX was the Phoenix dealers (Peoria and Tempe) wouldn't do a trade with the dealer in Tucson and wouldn't deal much on price and my current lease was expiring. The Tucson dealer tried very hard but couldn't get the color I wanted from those jokers. :P I do look forward to giving Chapman my service business however.
    Good luck to all others looking for an MDX and thanks to those posters giving info on their deals. This information is priceless. :shades:
  • bxteachbxteach Posts: 16
    It turns out that I might need to purchase a new car. My wife and I have been looking at the MDX for a while and we think it is the car for us. After browsing the web, we found that Acura of Manhattan has 4 MDX left (that's what the online inventory states). Anyway, I was wondering what an acceptable price would be for a BASE or one with TECH. What types of incentives would be applied to that prices? I am aware of the incentives for '09.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  • jephyboy1jephyboy1 Posts: 13

    What was the pricing you received on the MDX Tech from Pohanka? Was that inclusive of Destination, TTL, Doc, etc? Thank you!
  • t12t12 Posts: 3
    From what I've been reading here, around $38.5K would be a good price for an MDX Tech. Some people are saying that this price includes the destination charge, but I haven't been able to get this price yet in the NY Metro area.
  • t12t12 Posts: 3
    Thanks. I sent for quotes from Ramsey, DCH, and Manhattan. Waiting to hear...
  • jr343jr343 Posts: 8
    Sort of same issue with Paragon Honda in Queens NY.

    I want to get rid of my 2007 Element EX with 11,000 miles on it. I just dont like it for NYC although parking and Fuel is great. So i started looking at the pre-certs and runmmaging through the lot.

    I then decided to look at the NEW MDX and fell in love when I test drove the vehicle, both sport and tech models.

    I dont believe I will be buying it from Paragon though TBH. A few things happened like the bait and switch on trade in price. Then the salesman didnt call the next week as agreed to finish details of the trade in and cash down etc.

    I guess the manager who said he needed to get rid of MDX cause his boss has too many forget to let his staff know. Too bad, I bought my Element there and returned for more abuse. I will no doubt be buying at least 2 more new vehicles in the future. But not from there. Thanks for the Ramsey tip.

    Anybody need an Element in great condition :)
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    I was most likely going to get an MDX with tech & ent. next year around this time next year or as late as next summer, depending on when the 2011 comes out next summer and how low the 2010's would be going for then. This year it seems because Honda/Acura stopped production because they saw how slow things were and didn't want to get stuck with a lot of inventory, the peak time to buy before the new 2010 comes out is sooner. ie. spring instead of summer. or at least that is what the dealership is saying so as to force sales sooner rather then later which is always there M.O. so its hard to tell fact from sales pitch but I think in this case there is some truth to it.

    They said this may get the 2010 out sooner then too since they dont have as much inventory of the 2009 and once they sell them all will have to get the 2010 out sooner. I also dont know how true that could be cus I'd think the production schedule is set and not sped up or moved up sooner based on inventory of the current model year but also could be some truth.

    I've seen the new model year come out as early as mid summer like late June early July and I'm sure for some its come even a little sooner but not this soon like April or May. speaking of which does anyone know anything about the 2010 MDX.

    of course the dealership says they dont know anything about it and downplay it having any new worthwhile feature or anything cus they want to move the 2009.

    Point here is, while I was originally mostly going to wait till next year late spring early summer more or less, I'm thinking the price then on an old 2010 before the 2011 comes out may not be as good for several reasons. plus overall its going to be a tad higher as each new model year is and obviously my trade in will worth less, so i can save a certain amount by buying this year instead of next i'm thinking. It will definately be less, its just a matter of much less.

    Come next year I dont want to regret having gotten a 2009, if i can get the same type price on a 2010 just before the 2011 comes out next summer and if the 2010 actually has some new features worth waiting for. I dont think its supposed to have any redesign though it kind of needs it as while it was a good redesign from the last iteration, the new TL is way better and i'm hoping they do something like that to the MDX.

    There also is a 2k dealer incentive off the agree to price right now so that is another reason to go for it now rather then next year.

    I'm going to check through the thread, but what have ppl been getting on 09 Tech with Ent. lately? have prices been going back up a little like of course the dealer claims. I can get invoice plus the 2k off so that is prob about the best although the price I was quoted is not the 42,511 invoice price i see listed on Edmunds for an 09 Tech with Ent. so not sure if they actually started me higher then invoice and just claimed i was getting invoice before 2k off dealer incentive deal but bottom line of my quoted price is below invoice (just not 2k below)

    My other concern is just that the vehicle has been sitting on the lot for almost a year outside in the elements in Phila area PA (4 seasons but point being cold winter and hot summer its been through) but i know that can't be avoided unless you get brand new model year and therefore pay top dollar and then put in garage but its still a factor that of course the snarky dealer laughed off.

