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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    Iccalvert is going to go to Pohanka on Tuesday and check pricing...what kind of pricing did you get...I think we might do well purchasing as a group...I know I am interested....
  • msolsomsolso Posts: 2
    Got the car today. Sport and Tech 42.200 excluding fees and taxes. Most important thing, my wife and I are happy. :)
  • oldhap40oldhap40 Posts: 2
    They started with the usual 45,700 plus. I mentioned I had been watching the internet postings and would not pay more than 38,300. They told me 38,500 or 39,000 would be fair, but we had not gotten into destination,title, taxes, or extras yet. If the price is right, I would be ready to purchase this week. I am definitely interested if we can get a better deal as a group.
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    I believe the postings that I have been seeing show the 38,300 including destination...
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    I live in MD and I purchased my MDX from Pohanka Acura in Feb. I got the best deal from them then knocked the $300 off the final price. I threatened them I will walk away and they knew the MD dealers would match their price. What I am trying to say, if you buy from VA make the $300 part of your negotiation. Also, I found Pohanka Acura had a bigger selection of color combinations than Chevy Chase and Rothental Acura on the base MDX.
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    Has anyone upgraded the steering wheel, and shift knob on the their MDX? I just want to know if it was worth it and what was the total cost (part+installation). One other thought I want to throw out there, I purchased the sport running boards on ebay from an Acura dealer in NJ for $360 shipped and installed them myself. While the installation is a pain, It is really worth it. The car looks MUCH nicer.
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    could you let us know what your OTD price was and what accessories if any that you got..thanks
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    $35.5k for base including destination then I knocked out another $300 because Pohanka charges $399 for processing and dealers in MD charge only $99 by law. Then I paid the standard MD taxes, title and registration fees. i don't have the final numbers handy but I can get them for you when I get home tonight. I did not get any accessories from Pohanka. Later, I added the backup sensors from Rothental Acura. I paid $420 for the kit and $230 for installation (MD taxes inclusive), and $220 for all-weather mats and trunk tray. I finally purchased the OEM sport running boards on ebay for $360 and installed them myself. I hope this helps. By the way, Pohanka Acura don't give you internet pricing. They want you to come in person and talk to them. I really liked Norris Acura and Chevy Chase Acura but unfortunately they did not have the color combination i wanted on the base MDX and they could not get it for me for the quoted price. Pohanka had the one car and It was spoken for. I had to wait 2 hours doing nothing at the dealership waiting to get them to convince the other buyer to change her mind and accept another color! Chevy Chase Acura also gives you free oil changes and car washes for the duration of the warranty. I could not negotiate that with Pohanaka and I did not care to travel 30 miles each way for oil changes anyway.
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    LR3 may be a good bargain, but Land Rover has been known to give good bargains. Years ago, before this whole thing with stimulus, I was able to get about $12k+ off for a LR Freelander (fully loaded w/o NAV). If you're interested in LR, try LR of Smithtown in Long Island. It's a bit far, but I did some checking before and theirs was the best deal that I could get in tristate area (nobody wanted to beat it at that time). I sold my LR a long time ago because every single thing broke including the power window, moonroof and entertainment system. What a pain to maintain....

    I'm also looking for MDX Tech with good APR. Please include me in. I think my friend and a coworker are looking too... but we're all not in a rush... whenever the good price plus APR are around....
  • mannynmannyn Posts: 7
    i am also interested to buy MDX Tech , we should get around 38K.

    I called couple of dealers last week, looks like NY dealers are ready to give 2.9% for 60 months if credit score is more than 720 whereas NJ dealer says they do not have this special deal at all , don't understand why NJ dealer doesn't have this special deal & why NY dealres are offering 2.9%?

    Price also 38900 but if we go down to dealership, i am sure they will come down to couple of 100 dollars.

    Is there any Catch?
  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    Hello MDX buyers. Yesterday i went to Paragon Acura in Queens, the offer that i got was 39.5K including destination + 45$ title and 200$ registration + NY city tax. I didn't buy the car because i wanted lower price for MDX with technology package. Did anyone actually close the deal with them and what was the price.

    Thank you everyone for sharing very valuable information. :)
  • For those of you that live in the Northern VA area and would like to look at purchasing a car together, please email me at Right now I have mim8 and another buyer. Again, email me so that I can tell Pohanka I have three or four buyers interested.
  • jsc_usajsc_usa Posts: 11
    Is 39.5K the "best" offer they gave you (after bargaining) or just their "initial" offer?
  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    It was the best offer,dealer said they can split the destination charge but thats not much and total came out to be 43025 including tax. They still call me to come in today and to discuss it again. Maybe i'm asking too much because the price that i'm looking for is 40.5K including tax.
  • rnh204rnh204 Posts: 3
    Hi Futuredds,

    I went to paragon too. The sales guy told me the best they could do is a couple of hundred dollars off too. I'm going to stop by Plaza Auto Mall and see if they can do the $38.7K inclusive of destination for a tech pkg.

    Want to team up? email me at
  • jpneedcarjpneedcar Posts: 11
    Hi rnh204, Futuredds,

    I'm also looking to buy MDX Tech, let me know if you guys find good deal I can also team up with you. Ideal price I would think is 38k including destination. Thanks
  • lucien3lucien3 Posts: 3
    Looking for a gauge on this deal...

    MDX Tech + RRails + Sprt RunnBrds + Bdy Side Moulding + All season Mats for a out the door price of 41K inc Dest + TTL.
  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    Hello, rnh204, jpneedcar and all MDX potential buyers
    38.740K doesn't include destination and they don't want to take it off, the offered to split it. Lets team up, not a problem for me. Who was your sales man???? Mine was Joe.
  • Congratulations and great price.
    Can you let us know where you bought the car.
    Does that include dest charge?
    Any further options?
  • Quote for 2009 w. Tech and Ent and dest charges is 40,500
    Not getting a break on any options though. Still working on it....
  • jsc_usajsc_usa Posts: 11
    Do you mind to share with us which state/county you got the deal from?
  • Looking to purchase a new (or recently used) MDX in TTX. Before I start the hunt, I thought I'd ask if anyone has a good price experience to relate.
  • baccus49baccus49 Posts: 60
    I recently bought a certified 08 MDX base with 16K miles for $31.7 + TTL, paid around $34K driveout. I used my own bank for financing. I was going to buy new but the lowest I was offered was $37 + TTL. The vehicle is amazing, though I'm not crazy about the 'toupe' interior. It drives like a sports car, well planted on the road. Your best bet would be and ebay. I had zero luck with dealer stock on pre-owned 08-09 MDX's.
  • lucien3lucien3 Posts: 3
    No problem this was in Northern NJ.
  • tlgoodstlgoods Posts: 5
    I am thinking that is about $1,000 to high. Acura Ramsey offered me $40,000 for that combo, which I do think is a good price - problem is I can't get what I want for my trade in.
  • pamd3pamd3 Posts: 3
    What kind of deals are people getting on the 2009 MDX base or tech in southeastern pennsylvania. Plan on buying one by the end of the month. thanks
  • hi all, i'm from the s.f. bay area. would like to know if $35,600 is a good deal for a base mdx. much appreciate it.
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    It is a descent deal if it includes destination. I think base MDXs are harder to find on dealer lots these days (DC area) especially if you have particular color combination in mind.
  • mannynmannyn Posts: 7
    i will also be interested if i get 38K incl destination for MDX tech, my e.mail
    mannynyusa yahoo com

  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    I'm sure you would be interested, that's a pretty sick deal. :)
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