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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just bought my 2014 mdx awd with tech for 45074 in Columbus, Ohio. Got all weather mats for free. So out the door price was 45074+7%tax+250 doc fee+33 temp tag. I think it is a good price.
  • Everyone,

    Is everyone posting the out the door prices or before the tax price?

    I thought we are discussing the OTD price.
    I'm currently in the market to purchase a 2014 Mdx with Tech and this forum is really helpful.
  • Try Maryland the doc fees the dealers add to the selling price are less. Rosenthal and Norris have been competitive price wise with Radley and Pohanka in Virginia.

    As always, the so-called document or dealer fees are not a fee nor are the a dealer cost. They are nothing more than price, cost to you and profit to the dealer.

    With the Maryland dealers, I have bought three Acura vehicles in the past three years, I have yet to find one that would not reduce the price to compensate for the doc fee. Really, does a dealer want to let a $45,000 or more sale walk out the door over a few hundred dollar fake fee?

    When you settle on a price and the sales person or finance person hits you with the document fee just say the deal is off and show you are leaving. More than likely the dealer will offer a concession for the fee.
  • The sage advice is to never put money down on a lease. Particularly with a Acura. Acura leases include GAP coverage. Putting money down on an Acura lease would reduce the value of the GAP coverage. Furthermore, if the vehicle is totalled, you will not recover the $3,000. With GAP, it the vehicle is totalled you simply walk away with nothing owed to Acua. Better to put the $3,000 in the bank and use it to pay the monthly lease payments for a few months.

    Not sure how the could sneak a fee on you? I have had several Acura or Honda leases and never a turn in fee.

    Perhaps your lease was not with Honda (Acura) Finance.
  • $45074 is really good price! Just to confirm again, does it include dest charge of $895 also?
  • Can you please send the dealer name in Columbs,OH you crack the deal?
  • The Edmunds website shows the Dealer Invoice price of $45,824 for 2014 mdx Awd Tech . Are they giving below Invoice now or am I missing something?
  • Yes it does include the destination.
  • Lindsay Acura I requested a quote online and someone replied. But you should pick an in stock vehicle.
  • Can you please the name of the dealer.
  • coolcoolvacoolcoolva Posts: 12
    edited November 2013
    The difference between Ohio and VA prices is around $2000.

    Can we buy it in Ohio and register the vehicle in VA? It happens all the time between VA and MD and the dealer handles all of it.
    Is it worth it going this route?
    What will be the implication as the distance is so much compared to MD and VA?
    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • pkp22pkp22 Posts: 12
    Here is an internet quote I received from Precision Acura of Princeton, NJ for 2014 MDX. The prices include the destination charges only. Their Doc fees are $289. Hope this helps!

    MDX FWD - MSRP $43,185 Internet Price $40,081

    MDX Tech FWD - MSRP $47,460 Internet Price $43,993

    MDX Tech/Entertainment FWD - MSRP $49,460 Internet Price $45,824

    MDX Advance/Entertainment FWD - MSRP $55,400 Internet Price $52,260

    MDX SH-AWD - MSRP $45,185 Internet Price $41,911

    MDX SH-AWD Tech - MSRP $49,460 Internet Price $45,824

    MDX SH-AWD Tech/Entertainment - MSRP $51,460 Internet Price $47,654

    MDX SH-AWD Advance/Entertainment - MSRP $57,400 Internet Price $54,090
  • Do you remember name of sales person?
    Can you share it on my email kaash74 at hotmail?
  • The quote is available online if you request. I had tried.
  • vams1vams1 Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    Hi All,

    I signed the paperwork for buying the Acura MDX FWD + Tech Package for 44999 which includes the destination fees. Is that a good deal?

    I haven't taken the delivery yet and may have an opportunity to switch cars. Please advise with thoughts on this deal. By the way, this is in Detroit

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 764
    For $2K, I'd make the drive. If you don't want to drive, have the car shipped. It would probably cost less than $500.
  • About $1800 off invoice for a "used" MDX, is this a good deal? Thoughts?
  • Negotiated the following in NY for AWD base model:

    Cap cost: $44,232 which includes all taxes and fees except first month and $150 DMV
    Residual - 62%
    Money Factor - .00012

    Monthly payment for 39 months $514.

    Should I push harder or is this a good place to end up.

    Thanks for the feedback - appreciate it,
  • I bought 2014 AWD base model black on black out the door price 41,500 ( Includes Destination charges/Processing fees/DMV fees and state tax) in nothern Virginia.
  • Can you please tell me the name of the dealer? How much was it without any charges i.e. Destination charges/Processing fees/DMV fees and state tax)?
  • wow.. This is the best price I heard..can you tell me dealer name and sales person if possible
  • Please let me know the name of the dealer in 100 mile radius of Silicon Valley, Bay area, - who offers real good pricing on new MDX Acura with Technology package.
  • Any Chicago area buyers strike a really good deal on a 2014 AWD/Tech? The best I have seen so far is $45,944 (destination included but not TTL). I have invoice for this vehicle at $45,824 so this is a bit over invoice but far from the $45,074 (plus mats thrown in) negotiated by "andynathan" in Columbus...
  • I have been waiting for several months for MDX price to drop somewhat to replace my 03 MDX. I am about to start the process. I have read this forum for the last few months, and there were not even one post on Dallas area MDX price. For DFW area buyers reading this forum, please share some inputs.

    I am mostly looking at FWD/TECH. The Edmunds' TMV for this package, $45,718, is still $1700 over invoice. That seems too high compared to the deals going on in other areas. Really appreciate some inputs from recent DFW areas purchases before I start contacting dealers' internet departments.
  • vikingsin2010,

    Looking to buy same soon with a couple of options.