    In summary my main questions are:
    1. Does anyone know anything about the 2010 MDX? anything woth waiting for?
    2. Is this definately around the best time with inventory getting low where as come summer it will be even slimmer pickings with possibly nothing left and the 2010 out but only going for above invoice closer to msrp? personally I think even those are only going to sell for closer to invoice but I guess they will def go for more then the old leftover remaining 2009's but still how significantly more will the 2010 really sell for?
    3. If now is around the best time for a 2009, is it definately significantly less then one would be able to get a 2010 around this time or later next year before the 2011 comes back? i know that depends on the economy and car sales etc. which personally i think will be starting to come back by then and I just want to regreat having not got basically the same car this year for significantly less then what it will be to get the 2010 at the end of the model year next year. But wanted to get ppls opinions cus maybe the dealer is just pressureing me to buy now rather then next year and really drumming out that its going to be a lot more next year to get a 2010 at the end of the model year then a 2009 now.

    4. What are the best prices ppl have got 2009 Tech with Ent.?
  • If you like the car it's silly to wait another year. Look you face the same question every year. What's to say when are ready to buy in 2010 it won't pop up in your head that 2011 would be a better car/deal?

    If you had researched this forum people haven paying anywhere between 1000 to 3000 off invoice. The exact discount varies by region. Yes prices have gone up a bit since dearth of winter, partly because Acura has cut production in their Canadian plant.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    "They also matched the lowest Internet price I could find for accesories."

    Where did you find your lowest prices on MDX accessories online?
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    right yes i know you can always wait for the next model. Its the fact that my time line really was for next year. I have no rush , no ending lease and my current vehicle will only be 4 years old this July and I was waiting for 5 years.

    I thought spring summer was the time to buy suvs but yeah it seems winter was maybe the time cus such slow sales and also now inventory getting low. Well if a dealer will give me the type of prices they were doing a few months ago then i guess i should do it and not wait but I will hold out for the ultimate best deal and only do it if i can't pass it up.

    Otherwise my current vehicle is much more interesting and rare on the road because there are only 2 model years that look like and i have the front windows tinted to match the back and 22" wheels and tires and all looking very nice with other accessories and touches. also a midsize suv. MDX is tons of them on the road and not sure what I am going to be able to do to differentiate it.

    so yeah no rush, sounds like with price going up slightly (which personally i think is ridiculous cus youd think it would keep going down till the 2010 comes out and they get rid of all 2009)

    I got a quote for 43,340 -2k dealer incentive off deal so 41,340 for Tech and Ent. in the color combo i want. They claimed its invoice minus the 2k but its not. and thats before taxes tags etc. and them attempting to rape me on accessories at full price until i look up invoice or good price on those though they do have a 25% off your most expensive accessory (prob running boards) then I have a possible trade in which they will low ball me on but i can get a friend that has a dealership to buy it from them (done this before) so i can still do with the dealer i buy from to save the taxes on my total.

    but yeah its not looking good for right now so i wont force it. I'm just trying to get my #'s together and then give a bunch of nearby dealers the opportunity. if they go do it at my "can't pass it up" price great I'll go for it, if not, then i'm good with waiting till next year or whenever.

    So while I see $42,511 is invoice for Tech & Ent. package. I've seen ppl getting Tech for 38,400 more or less so 1600 more for Ent. supposedly. I think an even 40k for 09 with tech + ent. is plenty reasonable to request. first dealer to offer me that and not play games with any other charges and match decent price on accessories is who i will go with.

    In fact I'm sure i could do better cus i'm at 41,340 now with out any haggling really but again that isn't 2k dealer incentive off invoice so i know they can do better.40,511 would be so i think 40 even is not asking too much and I'm sure there are ppl that did even better then that on tech plus ent.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    "I was able to buy a 09 Tech/entertainment from Chevy Chase Acura yesterday for $39440 (40,200 destination included) without $100 doc fee and tax and tags".

    looks like a good deal and exactly the packages I'm looking for. Chevy Chase Maryland near DC? shouldn't be too much diff in the Phila. area, if anything should be less here. makes my 40k even request look a bit high but at least it validates that its not low.

    I am just going to tell them to include everything and whatever they have to do and just not go a cent over 40 even. taxes tags everything , i'll tell them to just take off where they can and do what they have to do i dont care but not a cent over 40.

    Then I just have to get good price on the accessories and my trade in (whic lowers the amount id be paying tax on)
  • gco13gco13 Posts: 20
    You can definitely get a tech/ent for 40,850 including destination, maybe less but that's the best price I've gotten anywhere or read about I've been looking for 3 months while my current lease is expiring.
  • drmom09drmom09 Posts: 7
    I'm from Tucson and want to purchasean MDX also. I've been dealing with the 3 acura dealerships in PHX metro area via email - just wondering about your bad experience so I can try to shortcut problems. Nice to see someone from AZ also on this forum since everyone seems to be from the east coast. !
  • drmom09drmom09 Posts: 7
    I saw an internet price of 29,300 for base MDX - is this a good starting price for this vehicle ? Don't mind the 12,000 miles but orig was considering a new 2009 but prices in Az don't go below 36,500 . I'm new at this so I appreciate any help !
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