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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    Spoke to friend at Ramsey Acura, North Jersey. He told me inventory is low and production was cut. Not many great deals in near future. I finaly made a smart decision when I purchased on New Years eve even though my lease was not up untill March.
  • qinatusqinatus Posts: 3
    Could you please tell which dealer gave you this quote? Sounds good deal and I am also interested. BTW, I am in Bay Area too. :)
  • lucien3lucien3 Posts: 3
    With a bit more discussion we closed on and picked up the new MDX Tech w/Roof Rails, BSideMldg, SPort RBrds, Dual Mats incl Dest for $40.3K from Acura of Ramsey, in what was one our most pleasing car buying experiences. Really a top notch set of people over there. :)
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Hi, can you tell me if they ever give you a quote on the plain MDX Tech? (incl destination charge)
    I wonder what type of prices that they're giving out this day. And if you don't mind letting me know the salesperson (name or initial, I'll look it up).
    What color options do they have left as well as the type of financing that they offer?

  • tlgoodstlgoods Posts: 5
    Congrats on the new car... I agree that I would rather deal with them, then some of the other local dealers. Was there an issue with getting you colors, or did you have your choice of anything?
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    Acura of Ramsey Salesperson is Daniel Schapiro ext 249
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    does this price include taxes..
  • lodi12lodi12 Posts: 1
    Just purchased Tech + Ent in city of Elk Grove CA for $40,500. That included dest. charge. Salesman was very straightforward, helpful, and wanted to beat anyone's price. I was happy with the deal and was the best I could find from Sacramento area to bay area.
  • jephyboy1jephyboy1 Posts: 13
    Chevy Chase, MD for a new '09 with tech is 38,6xx (no TTL, no Destination). From the conversation definitely sounds like they will be able to come down a bit, to make up for the destination charge. Any thoughts?
  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    Just left 500$ as a deposit for Tech MDX at paragon NYC, destination and car 39.5k. No one gave me a better price. If any one has any suggestion where i can get a better deal that would be great. Also finance rate i have 4.49 from Bank of America.
  • ktikti Posts: 3
    I went to Acura dealer in Atlanta for a MDX. The salesman offered 42K (including destination). Is it a good deal? I read that someone got 40~41K deal recently.
    Any suggestion is welcome!
  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    About which package are you talking about ?
  • ktikti Posts: 3
    It is Tech + Entertainment package for 42K.
  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    i think it should cost 1600$ for Entertainment so in my case it would be 39.5 + 1.600 = 41.1K including destination
  • ktikti Posts: 3
    Thanks futureadds,
    I was told that Entertainment package cost is $2000. so 39.5+2 = 41.5K close to 42K. But I am expecting more discount from them, like 39~40K total.
  • gooniyagooniya Posts: 1
    ...2005 MDX Loaded...with abt 48000 miles for 19890 + Tax + Reg.

    How is that for a deal?
  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    When i came to the dealership i wanted to get Tech for 37K. This price was not realistic. You need to look at the invoice price - 2K rebate and that is the best you can do at this point i think. I got Invoice price - 2.184K. I tried hard to get a better deal but they just didn't want to sell it for less. If you can get the car for 40.5K that is a crazy good deal. If i would have more money i would get sport because of the quality of leather.
  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    I went to KBB website, and chose every single option and trade in value came out to be 18.7K. If your car has all the options possible and running boards, i think thats the price that you should try to get.
  • jsc_usajsc_usa Posts: 11
    Other than MDX tech + dest, does this price include anything else (acc, TTL, etc)?