    What is ur timeframe? Maybe package 2 together better pricing. I am located in NW suburbs but dealer location really doesn't matter to me.

  • Hi, i liked ur idea of bundling up to seal a good price,
    Im also in for acura awd base,
    I live in west suburbs chicago.
    No dealer preference either.. im lokking to buy in December only.
  • mfigymfigy Posts: 1
    Can you share the dealer information where you got this pricing in Chicago area?
  • I am going back and forth with McGrath Acura in Glenview on this purchase. On Wednesday afternoon I made a final offer of $46,500 (including destination but not including TTL) on a Forest Mist AWD/Tech equipped with roof rails and splash guards.

    I believe they are good with this offer but they are balking on my trade, which is a 2007 RL with 60K miles. I'm holding firm at $15,000 because Black Book has a wholesale price range of $13,500 (good condition) to $15,500 (excellent condition) for this vehicle and my RL is in excellent condition.

    All this negotiation is taking place over e-mail as I am not stepping foot into the dealership until we have a deal. Note that they went silent starting Wednesday night and I guess they are hoping I will fold on the trade. But if they don't reach out later today I will shop elsewhere.
  • plarmiganplarmigan Posts: 1
    edited December 2013
    My wife and I just purchased a 2014 Acura MDX SH-AWD with Tech in Dallas.

    Final negotiated price was $46,100 plus TTL and equipment.

    Paid $382 for side body molding
    and $895 for the backup sensors

    So $47,377 with equipment + TT&L. MSRP with destination fee is $49,460 so I was fairly happy with this deal. All negotiations were done over email. Good luck!
  • Is anyone in Pittsburgh looking to purchase an MDX before the end of the year? I like the idea of strength in numbers.
  • Anyone purchase a '14 Advance/Entertainment package? What price did you pay and what dealer? Looking around, inventory is limited but can likely get the car for about $1500 below MSRP ($54k+TTL). I know people have gotten better deals other parts of the country..
  • What is the dealer name?So how mupch do you pay over invoice and what is the drive out price? Thanks.
  • Hey I am in pittsburgh area and looking to buy Acura MDX base AWD before year end.

    Are you having any luck with any dealers. I always liked the idea of negotiating in a group.
  • vikingsin2010,

    Did you get your deal done this wknd?

    I am going to wait til the week between xmas and new years in hopes of the best pricing.

    Let me know what your final numbers were please if you did complete the dance please!!
  • I am going to wait til the week between xmas and new years in hopes of the best pricing.

    Thinking of putting email together with my wants sending it out and see what the numbers come back.

    What were you thinking??
  • hey Andy

    Congrats on a terrific deal. I live in Cleveland,could you pls let me know the dealer I'm Columbus where u got the car from? I figure it's only 2 hrs away and if possible, I could use that as a negotiating point as we'll.


  • I purchased a base MDX fwd model for $40400 + ttl = $43,250. I hope this helps someone.
  • McGrath came back and said that $15,000 for my low mileage RL was too high so I lowered it to $14,500 and they responded that we are still "not close" on the trade.

    I prefer McGrath/Glenview due to proximity but I will start pinging the farther out NW side dealers such as Muller and Arlington in the next few weeks. I will post my final numbers once I lock in a deal.
  • Which dealer/sales person? Thanks.

    Curious if you tried to push for a below invoice price...?
  • I am also from Bay Area and planning for MDX. What I heard was Acura SF has good pricing. Please update if you got any Quotes.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 164
    NADA, which I use for my trades, pegs the value of a 2007 RL with 60K miles at $14,000 average value and $16,300 top value. I have always been able to find dealers, including Acura, who will value my trade somewhere between average and top values. It certainly seems your $14,500 is correct.

    Perhaps it is time to shop a different dealer. As, at any given time, each dealer will have a different agenda perhaps it would be beneficial to send out emails to other Acura dealers and tell them the McGrath selling price and what you want for your RL along with a description of the RL's condition. Tell them if they meet your numbers you will buy immediately. Nothing to be lost doing this.
  • ulthiulthi Posts: 1
    Hi ,

    I was looking to buy MDX..I got an offer for 2013 MDX Tech..new for 38700 + Tax+registration..Want to know from all of you if this is good deal..

  • You did not mention - AWD or FWD ?
  • Hi, I am offered for 2014 base AWD MDX, 1852 due at signing including tax, registration, 575/month for 36 months, 10K miles per yr in minneapolis area. Is it a good deal?
    Anyone had a leasing experience in the area with AWD 2014 MDX base model?
  • itsrajeshitsrajesh Posts: 10
    edited December 2013
    2013 Acura MDX did not have FWD. It has to be AWD.
  • I bought it from Autonation Acura. I did not push for below invoice. My price was $300 over invoice and I'm happy with that.
  • sj_ssj_s Posts: 1
    Could you please give the name of the salesperson.
  • Hey, acuracasper and vikingsin2010

    Going to start sending some info out and just seeing if there is any interest in leveraging up 3 vehicles to a dealer before the end of the month.

    Let me know.
  • Hi All,

    I have negotiated MDX with tech for 45078, and trying to get it for around 44750, please let us know if anyone had any success, I am planning to close on this Saturday.
    If anyone in NJ is looking for one, we can tag along and get a better collective bargain.
  • mu8318mu8318 Posts: 20
    Awd or fwd??

    If Awd, I will look no further. I bought 4 months ago for invoice price (45,800)for Awd. I think you already got the best deal I heard in this forum.

    Good luck
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