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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ecole2ecole2 Posts: 3
    What dealer did you purchase your MDX tech from in Chicagoland? Was it a good experience?
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    I told them that I saw a posting for 38,300 that included destination and they said they would come to satisfactory terms with me...we did not sit down and talk final price....I do want roof railsand all weather mats and they know I want to negotiate that separately...I have gotten prices from hondaacura world that are really good...
    are you interested in buying...
  • chi5chi5 Posts: 3
    We purchased the MDX at Acura of Libertyville. The experience was great! They didn't seem to play any games and were very straightforward with us. We had a very poor experience at McGrath of Westmont. They were dishonest and downright rude.
  • krb2525krb2525 Posts: 6
    Hi all, I purchased a 09 MDX Tech/Ent for $41,200 (incl dest) in NYC at the end of Feb. I am curious as to if this was a great deal or just a good deal or even a bad deal. Let me know please.

    Also, I got the roof rails and sport running boards for $1,295 installed (they were only willing to throw in the cargo net for free). I do feel as if I was taken to the cleaners on these options :mad: . Any thoughts?

    Thanks for the help
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Hi guys,
    I don't know if Acura of Ramsey is going to come down that low. The folk who got it around $37.9, got that numbers somewhere in Chicago. The best quote so far by Acura of Ramsey is the one that klenj provided. He got it back in December though.
    I've been holding to see if they have better incentives this month as well as financing. From what I read in this forum, the February deal is still in effect (manufacturer's rebate). It may get better closer to the end of the month as they're trying to close the first quarter of '09.
    Are you guys in a rush to get the car or you're all flexible with timing?

    Let's keep in touch.
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Well, I think it's kinda too late to think about the pricing now that you have purchased the car.

    The 09 MDX Tech's best price in NY tristate area is around $38-38.5 (this is not what I was quoted for though, somebody else in this forum got this type of deal). I was told that the Entertainment package is about $1600. When you add them up, you're looking at around $40.1 (include destination) at the best case scenario.

    The running board is a bit too expensive too. I think I was quoted for about $750 for the running board, but I can't remember for sure. It's just that your number at $1295 seems to be excessive.

  • krb2525krb2525 Posts: 6
    I got curious about pricing just for my piece of mind only. after looking at some of the other posts it appears that the price for the car was just an okay deal.

    As for the options, the $1295 was for the roof rails AND the sport running boards incl labor (can't reallly count the cargo net included free as it retails for only $40); Upon further investigation with other tristate dealers is not a great deal but def not a bad deal.

    Thanks for the help!
  • also looking to get an MDX in northern Virginia. Currently speaking with a rep with Pohanka, but.... Did u get a good deal? I'm interested in joining you...
  • jephyboy1jephyboy1 Posts: 13
    I'd also be interested in see what prices people get in the Capitol area. Also spoke with someone at Pohanka, but he was of no help what so ever. I'll let it simmer in for a couple of weeks and try again.
  • Looking for an 08 or 09 with Tech and Ent in SF Bay area. I don’t see any incentives out there for Acura. If that’s correct, it seems a bit strange that Acura wouldn’t be putting out some sort of incentive at the moment. Sales tax goes up 1% in CA on Apr 1st so looking to buy before then.
    Have a quote from USAA buyer service for $41,171 for an 09. Can I do better than that in this area? thanks
  • tlgoodstlgoods Posts: 5
    I too am looking to purchase MDX Tech from Ramsey. I am ready to buy if I can get $38,400. All the local dealerships keep telling me that was the price in Dec and they cannot match that pricing now. I am willing to wait to get the price I want.
  • krb2525krb2525 Posts: 6
    If you are willing to go into NYC then you should try Plaza Auto or Paragon as they both quoted me an e-price of $38,400 for the MDX tech
  • gmax50gmax50 Posts: 6
    I posted my deal earlier. I purchased a 09 Tech on 2/28/09. First quote was from Frankel Acura $39,003. Rosenthal wouldn't give me a quote in e-mail. Quote from Karen Radley was $38,500. Pohanka offered $38,300 incl dest, plus $500 higher price for my trade. Ultimately bought from Radley because they had the color I wanted on the lot and they matched the Pohanka price. Also got the sport running boards and roof rails installed for 900.
  • ecole2ecole2 Posts: 3
    Chi5, Now the $37922 price that you received did not include the destination fee, right?
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    how can we get in touch with each other to talk about this
  • I am also looking to buy in DC. I have gotten my best deal from Radley Acura. $38,300 including destination. I want the running boards, all weather mats and also body side molding thrown in (or at least some combination). Oh yeah... they also were willing to throw in 4 years of free oil changes.
  • tlgoodstlgoods Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info - would those NYC prices be including destination?
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    4 yrs of free oil changes?
    I'm trying to get somebody around NJ to do this but my husband kept telling me to hush up :P I truly don't see what the big deal is in asking... worst scenario, they will say no and tell me to get the heck out (which I don't think they will given the current economy).
    If they're willing to do all of that for $38,300 (running boards, all weather mats, oil changes, etc), I would consider that a very good deal.
    Let us know how it goes though......
    I have to bring all of these in writing to show to the dealership.