  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    no the price only includes MDX tech and destination total with NYC tax came out to 43025.
  • ny2104ny2104 Posts: 5
    I closed yesterday on an MDX Tech&Entertainment with running boards, roof rails, crossbars, and locks for $41.9K + TTL. Dealer is Lehigh Valley Acura. All negotiated through e-mail, very easy. Picking up on Wednesday :)
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    Are sales slowing down so much?
  • jsc_usajsc_usa Posts: 11
    Does anyone have any clue about the incentive/rebate/low-rate for April?
  • jpneedcarjpneedcar Posts: 11
    Hello ny2104, Can you tell us the sales consulant name? Looks like the entertainment package costs roughly about $1600. So, without the entertainment pkg, do you think we can get the MDX + tech with those accessories for $40.3K? Thanks
  • Chose Pohanka in Chantilly, VA - my Internet salesperson was excellent - all done over e-mail/phone. I paid $41,895 for the 2009 MDX with Tech/Entertainment which included sport running boards, door edge guard, cargo net, wheel locks, all season mats. The car had 16 miles on it black on black colors. So the car including destination and processing fees cost $40,800 and the accessories cost $1.095. If you want the exact out the door price with Virginia sales tax, registration, etc. the total was $43,285.14.

    I contacted 4 dealers near me and all were quick to respond and all were professional - no games from any. My Internet sales rep was quite friendly without an ego. He took a long time to explain all the car features to my wife and I taking approx an hour "after" the sale was made. The other guy I met at the dealership which took the check and sells the add on warranty, etc. was not pushy and very informative. Their service dept lounge was excellent with free Internet access, food, etc. Wish I was allowed to say my reps name (m) on this forum.

    Hope this helps everyone.
  • jpneedcarjpneedcar Posts: 11
    Hello Acura2009a,

    That is an excellent deal. Do you have an email from the dealer showing that price quote, that way I can show that to the dealer in NJ / NY to match it. Also, can you pass on the agent name you have dealt with and your email address, I would like check few things with you, pls. Thanks
  • ny2104ny2104 Posts: 5
    JPneedcar - The invoice price difference between the Tech & Tech/Ent is $1587, so $40.3K is a fair price for Tech only. I would think it would depend on if what they have in stock meets your color choices. The internet sales woman listed on their site is who we dealt with(sorry, can't list her name here), and she is great!

    We were very happy with the entire experience with Lehigh Valley, picking up the car tonight. If you subtract the cost of our installed options $1,700, the cost of the Tech/Ent was $40,200 including delivery fee so we're also happy with the deal we received. Their prices were $800-$1500 lower than 4 other quotes, with some thinking Lehigh made a mistake.

    We have excellent credit and was offered a 5.94% APR through their business mgr, but opted for a 4.71% through Capital One. I would suggest you securing financing now(if you're financing) or delay the pick-up of the vehicle like we did so that you are not forced to utilize their rates. We will save $1500 over the term of the loan by going this route.

    Hope this helps, and Good Luck!
  • ny2104ny2104 Posts: 5
    CORRECTION: - JPneedcar - The invoice price difference between the Tech & Tech/Ent is $1587, so $40.3K is a fair price for Tech only, including installed accessories - sport running boards, roof rails, cross bars, & wheel locks.......Sorry, didn't want to confuse anyone!
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    If interested I got 4.5% financing for 60 months or 5.20 for 72 months from Bank of America 2 weeks ago. I applied online and a recieved a decision in 2 seconds.

    By the way, the wood steering wheel upgrade is worth every penny. It gives the car a more luxurious feel and the grip is much thicker. the OEM steering wheel feels way cheap in comparison after experiencing the upgrade.

    MDX base, Bali blue/ebony
    Sport running boards
    Backup sensors
    All-weather mats and cargo tray
    Wood steering wheel and shift knob
    Cargo cover
  • I also purchased from Pohanka. Very good sales representatives and a very pleasant experience. There were a number of people on this forum that went in together to get the best price... and I believe we did. I was asked not to post the price by Pohanka and will respect that request. However, if you push hard, you can get a great, and I mean GREAT deal from them.

    I purchased the sport version with sport running boards, all weather mats, cargo tray and wheel locks.

    I also received 4.59% financing through Honda Financial which the purchase. Find a credit union that has a great rate and simply quote that rate and ask if they can accomodate. Do it while you are in the finance office so that you are either walking away from the car that day, or they will come down and get very close.

    If you are interested in our experience buying as a group, my email is available in this forum a few pages back.
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