    Gosh, I hate haggling
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    please keep us posted on how you do....I would also like the running boards and all weather mats...
  • Are they throwing in all that (the all weather mats and body side molding for that price)??
    That would be great!
    also in contact with an agent at Radley, the best i got was 38,700 and years free oil change.
    Maybe, we could all go in together, i believe mims8 is also interested in getting a car from Northern Virginia as well.
    I got 38200 +TTL from Pohanka for the tech package.
    What do u think?
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    I think 38,200 is if they through in some extras that would really be nice..
    the accessories I want are the all weather mats, running board and roof racks...I spoke to Hondaacura world and I have a list of their charges for accessories....
    I believe, but I don't know, that knowing that, the dealer would be pretty close...I have not negotiated at Pohanka yet....
    it sure would be nice to get oil changes...never thought to ask for that...and
    I am in Northern Virginia..
  • mim8, did that include destination?

    I get back to the Virginia area on Tuesday. I'll stop by Pohanka and talk to them about the option of coming in with two additional buyers to see what they might do. I work right across the street from them, so no biggie. My email is Feel free to get in touch when I return.

    I'm also looking at the 2008 RX400h from Lexus and the Land Rover LR3 and Range Rover Sport. I got a quote today over the phone of $40K for the 400h from Pohanka Lexus. That's $11K under MSRP. They have about 25 on the lot, so I'm sure I could do better. Right now, the Land Rover LR3 can be had for $16K - $17K off MSRP. You can get a $55,000 vehicle for under $40K!

    What do you think about those other vehicles?
  • Sorry... one more item. If we purchase in Maryland, the Doc Fee is usually $300 less also. Might not seem like much, but that would pay for the floor mats for sure.
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    I was replying to trendyshopper about the 38,200 price....I will email you...I know the doc fee is cheaper in Maryland, and I think Pohanka should take that into consideration with whatever freebees they can through in...I will email you...
  • msolsomsolso Posts: 2
    I started asking for quotes this weekend. I proposed to Niello Acura in Sacramento 43k for a sport+ent including running boards and cross bars excluding taxes and fees and it was rejected.

    Tomorrow more searching around the bay area. Was I pushing too far? I didn't think so, but may be sales are better than I thought.
  • natonato Posts: 9
    looking to buy MDX base or tech in NJ. Offered 36K on base by dealer, did anyone else get a better deal. Unfortunately no good APR offer by Accura

    Also considering X5, GLK, GX470

    Pool in of 2-3 folks together may get us more bargaining power

    Is this an 08 MDX or 09.

    LR3 seems attractive with those figures of 17K off, think they have a 12K marketing support for LR3 on 08
  • jephyboy1jephyboy1 Posts: 13
    I'd be interested to see what you come up with, as I am looking for something very similar.
  • I have a quote from Serramonte for $41,500 and Oakland for $41,700 for an 09 w/ Tech and Ent. Working on getting roof rails and cargo cover included, we'll see.
    Let me know what you find, thanks.
  • steve194steve194 Posts: 6
    That is a rockbottom price. Can I ask the name of the dealership and how you negotiated the deal? I am in the NW but might be worth my while to go down and pick up a car. Thanks.
  • oldhap40oldhap40 Posts: 2
    I am also looking for a MDX with tech package in Northern Virginia. I have gone to Pohanka - test drove and discussed pricing. Would be interested in joining with a group if we can get a better price or more extras thrown in.
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